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  1. Except that completely ignores that Ironborn have been trading at different ports for as long as they had ships. Pirates don't attack every port, and trying to raid the Free Cities would be suicide. Victarion was able to take on supplies at Volantis without any trouble, and Asha mentions stopping at the Arbor and "a score of smaller ports." Ironborn longships are used for trading as well as piracy. The Ironborn camp at White Harbor doesn't take into account that it is on the other side of Westeros, and there are ports on the North's western coast. That argument still fails to take into account that no one wants to be ruled over by their longtime enemies. The Ironborn would see it as a violation of their sovereignty.
  2. The Ironborn have ships that can sail anywhere. They don't need foreign ships to come to their waters, just use the ships they have to sail to different ports. That's how they earned riches trading. Handing them to another region is recipe for a rebellion. The Ironborn have a strong sense of identity and culture. That is without mentioning that the kingdoms that share the Sunset Sea with them: the North, the Westerlands, the Reach and the riverlands, have been their traditional enemies for millenia since it was their shores they often reaved. It would be just as easy as putting Dorne under the LP of the Reach or the Stormlands. Also, Ironborn longships aren't fishing boats. There are already fishing villages along the western shores and Bear Island. They likely already fish the Shivering Sea.
  3. I think it is more fitting that Sansa is the one who does the deed. She is with LF, and there is the reference to daggers he makes to her a number of times.
  4. They actually haven't been starving since the ban on reaving. They still have agriculture and fishing to supplement what they lack from farming. It is also mentioned in AWOIAF that "Merchants and traders sailing from Lordsport on Pyke and the harbors of Great Wyk, Harlaw, and Orkmont spread out across the seas, calling at Lannisport, Oldtown, and the Free Cities, and returning with treasures their forebears had never dreamed of." They can likely derive more income from trade than reaving. I would start by making the Reader the Lord of the Iron Isles (I think the Greyjoys are headed for extinction at this point). He is basically Harmund the Host come again.
  5. I don't think Sansa will die. She will come close to death, but not die. The only way I see her dying, is in the Epilogue of ADoS a century later. I don't think Arya will kill her, given her killings are done out of a sense of justice, or at the very least related to those who wronged her friends and family. The exceptions were her assignment for the insurance guy in the FM, and the Bolton guard so she could escape. Littlefinger won't kill Sansa, because as evidenced by asking Cersei to have Sansa as his bride, his creepy fixation on her makes him unlikely to dispose of. She is also too valuable a piece politically as well as personally.
  6. Agreed, with the above two posters, Dragonstone seems like an ideal place given there is plenty of room for them. I think the dragons would simply have rested somewhere close to the royal castle.
  7. Barristan will die, and Victarion will take control. Tyrion will be working behind the scenes, making Victarion think he has him cowed. Dany will return eventually with an army of Dothraki. When the Volantenes arrive, she can incite the tigers to rise up against their masters.
  8. Rhaegar would have avoided such a situation with Aerys. His words to Jaime : "When this battle's done I mean to call a council." suggests he meant to call a Great Council. He would have tried to remove his father through political means.
  9. I think Jaehaerys, too since I think the first is the Targaryen king Jon most resembles. His predecessors: Aegon and Viserys/Jon's predecessors: Aegon and Viserys (via Aerys's decree) Jon also did that at the Battle of the Castle Black.
  10. I'd add that the signs of Marsh plotting Jon's assassination were clearly there. When he comes to meet Jon after he sent Val off, Marsh is the only one to refuse when Jon offers his party food and drink. In the final meeting he has with Jon, he doesn't even touch the wine Jon had placed for him. This refusal of hospitality is one sign. Mance also mentions Marsh balking about him sitting next to his group when he is talking to them "about the high walls." If Marsh is only talking about something as innocent as closing all the Wall's gates then why is he so paranoid about people listening in?
  11. LF isn't absolved of the curse given Slynt never set foot in Harrenhal, yet he still got sent to the Wall and lost his head.
  12. He has my vote at the next kingsmoot.
  13. Actually, they created the Others only in the show not the books. Also, skinchangers aren't an ethnic group. They are born randomly. The only bad skinchanger we have come upon is Varamyr.
  14. The Reader, he does seem to be a decent politician. For any house however, the problem is succession is a coin toss, and every house has its share of good and bad rulers.
  15. The fire inside her being kept alive is a drive fore revenge. If the Freys are wiped out, her revenge is complete and her fire will die out without the fuel that sustained it.