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  1. Monford Velaryon has fair hair and Aurane Waters resembles Rhaegar, but IIRC Ardrian Celtigar is just described as being old. Regarding the Sistermen,
  2. Is the title "Mountain King" used in the books? I haven't found it in AFFC.
  3. Since George has new text coming out in The Book of Swords, do you want to put a warning up on the wiki not to include new info yet?
  4. And from Cersei VIII So Merchant A went to Essos and brought back Maggy the Frog. Their son, Merchant B, became a petty lord for Tytos.
  5. Not to our knowledge.
  6. The ASOS Appendix includes "ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, Warden of the East, a sickly boy of eight years", while the AFFC Appendix includes "ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, styled by his mother True Warden of the East, a sickly boy of eight years, sometimes called SWEETROBIN".
  7. Although a dragon background has not been mentioned, the Celtigars are of Valyrian origin. Maybe the Celtigars were more interested in mainland Crackclaw Point than the Targaryens?
  8. Thanks! Would you happen to know if there are issues with logging in to the wiki? I can log into the forum without complication, but often can't log into the wiki despite trying with multiple browsers and networks. Cookies are working for other sites (like the forum), but the first few wiki attempts display: If I try again, it temporarily locks me out.
  9. Threash78 suggests it is another hint toward the Red Wedding: Robb is awaited in death by Ryman's father Stevron, who died in Robb's service.
  10. The entry for Shella Whent states "She surrenders the castle to Lord Tywin Lannister following the battle on the Green Fork and news of Ser Jaime's capture and the breaking of the siege at Riverrun." Shella yields Harrenhal before the Whispering Wood and the Green Fork.
  11. I updated his article with greater detail. Separately, do we need a Category:Dornishmen when we already have Category:Characters from Dorne?
  12. Kevan Lannister thinks that Lords Randyll Tarly and Mathis Rowan would be good Hands, but Cersei objects because they are from the Reach (AFFC Cersei II). Jaime thinks that Ser Forley Prester and Lord Roland Crakehall, both westermen, would be good (AFFC Jaime VII).
  13. Fixified! You might want to take a look at
  14. The entry for Alannys Harlaw states, "Following Balon Greyjoy's death, she retires to Ten Towers, her brother Rodrik's house." Alannys is already living at Ten Towers before Balon attacks the north in ACOK.