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  1. Stop your bitchin and be happy the stuck to the books unlike true blood
  2. Liam Cunningham and Stephen Dillane scene is award winning good Renly's death was so awesome I had goosebumps
  3. Stop your bitchin or they will cancel the show
  4. The shadow babies looked so awesome ! Roose was spot one . I gave it a 10! .Also , Stannis says my favorite line .
  5. Why is everyone bitchin about everything ?
  6. No man is free. Only children and fools think elsewise.

  7. There is a tool for every task, and a task for every tool.

  8. Ohhhh the dreams of horror

  9. You cannot eat love, nor buy a horse with it, nor warm your halls on a cold night.

  10. Ohhhh I hate meetings

  11. I'm a lion of a different coat

  12. What's the point then!