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  1. Bar Emmon of Sharp Point (tip of Massey's Hook) is sworn to Dragonstone (AGOT Appendix). Sunglass is as well, although we don't know the location of Sweetport Sound. Massey of Stonedance is within the crownlands, but I don't recall GRRM confirming if they are sworn to Dragonstone or King's Landing at the start of ASOIAF. includes them in the KL group. The Guardians of Order RPG includes the Masseys with Dragonstone, while the newer Green Ronin RPG lists them with KL.
  2. The Thenns also consider themselves closer to the First Men of old than other tribes beyond the Wall.
  3. Not that I'm aware of.
  4. The riverlands were actually ruled by native dynasties of varying power for thousands of years. First Men dynasties included the Fishers, Blackwoods, Brackens, and the Mudds, the last of whom were killed off by Andals. The Justmans (founded by a Blackwood/Bracken bastard) were the first Andal house to unite the riverlands from petty kings, but after three centuries they fell to ironborn attacks, plunging the riverlands into rival petty kingdoms again. The Teagues eventually reunited the riverlands and ruled for some time, but Humfrey Teague made the unwise decision to try to stamp out worship of the old gods. The Blackwoods rebelled with the assistance of the Tullys, and Lord Rodrik Blackwood sought the aid of his in-law, the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon. The Teagues, Rodrik, and other powerful river lords died during this war, so in the power vacuum Arlan decided to keep the riverlands under the control of Storm's End. The Durrandons ruled the riverlands for three centuries, although river lords periodically rebelled. After becoming King of the Iron Islands, Harwyn Hoare attacked the mainland. Hoping to regain their independence, many river lords joined the ironborn against the Storm Kings. Harwyn forced Arrec Durrandon to abandon the riverlands, but then kept the riverlands for himself. Aegon the Conqueror then killed Harwyn's grandson, Harren the Black. So, the Teagues might have died out seven centuries ago (300 years of the Iron Throne, preceded by 3 generations of Hoares, preceded by 300 years of the Storm Kings).
  5. Harwyn Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, conquered the riverlands from the Storm Kings of House Durrandon. Harwyn Hardhand spent much of his reign suppressing rebellions on the mainland. His son Halleck made his seat at Fairmarket in the northern riverlands, and he unsuccessfully waged war against neighboring kingdoms like the Vale. Halleck's son, Harren Hoare, desired a grander seat than Fairmarket or the Iron Islands, so he began construction of Harrenhal by the Gods Eye. Harren the Black, the last of three Kings of the Isles and the Rivers, was killed by Balerion the Black Dread during the burning of Harrenhal. With House Hoare extinguished, Aegon the Conqueror named the Tullys as Lords Paramount of the Trident and allowed the ironborn to select the Greyjoys as Lords of the Iron Islands. So far "Lord Paramount" has only been used as a formal title for the post-Conquest rulers of the Reach/Mander, the riverlands, and the stormlands.
  6. The Starks gave the Wolf's Den to the exiled Manderlys, who then developed the new city of White Harbor in their lands.
  7. Catelyn takes Tyrion prisoner at the crossroads inn (Chaper 28, Catelyn V). Ned is wounded in the streets of KL (35, Eddard IX). Jaime retreats to CR and raises a host, to which Edmure sends Lords Vance and Piper to guard near the Golden Tooth (40, Catelyn VII). Tywin sends Gregor to raid villages and provoke Ned. The wounded Ned remains in KL, however, and instead sends Beric to deal with Gregor (43, Eddard XI). Jaime wins at the Golden Tooth (55, Catelyn VIII) and continues on to Riverrun, where he captures Edmure (56, Tyrion VII). Separately, Tywin and Kevan lead a second Lannister host which conquers much of the riverlands (56, Tyrion VII). Jaime is captured in the Whispering Wood (63, Catelyn X) and Robb saves Riverrun in the Battle of the Camps (69, Tyrion IX). Deciding to make Harrenhal his base for the campaign, Tywin sends Gregor/Amory/Vargo to burn the riverlands (69, Tyrion IX).
  8. Mors knew Arya was not there for the harvest feast in ACOK (since she went south with Ned in AGOT), so why would he expect her to know if a specific dish was served at a feast which she didn't attend? Jeyne doesn't agree or disagree with the pie comment, but she does correctly answer that Gage was Winterfell's cook. At this point I think it more likely to be a discrepancy by GRRM rather than an attempt at trickery.
  9. The Freys who accompany Roose north are described as: This seems similar to how Cat describes Robb's host in AGOT. Some are professional, some not.
  10. Wyman offers to mint coin for Robb. The locations and types of mines in the north are unknown, but we are told Sea Dragon Point does not have any, at least. Refugees are living in White Harbor's Old Mint when Davos visits.
  11. So Spake Martin:
  12. My suggestion would be to keep Euron's battles in the WOTFK template for the meantime, until TWOW clarifies how they are considered in-universe. The Targaryen Invasion template seems extraneous at this time.
  13. The new articles look good! @Rhaenys_Targaryen, should we even have a Battle of the Redwyne Straits at this time? The battle has not occurred in the books yet, and AFAIK GRRM has not mentioned it in interviews like he did with the battle in the ice. This article also uses the text from a recording at Balticon (which GRRM expressly asked attendees not to do). Ran previously gave approval for notes as references, not the actual text
  14. Ah, I agree with that. The lack of larger settlements at the mouths of the Trident and the Blackwater (prior to Aegon's Conquest) aren't very believable to me.
  15. While Duskendale and to a lesser degree Maidenpool were weakened by the growth of King's Landing, the riverlands are wealthy (but not as well off as the westerlands or the Reach).