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  1. Aurane Waters Endgame

    Well, for Dany there is the Iron Islanders. He could go to her, but it's not the only way Dany is getting to Westeros. But just to point out, Stannis doesn't execute everyone who breaks oaths. He's pragmatic enough to forgive lords who served Renly then came to him after. Why would he kill the guy with a fleet?
  2. Aurane Waters Endgame

    Thank you. I love that idea. Not because Manderly+Velaryon serving Stannis is awesome (it is, but that's another story), but because creepy Patchface prophesied it. OK. Changed my plunder and piracy vote. Do what crazy jester says!
  3. Aurane Waters Endgame

    He can try. :box:
  4. Aurane Waters Endgame

    Can't a bastard just want to be a pirate king with his free fleet? The lands in chaos and turmoil. It's time to plunder! Seriously though, he always struck me as an opportunist. He'll take advantage of whatever opportunity comes up.