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  1. Easily the worst match Liverpool have played all season.
  2. Not the best game aside from the last ten minutes or so which were very entertaining. Southampton could really use some pace. They had so many opportunities to counter but just couldn’t pull it off. Spurs weren’t great, Alli was especially bad imo. Draw seems fair.
  3. I’m surprised it’s a straight swap but I guess it makes sense since Sanchez would have walked in a few months. if they can get Aubameyang I think it’s a decent window for Arsenal though it might be hard for Wenger to fit Lacazette/Ozil/Mhki/Auba in the same 11?
  4. Yeah that Lacazette goal was filthy.
  5. Whenever I get the urge to catch up on Vikings (I stopped after 4a) I just come to this thread and read some comments and that kills any motivation to do so
  6. I agree s1 is the best but s2 was still top quality. Felt s3 had a bit of a dip
  7. Absolutely stunning team goal holy shit edit (link to goal):
  8. Goretzka chooses Bayern. Hardly surprising but must be annoying for Bundesliga fans to see Bayern scoop up another of the leagues top talents for free. Cant see them losing the league any time soon.
  9. I do recommend it. First two seasons are on Netflix. It is pretty brutal at times just so you know going in.
  10. Very true but hey with Clyne maybe 1-1! Silva was greatly missed for sure. Such an influential player.
  11. Agreed, Ederson was easily worse. Karius was a statue for all three goals but only the first really deserves any blame and more of it should go to Gomez. I think with Van Dijk that game finishes 4-2. Lovren was shocking on that Gündogan goal. Give Karius the rest of the season to prove himself and if he can’t then spend big in the summer on GK. Think we may need to buy a winger or striker this month though. If one of the front three go down with an injury I don’t think Solanke or Ings is ready to fill in and Sturridge is on his way out I think.
  12. He was awful for Coutinho last summer
  13. Why does this always happen
  14. Wow City are completely rattled. Awesome stuff
  15. Ox is having the game of his life. Great finishes from Mane and Bobby.