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  1. I'm leaning towards insertion of dragonblood into their bodies as well. However, I don't deny that your argument that GRRM would go with grossest version has weight. The question is how would they go about it? Would they jerk the dragons off like with bulls hogs, etc. and artificially inseminate their daughters? Because, if a dragon's body temperature is hot enough to melt iron, then I don't think a guy could have sex with a dragon without burning off his prick. They would have to artificially inseminate the dragons in that scenario, and wait for kids to hatch out of the eggs. To even mate with dragons, they would need a good amount of dragon pheromones.
  2. Or the FM could have killed the mages who conducted the rituals. It was said in a prophecy that the gold of CR would destroy Valyria. Maybe the gold used to buy Brightroar (which was said to be enough to raise an army) was used to pay the FM.
  3. Valyria, before the Doom, was the most advanced civilization in Planetos. In place of a monarchy, they had a republic where if the Triarchs are anything to go by, the heads of state were elected. The state of their empire was usually expansion given their undefeated status in war, thanks to their dragons. Economically, the Freehold was a source of some of the world's finest manufactured goods from Valyrian steel to stonework. Their skills in magic and sorcery were generally unrivaled, and their sorcery were the source of their empire, from their dragons in battle to glass candles giving them a level of communication akin to a magical instant messenger. It is the last point that I will be paying attention to, The crannogmen, Green Men and Bloodraven learned their magics from a supernatural race known as the Children of the Forest, Westeros's original inhabitants. The WOIAF section of Valyira hints at Valyrian sorcery having similar origins: Asshai was a city built before humans arrived. There were other structures built just like it such as the city of Yeen, Five Forts and the original fortress of the High Tower. The material is described as black stone, fused in the same manner as the Valyrians minus the decoration. This suggests an ancient race (likely originating from the Shadow) predating human civilization that extended far throughout the world, and was skilled in sorcery before vanishing like the CotF. Doubt me, then read this The Valyrians undoubtedly owe their empire to this ancient race. This race appears to have disappeared like the CotF, but the CotF didn't disappear as we know from ADwD, but reside in a cave. The question regarding their disappearance is did they? In cities beneath the ground, the rulers of Leng took instruction from the Old Gods.We get a pattern of supernatural beings living in subterranean areas. Anyone besides them who has gone in to these cities below ground has either returned mad, or disappeared, like everyone who has ever visited the ruins of the old Freehold. Back to Valyria, the sorcerous empire that lasted for millenia met its fall in a single day. It was destroyed in an event known simply as the Doom. The Doom was undoubtedly volcanic in nature, and it is tied to the Fourteen Flames. It is said the hunger for slaves was to help sustain the spells to keep the Flames at bay, which suggests the Valyrians needed slaves as sacrifices. The Old Gods of Leng is one of many Lovecraft references. In Lovecraft's works, people strike deals with supernatural beings like Obed Marsh making a deal with the Deep Ones in exchange for Innsmouth's prosperity, and cultists bargaining with Nyarlathotep in exchange for his infinite knowledge. Of course, in exchange for the boon, the figures always demand human sacrifices in return. These deals cannot be reneged upon as when Innsmouth backs out, and stops giving sacrifices to Dagon, the Deep Ones respond by attacking the town and killing off the majority of the population. The Asshai'i say dragons came from Asshai while the Valyrians say the dragons are "children of the Fourteen Flames," maybe both versions are true. Like the Old Ones in the subterranean cities and BR in the cave, could members of this ancient race have been (possibly still be) residing in the Fourteen Flames? The Valyrians' ancestors could have struck a deal with them: in exchange for the beings' magical knowledge and arts, the Valyrians would supply numerous human sacrifices in perpetuity. Think the Night's King giving sacrifices to the Others who accepted them as offerings in exchange for their support and magic ("strange sorceries he bound his Sworn Brothers to his will"). The slaves being sacrificed were in rituals to the ones residing in the Fourteen Flames. It was the wizards/mages who conducted these rituals, and shortage of them would mean a shortage of ritual sacrifices. The ones in the Fourteen Flames undoubtedly would have been angered at a consistent shortage of sacrifices, and like the Deep Ones, could have responded by bringing destruction upon the Valyrians. To sum it up, an ancient race came to Valyria, and taught them magic in exchange for sacrifices. The Valyrians fell short, and the "gods" in the Fourteen Flames responded by bringing about the Doom.
  4. 2) Why else do you think Jaqen is in the Citadel? The only copy of the book, The Death of Dragons, is in there. 3) He will want his payment for switching sides. Dany would be inclined to pay when she learns of Illyrio's true plans. 4) The Braavosi, a seafaring people, wouldn't be warm towards a nation of pirates like the Iron Isles. I don't think Dany will have time to negotiate with the Sealord as she wants to get to Westeros. They also already made a deal with Stannis, and I don't think Dany would be inclined to pay his debts. I think they're going all in with Stannis.
  5. No, I think the Braavosi will be opposed to Daenerys for the following reasons: 1. If Braavosi, Tycho Nestoris's reaction to Dany's dragons is any indicator, the Braavosi aren't likely to support her any time soon. 2. The FM are looking for Death of Dragons at the Citadel, because they have been hired to kill her dragons. 3. Dany will likely give Pentos to the Tattered Prince. The Tattered Prince will bring his mercenary army, and he won't disband it since he needs them to hold onto Pentos. Just by having them, he will have violated the treaty with Braavos which prohibits Pentos from employing mercenaries. They likely won't feel comfortable with the thought of a sellsword ruling a neighboring country on their borders. The Braavosi will undoubtedly be mad at Dany doing that. 4. The Iron Bank, which has a lot of influence in Braavos, already signed a deal with Stannis, and he is the claimant they're backing. Would Daenerys be interested in honoring the debts of the Usurper?
