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  1. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    Yeah, I think there's a cultural reason for the trope. Latchkey kids were a thing, and I remember many of my friends coming home to an empty house and not having parents around for hours. Despite children today being safer than ever, it is now often a crime to allow a child this age to be home alone. Society has sort of rubberbanded the other direction.
  2. Stranger Things (Netflix)

  3. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    I am not 100% convinced .. (Ending spoiler)
  4. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    Binge watched the whole thing. Amazing show, That's not how you play demogorgon, though.
  5. Amazon to resurrect The Tick

    I truly wish it was the cartoon version.
  6. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    ... I played MGSV as my first MGS and the plot was completely inexplicable. But the game play was so fun. So many ways to play and great adaptive AI. I played it for months.
  7. Update on the "Winds"

    This site holds the Internet record for people who gave up on a series 10 years ago, yet continue to talk about that series every day.
  8. Shannara TV series in development at MTV with IRON MAN director

    They had to leave Oregon, however, because they ran out of snacks. These were the days before social media.
  9. Shannara TV series in development at MTV with IRON MAN director

    If I only had a nickel for every time I heard this phrase.
  10. Update on the "Winds"

    It will be a real shame if some of what your guys are writing is correct, because this series had (and still has) potential for absolute greatness.
  11. GRRM fans are annoying

    Living up to your name again, Sour Billy.
  12. Making A Murderer: Netflix Documentary Series (SPOILERS)

    You are correct in that this bullet match was never concluded. The bullet came from a .22 -- the most popular type of "plinking" gun and the type Avery has -- and the barrel it was from could have in theory fired the bullet. There was no actual matching to the gun like you see on the latest episode of CSI: Budapest or whatever they are up to now. Wasn't that conclusive. The *67 thing, incidentally, is just because Avery had a private line (because they would get harassed) and some of the calls came from this line. It appears the same to the phone company as using *67. This is a dude with about an 80 iq who has the woman coming to his property anyway. He's not that devious or bright. I believe this is all evidence the creepy prosecuter released to the media recently as if they just had this mountain of unused evidence that didn't appear in the documentary. It's pretty unverified.
  13. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    None of the theories really make sense if you consider that someone has to abandon their child to horrible isolation. But there's likely another part of the story. Perhaps the mother left her for safekeeping intending to come back and something happened to her. One of many possibilities.
  14. Update on the "Winds"

    To me it appears the tone here is because he really wanted to beat the show, and he failed at his goal.
  15. The Tattered prince (and ser Baristtan)

    Haha. Dalla? Didn't catch that.