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  1. Fire Eater added a post in a topic If Daenerys were to fail/die, what will be the cause of it?   

    The miscarriage was a result of the berries she ate, so she clearly can carry a child to term if she doesn't have a maegi nearby and avoids eating strange berries.
    That isn't pivotal given not much time is focused on it, IMO. She didn't call them her children until they called her "Mhysa." Until then, it was her dragons who were her children. So just because she can get pregnant, which she clearly can as has been pointed out, makes her Mother aspect meaningless? That sounds non sequitur, and is based on a false premise, her being infertile. She got that idea from MMD who didn't say she was infertile, but said "When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east," said Mirri Maz Duur. "When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before." The sun rising in the east and setting in the west is Quentyn, and the seas going dry is the Dothraki, so I take it to mean that along with the physical evidence that Dany will bear a living child. Dany would be completing the aspect of the Mother it could be argued. 
    Also, I don't approve of book-burning given I think it is anti-intellectual, and if you don't like what you read, then tough, as the author himself said art isn't a democracy.  
  2. Fire Eater added a post in a topic If Daenerys were to fail/die, what will be the cause of it?   

    A straw man argument given no one is making the argument that she would die in childbirth to advance any male character's arc. 
    Also, ADwD as Elio made it clear that the blood flowing from between her legs was a miscarriage, so she clearly can get pregnant.   .
    As for burning down KL, that would be out of character for her. Besides, I think there are strong hints pointing to Cersei burning down KL given her numerous associations with wildfire and Aerys.  
  3. Fire Eater added a post in a topic What was Skahaz thinking?   

    Skahaz was losing his power he gained with Hizdahr taking control as king. Poisoning the locusts was an act of desperation. Had she and Hizdahr been poisoned, he would blame the Yunkai'i and coul rally her supporters to attack the Yunkish forces, an then be in control of two dragons, an army and the city of Meereen. 
  4. Fire Eater added a post in a topic If Daenerys were to fail/die, what will be the cause of it?   

    Yeah, I think MMD's prophecy implies she will reunite with Drogo in the afterlife after she gives birth. I think it will be childbirth for her, literally fulfilling the aspect of "Mother." 
  5. Fire Eater added a post in a topic You're Eddard, what do you do with Lyanna's Bastard   

    I think Ned made the best decision, especially given the promise.
    Telling Robert would be a death sentence. Robert would be inclinded to kill the boy and so would Tywin; Robert had just killed his father and Tywin and Jaime his siblings and grandfather. They wouldn't want to risk the boy growing up, and leading an uprising to retake the IT and avenge his family. 
    Catelyn would be pissed, but what would she do about it? She can't divorce him, and she wouldn't harm Jon, especially given it is socially acceptable for lords to have illegitimate children. 
    Of course, I would remember to tell Jon when he came of age, and tell HR to tell Jon if something happens to me. 
  6. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    Lysa is a victim of Westeros's patriarchy. She wouldn't be as fondly remembered as Lyanna given few people knew the circumstances surrounding her death while everyone would have known Lysa had the bastard of a lowly lord compared to the quite popular crown prince. 
  7. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Where does Westeros get its coal?   

    From Tywin Lannister's Christmas stocking
  8. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Will Aegon VI steal a dragon?   

    I think the greens will steal a dragon, likely Rhaegal, with the horn that was obtained through treachery. Although, I don't think Aegon will be Rhaegal's rider, but Arianne.
  9. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Melisandre's towers by the sea   

    I think it refers to Euron attacking Oldtown as well. However, I don't think it will be an army from the deeps that repels the Ironborn given GRRM opposes using large-scale magic to win a battle or war. I think it comes down more to Sam putting an arrow in Euron's eye, and Aegon arriving to aid Oldtown.
  10. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Just Rulers   

    I would add Daeron II who earned the sobriquet "the Good" for wiping away the royal government and City Watch of KL of the corruption of his father's reign. After the Blackfyre Rebellion, Daeron spared the lives of those who fought against him, and stayed in Westeros, albeit they were punished with the loss of lands, gold and forced to give up hostages, which was fair. He also brought Dorne into the realm through diplomacy instead of war. The only issue with the last one is he pushed it too hard and too fast. Also, the guy is the father of Baelor Breakspear, who is said to have been as just as his father, so that's where Baelor's sense of justice came from that led to him defending a complete stranger against his own family.
    I actually agree with this. By kicking the prostitutes out of KL, he also made thousands of women and their children unemployed and homeless.
  11. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Moments of Foreshadowing 10   

    We heard she [sansa] killed the king with a spell, and afterward changed into a wolf with big leather wings like a bat, and flew out a tower window. My old ma used to say that giant bats flew out from Harrenhal on moonless nights, to carry bad children to Mad Danelle for her cookpots. Mad Danelle Lothston herself rode forth in strength from her haunted towers at Harrenhal, clad in black armor that fit her like an iron glove, her long red hair streaming. Danelle was a red-haired lady who ruled Harrenhal in her own right. The bat reference for Sansa leads me to think she may rule the lands of Harrenhal in her own right as Danelle did. Or it could refer to a princess (by marriage) in a tower who lost the will to live after her prince, Rhaegar, died.
    Or maybe Dany does burn Oldtown with Obara being among the defenders. It would be ironic in that Obara gets what she wished for.
  12. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Balerion vs Vhagar   

    A fight between two dragons of similar size usually results in the deaths of both dragons. Balerion was no doubt bigger and older, but I think he wouldn't survive the battle, and neither would Vhagar.
  13. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Waking a dragon from stone   

    There is more pointing to Stannis winning the Battle of Ice.
  14. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Will Blackfish join the Targaryens?   

    I think the Blackfish will side with Dany. Last I checked, the riverlords, including the Tullys, fought for Rhaenyra in the Dance. His price would likely be Riverrun and dominion over the Trident restored to his nephew Edmure, and justice for the RW. I think saw hints pointing to the Blackfish killing Aegon the same way Brynden Rivers killed Aegon Blackfyre: bow and arrow. The Blackfish's archery skills were on display throughout the series.
    Then why send Tyrion to Dany if they're not going to meet?
  15. Fire Eater added a post in a topic Waking a dragon from stone   

    I created a more refined version of the theory.

    Not physically, but he mentions in AGoT of a dream where he descends into the crypts of WF, scared of what is waiting down there for him, but he always wakes up before he can complete the dream. In a coma, he will complete the dream, and find Ned down there waiting to tell Jon the truth. The thread I posted goes into full detail.