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  1. I've never heard of Bumble. I've always been very wary of tinder and those type of app dating services, though. I know it comes with the territory really, but I think maybe I'm uncomfortable with the mainstream idea of "swiping" and being judged in such a way. I dunno.
  2. Alton Sterling shooting.

    So I guess we all just have to go out and actually protest this crap, thus putting ourselves in situations where we may potentially have some interaction with the very trigger happy cops we are protesting? Awesome. I'm SO ANGRY this keeps happening. We have a police problem in this country.
  3. Nah, don't share the tequila, bring that in a flask. Personally, I'd bring a veggie tray with ranch and hummus dips, or something else I would actually consume.
  4. Alton Sterling shooting.

    This HAS TO STOP.
  5. Can a woman wear a mens watch?

    Wait, they still make watches? And people still buy and wear them??
  6. Infidelity

    Yes, THIS SO MUCH. People abuse things - drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, food, WHATEVER in order to change how they feel. So he drinks to change the way he feels (for a lot of people, clinical depression is a big cause of this), and finding out whether that is the case for him, getting some coping skills, meds, whatever, will be great for him, IMO. It'll then probably also make it easier to discern what part and how much of it had anything at all to do with cheating. ETA: Sorry, I missed some of these responses. I just want you to know you have people who care
  7. That series is one of my all-time favorites. The series REALLY picks up after the first couple of books, in my opinion. I'd second The Expanse recommendations as well. I would go so far as to say it is currently my favorite series.
  8. Infidelity

    I'm facepalming at Callan S.'s response above. Sure, the affair is a symptom. But I don't feel like some people enter into a monogamous marriage understanding that it takes work at times to make it work well. That mostly means that both people need to take responsibility and work to keep it going. Communication, being respectful and attentive... if it gets to the point that you're having an affair, I feel like those things have been completely blown out of the water. That's not how you work at a relationship, that's how you disregard the other person and destroy it, possibly irrevocably. So if we're going to start trying to lay blame I'd say the potential cheater's got plenty when they cheat instead of trying to communicate and fix things.
  9. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    I may pick up that Queen Betsy recommendation in the future. Glad to get recommendations, as always! I have to say, I enjoyed the first couple of the Mercy Thompson series more than the last couple. The claiming of the city felt like an after thought, something thrown in, and by comparison, the use of the same plot device by the Kate Daniels series really made so much more sense. It just could have been done better is all. I like the Alpha Omega books by Patricia Briggs better at this point.
  10. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Yeah... I enjoyed HL, but I hear you - it didn't quite bring back Trent/Rachel flashbacks, but I definitely see how it could.
  11. I am too picky. Haha... I am destined to be single from now on, and that's fine. I don't even know the dudes name and after we talked today I'm already telling myself we just wouldn't be compatible. FFS. I am just one of the weirdest people socially. Blech.
  12. Met a potential male friend at the pool (I say male friend meaning he is male and seems politically aligned with me and generally geeky, not really meaning that he is a potential male "friend" however, he is not unattractive). However, I say met in that he says hello to me every time he sees me and makes conversation with me about mine or his kid, politics and geeky stuff and has never asked me my name, so I can only assume that he is not interested. Cool :-( I know I say I'm not interested but that's only because I don't meet any decent potential mates :-p mates dates whatever
  13. I am generally uninterested in conversing with people I meet, but when I do meet someone I want to talk to, I get overly excited, interrupting and acting like an idiot so they think I'm a dork and won't want to interact. I'm feeling rather remorseful tonight. Oh well... Good thing I have lots of kids to keep me distracted haha...