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  1. Mandy added a post in a topic Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2   

    Yeah... there are definitely different levels of UF

    Has anyone read Burn for Me or Clean Sweep? I read two short stories by Ilona Andrews, called The Kinsmen series - Silent Blade, Silver Shark and I thought they were meh. It was hard to get much depth with that small amount of pages.

    I've been promising I'd go back and try Jim Butcher's Dresden series again once I'm done with my Hollows reread, and I think I'm done. I'm going to start with Butcher's book 2, Fool Moon even thought it has been years and years since I read Storm Front. I really hope these get better, but I have heard they do. I just didn't find myself caring about any of the characters in my first read.
  2. Mandy added a post in a topic Living in California in Fall 2015   

    I still don't quite understand what "real yeast" is... I have the ingredients at home to bake some bread, and I got some packets of yeast, but yeah... I don't understand the difference.

    As for bread, I loved the brotchen in Germany, but I really didn't like the rest of the breads they had there. And schwarzbrot I called baumbrot because it was like walking up to a tree and gnawing on the bark. The cheese though... Oh man. I miss me a good gouda. Nowdays I just buy colby jack for the kids. Too bad. (Also, I make sandwiches on croissants for the kids mostly since the regular bread really is kinda lame here.)
  3. Mandy added a post in a topic The Cup of Many Faces: Flayed Lips Kiss All   

    I like them, it's cute!! (Also all the action I want right now haha)
  4. Mandy added a post in a topic Dating: Matchmakers, dealbreakers and affairs, oh my!   

    I successfully put off meeting up with college guy who was back for the summer until he finally went back today. I'm not feeling it right now.

    I don't remember if I'd mentioned this here, but I'd gone to dinner and a movie with the last guy I had gone on a date with. We had agreed to be friends and at the end of the night, while I was standing there in his doorway about to leave, he grabbed my boobs and said, "Is this ok?"

    I told him that No, actually, I'd prefer he not act like my body were payment for dinner and a movie, and left. If I'm honest ever since then I've been really disgusted by the thought of him and just never really had a good reason to tell him to piss off. Then he randomly friended someone he doesn't know on my facebook and I've been waiting for when he really made me mad to let him have it. I settled for a day when I was in a bad mood and told him buh bye.

    My kids are going on vacation soon and the truth is, I don't think I'll probably even have anyone over while they're gone I just can't think of anyone that I'm all that excited about right now.
  5. Mandy added a post in a topic Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2   

    I don't remember how to do spoiler quotes. Meh.

    There are only 4 other females in the pack and one of them actually did have a thing for the Alpha, her guy. Some things happen that make the other females not like her for other reasons, plus she's not a werewolf herself, but only one of them is actually jealous.
  6. Mandy added a post in a topic Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2   

    From "Pale Demon" by Kim Harrison, first chapter: "“That was a black spell,” I whispered, stepping forward and out of Ivy’s reach. “That was a black spell!” I yelled, and he retreated to the table, his eyes falling from Jack and Jill."

    Christ, Rachel - these are two people who just tried to kill you and your partner's ENTIRE FAMILY. Remember what happened last time your partner's family was attacked? They killed his wife. But you're concerned about the fact that someone else did a black spell, when you do them for MUCH LESS? I hate you, Rachel. You're an idiot.

    I haven't read the Clayton Danvers books - I'll have to check them out, for laughs. In my recent Mercy re-read I was a little shocked that she, too was afraid of Adam initially. Like.. was concerned that he might kill her, not just a little intimidated. And to me it was not clear that he even liked her a little. The beginnings of that relationship were as out of the blue to the reader as they were to Mercy - confusing, and seemed like he was claiming her as a mate just to make sure nobody from his pack murdered her. The first time I'd read them I went in expecting some kind of romance angle, and I assumed that was what was going on, but if I hadn't expected it and just read it for what it actually SAID, it would be unexpected. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that I missed that the first time around. And I liked the fact that she tried to deny their connection because she wanted to have an independent life - she didn't just fall happy go lucky in love and immediately move in and let him take over, although, he did try.

    And I hear you on not getting why a woman would want to be with some testosterone fueled dude - not to be overly personal, but I'm not interested in guys anymore... disgusted with humans in general really (haha) - but even when I was dating them I was not interested in this type of guy, really. So... I think I just assumed that these books and the interpersonal relationships with these controlling shifts were more of a BDSM slant than anything else. I mean, are they not? It's completely possible that this is simply the way I can come to terms with them personally. You see it more clearly with the JR Ward kind of books - the women are clearly dominated and want to be dominated by these ridiculous trope male vampires. I think it's a reoccurring thing in a lot of UF. Maybe less so with Kate Daniels, as they are both pretty badass and I like to think they are just playful with each other and it's cute.

