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  1. "Well, we killed the other Anas - let's shove this kid through and hope for the best!" I don't think they know what they were doing, despite being super competent. And since Kellhus doesn't have two souls, I'm guessing he wouldn't work anyway.
  2. I think I might be influenced by roleplaying which (when it's good) ends up more like a wildlife documentary. Sometimes in the wildlife documentary, the followed animal dies. I remember being a child and this doco about pelican babies and the lake dried up and there was this helicopter shot of this massive group of huddling black pelican baby birds in the middle of the desert and drying waters, left behind by their parents en mass because otherwise the parents would die as well. Thousands of baby birds left to die by their parents. Made me so sad...horrified me. Anyway, it might bias me to read the books as a documentary. Good, bad, we saw the whole story. But if it is a waste, why is it a waste? What does it waste? Bakker tends to like to include the reader in the performance. It raises a good question for ones inner self - what were you looking for? Some sort of sign of how to navigate such dire situations? It's understandable as that makes sense in terms of our nature. But that does raise questions about media in general - is media in general giving us bullshit solutions to dire situations? We'll just 'believe in ourselves' and grit our teeth and that'll get us through? I mean, it's funny how in lord of the rings Frodo actually decided to keep the ring in the end. Only a hapstance saw the ring destroyed. It's kind of a morbid ending, really.
  3. "I edited it 35 minutes ago"
  4. For some reason I found the end strangely affirming. I think I'm sick to death of fiction with threats but everything will turn out okay - it's a psychological manipulation. Over and over in media all over the place. But here a book made the fear of the ordeal being destroyed a genuine, proper fear to have had. It validated the fear. To fear for the ordeals survival was to have felt fear over a genuine threat, not just some 'make you scared but it'll be alright' bullshit.
  5. Are you making that up? He levels up and gains increasingly high +1/+2/+3 lutes? Getting the epic loot lute from a bard ass dungeon? Then fighting the BBEG with it!? Don't be making this up. Because this is sweeeeet....YOU MUST TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU SING?
  6. Can somebody photoshop 'Jack' in the review quote to 'Ash'?
  7. Really A: I should take notes on questions to ask and B: Pester the guy for another AMA, despite how dreaded that is. I kinda feel silly not to have done A before the last AMA, but to be honest I couldn't think of a main pressing question.
  8. Nup. But it's probably to do with how oblivious she is. Possibly the idols she prays to initially did answer her prayers somehow (a handsome prince did come for her), but she did not see herself as having set that into effect, for example.
  9. I assumed just a bad ass ghost rider effect.
  10. Akka doubts. A lot. I think it's related. Come to think of it, as Proyas is being broken in the great ordeal, there is no mention of the hand haloes.
  11. That's the problem with the shortest path - it doesn't indulge redundancies like a plan B. As Monghus jr quips to Serwa about teleporting closer to their destination just to save them some walking, though it might get them killed.
  12. "I've heard the sighs of the saved and the screams of the damned and I swear to you, brother, they sound the same!" - anonymousandtotallynotKellhus But apparently no angels? I guess no one is intensely good enough to turn into an angel as someone like Cnaiur is intensely violent enough to turn into a ciphrang.
  13. Grunts by Mary Gentle. I think it was the 'oh I'm so cool I'm satirising fantasy fiction by having halflings murder a family in their sleep' bit that finally did it for me, as she used the reader as kleenex for her masturbation. I don't know why someone would think just parodying fantasy per se, with no actual social agenda in mind, is worth a fuck. Oh, right, masturbation - I said that already. Uhnnn uhhnnn uhnnnn - I'm such a good writteeaaahhhoooohhhhI'mreallymakingadifferenceahhhhhhAHHHooohh....
  14. I presume the no god also makes other worlds unable to have children as well. They are just, like, WTF is happening!? Unless they get a bad feeling towards a vague point in the sky.
  15. Well, that's probably because he's heard it all before already. Just from himself. Already chewed the meat off that bone, the only meat left is to actually argue the point.