  6. I think Nagga's bones are a petrified weirwood grove as well. I think the Grey King's war with the Storm God was actually a war against the CotF. He supposedly cut down a heart tree, Ygg, and cutting down weirwoods was described as what started the war between the children and the First Men in the first place. -AFfC The Drowned Man The Storm God drowning out the Grey King's Hall could have been the CotF sending the Hammer of the Waters. Maybe Old Wyk and Great Wyk were once the same island until the Hammer of the Waters, hence both having the name "Wyk"?
  7. I think those count as private works not public, given both are meant for the exclusive use of the Targaryens and not the public.
  8. That's not fair to Nero, Maegor didn't ban capital punishment nor build public works.
  9. The reign of Maegor I Targaryen, known to history and legend as Maegor the Cruel, lasted six years and sixty-six days. Apparently, Maegor was the Antichrist. A lot of the resistance to his reign seemed to be akin to the BwB, in that it was mostly smallfolk based. Tyanna has a strong Varys vibe: spymaster connected to a Pentoshi magister, associates with spiders and rats (counterpart to mice) and engages in assassination and sorcery. I think she and Maegor deserve each other. Both are pretty sadistic psychopaths.
  10. Very good argument. We have to remember that dragons aren't first and foremost, weapons but animals. They aren't bad anymore than destriers, war elephants or attack dogs are. Dragons are dangerous, but their destructive power doesn't make them evil. They usually don't inflict mass devastation unless commanded by their riders. Wild dragons seem to have more of a taste for mutton than humans. The Cannibal is the exception, and other than that, the only times we see dragons eat people is when humans are fed to them. The fault for dragons should lie with their riders and the people they serve.
  11. The only reason Jon would come to her is for aid against the Others (likely after the Wall falls). He is also LC of the NW, and has legitimate concerns. The problem with not believing his story is the Starks have no blood of the dragon. Howland Reed, who was at the Tower of Joy, along with Wylla would likely vouch for him. Howland Reed has no ravens at Greywater Watch, and with no means of communication to the Wall with someone he never met, it would be difficult to argue that he concocted a plan to have Jon pose as Rhaegar's son given the lack of communication. If Ashara Dayne is also there, her story would be believed given she comes from a family of Targaryen loyalists with her brother having been Rhaegar's closet friend. Finally, there is precedent for dragons being used as to prove identity. Addam of Hull mounted Seasmoke, and it was accepted that he was a Velaryon. If Jon mounts a dragon, he would be proving his Targaryen heritage. The Starks have no blood of the dragon, and it would be incredibly difficult to argue his mother was some Dornish servant like Wylla. Aegon IV isn't recorded as having fathered any bastards in Dorne where he only went to fight, and no Blackfyre has ever visited Dorne or the North. There is more evidence to support his story than any other alternative. Also, denying him wouldn't silence whispers. Also, it is more likely Oakenfist was the father of Elaena's children. I wouldn't call them pure-blooded since the Plumms likely intermarried with other noble houses.
  12. Except that completely ignores that Ironborn have been trading at different ports for as long as they had ships. Pirates don't attack every port, and trying to raid the Free Cities would be suicide. Victarion was able to take on supplies at Volantis without any trouble, and Asha mentions stopping at the Arbor and "a score of smaller ports." Ironborn longships are used for trading as well as piracy. The Ironborn camp at White Harbor doesn't take into account that it is on the other side of Westeros, and there are ports on the North's western coast. That argument still fails to take into account that no one wants to be ruled over by their longtime enemies. The Ironborn would see it as a violation of their sovereignty.
  13. The Ironborn have ships that can sail anywhere. They don't need foreign ships to come to their waters, just use the ships they have to sail to different ports. That's how they earned riches trading. Handing them to another region is recipe for a rebellion. The Ironborn have a strong sense of identity and culture. That is without mentioning that the kingdoms that share the Sunset Sea with them: the North, the Westerlands, the Reach and the riverlands, have been their traditional enemies for millenia since it was their shores they often reaved. It would be just as easy as putting Dorne under the LP of the Reach or the Stormlands. Also, Ironborn longships aren't fishing boats. There are already fishing villages along the western shores and Bear Island. They likely already fish the Shivering Sea.
  14. I think it is more fitting that Sansa is the one who does the deed. She is with LF, and there is the reference to daggers he makes to her a number of times.
  15. They actually haven't been starving since the ban on reaving. They still have agriculture and fishing to supplement what they lack from farming. It is also mentioned in AWOIAF that "Merchants and traders sailing from Lordsport on Pyke and the harbors of Great Wyk, Harlaw, and Orkmont spread out across the seas, calling at Lannisport, Oldtown, and the Free Cities, and returning with treasures their forebears had never dreamed of." They can likely derive more income from trade than reaving. I would start by making the Reader the Lord of the Iron Isles (I think the Greyjoys are headed for extinction at this point). He is basically Harmund the Host come again.