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  1. I don't think the war will be between the humans and White Walkers in the end (not in the books at least). I see Jon (helped by Bran) striking a truce with the Others and the fighting against Dany who will want to exterminate the Others and reinstall a rigid Targ led feodal system in Westeros. It is known (like 0.05% sure)
  2. Bran, now the 3ER, will soon connect with Jon. I don't think his mark will help take the wall down (way too cheap!). I believe Bran will tell Jon about the magic of WF (similar to that of the wall) that works as long as there is a Stark there.
  3. Aye, but with a good Hand Of The King, Robb (probably) wouldn't have died the way he did. Heck, with a Hand like Tyrion he would be sitting the Iron Throne.
  4. Not to get killed like a noob.
  5. If I remember well, Maester Aemon has warned the realm. Varys prob knows but either: - doesn't want to believe in the NK's magic - underestimates the threat - knows but wants Dany to take the IT first, step by step. - didn't say anything but fully expects Dany to fight the WW upon arrival what do you think?
  6. I was joking around... Why so serious?
  7. Sansa's marriage with Tyrion is invalid according to the laws of Westeros as it never was consumed. She is Ramsay's widow technically. Now, the Show showed us that Jon deserved to become KITN which is much more rewarding than finding a piece of paper signed by Robb.
  8. Bran Stark, Howland Reed, Varys... they all could bring the news. As for acknowledging it, the events to come will bring a proper situation for that.
  9. Lyanna & Rhaegar got married. It is known. Jon's entire story is pointless if he remains a bastard. I could see the show writers making that mistake but no Martin. Jon is most definitely a full-on Targ.
  10. Kit has made very significant progress since the beginning of the series. He can really act now, the problem lies in how his role has been written(cries silently)...
  11. Dumb detail but Bran's wolf and vessel is called Summer and will probably die at some point in the books too... making war for Bran's new wride (intended): Winter. I love this theory, much more than the UnJon the Other one. I struggle with the plot though: Who vs Who? Are the WW the real threat? Is it Dany? What do you guys think?
  12. Hopefully not. He is a fantastic character, one shitty useless death i'd hate.
  13. The things you can do with 20 good men
  14. She knew Ramsay better than anyone. She probably Rickon was lost the minute she heard the news. She's been Joffrey, LF and Ramsey's plaything and all the hopes she had have been shattered. Her reaction is on point IMHO.
  15. If the Starks (the victors) want House Bolton extinct then it is no more. Plus I'm sure it won't matter much when the WW attack.