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  1. Hope Sevilla/Atleti/Dortmund all drop to Europa Regardless Europa League is shaping up to be much more exciting than last season.
  2. Cool yeah I’m right with you then.
  3. Movie/Show spoilers
  4. Kucherov has scored in all 7 games so far. What a sniper
  5. Maribor are atrocious but hopefully we can go on a run after this. Firmino has been awesome.
  6. For real. I want to watch Napoli/City. And yeah if any game was screaming out for an Ox midfield debut this was it. Not sure how Wijnaldum still gets in the squad when he’s not playing at Anfield.
  7. Ive thought that for quite a few movies Deakins shot. Absolute joke if he doesn’t win.
  8. Maybe the crazy teacher Abbot or whatever. She did cut her hair and the shooter had long black hair iirc
  9. Dark ep. Lee is fucking insane
  10. Thanks again for the reading order. Yeah I’m finding myself enjoying her characters a lot. Burrich and Patience are my favorites so far
  11. Milan derby a million times more exciting than Liverpool/United. Serie A in general has been great this season. Love it when Suso scores
  12. Cool. Thanks.
  13. That makes me excited. Is there like a recommended reading order for Hobbs series or should I just read in publication order. Working to improve is always good but don’t be too hard on yourself. Life is well... going one day at a time, thanks for asking. Feel better Rhae. I want a puppy too
  14. That was a pretty good interview. Watching the highlights and Xhaka was literally picking his nose while Cleverley scores the gw
  15. Yeahhhh I hated them honestly. Didn’t like any of the characters except maybe one or two. been reading the Farseer trilogy and mostly loving it im sure you’re a fine teacher Buck
  16. It’s gonna be awesome. Didn’t catch the Arsenal game but them and Chelsea losing softens that draw vs United a bit
  17. Pretty sure the previous thread was full. Season three will premiere in October
  18. De Bruyne is the best player in England by a decent margin on current form imo
  19. Fucking City
  20. Yet another super frustrating Liverpool game. Went about as expected. Pretty similar to last years game at Anfield. Exactly what Mourinho wanted. Cant even remember United even trying to score in that second half. Really could have used the fucking three points.
  21. Happy for you. Y’all look very exciting. Zetterburg is still pure quality.
  22. Was up all night reading Royal Assassin. Been a minute since a book has gripped me like that.
  23. I do as well. I also think Samurai is maybe a little too involved. But I’m still enjoying the fuck out of this. Sollima and the M83 ost elevate the movie a bit but this is a worthy prequel
  24. Mane injured in the 89th minute and will miss at least a couple months. Kill me
  25. Only on episode three but This show really makes me hate #8 for movie spoilers kinda wish I would’ve held off on watching the movie the other day and waited till I finished the show.