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    got it working pls delete thread
  2. Conlan a bu added a post in a topic Cannot install 1.5 Patch   

    Thanks Werthead I actually managed to find it from the direct2drive website eventually and got it downloaded.. getting to play this game has turned out to be a bit of a saga.. I'm one week into trying to play it and still havent managed to do so lol.

    Now I have a new problem.

    When I installed the Westeros mod it comes with a zip file the readme says extract the folder to the m2TW folder which I did.. however I clicked on REPLACE ALL. It says to launch Westeros by clicking on the Westeros BATCH file... I do have this file however when I run it nothing happens

    Should I de-install then re-install everything and NOT REPLACE any files when intalling the Westeros mod???

    Please can you guys help me with this today... I know this sounds a bit spoiled but I ve been trying for a week and I now have a few days off work coming up so I really want to get stuck into this tonight!

    Thanks people!


    edit: I have win xp 64 bit .. I have quickly played the Kingdoms and M2tw vanilla games so I know they work
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    Cannot install 1.5 Patch

    After getting the bug from the TV series I have went out and purchased M2TW and the Kingdoms expansion pack so I can play Westeros however when I try to install the patch it wont install because I dont have the actual disks.

    I bought and downloaded the game from direct2drive rather than order the disks online... can someone please help me or point me in the right direction how to get this patch installed???

    In the readme for the patch it says that this patch does not support downloaded copies of the game... however I paid for mine from an accredited website so surely there is some way I can get this installed!

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