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  1. Love her. Sunne and Splendour and her Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine books are some of my favorites.
  2. My favorite shit ever. All these were awesome too but Masters of Rome is just epic.
  3. Pretty sure the previous thread was full. Season three will premiere in October
  4. Yeaahhh which is why I’m not too bothered about Liverpool dropping points. Still in the thick of it for top four race which is all we can hope for at this point.
  5. Yeahhh if I hadn’t already quit watching this show having to watch Carl as the main character would’ve surely made me quit. No way that dude could carry a show.
  6. Play them asap. They’re awesome additions. DLC’s done right
  7. Man our fans are really turning on Hendo this season but I find it hard to disagree. I think he’s a decent player but the position doesn’t suit him. It’s pretty bad when an average player like Can should definitely be getting picked ahead of you. I agree about Ox in midfield. I’d like to see him in over Gini on the road.
  8. Good draw for sure. Madrid/PSG is tasty
  9. You just fucking knew Southampton would end up regretting missing all those chances. Klopp rotating seems to be working lately but Coutinho and Firmino have been on fire. Hopefully it won’t make a difference and we won’t need to sub them on.
  10. Charlie Austin has had all the space in the world. Could have had a hat trick in the first ten minutes
  11. That’s....not very encouraging.
  12. That was enjoyable. Coutinho/Firmino have been on fire.
  13. Cesc?
  14. Happy birthday
  15. Yeah Serie-A is shaping up to have a great title race.
  16. I don’t really hate City. I enjoy watching them as much as anyone as a neutral. Would just rather it be competitive at the top tbh. The fight for the 2-4 spots should be fun and all but nothing like a good title race at the end of the season. Boring as fuck when leagues are wrapped up with weeks/months left.
  17. Of fucking course.
  18. This has been a weird game
  19. Unreal from De Gea holyyyy shitttt
  20. Yeah we haven’t been particularly good but our front three have been awesome. Firmino and Coutinho bossing the game. Seemed like a pretty soft pen
  21. Yeaaaaa this could end up bad. Gini already looks uncomfortable as fuck back there
  22. Emre Can starting at CB. Klopps decision to not go after any VVD alternatives in the Summer continues to haunt.
  23. Old thread was archived for some reason. Shadow has been cast never heard of the guy.
  24. Oh gotcha you are correct
  25. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure everything on Martinis list aired in 2017. He just didn’t put the specific seasons in his post.