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  1. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Seriously she's fucking great.
  2. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    If he isn't a host I think he's a decent enough guy but his conversations with Delores seem pretty dangerous and probably won't lead anywhere good.
  3. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    No it's just pre downloading you won't be able to play it till tomorrow night or whenever it comes out.
  4. NHL 2016 - The Kids Are Alright

    So happy to see Weber absolutely killing it in Montreal. Obviously pleased with Subban so far just pissed me off how many people thought that trade was a rip off, Weber is such a monsterrr.
  5. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Is he still not match fit? Can't imagine him just getting dropped. Sturridge has been the best player on the pitch today by a decent bit.
  6. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    +1. Credit to him. Guy isn't phoning it in at all, he's been killing it all season. Really enjoyed the actress who plays Armistice as well. Her and Ed Harris had some good chemistry (same with the dude who plays Hector with Thandie Newton).
  7. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    The interview I watched he just refused to talk about that situation which was probably smart cause you get fined for talking shit about the refs.
  8. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Don't even support Milan but I freaked out when I watched that second one live. Donnaruma also made an incredible last second save to keep the three points. Future could be bright for Milan.
  9. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    I just went back and watched that goal again just to focus on Pogba and it's pathetic. He just jogs the entire time when he has multiple opportunities to get in there and disrupt Kantes run.
  10. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Definitely. The guest who confronted him was saying something about his foundation and saving his sisters life which implies he's probably a pretty good dude outside the park.
  11. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Maeve is the best, love her. MIB was awesome tonight. Loved him shutting that other guest down "this is my fucking vacation".
  12. Agreed. Walking Dead usually always has strong openings, I fully expect a mostly mediocre season of tediousness to follow. Tonight's was decent, Thought Rick imagining everyone getting Lucilled and the dinner with Glen and his baby and everyone were pretty cheesy though.
  13. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Brilliant play from Hazard, Chelsea look so good. Zlatan has offered nothing today.
  14. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    He hardly scuffs it straight at the keeper every time come on. Sturridge is obviously a better finisher but Firmino contributes plenty of goals and assists.
  15. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Just can't see Sturridge displacing any of our starting attackers barring an injury. He doesn't offer the workrate/pressing that's needed. Could see the argument that he should have gotten 20-30 minutes today though. What a difference maker Lallana has become under Klopp.