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  1. Tottenham had a really good defensive record last year compared to Liverpool and they go and buy Davinson Sanchez who has been solid as hell. Klopp couldn’t get VVD and then said he couldn’t find anyone better than Lovren. Klopp is stubborn about changing up his tactics when things aren’t going well but his stubbornness in the transfer window is way more frustrating for me.
  2. We won’t look to address it soon cause it’s the least of our problems. GK/Defense/Midfield all way more in need of being improved upon imo. Firmino has been awful today though
  3. I mean I blame Klopp more than Lovren at this point. Everyone has known he’s a liability and needed upgrading on.
  4. Comical
  5. Early afternoon games are the shiiiitttt. Cmon Preds
  6. You just knew Chels were gonna win after those Richarlison misses. Good game with some pretty goals especially Pedro’s.
  7. It really was. What a goal. Great game
  8. Hope Sevilla/Atleti/Dortmund all drop to Europa Regardless Europa League is shaping up to be much more exciting than last season.
  9. Cool yeah I’m right with you then.
  10. Movie/Show spoilers
  11. Kucherov has scored in all 7 games so far. What a sniper
  12. Maribor are atrocious but hopefully we can go on a run after this. Firmino has been awesome.
  13. For real. I want to watch Napoli/City. And yeah if any game was screaming out for an Ox midfield debut this was it. Not sure how Wijnaldum still gets in the squad when he’s not playing at Anfield.