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  1. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    In one week I was able to finish books 1-3 of Pax Arcana and am now half way through book 4. I'm really impressed with the amount of humor it has been able to keep up throughout the books and also with the plots staying complex and interesting. I roll my eyes internally when the plotline isn't an obvious priority in a book and I'm able to guess everything that will happen next. More recs like this! I haven't been able to get through one Butcher book despite friends' urging, and this protagonist isn't the alphahole you tend to get with male characters in UF. I've recommended this series to friends
  2. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I noticed I have Alex Verus on my list of book series I want to try. I'm bummed that I only have one more Pax Arcana book left, but these are great. Funny stuff, and the male main character isn't horrible, like the Dresden books. Or maybe I'm just in a better mood I'm browsing the blurbs for my next book series on and off, and Ifind I'm REAL sick of vampires, badass awesome female leads with zero personality or humor that we're just supposed to LOVE, and gross high-school-ish love triangles. If you have a suggestion, lay it on me
  3. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Exactly regarding the Kindle. I have one of those jobs where I'm essentially being paid to be there in case someone needs my expertise, and to make the bosses feel like they are special enough to have staff at their beck and call, so I have a LOT of downtime. I probably have 3 or 4 full days of work a month. No joke. So... Thank GOD for books. We recently got a firmwide email asking people to "no longer watch Netflix or Hulu". I felt so cheated that I hadn't been doing it as well. People tend to have no idea if a PDF on your screen is work or a book, and thankfully kindles format is also changeable. I love it. I'm going to HAVE to check out the free book website though (and google does have a way to search for free books, I've just been lazy.) I can't keep spending $10+ on books every 2-3 days :-(
  4. Same, but to be fair, this smugness ABSOLUTELY goes both ways. Every time I meet a new person where I live (usually because they are a parent of a friend of one of my kids), and they happen to friend me on Facebook, I try SO HARD not to post anything political or liberal or... just basically I try to post nothing but cat videos. But I always forget. Some of these people will still talk to me and actually have discussions instead of ignoring and (I'm assuming) unfollowing me, but because I am used to being surrounded by people who usually don't share my beliefs, I tend to be much more patient and calm and accepting. I tend to get the smugness in return because, let's face it, everyone who believes something THINKS THEY'RE RIGHT. In the end, if it's clear we aren't aligned politically, we can still be friends. I try VERY HARD to simply be friendly for my kids' sake. If it weren't for them, though, I'm not sure I'd associate with those people willingly. I try not to do this simply because most of my relatives are very religious, but... I agree with those posts about hypocritical Christians because I've been told by SO MANY PEOPLE growing up that not believing in God was going to damn me. I caught my mother telling our new neighbor that I was a sinner in conciliatory whispers. It goes both ways... cause and effect and it goes around and around.
  5. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I absolutely HAVE to be reading something at all times, so I'm very happy to find a series with a couple books in it that I like. When I say I am a book addict, I mean it; I get very anxious when I near the end of a book and don't have something else lined up to start. I tell people my reading habit isa problem and they think I'm being self effacing. I'm completely serious. I don't actually plan to stop or anything, and it's not as bad as smoking, but it can cost a lot Oh look... at least some people seem to understand - anything can be abused. I tend to have periods of time when I watch more TV than read, but they are very similar to me since when I read I see the book like a movie anyway. And the anxiety isn't a huge issue since I have so many reader friends and access to books on my phone Sorry for the derailing post
  6. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I'm enjoying this book, quite funny. Thanks for the recommendation!!
  7. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    The commentary in this thread makes thisshow so much more worth while for me.
  8. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I'm reading the first Pax Arcana, sorry if I hadn't made that clear.
  9. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Yeeaaahh... it might have been me who mentioned Raine Benares. hehe figures. I read them a year or two ago, and I bought the most recent one and put it aside for now. I've been having a hard time really getting into things lately, though, so I figured it was just my busy mind. Could just not be very good, I dunno. I will say, I have only recently started to be more annoyed by the plentiful hot dudes all trying to get the hot main chick in bed. But I did really like her as a character really. As with most series, they get better as you go on, I think. I will definitely be reading the new Harmony Black when it comes out next week. I figured even one book is worth the trial period of unlimited, and I pre-ordered it on there, so that's good. I may have to look into his other books you mentioned
  10. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Ok, I got Charming in the Pax Arcana series. I spend SO MUCH MONEY on books with how much I read that I tried to check out Amazon Kindle Unlimited, but they really don't have anything for me, I think. Boo
  11. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Same here, Mars. I like a balance. I do really enjoy some love interest in the stories, but the paranormal romance strikes me as ridiculous most of the time, and the books I've read of that genre were mostly lacking in plot and general writing abilities of the author. Nothing I can't stand more than tropey beautifulvampire crap. I think I'll try Pax Arcana next maybe...
  12. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    This is amazing news! I'm on book 4 of the Charlie Madiganseries byKelly Gay. It has turned out to be much more my cup of tea than the first book seemed to be. I need to line another series up like this one, because I haven't had much luck just choosingfrom, say, the Goodreads "Best Urban Fantasy" list.
  13. The Kingkiller Chronicles Finds Its Writer

    They're not bad, I just think they could be done in a kind of backstory or remembering it as he is already living in Tarbean... I guess I just want the main story to be shown through a little bit so it's clear where it is going without a bunch of travelling filler.
  14. The Kingkiller Chronicles Finds Its Writer

    My luck, they will spend the entire first season on the first 100 or so pages of the book, before he even gets to Tarbean. Because no matter how well written, I always skip up to when he actually gets to Tarbean on rereads. That's when it gets good, IMO.
  15. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Did I mention the Kate Daniels series was optioned to Voodoo Television? As we all know, nothing may come of this, but the prospect of it excited me anyway