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  1. Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2

      I'm reading Harmony Black because it was free and I am broke until a day or two (and I hadn't bought the second Kelly Gay book, as I'd thought).  So far the character development feels rushed and tropey, but hey, it's not terrible thus far.
  2. I agree with Swordfish - Both of these things can be true.  It doesn't have to be one or the other. However, I'm unsure if he or Brendan should have been found guilty.  I think the justice system and police failed this case miserably.
  3. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I'm planning to do a bingewatch of the entire season without children and other interruptions (as their dad is taking them to Disney this weekend) so I'll be interested to see if and how my opinion changes I went back and searched for the word "monster" in my kindle version of book 2, and I didn't find an explanation for exactly whether the space monsters were individually children to begin with with added protomolecule flavoring   or if the kids they did end up killing they had simply used to make more monsters... that was always unclear to me, so if anyone finds where in CW it is discussed, please let me know.  That's something I'd love to ask Dan and Ty.
  4. I guess so... but if you're already friends and enjoy hockey anyway (which is, I think, the situation for Phillip), it seems like a good idea, but everyone is different.  Standing someone up is BS and rude though.
  5. I guess so... but if you're already friends and enjoy hockey anyway (which is, I think, the situation for Phillip), it seems like a good idea, but everyone is different.  Standing someone up is BS and rude though.
  6. It's not a big commitment, in my opinion, and it allows for a lot more talking and getting to know someone than a movie and still something else to focus attention to if necessary if things become awkward. *shrugs*
  7. Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2

    You know, that's a really good question.  I should re-read these and refresh my memory.  She definitely has some male help... and how they handle her abilities is.... different.  I'll get back to you on that.  They are readable, in any event, IMO.
  8. Wait... why would a hockey game be too much pressure for a first date?  I'm confused.
  9. Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2

    Would still appreciate some feedback on the above. I've got the second Kelly Gay book now, but haven't had a chance to finish it. I know Lisa Shearin's newest book (first in a while I think) in her Raine Benares series is out - Wedding Bells, Magic Spells?  I'm sure I'll pick it up since I did like the others enough.
  10. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I feel like there was an attempt with the show to be mysterious and also remain true to the books.  I appreciate both sentiments.  However, in TV people need more of a hook, and they need it sooner.  The show is being absolutely very faithful to the book, but maybe this wasn’t the book to be THAT faithful to.  Or, at least, the show needs a HOOK before you take the time to make so many mysterious innuendos with little evidence as to where it’s going as a show.  The first half of the book could have been fit into a LOT less episodes.  Pacing.  More action and, honestly, more information clearly demonstrated for the viewer would be great.  Some of those Miller episodes confused even me, and I’ve read the books a few times. Other than that, I was happy with the gunfight in the hotel on Eros.  It was pretty close to how I’d imagined it.  The layout of Eros however wasn’t.  The Casino area was bigger, as stated, but honestly I was just thrilled at that point to be getting somewhere with the plot.  I also really missed the vomit zombies – that’s part of the horror of the thing, being infected, etc.  The protomolecule didn’t mess Julie up anywhere near as much as I thought it would, but I do like the blue light.  The Julie flashback was a necessity with all of the previous confusion. I also think the Nauvoo should have been mentioned when the crew got to Tycho the first time, and discussed with Fred Johnson and with a lot less animosity between him and the crew.   As for the person who said they probably won’t read the books – that’s too bad.  The books are FAR better than the show, so far. I believe in the transition from book to screen, some things HAVE to be changed.  We can read about someone travelling on horseback for weeks between one town and the next, but we don’t actually want to watch a show where every episode they travel an hour’s worth of road. I honestly think the show just needs some better focus group feedback.  All in all, every episode I wanted more but more because I felt like it wasn’t finished as an episode, if that makes sense.  I’ll still watch it fanatically, and these books remain my favorite series, and I have hope for the next season some things can be fixed.  Great acting, great story to work from...  I’m trying to be gentle here, because I freaking love these books, and I really like the authors, and I hope feedback and honest opinion will be welcomed.
  11. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Hey guys.  Sorry I vented and bailed - I haven't even had the chance to THINK about getting back on here since I posted last - still dealing with the teen.  It's nice to think I have this place to come back to and let it all out since I can't at work, can't at home, don't have many friends I want to talk to about this and can't anywhere else online.  So thanks
  12. I would be happy just to have a dinner like that with you guys lol 
  13. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Holy crap.  How did I forget about TTTNE?  I haven't been posting but here and there the past few years, but I saw this on the main page and went *OMGfacepalm* How're things?  I feel like my life is so full of ridiculously annoying BS drama that if I talked about it all I would either (a) sound like I was pandering for sympathy or (b ) annoy myself with how pathetic it all sounds.  So I'll just bullet point real quick to get it off my chest and then go back to trying to pretend this shit isn't happening: Last month found out 10 yr old has inoperable brain tumor on top of his being on the spectrum. Surgery for hydrocephalus occurred, MRIs will be happening his entire lifetime, but it doesn't seem to be aggressive *fingers crossed, which is literally all we can do* Monday night we took the 16 yr old to the ER because he thought it was a good idea to drink a bottle of Robitussin or two. Thankfully no liver damage, he was very lucky, but they found all KINDS of drugs in his system, so I have NO IDEA what to do with him.  Will be going to shrinks and thinking of inpatient treatment centers. 12 yr old was choking yesterday, his dad did the heimlich and they both cried for a while Woke up this morning to 12yr old scratching his head, found lice.  Was late to work because I had to de-louse myself and will probably end up spending $300 for professionals because my hair is to my waist. My favorite boss left the firm and I may need to make the decision to stay or go with him. Like for REAL when it rains it pours.  I feel like I need about 2 weeks vacation just to deal with personal crap
  14. Yep, that's what I said.  I also think I may just be entirely too picky because i have found about two guys I'd even want that with, and I can't be arsed even for that.  My college boy came back into town for Christmas, and as he always does on his breaks from school, he texted me a few times to see if I was available.  I just don't think I have room in my life for it right now. I still like to read about you guys, though.