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  1. Regarding Jaime, how about "scheme to free Jaime Lannister"?
  2. A few options for Ned: "capture of Eddard Stark" "treason of Eddard Stark" "fall of Eddard Stark" "imprisonment of Eddard Stark" "Fall" might be best, since it is more neutral than the pro-Lannister "treason".
  3. That's how I pronounce it as well.
  4. These are my thoughts as well. I created an article for the ambush at the Wendwater.
  5. @Ran, a few questions/clarifications if you have time. Was Nymeria's arrival "a thousand years" (meaning one thousand) or "seven hundred years" ago? What is the Great Fork of the Blackwater? Possibilities to me include the main branch (Stoney Sept to King's Landing), the tributary from the Gods Eye, the confluence of a few rivers southeast of Stoney Sept, or the confluence of the main branch with the Gods Eye tributary west of KL. I'm confused by this excerpt from The Black Blood: This is in the Hoare section, so the assumption would be that Harrag and Ravos were from the iron era instead of the driftwood era. This interpretation would have the Hoares (who succeeded the Greyirons with Andal help) ruling the Iron Islands when Theon Stark repelled Argos Sevenstar from the eastern shores of the north. This suggests that Argos attacked the north after Andals gained controlled of the Vale, the riverlands, the Iron Islands, and probably the westerlands. The following excerpts indicate that Harrag Hoare and Loron Greyjoy were driftwood kings, however, pushing Theon the Hungry Wolf back in time to before the Greyirons began the hereditary era. This would more easily reconcile with the Andals taking "a thousand years" and consolidating mainland conquests before allying with the Hoares and other local ironborn against the Greyirons. A reconciliation is that Harrag and Ravos are listed in The Black Blood as examples of driftwood reavers from the Age of Heroes, and "a few more" unspecified Hoare iron kings were like these ancient ancestors..
  6. Remember, the Dothraki destroyed the Sarnori civilization after the Doom (four hundred years ago). In general, I'm cautious of equating "a thousand years" to "one thousand years". GRRM often uses the former to mean "a long time ago", and he unfortunately does not use the latter.
  7. Riverrun's two thousand Freys is from ASOS Tyrion VIII. Hosteen and Aenys are said to have two thousand Freys in AFFC Jaime II.
  8. @Rhaenys_Targaryen and @Lord Varys, do we know when Nymeria's War occurred? AFFC The Princess in the Tower mentions "a thousand years". This would place Nymeria as living around 700 BC. GRRM often uses "a thousand years" as "a long time ago", however, instead of a more definitive "one thousand years". TWOIAF: Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships also mentions "a thousand years ago". TWOIAF Dorne: The Coming of the Rhoynar, however, mentions "seven hundred years", placing Nymeria around 400 BC.
  9. Oh, I'm fine with the Joffrey reveal. I just wanted to point out GRRM's realization.
  10. Yep, as George remarked, "The problem with all this speculating is that some of you are bound to guess the answers before I reveal 'em... and others may even come up with better answers than I do. Well, those are the risks one takes with such a project."
  11. I like the ambiguity of Nettles. Did Sheepstealer accept her because she actually was a dragonseed, or did the dragon eventually trust this commoner because of her persistent offerings of food?
  12. Another SSM: In his response Martin doesn't deny Joffrey's blame, just casting doubt on Littlefinger being involved . If Martin intended for LF or Mance to be the culprit, he might have responded with something like, "Oh, so you believe Joffrey sent the assassin?"
  13. Tytos does resent this in ADWD, at least.
  14. Hmm, good observation; I had forgotten about Robeson. To avoid unnecessary disambiguation, I think it would be better to have Pater, Robeson, High Lickspittle, High Sparrow etc. There aren't other characters named Pater, IIRC, so we wouldn't need "Pater (High Septon)" or "High Septon (Pater)".
  15. I've had the same thing happen at times; I also copy into Notepad and reload the page. Maybe some of the ads are more memory-intensive?