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  1. ADWD Jon XIII
  2. The world book is canon, but the novels take precedence. SSM from Elio: Not a Blog:
  3. SSM:
  4. Additionally, George mentions in that SSM:
  5. The closest I can find is from ASOS Tyrion I:
  6. Lothor Brune and young Peck are dangerous during the Battle of the Blackwater.
  7. Stefan Sasse attributes the decline to the king's peace in this essay.
  8. That also makes sense to me as head-canon. In The Norman Conquest, Marc Morris writes
  9. The entry for Bethany Ryswell (Bethany Bolton) lists Barrowton as her origin and place of birth, but shouldn't that be the Rills?
  10. Since Winterfell hasn't come under siege (yet?), it might be good to remove the battlebox altogether until further plot is revealed.
  11. Looks like it was added with this edit...
  12. Additionally, it looks like our wiki took it from Wikipedia, which had it added without sourcing back in 2006.
  13. The original entry from 2007 for the wiki's Braavos article stated (without a source) that the city "was instead founded 500 years before Aegon's Landing by refugees fleeing Valyrian expansion." We don't know where the original editor derived that information, but it was on the wiki until last year and so "800 years" may have inaccurately filtered into the community in that manner.
  14. Are you able to duplicate the Google results?
  15. Pages on display various info and links on the left and right panels, including a selection of some recent forum discussion threads. For instance, this SSM which does not mention Braavos currently displays these forum links on the right side for me: The SSM search results mentioning "How old is Braavos" actually refer to this thread; the search engine finds SSM web pages mentioning Braavos even though that specific GRRM correspondence doesn't actually mention Braavos.