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  1. Project: Featured Article

    If "Bleeding Years' is only used by fans and we have the canon name of "Century of Blood", wouldn't it be best served with a simple redirect, like with the fan-only "Tourney of the Hand" redirecting to the canon "Hand's tourney"? "Purple Wedding" is another fan-creation, but that at least has been acknowledged by GRRM in interviews.
  2. Project: Featured Article

    Should "Bleeding Years" (mentioned in 2012) be removed from the intro of "Century of Blood", since it isn't used in TWOIAF (published in 2014)?
  3. The dead near Saltpans

    Manderlys usually use the merman, but Wylis and Wyman are known to also use trident brooches.
  4. The dead near Saltpans

    Related sigils include: axe - Byrch, Cerwyn arrow - Hunter (doubtful), Norridge, Sarsfield salmon - Mooton pine tree - Orkwood (doubtful), Mollen, Tallhart oak leaf - Oakheart beetle - Bettley bantam - Swyft boar's head - Vikary trident - Manderly, Haigh (pitchfork)
  5. Castle garrison sizes

    Dragonstone Tumbleton
  6. The Name Baelor

    Also, at Balticon GRRM pronounced Balon so that "Bal" rhymed with "pal" (he also pronounced Aeron like Aaron), not like the "bay" in "Baelish".
  7. Castle garrison sizes

    Here are some more numbers, but they are from wartime. The Twins: Harrenhal Dreadfort Eyrie Gates of the Moon Riverrun Storm's End
  8. Castle garrison sizes

    It appears that Winterfell has a guard of two hundred, since Ned brings his fifty best men (a quarter of the guard) to King's Landing.
  9. Project: Featured Article

    Look good to me!
  10. Weird quote about the Targaryens from Tyrion ADWD

    Barring any future reveals,
  11. Project: Featured Article

    For the "Did You Know" section, we could also use GRRM's inspirations and homages. For instance, "Did you know ... that the Doom of Valyria was inspired by Atlantis and the fall of Rome?"
  12. Northern cavalry - a discussion

    For instance, Arya passes through unnamed and unmapped market towns between King's Landing and the Gods Eye. ("They traveled dawn to dusk, past woods and orchards and neatly tended fields, through small villages, crowded market towns, and stout holdfasts." ACOK Arya II) GRRM does mention Scotland in this interview. The mountains in the north haven't received a formal name yet, to my knowledge.
  13. Need help with name pronunciations please

    I rhyme Ceryse with Clarice.
  14. ASOS Catelyn V AFFC The Iron Captain: ADWD Davos II So, Victarion leaves Moat Cailin with Ralf Kenning and brings nine-tenths of the Iron Fleet with him back to the Iron Islands, as Robb expected. The Dustins and Ryswells then destroy the longships which remain behind in the Fever River, allowing Ramsay's host to more easily besiege Moat Cailin.
  15. Kyle Condon Theories?

    Right, GRRM often has characters guesstimating. SSM: Wylis is captured on the southern shore of the Trident prior to the RW, with Kyle and Ronnel defending the northern shore. Since Gregor controls the ruby ford and Harrenhal after the RW, it's plausible that Kyle and Ronnel, if they still live, are among the captives seen by Jaime at Harrenhal.