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  1. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    Except it didn't start that way as the decision was made under coercion as Cersei wasn't looking for her consent an she clearly wanted to emulate Robert when he assaulted Cersei. As for the fact that she is a former prostitute, that same mode of thinking is why sex workers have trouble pressing charges against people who sexually assaulted them. Except the consent was coerced, which doesn't count as actual consent. Cersei acted when Taena was asleep, and she was trying emulate Robert when he forced himself on her. Sexual assault is a serious subject.
  2. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    Cersei acted upon Taena when she was still sleeping, and unable to give her consent when Cersei started. Taena only gave the "yes" when Cersei was in the middle of it, and Taena felt she had little choice. On top of that, Cersei was thinkingabout claiming her rights as queen as Robert did with her as king when he was drunk and sexually assaulted her. That is a big hint.Consent doesn't change with the times, and it isn't modernist. Sexual assault is the same in medieval times as it his in modern.
  3. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    Forced consent doesn't count.
  4. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    She did it without Taena's consent, and no consent=sexual assault. Cersei is narcissistic and psychopathic, and her love for her brother and her children relates to seeing them as extensions or mirrors of herself. She is the classic Evil Queen. I don't think she is going to be redeemed, but rather die horribly.
  5. Could Drogon Be The Reincarnation of Balerion

    One note about Balerion is that every mentioned rider to mount him sat the IT: Aegon I, Maegor I and Viserys. Drogon clearly is a reference to Balerion the Black Dread, the mount of kings. I think we can take it to mean that whoever mounts him at the end will sit the IT.
  6. Will Jalabhar Xho ever reconquer the Summer Isles?

    I tend to think he will play a brief significant role in the story later in the series as well. I doubt he is sticking around just to contribute nothing to the plot.
  7. GRRM said this series isn't an allegory for our times.
  8. How will Tyrion and Dany get along?

    Tyrion wouldn't tell her that, and he will likely have helped out in Meereen in consolidating her rule there, and rooting out the Sons of the Harpy.
  9. Margaery's Moon Tea

    Margaery could have been asking for someone else.
  10. Will Ser Barristan defect to Aegon?

    Yeah, and if Hizdahr demands a trial by combat, custom would haveBarristan defend him since he is still Dany's husband. Barristan gave his oath of fealty to Dany, and I doubt he would break it for Aegon.
  11. Skahaz is scum

    Skahaz is shown to be ruthless and needlessly cruel in his actions. He is always eager to employ violence and torture.
  12. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    I saw that too. Perhaps like Jaime's inspiration Lancelot, they'll conceive a son who will be the ASOIAF-version of Galahad who will be considered the best knight in the realm when he grows up, and serve in the KG like both his parents (Brienne was in Renly's Rainbow Guard). I think I know who would fire the arrow. "Well, how long does a dragon live?" She looked up as Viserion swooped low over the ship, his wings beating slowly and stirring the limp sails. Viseripon is mentioned right after she asks about dragons' lifespans. What's more, ship and sails are mentioned. Do we know of any characters whose sigil is a ship? A certain onion knight who lost four of his eldest sons to Tyrion's wildfire plan. WOIAF provides a potential hint with a hero from the Stormlands: Davos the Dragonslayer.
  13. We bring you bread.

    Agreed, especially since Aegon will have the backing of the Faith. Besides, where would Dany get the grain?
  14. Will Stannis ask for a dragon from Dany

    True, and I don't think she would give one to the brother of the Usurper who is contesting her claim.
  15. Theon's bastard

    No, I think it is the former with the girl being the daughter of the captain of the Myraham. The ship's home is in Oldtown. As to the OP, I don't think the Ironborn would let a bastard rule over them.