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  1. Merentha added a post in a topic NHL 2013-14 - Yes, there's a thread for that   

    So, I thought Columbus did surprisingly well against the Pens today. The Pens were missing a good chunk of their defense, to be sure, but Columbus put on a really good show.
  2. Merentha added a post in a topic Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.. SPOILERS   

    Also, yes, it should be outgrown. Locke isn't a perfect character and he's kind of better written for that. I'm not sure Locke's obsession with Sabetha was intended to be read as a good thing. Also, as Wert said, there is an explanation.
  3. Merentha added a post in a topic US Politics: all assertions sourced, or your subsidy returned   

    I'd settle for just #s 1 and 2, to be honest.
  4. Merentha added a post in a topic US Politics: all assertions sourced, or your subsidy returned   

    So, Borsabil's counter to information about how medical care before EMTALA was a hellscape is: "Go look and see all the drunks getting free cold remedies!" as if some of us don't, you know, have an extensive ER and EMS history. Followed by "let them die if they don't have catastrophic coverage (which I keep repeating is readily available for a few dollars a week even though I have only so far produced a single college-only plan as support for my assertions)". For the record, I was paying 44/month for catastrophic insurance...through my employer. When I went casual for a while and lost benefits, the COBRA equivalent of my (rather good, I must say) catastrophic insurance ran at 289/month. "Readily affordable" my ass.

    Literally "let them die in the street if they can't pay." Really high hopes for our healthcare system there, sunshine.

    Still doesn't get down to what you think would happen. Do you have to pay for all services beforehand? Because, again, that's going to be interesting when someone comes in in DTs. Do I go through their wallet while they're seizing? Wait for credit card payments to clear before I administer tPA for a stroke (which has a pretty stringent time requirement to be used)? Because we've seen what happens when we don't have EMTALA, and I do not want to go back to that world.
  5. Merentha added a post in a topic US Politics: all assertions sourced, or your subsidy returned   

    Hey, y'all are trying to convince a dude who thinks EMTALA should be repealed that Obamacare is worthwhile. All this handwringing over cost and affordability for poor people is an utter sham and he's only doing it because he thinks it lets him score points against his political opponents.

    He literally thinks poor people should die in the street; how are you going to convince him that maybe someone else should sometimes help pay for someone else's healthcare?