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  1. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Right, Robett Glover also requests command while at Winterfell. Later at Moat Calin, Robb leans toward giving command to the Greatjon, but ultimately gives it to Roose because of his cunning. The manpower of the various lords isn't mentioned as factoring into Robb's decision, from what I recall.
  2. Small Questions v. 10105

    Ah, gotcha!
  3. Small Questions v. 10105

    Regarding the timeline of Robert's Rebellion, from ASOS Catelyn I: This suggests to me that Jon agreed to marry Lysa after the Battle of the Bells, since he had lost nephew Elbert (executed by Aerys) and cousin Denys (killed by JonCon). However, how accurate is Catelyn's belief that "Lysa was the price Jon Arryn had to pay for the swords and spears of House Tully"? Hoster had already taken up arms against the Targaryens by marching with Ned to rescue Robert at Stoney Sept by this point. Alternatively, TWOIAF suggests that the dual wedding occurred before the Battle of the Bells.
  4. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I added that with some other excerpts to the article's discussion page.
  5. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    The "Age of the Hundred Kingdoms" article begins with, "The Age of the Hundred Kingdoms was the broad period of Westerosi history set between the Andal Invasion and the Targaryen Conquest." TWOIAF's chapter on "The Conquest" states: The Mudds, the last First Men dynasty to rule the riverlands, were conquered by Andals. The other mentioned dynasties ruled earlier, so the "Hundred Kingdoms" era would have begun before the Andals arrived. TWOIAF chapter on "The Stormlands" explains that Massey kings also lived before Andals conquered the stormlands.
  6. Additionally, Riverrun has been informed that Dragonstone has fallen by AFFC Jaime VII.
  7. Small Questions v. 10105

    My assumption was that Roger hoped that he, Reynard, or another Reyne would marry Genna.
  8. Where do the loyalties of the Northern Houses lie

    To expand upon what Lord Varys stated, GRRM once explained:
  9. Big Walder Analysis

    I think it's a mistake, personally. The quote from ACOK Bran V is: Stevron's children are Ryman (father of Edwyn, Black Walder, and Petyr Pimple), Aegon "Jinglebell", and Walton (father of Steffon and Bryan). The next branch is that of Emmon, whose sons include Cleos (father of Tywin and Willem), Lyonel, Tion, and Red Walder. Lord Walder's third son is Aenys, whose sons are the outlaw Aegon "Bloodborn" and Rhaegar (father of Robert and Jonos).
  10. Where do the loyalties of the Northern Houses lie

    The Goodbrooks and Rygers also supported the Targaryens during RR.
  11. Small Questions v. 10105

    This is correct.
  12. Yandel mentions that Selhorys is larger than King's Landing and Oldtown in the Volantis chapter.
  13. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    fyr asks here about Leo Tyrell being from a cadet branch. From what I can tell, GRRM hasn't used "cadet" and instead refers to senior and junior/lesser branches. Should we change that terminology on the wiki?
  14. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Sounds good!
  15. The Wex Pyke problem

    House Brax from the westerlands uses a unicorn in their sigil, and Ser Flement Brax's decoration is equine. While modern depictions of unicorns are almost always horned horses, medieval unicorns were often presented with goat features. Mountain goats are adept climbers, and Skagos is mountainous. This suggests to me the horned goat encountered by Shaggy is actually a Skagosi unicorn (but not the equine version preferred by House Brax).