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  1. Nashville

    Preds games are always a good time if you have any interest in hockey.
  2. The Night Of (HBO)

    Riz Ahmed was brilliant tonight. Especially in all the scenes after he gets released. Mildly satisfied with the finale. Thought the last two scenes of the episode (Nas getting high and the cats appearance) were well done. Think the way they handled Chandra (starting with the kiss last week and especially tonight) was a mis-step though.
  3. Football - dawn of optimism

    Yeah that was Fellaini esque. man what a start to the season Sterling has had.
  4. Football - dawn of optimism

    He changed the game when he came on. Thought Miki looked good as well. Still surprised he hasn't been starting over Mata. Yeah that was a huge bummer. United haven't looked great yet this season but still have 9 pts from 3 games.
  5. Football - dawn of optimism

    Hazard has been a joy to watch today.
  6. Football - dawn of optimism

    Super disappointing not to get 3 points but that's what happens when you fail to convert all of your chances.
  7. Football - dawn of optimism

    Yeah that was a good half for Liverpool. Coutinho and Wijnaldum were the only ones I felt weren't playing all that well.
  8. Football - dawn of optimism

    Good draws for Leicester and Spurs.
  9. Am I The Only One Around Here Who....

    No you're not although love is a strong word. I found Samwells feast chapters much more tedious. The final Brienne chapter of feast with the confontation with LS is one of the best chapters of the entire series imo. Aitooah who's favorite Lannister is Cersei?
  10. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Bump hope everyone's doing good
  11. Football - dawn of optimism

    Well that was somewhat encouraging even though Burton were shit. Henderson looked much better with Emre behind him. Mane was great, already apparent how important he will be to the team this year.
  12. Football - dawn of optimism

    I don't understand these rumors that Liverpool are trying to loan Sakho out for the season. Klavan/Lovren was average vs Arsenal and absolutely wank vs Burnley. Don't think Matip is enough cover. Hope it's bullshit. Our transfer window is starting to come off as being pretty fucking weird. Buy an attacking midfielder (Wijnaldum) to play in the center of midfield when it's pretty much unanimously considered that it isn't his best position, don't buy a left back when it's obvious to everyone that's been our biggest need. Hope Karius and Matip are starting soon. Fuckin A that Burnley game was a buzz kill.
  13. The Night Of (HBO)

    Enjoyed tonight's episode a lot. That scene at the end with Freddy was so well done.
  14. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    I'm not one to binge but I watched this in like 3 sittings. Pretty much whenever Hopper and Joyce were on screen were my favorite bits. I thought the Christmas light scene was the best of the show. I thought the two kids who bullied the main crew of kids and Steves two friends were way over the top though. That scene where the kid pulls the knife and then Eleven comes to the rescue was really bad imo.
  15. Football - dawn of optimism

    Henderson as the deepest lying midfielder rarely works out. just saw Costas winner, what a ball from Fabregas.