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  1. Ronaldo just scored his fourth. The man is in a incredible run of form at the moment. Icardi also had four today for Inter. Crazy to see three players score four goals in one weekend.
  2. Ye Gods Mo calm down
  3. Yeah you’re probably right. I think we will be fine for the most part but don’t like the matchup of Gomez or TAA vs Sane in the CL.
  4. I wonder how close Clyne is. Hopefully when he comes back he can jump back in without much fuss unlike Lallana who seems to be unable to get match fit.
  5. About time someone got on the end of one of those. Robbo has been quite the signing. Another goal that starts with Bobby winning the ball back. And a nice flick to finish it off.
  6. Kinda lame to draw City tbh
  7. Game on at the Emirates. Hell of a strike from Calhanoglu ahh and a Welbeck dive ruins the game. Shame
  8. Awesome. Love seeing Vegas get wrecked at home. Preds lost a very low key valuable player for the rest of the season and probably playoffs in Calle Jarnkrok. Injured from a dirty late hit that wasn’t called or looked at after the game. Very bitter about it. Cant afford to have the same amount of injuries as last post season if we want to go that extra step
  9. Really hope City draw Barca tmmrw. What a matchup that would be. Obviously as far as Liverpool goes I want Roma or Sevilla. Juve and Bayern are who I’d like to avoid most.
  10. Messi has bossed Courtois. Rare awful giveaway from Azpi
  11. Alonso has to stay on his feet and try to score instead of going down at the slightest brush of contact. Good no call
  12. Yaa I’m actually kinda worried that they will end up being the Bayern or Juve of the Prem. All the money the rest of the top 6 (and league as a whole) has should help prevent that but idk.
  13. Guy is a workhorse.
  14. United fans booing Sevilla time wasting was delish. Roma advances in the other tie. First time two Italian teams are in the quarters since 07.
  15. Bailly is so damn good. And that’s that. Have to say after getting pretty much everything right vs Liverpool, Mourinho really botched that one.
  16. Why is Rashford on the right when he was so good on the left the other day Sevilla’s finishing is atrocious
  17. Sonaldo to the rescue. Man he’s good This goal Ciro Immobile scored today was sick. He’s been amazing this year.
  18. Yeah wasn’t even that mad his goal shouldn’t have counted! GG hope you guys make the playoffs!
  19. TAA/Lovren got exposed. Matip should probably be in over Lovren imo despite Lovrens patches of good form he always has games like these in him. Hopefully Clyne is ready before the end of the season. Rare poor game from Salah. Bobby wasn’t at his best either. Gini is about the worst possible game changing sub you can make.
  20. Yikes Rashford is making TAA look very bad Same with Lukaku and Lovren
  21. Awesome
  22. Was waiting over a day for someone with a more creative mind than me to make a new thread Things get even worse for Lacazette as he’s out for 4-6 weeks after minor knee surgery. Poor guy. Now Arsenal are stuck with just Welbeck at striker for Europa Hazard was brilliant yesterday. Thought this analysis by Henry on Firmino was excellent. Saying he wished he could have played with him is such high praise Didn’t realize Firmino lifted that back heel over the defenders leg. Excited for Spurs/Juve
  23. Hmm idk I thought Juve were pretty comfortable after Allegri made his subs and especially after the Higuaín goal. Crazy how quickly the tie changed It was awful. Glad that Kane header went off the post at the end since he was clearly offside and the flag never went up.
  24. Son has been the best player on the pitch easily. Deserved goal
  25. Clear clear pen. Spurs are lucky boys