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  1. Did Aegon already declare himself as king?

    It's not a joke to the Ghiscari legions and Meereenese. You said it had to be about disease, and the bloody flux was given enough attention.  There is no incoming grey scale plague. It doesn't spread quickly enough, unlike the grey plague. Grey scale and grey plague are two different strains. There is no connection given between greyscale and the grey plague given and you would be hard-pressed to find any. This series isn't about disease, and we don't need to see every disease. He does't waste our time with it that is ane xaggeration given it is only mentioned a few times in the series. The grey plague is mentioned in TSS, and it killed off a number of people including Daeron II and Baelor's sons. We see greyscale, because it plays a role in Connington's plot as well as with Shireen.  Well, if you look at the history of the Blackfyres specifically Daemons I&II you see a pattern.  Daemon I wa sundone by dismounting and looking after his fallen opponent while Daemon II's tourney was caught and undone. Both were men who romantic idealism led to their downfalls. Like Daemon II, Aegon is eager for glory, and would likely want what would make a great story. What evidence do you have they can't help win the IT? The Reach armies are still very much intact. They shouldn't care about a rival claimant to the IT like Euron? They will need to take care of him eventually, and doing so will potentially win aid from Reach lords. Garlan and Leyton look hard-pressed. Aegon could still win Reach because obviously "friends in the Reach," and almost all the Reach lords are former Targaryen supporters.  He could crush the Ironborn if they eventually attack Oldtown, and he arrives to surprise them.  Then why did they fight with Reachmen against Robert during Robert's Rebellion and the Blackfyre Rebellions? They clearly needs swords to support Aegon's claim, and I highly doubt given their history they would want the Reachmen as enemies rather than allies.  Euron's actions make it clear he wants to attack Oldtown. He would likely draw the Hightower fleet away with a token force, and take a page form Harwyn Hardhand, and carry longships overland to the Honeywine to attack from where the Hightowers would least expect it. Longships on water outpace horses on land. Euron still is a problem that Aegon will have to deal with eventually given he is a rival claimant for the IT, and attacking what would be Aegon's realm.  Because if you want to declare for Aegon you wouldn't want to do it in the vicinity of the Lannisters. You're placing too much emphasis on the Great Sept, It isn't a castle, and his power doesn't derive from it. You know for a guy whose avatar is Lord Varys you seem to have forgotten his riddle.   Merchants don't have the same disdian towards peasants as the nobles. A number of merchants did come from the lower classes. This former begging brother is the HS, and name one person who has expressed disdain over him besides Cersei. Poison for trade and peace? That is a baseless claim to which you have provided no evidence to support. How much trade was poisoned in KL by them? How many riots or public disturbances were caused by them? Dany needs to learn the truth, and it won't come from Varys and Illyrio. The Illyrio we have seen is careful regarding secrets, and makes sure not to reveal too much. I think the closest we would get to a confirmation is if towards the end Aegon confronts Illyrio or Varys tells Arya, whom he believes to be a little bird. Yes, she does. What would she have to go one or suspect he is fake without any info? She wouldn;t willingly try to take the crown form a boy she believes to be the real Aegon since she would be what she hates, a usurper, and she would be spitting on her beloved brother's memory.  Varys would continue to drive Cersei and the Tyrells apart. The incoming Tyrell is  
  2. No, because it was a dream and no one was explicitly saying Jon was AA. Dreams in this series serve as prophecies and foreshadowing.  
  3. Did Aegon already declare himself as king?

    He could still join them in KL if he stops in Oldtown. Besides, his plans change often as Tristan Rivers pointed out.  I never said anywhere that Varys would leave KL, you're putting words in my mouth. He wants Cersei and Mace in power due to their incompetence. All he would have to do is wait for Aegon to arrive.  I think she wouldn't do that until towards the end of ADoS after the death of all her children with the enemy at the gates. 
  4. Having the identity of AA revealed beforehand goes against GRRM's own words as well as style. Having Dany as AA fits "too literal and too easy."
  5. The PtwP is very clearly about who leads the Battle for Dawn, which is the prophesied event that is alluded. If that prophesied event hasn't occurred yet, then any proclaimed saviors are red herrings for the moment. Also, that interpretation of the prophecy is still too literal, and breaks GRRM's rule regarding prophecies. 
  6. Did Aegon already declare himself as king?

    Well, if the HS intends to declare for Aegon, I think he would leave KL and join up with him before declaring lest he sign his own death warrant in KL. I think they would have the HS crown Aegon. I don't think Aegon will ever take KL, especially if the hints are correct that Cersei will revive Aerys's wildfire plan.  Connington has greyscale not the grey plague.   I think Tyrion will puzzle out the Blackfyre angle from info he gets from the Pentoshi Tattered Prince if he asks about Illyrio and Varys, Who says Varys needs to be present for Aegon's coronation? 
  7. The Queen's Revenge

    I agree with Good Guy Garlan that Cersei has learned to be more subtle, and hide her feelings better. I don't think she will try to have the HS assassinated.  I think the HS will dig his own grave when he supports Aegon against Dany in the second Dance. I think Cersei would be more inclined to name her own puppet HS like Luceon Frey of the Most Devout. 
  8. Did Aegon already declare himself as king?

    Yeah, technically one isn't king until he is crowned, hence why Jaehaerys I was called "prince" when he rebelled against Maegor when he was the rightful heir to the IT.  I think they're waiting until they have a huge victory to crown Aegon much like Lincoln not signing the Emancipation Proclamation until after the Battle of Antietam. I think with Aegon being given the Conqueror's name, the GC giving him the Conqueror's sword, Blackfyre and the Dornish will likely give him the Conqueror's crown that was lost with Daeron I that he will be crowned in the Starry Sept in Oldtown like the Conqueror was.  
  9. No, those are his own words regarding how prophecy should work in fiction.  The most obvious clues do point towards Dany likely meaning she is just a red herring, even more so than Stannis. 
  10. There was no king mentioned. The lord thought he would die beneath the walls of a literal castle, and he died beneath the walls of a painted likeness. That example wasn't exclusive, and those words "you don't want to be too literal or too easy" still apply easily to all prophecies in the series. The fact remains that having Dany declared AA before she even deals with the Others makes it too easy, and hatching dragons are too literal. It also goes against the way GRRM does prophecies: they aren't explicitly explained or made clear until after the prophesied event occurs, in this case the Battle for Dawn. It just takes away the excitement of the reveal as Edd Tollett's One Vote Squire pointed out.
  11. Very reasoned response. I think you touch on something GRRM does often: he creates expectations so he can surprise the reader. He did this with Ned's execution, Oberyn losing the trial by combat and Tyrion as the one who sent the footpad to kill Bran. It only makes sense he would do the same thing with the AA prophecy. 
  12. That is due to Ser Patrek joining the Red Fatih, and everything associated with that faith being referred to as "red" it isn't out a place for him to be a "red star."
  13. How do Faceless Men kill "famous" people?

    You kill a celebrity by simply having them star in a movie like The Love Guru. That effectively kills their careers. 
  14. Coldhands

    Okay. now this is an inappropriate topic for a forum that is about discussing a book series containing murder, torture, sex, rape and incest. 
  15. Why was Gerold Hightower called white bull?

    For the same reason Victarion is referred to as a bull a number of times. As others mentioned, Gerold Hightower was no doubt a very big and strong man.