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  1. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Origi and Ings both are solid options
  2. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Firmino has been brilliant. Probably need another though.
  3. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Soldados a bit of a dick.
  4. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    Another top notch episode. This season is shaping up to the best one yet. Loved the "back in my day" bit with Gabriel and Claudia, their scenes together are always gold.Kerri Russell was amazing last night. Her outburst at Paige was up there with Phillips fromseason two, just tremendous. I noticedMathew Rhys directed the ep,he did a pretty good job.
  5. NHL 2015-16: We finally needed a new thread!

    Part of me wants to feel bad for Trotz and Ovi but I just can't.
  6. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Couldn't agree more. Really terrible semi final. Both legs were awful.
  7. NHL 2015-16: We finally needed a new thread!

    Bridgestone was so hype.
  8. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    So happy Atleti held on. Pep not winning a CL at Bayern pleases me. Geeat ball from Torres on the goal,shame he didn't bury his pen.
  9. How would you rate episode 602?

    Better than every season five episode exceptHardhome. 8.5 rounded to 9
  10. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Bit of an anti climatic way to clinch it but well done Leicester. Yeah Hazard was a joy to watch today.
  11. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    That was just an awesome goal. Really entertaininggame to watch.
  12. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Nah would rather play Toure the rest of this year (shit I'd play Caulker over him)and then we have Matip coming in the summerwho has to be a better option than Skrtel.
  13. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Skrtel is past it. Don't thinkhe should play another game for Liverpool.Arguably worst team showing under Klopp, just awful.Ibe, Stewart, and Smith were all fucking terrible. Ojo wasn't particularly goodbut of all the kids that played today heshows the most promise. Not sure why Sturridge played the full 90, really hope Klopp starts him on Thursday. Cmon Leicester.
  14. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Good free kick by Townsend. Loving the relegation battle.
  15. NHL 2015-16: We finally needed a new thread!

    Fuck man fuck that game was more entertaining than the whole ducks series, shame we didn't show up in the third