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  1. John Picacio added a post in a topic Sasquan Spokane WC 2015 Attendance Headcount Thread   

    Count me in with a +1. Thanks, Xray! (You & Mr. X will be missed.)
  2. John Picacio added a topic in Brotherhood without Banners   

    Seattle BWB Invite: 'Loteria Fest' in Kirkland + ASoIaF Limited Edition Prints
    Heads up to all BWBers in the greater Seattle, WA area:

    On Thursday, June 25th, I'll be hosting "Loteria Fest" at Wilde Rover (111 Central Way) in Kirkland, WA. We'll be playing rounds of Loteria (AKA Mexican Bingo), and I'm bringing some cool prizes. All are welcome! The event is free of charge.

    I'll have a limited supply of my A Song of Ice and Fire limited-edition art prints at a special price for the event, and I'll also have some of my new Loteria Grande cards and posters available.

    We'll kick off at 7pm and it should run until about 8:30pm.

    After that, I'll be in town for the Locus Awards Weekend festivities.

    Always good to see my fellow BWBers, so holler at me if you're coming.

    More details here:
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  3. John Picacio added a post in a topic DragonCon 2014   

  4. John Picacio added a post in a topic DragonCon 2014   

    Me too!

    (And just an FYI to all BWBers: The Missing Volume's booth at Dragon Con will have a very limited supply of 11" x 14" archival prints of my A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar art. They'll be selling for $40 each, and these aren't available online. PLUS they'll have my limited-run Loteria posters too. )

    Here's where you can find me this weekend:

    Question: Would any of you like me to bring some of my 17" x 22" signed and numbered ASoIaF archivals, or any original drawings from the calendar? I'm not doing the Art Show at Dragon Con, but I'm open to the thought of bringing some of these for you folks.
  5. John Picacio added a post in a topic A Reckoning of the Damage: Loncon3 After Action Report (post your own!)   

    Posted a short Loncon3 wrapup on my blog, but just wanted to drive by and give shouts to everyone who I was able to visit with for the brief time I was in Fan Village. Had a razor-tight schedule all con long, and the only free time I had in Tent City was spent at the BWB tent on Friday (short visit), and then again on Saturday night when it was just Bros chilling and Jo singing (again, short visit).

    Was great to finally meet Elio and Linda. Mr. X, Xray and the hardcores amaze me as always. (Xray moderated her first ever panel, and she was as stellar as I expected she would be.)

    Stoked to see Raya enjoying her first Hugo nomination (but not her last). Cheered like hell when Game of Thrones won the Hugo.

    Enjoyed getting to visit with so many of you over there, and before/after my programming items. These things go by so would not be a Worldcon for me without you folks.
  6. John Picacio added a post in a topic WorldCon 2014: LonCon3 Attendance List   

    See everyone there.

    Ditto Tara Smith.
  7. John Picacio added a post in a topic The 2014 John Picacio Calendar   

    Yeah, *smooth* move tonight. Thank you! 'La Sirena', 'El Arpa', and now 'La Rosa' UNLOCKED. Onward to 'El Pescado'!

    And if this makes no sense to some of you, click on Update #7 when you visit my campaign.
  8. John Picacio added a post in a topic The 2014 John Picacio Calendar   

    Hi, everyone -- Just a quick addendum here:

    My 2014 Calendar's Kickstarter will be ending this coming Thursday, November 14th. Rewards include giant Mexican Tarot cards featuring my new art, original art, remarques, sketchbooks, signed pencils, modeling opportunities, signed ASoIaF banners, and more! If you want any of these items, be sure to score yours before 11:58am CST next Thursday. After that, the window is closed for ordering. Jump aboard! We'll take good care of you.
  9. John Picacio added a topic in Objects of Ice and Fire   

    The 2014 John Picacio Calendar

    Hi, folks --
    Just a quick heads-up. I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 2014 John Picacio Calendar. It'll collect the first twelve Loteria-inspired artworks that I'm doing for a forthcoming game release next year. These calendars will not be available in stores, and are exclusive to this Kickstarter, along with original art, sketches, signed goodies, and Grande Loteria cards.

    There are a couple of nice GRRM-related items in the mid-level reward tiers, with signed vinyl banners of my 2012 ASoIaF Calendar art up for grabs. First come, first served there. Those are one-of-a-kind items.

    You'll also notice plenty of 'Early Bird Rewards' for those that that choose to buy in early rather than wait around. Save money!

    The faster we hit the stretch goals, the more free stuff all backers begin to accumulate. If you have any questions -- let me know. Have fun and enjoy!
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  10. John Picacio added a post in a topic CONtraflow III New Orleans Oct. 18-20   

    I'm scheduled to be a GoH at Contraflow, so I'll see you in Kenner in a month or so.
  11. John Picacio added a post in a topic I Regret Nothing (except maybe the ghost chile shots). WorldCon Reports   

    So much to say about this past weekend. Words cannot fully express. I gave it a try, and I'm including the link here, but let me just say that hanging with all of you was the absolute best. I had my obligations and my commitments that kept me running at mach speed, but on the rare occasions that my insane schedule allowed me to chill, you guys were the ones I wanted to be with. Best of times.

    Thank you, Parris, Mutha, Raya, Tyler, and of course George for a memorable BBQ run to Kreuz Market ('What do you mean you're sold out of everything except beef shoulder and sausage?'). And yet it was all still SO damn good.

    And to XRay and Mr. X for being the coolest ever. Thanks for looking out for Tara and me, both of you.

    To all who were there for our impromptu hotel lobby single-malt party on Monday night -- that was one of my favorite times at ANY Worldcon. That was also my first time popping open a bottle of Macallan Cask Strength, and wow, that stuff was smmmmmoooooooooooooth. Glenlivet 18 was yummy too. And RedWoman -- that was the best rendition of 'Happy Birthday' I'll ever hear in my life. Thank you.

    To all of you -- this city ain't the same without you. Next stop: London and LonCon3. Holler at me, people. I'm here for you.
  12. John Picacio added a post in a topic NBA Finals 2013 Part 3   

    Spurs shellshocked and haunted in locker room after Game 6.

    Tim Duncan limping postgame after Bosh fell on his knee.

    Media ramping up their Heat "Greatest of All-Time" dogmafest for Game 7.

    Miami planning their championship victory parade.

    Game 7 a foregone conclusion because Heat have all of the momentum, the homecrowd, the refs and David Stern in pocket.

    Spurs in 7.

    Because sports does funny things when you think the outcome is a sure thing.
  13. John Picacio added a post in a topic NBA Finals 2013 Part 3   

    Does it look bad for the Spurs in Game 7? Absolutely. But this team still has three players and one coach that have been through every pressure situation the NBA possesses, including Game 7s in the NBA Finals. So yeah -- I believe this team can overcome tonight's letdown, and claim a 5th ring on Thursday night. I love what Kawhi and Diaw brought tonight, and if we can see that same level of defensive intensity from those guys in their matchups, and everyone else holds their own, SA's still got a helluva shot to win this. Mental toughness is gonna be the name of the game.
  14. John Picacio added a post in a topic NBA Finals 2013 Part 3   

    The Finals are hard. This is why championships matter -- because these games are so hard to win. On to Game 7.
  15. John Picacio added a post in a topic NBA Finals 2013 Part 3   




    Keep pounding the rock. Go, Spurs, Go, baby.