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  1. how does jon claim the IT?

    As to the first part, he ultimately decided to stay. His reasons for leaving were understandable, and he was a 15 year-old teenager. He didn't commit treason regarding "Arya." If he ignored the letter then the Boltons would eventually come to CB and threaten everyone there. He couldn't hand over Theon and "Arya" given he didn't have them so he couldn't meet the Boltons demands even if he wanted to. He was very low on options. He didn't get involved in fighting the Boltons until then. I think the challenge would be posed to Jon that to prove he was he says he is, he has to mount a dragon. Dany would pose that chalklenge thinking he will fail and get himself killed. King Arthur had to prove he was king with a sword, and one version has him being given it by the lady of the lake. I think this case would be a subversion of the lady of the lake giving Arthur what he needed to prove he was the rightful king. Of course, I think it will ultimately be a Great Council that names him king as you suggest. He often has responsibility thrust on him.
  2. Myrcella the black Dragon's Queen?

    I think the text points more strongly towards Arianne. Myrcella is believed to be the Kingslayer's bastard through his sister at worst, and the daughter of the man who killed Aegon's "father" at best. Connington wouln't want Aegon to marry her and Aegon likely wouldn't.
  3. How common was Valyrian Steel prior to the Doom?

    Valyrian steel was always expensive, so only wealthy houses could afford them. GRRM said it was always costly, and it would have been too expensive to equip the entire Valyrian army with it.
  4. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    Jon is Rhaegar's son, and after fighting against Dany in the second Dance, he would be their one chance to return home for a permanent stay. Nor do I think Connington would abandon Rhaegar's last remaining son. And thank you, likewise. He returned to Hoster Tully's chair, pulled over the map of the Trident, and flattened it beneath his golden hand. Where would I go, if I were the Blackfish? "Lord Commander?" A guardsman stood in the open door. "Lady Westerling and her daughter are without, as you commanded." I think that may be a hint that the Blackfish will attack the convoy transporting the Westerlings and Edmure.
  5. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    "Whilst we await Lord Walder's death, there is another matter," said Aurane Waters. "The Golden Company has broken its contract with Myr. Around the docks I've heard men say that Lord Stannis has hired them and is bringing them across the sea." "What would he pay them with?" asked Merryweather. "Snow? They are called the Golden Company. How much gold does Stannis have?" Could this hint that the GC will eventually back Jon when R+L=J is revealed? They get a Targaryen king who is also a black dragon due to being in the NW.
  6. Spelling something out explicitly in the text before the prophesied event occurs is a red herring in ASOIAF. In TMK, Daemon II believed his prophecy meant an actual dragon hatching before the event occurred only for it to refer to Egg. Jojen gave a prophecy of Ramsay killing Bran and Rickon and skinning their bodies only for it to be the millers' sons. Those hints are subtle given it isn't outright spelled out. It usually takes some rereading to find those hints for Jon. Prophecies aren't made cleat until the events they refer to occur. There's no rule that says there can't be two red herrings. I don't think Stannis was that much believable in the first place, but that's just my opinion. People are explicitly calling Dany AA: Aemon and the High Priest of the Red Faith, Benerro. That is without saying that making it Dany violates GRRM's own words regarding prophecy:
  7. If Jon becomes King , who will be his Queen ?

    Why would he need Bran when he could skinchange the dragon himself? He could gain a newfound appreciation for skinchanging after the Ides of Marsh given it helped to save his life. Borroq likely is mentioned for a reason. He has was around when Varamyr was a kid, and is likely the oldest and most experienced skinchanger after BR. He could serve as a mentor to Jon for skinchanging. With Jon comparing himself to Valyrian steel add to that Donal Noye's quote regarding the Baratheon brothers: "Robert was the true steel. Stannis is pure iron, black and hard and strong, yes, but brittle, the way iron gets. He'll break before he bends. And Renly, that one, he's copper, bright and shiny, pretty to look at but not worth all that much at the end of the day." With the comparisons of men to metals, Robert who was the only one to sit the IT was compared to steel. So, in that quote Jon comparing himself to Valyrian steel, it is not just being hinted at being Valyrian in heritage, but being made of the stuff of kings. With Valyrian steel being the best quality metal, it could be saying Jon has the potential to be the best kind of king.
  8. No, it doesn't make him a red herring because no one is explicitly declaring him as AA. The flaming sword is in a single dream he has, and no one even calls him AA in that dream nor does Jon think if himself as AA. GRRM is very explicit with red herrings like Tyrion being the one who sent the footpad, and the Lannisters being the ones who killed Jon Arryn. No one outright says Jon is AA so he isn't a red herring in the way GRRM uses it.
  9. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Euron is officially the worst brother ever: killing three brothers and sexually abusing two. I agree with the theory that the dwarves fighting and making love refer to the claimants for the IT fighting and making alliances such as the case with Arianne and Aegon which does involve actual copulation. The warlock shouting "Pree" pretty much confirms that Pyat Pree's party was the group Euron captured. I also agree with Lord Varys that Euron got the armor from the warlocks as his response to the Reader's inquiries suggests he is full of shit. Poor Falia, her CInderella story apparently doesn't have a happy ending. It just demonstrates that Euron isn't loyal to anyone. As to Ran's assertion about Euron being a dreamer or greenseer, I think the throne of skulls might suggest that given we see plenty of skulls on the walls in the CotF cave, and Melisandre sees skulls about Jon when we know BranRaven is going to help him. The woman with him possibly being the Others' leader brings to mind the Queen of the Norns from MS&T who rules from a mountain in a cold land far North. As for the Shields, he made sure he gave them to rivals and supporters of rivals, so his rivals are weakened if they lose them.
  10. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    Except it didn't start that way as the decision was made under coercion as Cersei wasn't looking for her consent an she clearly wanted to emulate Robert when he assaulted Cersei. As for the fact that she is a former prostitute, that same mode of thinking is why sex workers have trouble pressing charges against people who sexually assaulted them. Except the consent was coerced, which doesn't count as actual consent. Cersei acted when Taena was asleep, and she was trying emulate Robert when he forced himself on her. Sexual assault is a serious subject.
  11. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    Cersei acted upon Taena when she was still sleeping, and unable to give her consent when Cersei started. Taena only gave the "yes" when Cersei was in the middle of it, and Taena felt she had little choice. On top of that, Cersei was thinking about claiming her rights as queen as Robert did with her as king when he was drunk and sexually assaulted her. That is a big hint. Consent doesn't change with the times, and it isn't modernist. Sexual assault is the same in medieval times as it his in modern.
  12. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    Forced consent doesn't count.
  13. Can Cersei be redeemed?

    She did it without Taena's consent, and no consent=sexual assault. Cersei is narcissistic and psychopathic, and her love for her brother and her children relates to seeing them as extensions or mirrors of herself. She is the classic Evil Queen. I don't think she is going to be redeemed, but rather die horribly.
  14. Could Drogon Be The Reincarnation of Balerion

    One note about Balerion is that every mentioned rider to mount him sat the IT: Aegon I, Maegor I and Viserys. Drogon clearly is a reference to Balerion the Black Dread, the mount of kings. I think we can take it to mean that whoever mounts him at the end will sit the IT.
  15. Will Jalabhar Xho ever reconquer the Summer Isles?

    I tend to think he will play a brief significant role in the story later in the series as well. I doubt he is sticking around just to contribute nothing to the plot.