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  1. Do you think the infobox should display it or the Stark sigil?
  2. The infobox for Jon Snow includes this bastard sigil for him. Has GRRM confirmed this? If not, the infobox should instead display the House Stark sigil, IMO. edit: Would Valyrian Steel count?
  3. "King of the Three Sisters" is an article about the monarchs from the islands, discussing the pirate kings of antiquity and the more recent Marla Sunderland. From what I can tell, GRRM has not used this as a proper title, however. We also don't know if the pirate kings ruled all of the Three Sisters, or if each island had its own king (like the ironborn rock and salt kings of old). Might it be better to move the article to "Sistermen monarchs"?
  4. I took that out.
  5. Corrected!
  6. Additionally,
  7. Sounds good to me as well.
  8. Arianne says he is attainted, according to AFFC The Soiled Knight. Aurane Waters has his eye on Dragonstone, according to AFFC Cersei IX.
  9. I updated both. Thanks!
  10. Closest I can find:
  11. @Ran, is it okay if I remove "Battle of the Redwyne Straits"? It is about a battle which has not yet occurred in the books, and its sourcing is from the transcription of the Balticon reading (which George objected to the recording of).
  12. Some of the infoboxes for Battle articles list Houses which possibly participated in a battle, along with Houses whose participation can be sourced. For instance, the "Battle of the Blackwater" mentions Houses Myatt (since the Myatts help escort Tywin's corpse back to the Rock in AFFC), Hayford (since they are in the crownlands), Leygood (since they are with Randyll Tarly in AFFC), and Penrose (since they are with Renly at Bitterbridge in ACOK). Regarding Bitterbridge, however, GRRM suggests here that while most of the men at Bitterbridge joined the Tyrell/Lannister army, some went home. House Peake is included among the Reach's men during the battle, but IIRC the Peakes haven't done anything so far in ASOIAF. There is fighting throughout central Westeros (almost as far north as near the Twins in early ACOK), so it's plausible some houses eventually rejoin Tywin or Randyll after regional campaigns or as reinforcements. To be on the safe side, I think it would be better to avoid assumptions and only list info which can be sourced.
  13. Do we have a source for Oberyn being a knight?
  14. The entry for Randyll Tarly states "Lord Randyll remains at Bitterbridge when Renly rides to Storm's End to treat with Stannis". Randyll does accompany Renly to SE, however.
  15. Since Jeyne leaves KL on a horse and Theon sees her in a wagon at Moat Cailin, she probably boards the wagon at the Twins. "Hanged, Ami. Your father was not a tapestry."