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  1. Threash78 suggests it is another hint toward the Red Wedding: Robb is awaited in death by Ryman's father Stevron, who died in Robb's service.
  2. The entry for Shella Whent states "She surrenders the castle to Lord Tywin Lannister following the battle on the Green Fork and news of Ser Jaime's capture and the breaking of the siege at Riverrun." Shella yields Harrenhal before the Whispering Wood and the Green Fork.
  3. I updated his article with greater detail. Separately, do we need a Category:Dornishmen when we already have Category:Characters from Dorne?
  4. Kevan Lannister thinks that Lords Randyll Tarly and Mathis Rowan would be good Hands, but Cersei objects because they are from the Reach (AFFC Cersei II). Jaime thinks that Ser Forley Prester and Lord Roland Crakehall, both westermen, would be good (AFFC Jaime VII).
  5. Fixified! You might want to take a look at
  6. The entry for Alannys Harlaw states, "Following Balon Greyjoy's death, she retires to Ten Towers, her brother Rodrik's house." Alannys is already living at Ten Towers before Balon attacks the north in ACOK.
  7. I tried adding a few images (1, 2, 3) to Ned's article, but the preview displayed this error message for them: "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination". I didn't have issues adding other images to the article, however. edit: same with 4
  8. TWOIAF has a paragraph about this.
  9. The entry for the Crag says "Sybelle Spicer, daughter of a spice merchant and his foreign wife". This should be Sybell Spicer (in contrast to Sybelle Glover), and she is the granddaughter of the spice merchant.
  10. Updated!
  11. My headcanon is that there has been a lot of name-changing going on, like Joffrey Lydden taking on the Lannister name (TWOIAF) or Beren Tallhart possibly taking the Hornwood name (ACOK).
  12. IIRC, we don't know if the Mallisters are First Men or Andal in origin. We know very little about House Marsh, aside from Bowen being a member. Their name and sigil suggest they come from the Neck, but they have not been mentioned as crannogmen ("Fenn and Reed, Peat and Boggs, Cray and Quagg, Greengood and Blackmyre, those were the sorts of names they gave themselves"). House Tollett is Andal in origin, with Torgold the Grim being a feared warlord in the Vale.
  13. One has not been mentioned in the books thus far.
  14. Doesn't Roose leave Harrenhal entirely to Vargo (who is swiftly abandoned by the Brave Companions)? FYI, the brotherhood kills Utt's Mummers at an unnamed septry. The town of Stoney Sept, which is supportive of the brotherhood, does have to fend off northmen, westermen, and Mummers, though.
  15. It has only been mentioned in TWOIAF.
  16. Not much is mentioned of Shiera in the world book, but I expect Fire and Blood (GRRM's planned Targaryen history) or future Dunk and Egg stories will feature her.
  17. It's from So Spake Martin:
  18. Possibly ACOK Daenerys V or ASOS Daenerys I
  19. Aeron - "Tall and thin, with fierce black eyes and a beak of a nose, the priest was garbed in mottled robes of green and grey and blue, the swirling colors of the Drowned God." Asha - "That amused her; he could see the sparkle in her dark eyes." Balon - "His eyes were flinty too, black and sharp, but the years and the salt winds had turned his hair the grey of a winter sea, flecked with whitecaps." Euron - "A black leather patch covered Euron's left eye, but his right was blue as a summer sky." Theon - his face is described as dark a few times in AGOT Victarion - ?
  20. GRRM provided unpublished info to Ran and Linda years ago. For instance, Ran put this correspondence from 2000 in the SSM archive.
  21. Looks like there's some farming.
  22. Bar Emmon of Sharp Point (tip of Massey's Hook) is sworn to Dragonstone (AGOT Appendix). Sunglass is as well, although we don't know the location of Sweetport Sound. Massey of Stonedance is within the crownlands, but I don't recall GRRM confirming if they are sworn to Dragonstone or King's Landing at the start of ASOIAF. includes them in the KL group. The Guardians of Order RPG includes the Masseys with Dragonstone, while the newer Green Ronin RPG lists them with KL.
  23. The Thenns also consider themselves closer to the First Men of old than other tribes beyond the Wall.
  24. Not that I'm aware of.
  25. The riverlands were actually ruled by native dynasties of varying power for thousands of years. First Men dynasties included the Fishers, Blackwoods, Brackens, and the Mudds, the last of whom were killed off by Andals. The Justmans (founded by a Blackwood/Bracken bastard) were the first Andal house to unite the riverlands from petty kings, but after three centuries they fell to ironborn attacks, plunging the riverlands into rival petty kingdoms again. The Teagues eventually reunited the riverlands and ruled for some time, but Humfrey Teague made the unwise decision to try to stamp out worship of the old gods. The Blackwoods rebelled with the assistance of the Tullys, and Lord Rodrik Blackwood sought the aid of his in-law, the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon. The Teagues, Rodrik, and other powerful river lords died during this war, so in the power vacuum Arlan decided to keep the riverlands under the control of Storm's End. The Durrandons ruled the riverlands for three centuries, although river lords periodically rebelled. After becoming King of the Iron Islands, Harwyn Hoare attacked the mainland. Hoping to regain their independence, many river lords joined the ironborn against the Storm Kings. Harwyn forced Arrec Durrandon to abandon the riverlands, but then kept the riverlands for himself. Aegon the Conqueror then killed Harwyn's grandson, Harren the Black. So, the Teagues might have died out seven centuries ago (300 years of the Iron Throne, preceded by 3 generations of Hoares, preceded by 300 years of the Storm Kings).