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  1. What's the point of Ulthos?

    To quote A Wiki of Ice and Fire (and Martin himself):
  2. Is one of the "inbred abominations" you're talking about Dany? Daenerys Targaryen's father and mother were also brother and sister. Lots of readers tend to gloss over this fact. While Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen being the products of incest is troubling to the people of Westeros, it's not what would hold them back from sitting the Iron Throne. Their problem is that them being Jaime's children makes them bastards. Many if not most Targaryen kings and queens were the product of incest.
  3. Bran, the King in the North?

    The thing to realize with all the focus on legalities is that birthright or no, the leader with the most swords/ships who uses them most effectively is more likely to gain and maintain power. A birthright can certainly bring swords to his banner, but we need to remember that Viserys had a better claim to the Iron Throne than anyone. Was anyone in Westeros (past Doran) even dreaming of trying to put him on the Iron Throne? As far as anyone who's not in the cave with Bran knows, Bran is dead. That could get a bit complicated when/if Rickon/Osha appear, but I doubt it matters much unless he actually makes an appearance. Which he's rather unlikely to. Rickon is useful to Manderly in that he can be used to help supplant the Boltons while easing the minds of other northern lords over his apparent betrayal of the Starks in favor of Joffrey/the Freys. If Manderly unites the North, that leaves him to run things until Rickon matures. Which makes for a fair bit of time to feather his own nest...
  4. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Sigh. There's more than one set of tapestries in all of Westeros, you know. Most if not all castles probably have a few. Most not terribly memorable, and most probably depicting the resident house's coat of arms and heroic figures from its past. The tapestries that were found in the Darry house were NOT the same tapestries that Robert liked. Remember, Robert had a hatred for all Targaryens (despite his grandmother being one). He wouldn't want a bunch of tapestries with dragons and heroic Targaryen kings on them. Robert would've destroyed those tapestries rather than hang them in his castle. Remember that Cersei had actually wanted to marry Rhaegar Targaryen before he was married off to Elia Martell and took Stark as a mistress. Tywin forced her to marry Robert, which didn't please her overmuch. Her deciding to get rid of some Targaryen-promoting tapestries once Robert's dead makes absolutely no sense. She hated those (hunting, not Targaryen) tapestries for two reasons. They were tacky and in poor taste. And mostly because Robert loved them. The goofy tapestry theory seems to pop up once or twice a month here. It's got no grounding in fact. There's (at least) two different sets of tapestries in Westeros. Just because the author wrote about them both doesn't mean they are one and the same.
  5. The Blackfish

    Keep in mind, Spring isn't three months away. It might be nine or ten years down the road. That said, I don't really see Littlefinger attacking doing much of anything that's not in his own immediate interest right now. If he's going to join in the war, it's going to be when the time is right and the winner is pretty plain to see. The lords of the Vale aren't going to throw off Littlefinger/Sweetrobin in favor or their late lady's uncle. If they'd manage to do that for anybody, it'd be one of THEM. I think that possibility has already been dealt with effectively enough by Littlefinger. I don't see Brynden Blackfish heading North either. He likely knows Winterfell has been taken. His sister was his only connection to the place, and she's not up there. Nor (to his knowledge) are any of her children left up there. We don't know that Blackfish has ever even been to Winterfell or the North. Basically he's got no connections up there, and there's not a worse place to be in the Winter than the North. He could hook up with the Brotherhood Without Banners or try to find a place for himself in the Vale (even under Littlefinger, who fostered with his brother all those years ago). I just don't see him going there and "taking over" like some of you seem to expect.
  6. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I don't believe the pro-Targaryen tapestries and Robert's favorite hunting tapestries are the same. You know, there's more than one set of tapestries in the world, and more than one castle with tapestries on the walls out there. I recall Robert's tapestries being depicted as being described (from Cersei's perspective) as being tacky or at the very least, not quite stately/grandiose enough to hang on the wall of a castle. Past that, they were something Robert loved. Robert hated the Targaryens, so he wouldn't have wanted the pro-Targaryen from the Darry castle hanging on his walls. Tapestries with hunting scenes wouldn't have clued Tyrion in on House Darry's leanings. It seems to me like they'd be tapestries depicting dragons and silver-haired purple-eyed kings winning battles and such.
  7. [ADwD Spoilers] Perfumed Seneschal

    I'm of the opinion that Varys wants HIS Targaryen (the one he made) to be king. Aegon, who is is IMO quite possibly the Mummer's Dragon. Aegon's not really a Targaryen. Jon and Tyrion are. Note how Varys went through with Robert's requested attempt on Dany's life. He's worked for years to put the man he built and trained to be a proper king on the throne.
  8. [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Bran 1 - Spoilers for ADWD

    My take on Bloodraven is that the smallfolk saw an unusual looking person and made a monster of him. He was albino, he had a birthmark. Atop all that, he was a bastard to boot. Hence they made a "dark sorcerer" of him. Doubtless nobles on the other side of the rebellion fence made the most of these stories (and/or were the source of them). Anyone recall the reactions to Tyrion in King's Landing? Or the reactions to "highborn" bastards?