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  1. Barca haven't looked any better against Madrid than United did last week. Getting completely out played.
  2. Course Lovren plays him on.
  3. Firmino has to bury that
  4. Hes a clear upgrade on Clyne offensively but Clyne is arguably our most solid defender. Shit Id maybe throw Clyne at LB when he's back at 100% and keep TAA starting
  5. Lovren is truly awful. 10 mins in and over three mistakes and one that should have cost a goal.
  6. Went over 24 hours without a thread so here we are. Latest rumblings have Kyle Walker to City for 50 mil. Not surprising they forked over the asking price after Alves ditched them for PSG. also Bonnuci to Milan seems to be in the works. Milan are going to have some lofty expectations after this window. Especially if they land one of Aubameyang or Belotti.
  7. Seriously hope he doesn't last the season
  8. City and United look fucking good. Guess that's what identefying your weaknesses and addressing them in the transfer market can do for you. See them fighting for title.
  9. United looking real good today. Fucking Lukaku and Matic are perfect for them
  10. Firmino starts over Sturridge even if Danny is 100%. Klopp loves him. His passing definitely needs to get better, I agree with Soylent that he misplaces too many and he didn't contribute much in the first half cause the midfield was invisible (Hendo and Gini were invisible all fucking game, at least Emre showed some life in the 2nd half) but overall I thought he was fine, at least 5/6 Liverpool players were well worse than him.
  11. Mignolet has needed replacing for so fucking long.
  12. So defense and midfield(admittedly without Coutinho/Lallana) are both still not good enough. Cant believe Klopp didn't have any plan b's after he failed to get his primary targets.
  13. What an opener this is
  14. Wow what a start.
  15. Yeah that's definitely my favorite position for him. He was awesome in 13/14 playing that role.
  16. Think Coutinho was going to be playing in a midfield three behind Mane-Firmino-Salah and next to Hendo and one of Lallana/Can/Gini. Dont think Mahrez would fit as a replacement. If we did sell Coutinho for a stupid amount than I would hope we could throw a insane amount of money at Leipzig and change their minds on Keita. But idk despite the transfer request and "back injury" I still would be surprised if FSG sold him after missing out on our top targets when they're doing pretty much the same thing Coutinho is doing to us with their clubs.
  17. Well this supposed back injury is really suspicious. I don't think he is injured tbh.
  18. Huge buzzkill day before our season starts. Gonna be interesting to see how FSG respond, can't see them budging.
  19. Think that was made up. His "back injury" is worryingly convenient for him though. Anyway no way FSG would sell now after what they said this morning.
  20. Found it funny how the Spanish press was reporting it was a done deal when every reliable Liverpool journo shat on it completely. Glad to see FSG make that statement so happy the Prem is back today
  21. Old thread was archived for some reason. Shadow has been cast never heard of the guy.
  22. It's back in a week, Here's a trailer. I recently rewatched season 3 on Amazon binge style and liked it a lot more the second time. Only problem I had was I kinda felt like Ninas story should have finished at the end of season two. Not sure where they will go with her character now. The last thread was archived for some reason.
  23. Is that why he left? I just figured it was cause they were getting Suarez.
  24. Idk why Barca haven't thought about Alexis as a stop gap solution till Dembele gets a little older. Id be hesitant to throw 150 at Dembele right now if I was them.