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  1. Man it started out with great potential, but had spotty writing, pacing, and acting at times.
  2. True. Especially since the cartoon had to be extensively tailored to children and the sitcom had to be..... Sitcomy. I'm mildly excited to see the creator's unfettered old ideas and the new ideas he's had since.
  3. Hope was suspended by U.S. soccer. I am sure US swimming works on is own timeframe, and Lochte was already informed something would be coming.
  4. I do. I honestly don't believe that art is in decay either. I don't look at as an old idea so much as an existing perfect setting and characters for exploring other new ideas. It was never explored fully by previous projects canceled before their time.
  5. Watched it. Not sure how I feel about it yet. It needs more episodes surely. The Tick himself was strange in this form. Couldn't quite a handle on his playing the character for part of it. His face is so round instead of angled. He was channeling Adam West a bit though. I burst out laughing during the meeting between "The Terror" and "Arthur". I thought that scene was hilarious. The fight was pretty hilarious to me too. They are selling a "Mr.Robot" or "Wilfred" vibe here, but The Tick has to be real, right? All the bad guys see him. I'm not sure if the superhero lair/hideout bit works nowadays for younger viewers. 20 years ago, yeah. Now, nobody uses that secret lair thing. I still found it funny, though. They left off the best line from the cartoon, though. "What does your couch turn into?" "It turns into a bed". The guy who plays Arthur was great.
  6. Yeah, I think there's a cultural reason for the trope. Latchkey kids were a thing, and I remember many of my friends coming home to an empty house and not having parents around for hours. Despite children today being safer than ever, it is now often a crime to allow a child this age to be home alone. Society has sort of rubberbanded the other direction.
  7. I am not 100% convinced .. (Ending spoiler)
  8. Binge watched the whole thing. Amazing show, That's not how you play demogorgon, though.
  9. I truly wish it was the cartoon version.
  10. ... I played MGSV as my first MGS and the plot was completely inexplicable. But the game play was so fun. So many ways to play and great adaptive AI. I played it for months.
  11. This site holds the Internet record for people who gave up on a series 10 years ago, yet continue to talk about that series every day.
  12. They had to leave Oregon, however, because they ran out of snacks. These were the days before social media.
  13. If I only had a nickel for every time I heard this phrase.
  14. It will be a real shame if some of what your guys are writing is correct, because this series had (and still has) potential for absolute greatness.