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  1. So Spake Martin:
  2. My suggestion would be to keep Euron's battles in the WOTFK template for the meantime, until TWOW clarifies how they are considered in-universe. The Targaryen Invasion template seems extraneous at this time.
  3. The new articles look good! @Rhaenys_Targaryen, should we even have a Battle of the Redwyne Straits at this time? The battle has not occurred in the books yet, and AFAIK GRRM has not mentioned it in interviews like he did with the battle in the ice. This article also uses the text from a recording at Balticon (which GRRM expressly asked attendees not to do). Ran previously gave approval for notes as references, not the actual text
  4. Ah, I agree with that. The lack of larger settlements at the mouths of the Trident and the Blackwater (prior to Aegon's Conquest) aren't very believable to me.
  5. While Duskendale and to a lesser degree Maidenpool were weakened by the growth of King's Landing, the riverlands are wealthy (but not as well off as the westerlands or the Reach).
  6. The Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers (with the bulk of it consisting of the riverlands) was one of the Seven Kingdoms at the time of the Conquest. Aegon then divided that kingdom into two provinces of his new realm ruled from the Iron Throne. The sizeable riverlands are considered as one of the seven constituent "kingdoms", even though the "Seven Kingdoms" is really one realm with nine provinces. The Iron Islands are considered a backwater while the riverlands are the center of the realm, so the chalice honors the Tullys instead of the Greyjoys. Also, the Teagues were the last native river dynasty, with the Justmans having died out an unspecified time earlier.
  7. There probably are many more, but I think those are the only named individuals.
  8. The riverlands are considered one of the "Seven Kingdoms" (although there are nine provinces in the united realm). While the ironborn controlled the rivermen, the future of the Hoare kingdom was going to be the riverlands. Halleck Hoare made his seat at Fairmarket instead of on the Iron Islands, and Yandel indicates the king was more riverman than ironborn. Harren Hoare, the last King of the Isles and the Rivers, made the new seat of his kingdom in the riverlands, far from the Sunset Sea.
  9. I don't think we have enough information for separate articles at this time. I agree, the wiki should include houses which can be sourced.
  10. While it's not confirmed, I would be surprised if Forrest was not Fool Frey since TWOIAF states Forrest was once a suitor.
  11. The referenced chapters are AGOT Eddard VI and AFFC Jaime IV, not AGOT Eddard XI and ASOS Jaime IV. Ned sees Beric as "a dashing figure on a black courser." and Strongboar recalls Beric as "a comely lad in a pretty cloak, he was. Slight and callow."
  12. I'm skeptical of that because of Robb's order moments before. Maege and/or Galbart can certainly tell Howland of Robb's decision, however.
  13. Yep!
  14. Feel free to suggest improvements in the wiki's subforum!
  15. ADWD Jon XIII