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  1. I've had to cancel my trip to KC, but my thoughts will be with you.
  2. I get in Tuesday at 2:15 (on SW from BWI). I'm staying at the Aladdin. If any of you want to share a cab, e-mail me.
  3. Put me down for a women's medium.
  4. Beats me. The pocket program is a mess. Check Grenadine (balticon50) for the "real" schedule, which is still a mess. I recommend you check with program ops and get added to whatever you want.
  5. I'll be setting up the Green Room from noon til whenever it's ready. So lunch is probably out unless you want to go LATE.
  6. I don't know. It just says "after the con" for shipping.
  7. I can't find the official statement about the autographs, but from what I remember from the last committee meeting, there will be two autograph sessions (I think on Saturday and Sunday). You will need a (free) ticket in order to get an autograph, and can only get one ticket (to one of the sessions, not both). The tickets will be available the day before the session at the con. George will sign ONE item for you. Balticon 50 Alumni GOH News: We are happy to announce that Peter S. Beagle, fantasy author and special guest at Balticon 40, has agreed to attend Balticon 50 as part of out Bring Them Back Project. Unfortunately, Gene Wolf, Ben Bova, Shelia Finch and Tananarive Due have dropped out of the Bring Them Back Project due to family commitments. (Steven Barnes will attend) This means we have confirmed John Varley, R. A. MacAvoy, Nancy Springer, Donald Kingsbury, Michael F. Flynn, Allen Steele, Harry Turtledove, Phil & Kaja Foglio, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Steve Barnes, Peter S. Beagle, Larry Niven, Connie Willis, Charles Stross, Jody Lynn Nye, Joe Haldeman and Jo Walton as participants in the Bring them Back Project. Although we have not fully raised all of the funds needed for the project, we are close enough to believe we will make it (and we needed to buy airline tickets now, so we are using a small line of credit to move forward) and will go for it. Of course, all we need to make it all work out is a few more banquet seats sold and for folks to buy the special edition book. (Or donate a bit more in other ways of course) So send anyone who you believe will be interested in the book and Fire and Ice Banquet with GRRM over to our website. Parking Deals at Balticon: We have a huge number of parking deals for Balticon. The daily rate gets down to $7.75 per 24 hours if you buy in advance for at a nearby garage for example. Check out the deals on our parking page at and send the link to your friends. We get email from folks about parking who have never clicked on the parking link on our Balticon webpage where the questions are all answered in detail, so help us spread the word to check it out and save.
  8. That's the first I heard of an at con trivia quiz. The chair asked me for some precon trivia questions, but if you've already got some, please let me know. Our next meeting is tomorrow night.
  9. Here is the current status of the "Game of Thrones" track of programming. I've changed the panel names to avoid confusion, but if you have "cleverer" names to suggest, please let me know. If you haven't told me what panel(s) you'd like to be on, please e-mail me with your choices. Thanks. The Board and Card (and other) Games of Thrones (1 hour – Gaming) There’s a board game, a card game, a video game, an RPG, a MUD, and more. Panelists will tell you about their favorite games set in GRRM’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” universe. Ashaya (The gaming track head has this one filled out with her other participants, I just don’t have their names) The GAME OF THRONES (Viewing) Party (2 hours – Sunday 9-11 pm) If HBO shows a new episode, we’ll watch it together (need HBO feed) and then discuss it afterwards. If not, we’ll just have a party. GoT costumes are welcome, and we could give a prize for the best one. If there’s no new episode, perhaps GRRM would like to provide commentary for one of the episodes he wrote (would need dvd projector). Maid of Woodlynne Created religions in SFF (1 hour – Literary) “A Song of Ice and Fire” has no fewer than six created religions. Other authors usually stick to one. What makes a religion seem “real?” Which created religions seem the most interesting? If you lived on Planetos, which religion would you follow? Why? GRRM Gender and sexuality in Westeros (1 hour – Literary/Media) GAME OF THRONES