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  1. Just take notice that you're arguing my point ("execs in service industry aren't any exception in their species"), and shooting down yours ("white collars running restaurants are so unusually greedy and stupid").
  2. Yes, Status Quo is God, after all. But we're arguing not whether it is, but whether it makes sense.
  3. You mean, they are genetically greedier and stupider than corporate buffoons in all other business branches which don't run on tips (manufacturing, for example), yet somehow survive? How come? I'd like to see, for example, a mortgage loan modeled after this fashion: it would cost central bank's basic interest rate plus discretionary tip. Because that's the only way for bank employees to actually get paid - bank paying them an actual salary would be, somehow, "unrealistic".
  4. The same argument again: thanks to tips, the food is cheaper on the customer's side, and somehow in these few precious seconds between a customer taking bills out of his wallet, and a waiter accepting it, it became more money for the serving staff. That's some killer math here.
  5. This is a perfect illustration why the system of (technically discretionary, in fact obligatory) tips sucks. It only creates strong resentment such as displayed above. You do know that there are countries where a cab driver doesn't expect, and rarely gets, a tip, has prices calculated accordingly, and still makes a living and isn't anybody's "bitch" any more than you are?
  6. Sorry - it would be more expensive to eat out, but at the same time both the owner of the venue and his employees would make less money? That does not compute. Anyway, I'm in the "tips are silly" camp. Just recalculate the prices, so you can afford to pay your employees, it's not fucking communism! I'd prefer straightforward "the meal cost $24", than current (in the tip-worshiping countries) "the meal cost $20, but you're expected to pay $24, otherwise you're a jerk". Plus, a customer can over- or undertip for a zillion conceivable reasons (he wants to impress his date; he's just a cheap SOB; he had a good/bad day at work; or whatever else), which basically means that the waiter (but for some reason not the owner of the restaurant!) is expected to gamble on his living earnings every day. Or, if it's such a great mechanism, why not spread it? The sticker price of a car should cover only manufacturing cost and a tiniest possible margin. The buyer would be expected (but not actually obligated to) pay 15-20% above that. The CEO of the motor company would make minimum wage plus his share of tips. Doesn't it sound fucking ridiculous?
  7. On a related note, every time someone tries to enumerate using letters, B followed by round bracket inevitably turns into a smiley with sunglasses. Even if it's lowercase B. Honestly, a) it's annoying, B) from my observation, people try (and fail) to use it in enumeration way often than as a smiley. Could it be fixed? Even if it's done by removing that one from the list of available smileys, I'd say it's a good trade.
  8. But in the books Cersei was expected to remarry, too. However at the end Tywin had trouble forcing her, with that nasty crossbow bolt in his stomach (I hope they don't skip that!). So far the only change is the name of the man Cersei won't marry.
  9. And in your argument, "with the scene" somehow became equal to "with the whole show", which I'm objecting against. And if we didn't want to see nudity, we'd watch yet another show ("Band of Brothers", maybe?).
  10. 'Cause Carice van Houten looks very fine naked. Duh. But you're claiming that, let me quote, Which is way, way exaggerated. In a 57-minutes episode they put maybe four minutes of nudity and that's enough to say the nudity is the most important thing on the show?
  11. But that's what Tyrion did. Several times (and yes, he did threaten to cut off Joff's dick during the wedding). Which finally bit him on the ass during his trial. Really? My recollection is that it was a rapidly prepared and executed ceremony, with only a handful of guests present. Joffrey's wedding was extravagant not to overshadow Tyrion's nuptial, but simply because that's how a king's wedding is supposed to be. Come on, that's a gross oversimplification. If they cared about T&A only, they could make that kind of a show much, much cheaper. You don't need to be that observant to notice that between all those boobs and buttocks they're actually telling a story.
  12. Nah, just powerful denial re: American independence.