    Alpha and Omega are much better, but I think only because of the "beta wolf" thing where all Alpha wolves want to protect her and do what she says. Oh, and yeah, Anna is only afraid of Charles in the beginning and it has more to do with her prior abuse than him being scary to her or her feeling threatened. And I like that the guy who is literally considered the "scariest wolf in existence" tries really hard to not make himself scary to her That's actually kind of adorable. The only thing I find incredibly annoying in those books is the miscommunication between them - I can't stand it when lack of communication is used as a plot device. Makes me want to smack Charles a LOT.

    YYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS. I was really happy with the way they handled Mercy's rape recovery and simultaneously uncomfortable and sympathetic for her since some jerk from the police department essentially put the entire video of it up on YouTube. I like that they also didn't just drop the whole thing and the reader can see several books later that she still thinks of it and is so strong for dealing and compartmentalizing all of it. Can you discuss "Exceptional Woman Syndrome" a bit more? I think for a while I was really only interested in reading and enjoying my UF and now I'm more interested in actually looking at what is going on in it.
  7. Mandy added a post in a topic Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2   

    I just got through with a re-read of several series' - The Kate Daniels series (by Ilona Andrews), rounding it out with the newest novel in the series which came out August 4th, and the Mercy Thompson series AND Alpha and Omega series (by Patricia Briggs). I am on book 9, Pale Demon in the Rachel Morgan or The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

    After reading them again after several years' worth of new UF and other books (I average about 50-100 books per year), I have some new thoughts on these. Kate Daniels books do not start out as well as I thought, and I don't think they get really good until at least book 3 or 4. She also does the cut and paste thing with the backstory not explaining what happened before through new experiences but instead through actual paragraphs that were cut and pasted from other books. That's a pet peeve of mine when reading books in a series, and it got VERY old. However, the last two books in this series, including the latest, were very good in my opinion.

    After my re-read of the Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson books, I did notice something that I hadn't before, and that is: both Kate and Mercy were actually AFRAID of the guys they became involved with eventually. Like... actually SCARED of physical threat. How the HELL did I miss this the first run through? I have a problem with this. I do. Psychologically, what exactly is going on with these women? It's kind of gross, I won't lie. I mean, I'm pretty sure I willfully chose not to digest that information the first run through with these books. Just weird. The same happens in Alpha and Omega, but it is made clear that since Anna is a beta wolf that nobody but an insane wolf would hurt her - however she TOO is afraid of Charles. Christ. What is this pattern saying?

    However, I think Kim Harrison is very much the worst when it comes to all of this. Since my re-read I can honestly say that I HATE Rachel. She's an idiot. She is judgmental of others for things that she goes and does half a book later. She's a homophobe. She's got exactly ZERO self esteem and is attracted to anything with two legs and a penis. It's gross. I still love the series because I LOVE the secondary characters and the overall plot is great, but WOW how the times have changed since last read.

    Has anyone else had such a big change in reading a series once loved and now hated?
  8. Mandy added a post in a topic Dating 28 - People aren't fish, just fishy   

    Hahahahaha need sexxors NAO! Lol

    The Viking texted that he wants to see me today too, but honestly I have committed to having my kids more days of the week and I don't know how the logistics of that would work. My house is totally off limits for sexytime with a teenager there full time and the other boys there 4-5 days a week. Oh well. I'll survive ;-)
  9. Mandy added a post in a topic Dating 28 - People aren't fish, just fishy   

    Went to lunch with an old boss today. I *think* it was just a friendly lunch, but I honestly couldn't stop thinking what he'd be like *cough*inbed*cough*

    It's been too long, obviously. Jeeeez.
  10. Mandy added a post in a topic Women's Sexual Revolution Reaches Inevitable Conclusion   

    I don't understand. Is that article trying to say schoolgirls are attracted to the gorilla sexually?? Is it like an onion article?
  11. Mandy added a post in a topic Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2   

    I dunno, I think Kate proves even in the beginning that she stands her ground and holds her own. It has been a while since I read the first though, so maybe I should re-read before I commit to that :-)

    I guess I should say, I certainly never saw their relationship being that way, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked that. I like my female protagonists kick-ass and unapologeticly independent.

    She intentionally antagonizes him and definitely doesn't go cooing into his arms.