has been both lauded and criticised for its portrayal of women and alternate sexuality. Is it a feminist worldview or exploitive? Is the tv series different from the books in this regard? How do you think it could do better? Bill Game of Thrones Costuming Workshop (1 hours – Should be BEFORE the (Viewing) Party -- Costuming) Make your own Game of Thrones costume for the party, or add details/accessories to an already begun costume. (Not sure the costuming track head wants to do this) The Art of Ice and Fire (1 hour – Art -- Should include John Picacio – Will need projector for PowerPoint) A Song of Ice and Fire has inspired a myriad of visual arts. There are book covers, calendars, art for games, etc. Here’s a quick look at some of them. (Not sure the art track head wants to do this, or who else we might put on it) John Picacio, ?? A Song of Ice and Fire vs. Game of Thrones (1 hour – Literary/Media) The HBO series has gone beyond the published books and diverged in many ways from GRRM’s story. We’ll discuss some of the differences, both good and bad, and make (almost certainly incorrect) predictions of what will happen in future episodes and books. Bill, Perrianne, The Podcasts of Ice and Fire (1 hour – New Media) Podcasters from “History of Westeros” and “The Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire” discuss their podcasts and other podcasts related to the works of our GOH. (I haven’t heard from the head of the “New Media” track, but we can probably do this one even without them) Aziz, Ashaya, BryndenBFish Parenting in Westeros (1 hour – Literary/Media) There are a lot of parents and children in GAME OF THRONES/A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. Who have done the best and worst jobs of parenting? Is there anyone who would win “Father/Mother of the Year” or are they all terrible parents? And who is the absolute worst? Is it Stannis Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Aerys Targaryan, Catelyn Stark, Roose Bolton, or someone else? Perrianne Game of Thrones Discussion Group (no book spoilers) Our annual discussion (without book spoilers) of the tv series. To be scheduled AFTER this week’s episode viewing party, either Sunday at 11 pm, or Monday morning. Perrianne (anyone is welcome to attend, but I'm really the only "participant" needed) A Song of Ice and Fire Discussion Group (no tv series spoilers) A discussion of the books, with spoilers from unpublished chapters from THE WINDS OF WINTER, but without spoilers from the tv series. Perrianne (anyone is welcome to attend, but I'm really the only "participant" needed)
  10. I tried to post this last week, but I've been unable to get on the board until now: Balticon 50 More Alumni-GOHS Confirmed: Thanks to a donation from the SF Con Arisia (Boston Area) to our Bring them Back Fund, the following Alumni-Guests-of-Honor authors have been confirmed as fully funded and coming to Balticon 50… Allen Steele, Steve Barnes and Tananarive Due, Phil & Kaja Foglio. Arisia makes donations to a variety of SF cultural events and we thank them for "voting with their dollars" for Balticon 50. Updated Parking and Restaurant Info on Website: Food Offers at Parking offers at More information about enhancing your Balticon 50 experience will be added as we get it. Correction on Banquet: Last time I reported on banquet availability for the Feast of Fire and Ice to be held with George R. R. Martin on Thursday May 26, 2016 the concept of minimum number of seats needed for the event was misconstrued with maximum number of seats available by the person quoted. So, although we are doing well, it was not quite as full as that report implied. Sorry about that. All of the ultimate dinner spots are gone which is pretty amazing. We still have a good number of the Ice and Fire Dinner Companion spots available. Check out the stuff you get with the Ice and Fire Dinner Companion seat at Martin Book Still Available: The limited edition, signed by George R. R. Martin and Artist John Picacio, In the House of the Worm book is still available even to those who can not attend Balticon this year. Check out details at Fund Raising Effort: We are at 58% ($43,284.00) of the original Bring Them Back Fund Goal with all of those funds dedicated to create an event enhanced beyond the normal Balticon experience.
  11. I will almost certainly drop by the NOLA party (I'm a friend of the bid). Save me one of the fleur de lis dragon shirts in a medium (they ran out of my size at Lunacon).
