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  1. Riverrun's two thousand Freys is from ASOS Tyrion VIII. Hosteen and Aenys are said to have two thousand Freys in AFFC Jaime II.
  2. @Rhaenys_Targaryen and @Lord Varys, do we know when Nymeria's War occurred? AFFC The Princess in the Tower mentions "a thousand years". This would place Nymeria as living around 700 BC. GRRM often uses "a thousand years" as "a long time ago", however, instead of a more definitive "one thousand years". TWOIAF: Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships also mentions "a thousand years ago". TWOIAF Dorne: The Coming of the Rhoynar, however, mentions "seven hundred years", placing Nymeria around 400 BC.
  3. Oh, I'm fine with the Joffrey reveal. I just wanted to point out GRRM's realization.
  4. Yep, as George remarked, "The problem with all this speculating is that some of you are bound to guess the answers before I reveal 'em... and others may even come up with better answers than I do. Well, those are the risks one takes with such a project."
  5. I like the ambiguity of Nettles. Did Sheepstealer accept her because she actually was a dragonseed, or did the dragon eventually trust this commoner because of her persistent offerings of food?
  6. Another SSM: In his response Martin doesn't deny Joffrey's blame, just casting doubt on Littlefinger being involved . If Martin intended for LF or Mance to be the culprit, he might have responded with something like, "Oh, so you believe Joffrey sent the assassin?"
  7. Tytos does resent this in ADWD, at least.
  8. Hmm, good observation; I had forgotten about Robeson. To avoid unnecessary disambiguation, I think it would be better to have Pater, Robeson, High Lickspittle, High Sparrow etc. There aren't other characters named Pater, IIRC, so we wouldn't need "Pater (High Septon)" or "High Septon (Pater)".
  9. I've had the same thing happen at times; I also copy into Notepad and reload the page. Maybe some of the ads are more memory-intensive?
  10. What exactly is meant by "ironborn"? It seems an alternative to "ironmen", the people of the Iron Islands, and the Greyjoys use them interchangeably in ASOIAF. Captured individuals can fit into the Thralls or Slaves and freedmen categories, and if they row for the Iron Fleet they can fit into the Sailors category. It seems redundant to have both "Characters from the Iron Islands" and "Ironborn" when there are only a few articles which might differ. Also, is this the excerpt you mean? I agree, with WP:TITLE in mind, "High Septon (Pater)" seems ideal to me. GRRM identifies him as Pater, and its inclusion easily differentiates his article from the other High Septons. A Wiki of Ice and Fire isn't in-universe, so we don't use the convoluted naming (One has to say, 'the fat one,' or 'the one before the fat one,' or 'the old one who died in his sleep.') if we don't have to. I would hold off for now until we receive clarification from GRRM or Ran. Janos Slynt, for instance, has a surname before being ennobled, but House Slynt is founded after Joffrey becomes king. Creighton Longbough has a surname and arms, but he is just a hedge knight. I would just use "chose", since that is what the source material uses and we shouldn't extrapolate.
  11. Robert did win the dagger during the tourney. So Spake Martin: Some fans have conjectured that this hidden influence may be Petyr convincing Joffrey to execute Eddard, who was supposed to join the Night's Watch.
  12. Because their sigil depicts seven stars, I would be surprised if they are not Andal.
  13. Yep. In the app, the map pin for the Mummer's Ford is placed north of Pinkmaiden and west of Acorn Hall.
  14. The majority of Tywin's army has indeed gone home.
  15. Renly uses military strength to justify his claim for the Iron Throne, not that he somehow comes before Stannis in the line of succession.
  16. Also, So Spake Martin: "The Targaryen heir apparent had always been titled Prince of Dragonstone. By making Stannis the Lord of Dragonstone, Robert affirmed his brother's status as heir (which he was, until Joff's birth a few years later)."
  17. The Dustins claim some connection to the Barrow Kings, but I don't think we know enough to state that they were one and the same. Maybe they were married into the dynasty, like many Reach houses descending from the Gardeners / Garth Greenhand. I'm not aware of the Reeds having been Marsh Kings. Rather, they appear to be the local rulers of the Neck on behalf of Winterfell after the death of the last Marsh King. The Blackwoods might have been involved with the Warg King, although the Blackwoods claim to have come from the wolfswood while the Warg King is associated with fighting for Sea Dragon Point (which is albeit near the wolfswood). AGOT suggests the wolfswood is named after the wolves which inhabit it. I wonder if it was originally the blackwood, however, and was renamed wolfswood after being conquered by the Starks. It isn't specified that the Warg King was killed (unlike his sons), so I suppose it's possible he fled to the riverlands. I'm skeptical, however, and assume Martin's intention is that his family ended with the men killed and the women taken. I do find it interesting that Martin didn't provide names for the families of the Barrow, Marsh, and Warg Kings (if they even had family names). The Warg King, at least, appears to have been a singular figure rather than a series of monarchs.
  18. I added ASOS Tyrion VIII as a source. ("And the bounty of Highgarden had come with her, flowing up the roseroad from the south. The fools didn't seem to remember that it had been Mace Tyrell who closed the roseroad to begin with, and made the bloody famine.")
  19. Updated!
  20. The app says Jaehaerys II.
  21. Yep, seems to duplicate Category:Characters from the Iron Islands.
  22. There was some discussion in the summer, but Ckram pointed out "I think this would require that we knew all the ethnic adjectives of Martin's world, which we don't."
  23. Thanks for the observation! It has been corrected by Direpupy.
  24. Do we need Category:Dornishmen when we already have Category:Characters from Dorne (which fits with Characters by region)?