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  1. Light, sexy period romance

    It's just kind of... undignified somehow. I'd rather have everything leading up to, and then let me imagine it on my own. It's sullied when I'm reading what I consider to be a good book, but I can't recommend it to my mom because they start talking about specific parts doing specific things. We know what the parts do. Don't explain it, when 99.99% of the book is otherwise innocent. Ohhh that Cecilia Grant novel doesn't look like the kind I was talking about here but I'll try it, what the hell. My mom can find her own books. LOL
  2. Dating: Hell is Other People

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one. For real. Good luck on the second date!!
  3. The Richard Morgan Thread III

    I personally loved all the Kovacs novels AND Market Forces. Still waiting for a Market Forces movie, because that could be extremely entertaining. I envision something between Fast and Furious and Iron Man but in futuristic London. It would be amazing. I was about to make a generalization about how I like grittier scifi and happier fantasy, but that makes absolutely no sense considering I'm a huge Expanse fan and I've been a GRRM fan for what feels like decades now, so never mind. It looks like Market Forces was optioned to Warner Bros before it was even published in 2004, but there's been no news of anything in the works. Too bad.
  4. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Oh yeah no. Even my teens lost interest in that. I was in the room, and wasn't paying attention because it was just dumb. I blame James Franco.
  5. If ONLY. And then they can add Cisco to their team. He's about the only thing I like anymore.
  6. Light, sexy period romance

    I think we need to discern the difference between paranormal romance, romance, and erotica. There is a difference, and if I wanted to read fap material, I'd go look up fap material. I don't want erotica when I'm looking for romance or paranormal romance. Not that there's anything wrong with it, because frankly, it's fine for when I want it. I just think it's funny that the books with the half naked men on the covers don't necessarily mean they're the kind of books most people think they are. I blame the publishers, since know most of the time the authors have no choice in the matter. There is also a fine line between sex being in a book, implied sex and straight up porn. How do you guys rate these things?
  7. Light, sexy period romance

    That is unfortunate. Where were her proofers? Jeeez. I catch a mistake in every other book I read and I think... how did this NOT GET FIXED?!? I did sign up to be a proofer for Ilona Andrews' most recent Kate book, but I wasn't chosen. She could probably smell the rabid fangirl on me. She did write me back though. That about made my day. Thank HEINLEIN I had my kids with me and baseball that day or I'm afraid I could have written her back, begging her to be my new best friend.
  8. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I own Superbad and I loved This is the End. I always kind of felt like his idiot humor, if touched with racism or sexism, was making fun of how dumb people are when they are like that. If not, I know I'd feel different since I can't abide that kind of crap. Hmm...
  9. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    What's with all the Seth Rogen hate? He's a funny dude. A bit douchey at times, but funnier than many.
  10. Light, sexy period romance

    I'm in. There's a pig, you say?? Am I the only one who reads books set specifically in, say, VIctorian England in an accent? Do those of you across the pond read UF set in American cities in American accents?
  11. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Harry Connolly I haven't even heard of before this thread, will add. Same with Morgan Kingsley and Kat Richardson. Will add I read the Jill Kismet series several years ago and didn't hate it. I think I read 4 of them. It was entertaining. I couldn't get into the Dante Valentine series, but I'll re-add it to my list I've definitely been in the mood for certain books at different times in my life, and what I'm looking for changes from month to month. I just read Urban Shaman in the Walker Papers series by C,E, Murphy, and while the characters were mostly enjoyable, the majority of the action being while the main character "spirit walked" I found to be rather annoying. Will add the other series to the list, though I considered Downside Ghosts several times, and for one reason or another (probably some bad Goodreads reviews or the synopsis) made me reconsider. I'll add it Thanks! I'm just glad you liked Kate. She's gotten some hate here and it's easily my favorite UF series ever. I really am laughing SO HARD at myself for liking Hidden Legacy book one so much. Knowing that I live in the same small suburb as her has made trips to the grocery store more enjoyable as I'm always on the lookout. Not that I'd speak to her - I'd be as starstruck as I was with Scott Lynch, for sure. haha I'm adding Stacia Kane for my next read - frankly, I'll probably love it just because I love you so much. I did read the first Alex Craft and while I did like her character and the world, the love interest grated on me. He's a bit douchey, no? A little more Ahole than Alphahole. Will probably still go back to it now that it's been associated with my very own better-than-posh-spice in my mind. The Charlie Madigan series really picked up around book 2 and am waiting for the next book!!
  12. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Understandable. I don't have cable. I don't plan on re-upping for cable ever again. I do, however, have Hulu, Netflix and HBONow. Works for me just fine, most of the time.
  13. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Right. On the website Cassidy stands in the shade trying to light his cigarette, and when it doesn't work he sticks his fingers into the sunlight and lights it with his own hand This show makes me want answers. I have a feeling I would hate the comics but still love the show It really seems pretty dark, which works for me in TV but not book or comic form.
  14. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    We could assign people specific episodes to watch and do a TWOP throwback summarization of the show so we don't all have to watch it LMAO
  15. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Timeline idiocy is part of what killed Heroes. This crap is bonkers. It makes it pointless for the audience to care about the outcome, the characters or the plot. Great way to kill a show, though...