  12. Here are a few more Balticon updates: Mark Van Name is Toastmaster: Balticon 50 is going over the top with our own Toastmaster. The impressive SF author Mark Van Name will bring his humor and spoken word skills to Balticon 50 as Toastmaster. Many SF fans will remember that his novel One Jump Ahead won the Compton Crook Award in 2008 and he is an ever popular guest at SF cons frequently leading humor panels. Limited George R. R. Martin Book Illustrated by John Picacio, for Pre-Order: Get your limited edition printing of In the House of the Worm, a novella previously written by Balticon 50 Guest of Honor George R. R. Martin, and newly illustrated by Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio. This is not the graphic novel based on the story, but a new edition of his classic story. There will be a total of 500 books printed, signed by both the author and the artist. The artwork is completely original, created especially for this book. Books will be available for pickup at-con, or can be shipped after-con to those not attending Balticon 50. If you bought certain Balticon membership packages you may have a copy waiting at Balticon, but if not, or even if you are not a member of Balticon 50, you can still order a copy for only $40 plus 6% MD sales tax. The order process, form and more information at More Discounted Parking for Balticon 50: Baltimore City Parking Authority has given us a discounted rate of $7.75 per day at the 414 Water Street garage, about three blocks north from the main hotel. Use the link to view and buy. Passes are valid 4:00 PM Friday (May 27) through 11:59pm Monday (May 30). No in-and-out. This is a pre-paid online offer only. You cannot just drive up and get this rate. Use discount code “balticon16” You must purchase your passes one at a time. Purchase your Friday pass, check out, and create an account. Then use this account to purchase your Saturday pass, and then check out. Then use this account to purchase your Sunday pass, and check out. Then use this account to purchase your Monday pass, and check out. More Overflow Hotel Rooms: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront at 700 Aliceanna Street Baltimore, MD 21202 (3050 ft East and then south from entrance of main hotel) King Beds. $149.00 per night. To make reservations use link and instructions on
  13. Baltimore Magazine jumped the gun a bit. We haven't yet announced all of the returning GOHs. I'm not sure what I'm authorized to say, but there's a good chance that Varley will be there. <G>
  14. Here's the latest Balticon news: Pre-Balticon Banquet Demand Strong: The Feast of Ice and Fire Dinner Companions memberships which include the Thursday night (5/26/16) banquet with George R. R. Martin have sold very well. All of the $1,500.00 spots are sold and the $1,000.00 spots are going fast according to a report by BSFS President Martin Deutsch. If you don't already have a Balticon membership you can get the Feast of Ice and Fire Dinner Companions membership at the same place you would buy a regular Balticon 50 membership at If you already have a Balticon 50 membership, but want to upgrade to attend the Feast of Ice and Fire send email to [email protected] and let them know and they will fix you up. (decide soon if you want because going surprisingly fast) Interest in the Feast of Ice and Fire exploded after the article about it in this months issue of Baltimore Magazine which you can read at Balticon will be held May 27-30, 2016: details at Balticon Overflow Hotel Rooms: We still have room at the overflow hotels for Balticon weekend May 27-30, 2016 and are about to add a block of rooms at the Marriott Waterfront. (if they ever get us the booking link, which will go up on the website when available) Overflow room information can be found at Discounted Parking Options: You can buy a parking space in advance and have it reserved and ready for you when you arrive at the inner harbor near Balticon 50 through the website Parking Panda. Parking Panda is offering a 20% discount with promo code “BALTICON20” at checkout for members of Balticon. This means the prices on the Parking Panda interactive parking lot map will be reduced 20%, if you use the code at checkout for dates on our weekend. See Parking Panda at Cancel the suggested parking pop-up and then enter the real times you want in the box at the upper left hand side of the page for a better fan friendly selection of times. We also have a deal for parking in the works with another non-panda garage if they will ever get us the details. Somewhere, there was a list of the prior guests of honor we've been able to confirm, but I can't find it! I don't think Varley was one of them, but if you donate some money targeted to him, it would be more likely that he'll be there. I'm not convinced that the Drowned God has any sway (even though Baltimore is on the Chesapeake Bay) here.
  15. I'll be at the Aladdin. Not sure how much free time I'll have, though. It depends upon my program schedule (and the WSFS business meetings, which, I expect, will fill my mornings).