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  1. Well that was poor. Cant wait to see the back of West Brom. Top four could possibly come down to the final day of the season now. Chelsea beats Swansea away and then us at Stamford Bridge and things’ll be pretty nervy. Hopefully agent Rafa will beat them when they go to St. James.
  2. Mackinnon is just amazing. Every single time he has the puck I am so scared. What a player.
  3. Ox Moreno is such a drop off in quality from Robbo
  4. Colorado’s third stringer just stone walled us. Fucking deserved to lose. Hope we can close it out in 6
  5. You won’t regret it.
  7. Dude classic fifa jam
  8. I don’t think Rodgers would make much sense as one of his biggest issues at Liverpool was his inability to organize a defense. I agree Allegri would probably be the best choice but not sure he would leave Juve in the summer. Should make a cheeky offer to Conte when he parts ways with Chelsea in a month
  9. Damn never seen an Arsenal team without him as their manager. Will be interesting to see who they bring in and how the team performs.
  10. Morata is Benteke level bad when he’s 1on1 with the keeper.
  11. Yeah Hartman will probably get a game for a similar hit last night. Weird how Kucherov didn’t get his hit looked at. have to say Filip Forsberg is turning into a very special player
  12. Robertson didn’t really start any games until Moreno got hurt around late October/November I wanna say it was. So he had that working against him. Sterling over Aguero imo
  13. Elizabeth can’t go an episode with murdering someone these days. Sad to see how far apart Phillip and Elizabeth have drifted but at the same time I’m rooting for him to stop her. Still think Stan’s relationship with Oleg will lead to him discovering The Jennings. Wasn’t sure what to make of Phillip not being able to pay Henry’s tuition?
  14. I’m a big fan of Seth Jones. Washington just can’t catch a break. Think this will be the end of Trotz