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  1. Football - #WengerOut

    Yeah I kinda rushed to make that post lol. It was really a tough decision but still video referees please
  2. Football - #WengerOut

    City robbed there. VAR would have had the right call in seconds
  3. NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    Yeah I dont think they have been that impressive but I think theyre better than Ottawa or Boston. East is Pitts to lose again. Edmonton with two breakaway goals in the opening two minutes of the 2nd period. Sharks look lost. Super impressed with how Edmonton bounced back after that 7-0 loss. Hope they beat the ducks.
  4. NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    Lundqvist kinda stole that one. He outplayed Price in that series.
  5. Football - #WengerOut

    That goal from Matic was so awesome. Love a bar down
  6. Football - #WengerOut

    +1 disgusting ball. Great game
  7. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    It really is refreshing as hell.
  8. Football - #WengerOut

    That was brilliant.
  9. NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    Fuck this first round has been awesome. So much overtime. Passed out early so wasnt able to see Boston complete the comeback but i'm glad to they did. Hope it goes 7. Hope Montreal can force a game 7 as well. As for the Blues/Wild I think I'll root for the Wild today but the Blues in game 6. The last thing I would want is for the Preds to face The Wild after they complete a reverse sweep but I would like those two teams to beat up on eachother for a couple more games.
  10. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    Another great episode. Loving this season. Aethelred is like Odda the Younger times ten, fuck I hate him. Loved Steapa saying he trusts Uhtred and got a real kick of seeing Osferth. One of my favorite book characters. Will be interesting to see how much he is used. Hope Thyra is alright, I feel like Ragnars name is respected and feared enough to keep his sister safe from fellow danes.
  11. Football - #WengerOut

    Read earlier that Serie-A will be implementing Video Assistant Referee next season. Awesome news, hope EPL follows suit. Edit: link looks like La Liga as well! Awesome stuff
  12. NHL Playoffs: Stanley's Suitors

    Loudest loudest goalie chant i've heard from our crowd Buying the fuck out of round two tickets! Swept the fucking Hawks. I'm so happy! Feels so sweet. Thanks man The Ducks, Sharks and Blues all scare me but i'm just gonna enjoy this for now.
  13. Football - #WengerOut

    Yeah it's an interesting one. I think that is definitely part of the reason why he wasn't picked. Looking at the team again it has Mane and Hazard as midfielders and Lukaku and Kane as forwards whereas as you said Alexis has been all over the place this season. I know it should be based on individual merit but I feel like Arsenals poor 2017 form and poor record against the top 6 added to him maybe not getting as much votes as he deserved.
  14. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    Well now I have to read it
  15. Football - #WengerOut

    It's very close but Mane has been the best attacking player on the team with the most goals scored. I just can't see dropping him. Sanchez might have more goals/assists but hes been played through the middle a lot, takes pens, and has played more games.