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  1. Why? Your post makes it seems like you watched it just to think of some edgy ways to try and shit on it. Doubt youll find one person here who agrees with your opinion but if it makes you feel better keep hate watching and posting your controversial hot takes
  2. Fucking hate Reaves and glad he's out of our division. Not cause hes good but cause hes liable to hurt an opposing player every time he's on the ice. I guess if you need someone to protect Crosby he's pretty perfect
  3. Devils take Nico over Nolan. The right move imo.
  4. Chicago traded Panarin to the Blue Jackets to get Saad back fuck are they thinking. Also they traded Hjalmarsson to the Yotes. Weird moves seeing as theyre still over the cap.
  5. Ron Howard comfirmed to take over for the Han Solo flick
  6. Random thoughts after binging eps 7 through 10. The Nikki and Mr Wrench teamup was among the top things the show has done. Loved every bit of it. I was happy Wrench got away with a fat bag of cash, Didn't like him killing Emmit. I came around on Gloria these last few eps after not really feeling much about her. Her and Officer Lopez were a good duo. Stuhlbarg continued to be a gem of an actor on this show. Shea Whighams character was the worst ever Fargo character. Despite this being easily the weakest season I will be sad if this is the last of Fargo.
  7. Brutal seeing all these mostly average players getting snagged and then Neal Preds got fucked.
  8. Why would they but the suicide hotline thing at the end of the episode if it was anything other than Chuck killing himself.
  9. Hossa wont play next year because of a skin condition. Shittty if thats the end for him. A player I respect greatly.
  10. Yeah everyone is shitting on our jersey but idk I kinda like how simple it is. excited for the expansion draft even though it sucks we are probably gonna lose Neal :/ edit: all the jerseys leaked. Seen the devils one getting a lot of hate but I really like it
  11. Prodigy from Mobb Deep. Dude was top notch in his day. I consider Infamous and Hell on Earth classic hip hop albums.
  12. Have to say im pretty happy with the Salah signing. Perfect for the system and for Klopp. Maybe a blessing we couldn't get the deal done a few years back when Rodgers was in charge.
  13. That is a pretty great idea. The world building in John Wick was awesome. The show should be centered around Lance Reddicks character.
  14. Yeah agreed can't see Jimmy getting shit from his brothers death.
  15. Howard didnt have 9 million. He scraped funds from his personal monies and got loans just to hand Chuck that first 3 million dollar installment which will presumably never be cashed.