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  1. Heads up on some last-minute Balticon schedule changes: 1) THE ART OF ICE AND FIRE: The program says this is at 4pm. This is wrong. It's at 6pm Friday in Guilford. How do I know? Because I'm running this event and I won't be in Guilford at 4pm. I'll be setting up my Art Show at that time. THE ART OF ICE AND FIRE starts at 6pm, as previously stated. If you come to Guilford at 4pm, you'll be greeted with an empty room, and perhaps someone doing sock puppet theatre. But it won't be me. Please pass the word if you know anyone who is coming to this event. THE ART OF ICE AND FIRE is at 6pm in Guilford! 2) THE ART OF JOHN PICACIO: Ballroom / MD Salons CD opens for seating at 10:20am Saturday. I'll start the event at 10:30am. The program says my name is "Dr. John Picacio." I have no clue what this is about. Maybe I've earned an honorary doctorate by being Balticon's Artist Guest of Honor? Whatever -- I'll take it. 3) MARTIN & PICACIO CONVERSATION: Ballroom / MD Salon B opens for seating at 4pm Saturday, not 3pm as stated elsewhere. We'll start the event at 4:15pm. 4) GRRM READING: Opens for seating at 3pm Sunday. Event starts at 3:15pm. I have no idea what he's going to read. Maybe WINDS OF WINTER. Maybe something else. I had heard TWoW, but I don't think he's decided yet, according to his blog yesterday. All I know is I feel sorry for any event that would be scheduled head to head with this. Grateful it's not me. Should be a great weekend. See all of you very soon! My revised schedule:
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. Just posted my schedule on my FB page. This is gonna be good times. EDIT: See my post a few notches below for a final, revised schedule.
  3. Never knew that page existed. Gave it a shoutout on FB today.