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  1. Sure there are, they just haven't been important enough thus far to have been included by GRRM on maps. When Catelyn approaches the crossroads inn in AGOT Catelyn V: While not related to this Twins/kingsroad discussion, Barrowton isn't mentioned in the text until ASOS and isn't shown on a map until AFFC.
  2. To be pedantic, "King in the North" and "Warden of the North" are capitalized, and the region is also capitalized in TWOIAF. Within the other publications, however, GRRM has used lower case for the region.
  3. Do you remember where that is mentioned? Sandor tells Sansa, "My grandfather lost a leg, so Lannister paid him for it with lands and a towerhouse".
  4. The Blackwoods have a market town named Mudgrave.
  5. Daenerys sees a burning city while within the House of the Undying, but this vision is connected with the Dothraki. Ramsay threatens to burn Barrowton. Melisandre has a vision of destruction, but this is usually conjectured to be Oldtown or Eastwatch.
  6. From what I can find using the search site, the Andals begin to be referred to as invaders in TWOIAF, not the novels, although the world book does use the term often for them. I haven't found George using the phrase "Andal invasion(s)"; which characters refer to it as such? When possible we should use George's terminology. The corresponding chapter in TWOIAF is titled "The Arrival of the Andals", for example, and characters in the novels refer to the coming of the Andals.
  7. Might it be better to move "Andal invasion" (phrasing which I haven't found in the books) to "coming of the Andals", "crossing of the Andals", or "arrival of the Andals"?
  8. Good catch. The Rambtons are pious like Guncer Sunglass, but ACOK and ASOS don't state that Hubard is Guncer's vassal. The ACOK appendix includes Hubard in Stannis's bannermen and sword swords. @Ran's heraldry at The Citadel has the Rambtons in the King's Landing grouping; maybe the Rambtons are from the mainland but Hubard's family serves Stannis?
  9. ASOS Jon III
  10. That matches with this SSM: In ACOK Tywin leaves Amory with a garrison of one hundred westermen, along with the foraging Brave Companions (whose numbers are unknown, IIRC). Aenys Frey's opinion of Harrenhal is that:
  11. When possible, categories should display the topic's main article first, done by sorting that article with a space key (for example, [[House Stark| ]]). This is in accordance with Wikipedia's WP:SORTKEY: However, some recent edits have been removing that space from categorization, so the spaces should be restored. Also, the {{references}} templates can display content in multiple columns. Recent edits have been defaulting it to a single column by use of {{references}} instead of {{references|2}}, however. While this is not a big deal for short articles with only a few sources, larger articles can appear unwieldy with a single column.
  12. That sounds like a Pyrrhic victory to me.
  13. An interpretation is that Cat is referring to the free companies, since they do not disband after a campaign like Westerosi levies. They are standing armies which happen to be hired by Free Cities instead of being raised from the city-state's populace.
  14. Those sound good to me, Rhaenys.
  15. So Spake Martin: