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    So I know this is really off topic for this thread, but this is he place where the best feedback comes from on all "out of the box ideas" supported by textual evidence. In the house of black and white (sorry for stepping out of Westeros and the North for a brief moment). Anyways Arya finds the fair looking curly haired youth in front of the stranger with gold dragons in his pocket (4 of them I believe). I searched the Wiki for house associated with curly hair and I really thought it would turn out to be Edric Storm but the Lannisters and Tyrells are the two major families associated with curly hair which made me wonder could this be Loras Tyrell? It would explain why he had 4 dragons, was he praying for death to Mel or Stannis? Are there any other theories floating around or has it been concluded he is of little or no importance? Any insight or a reference to an existing thread discussing this would be appreciated and again sorry for pulling is completely out of left field. Or possibly, I'm not sure how old he was but Tyrek Lannister could possibly be the youth too I guess and didn't Martin say we would find out war happened to him before the end of the ADOS?
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    In reference to the door at the house of black and white, when reading I red that Illryio dealt in Dragon bone and thought that the black part of the door might be made out of dragon bone, doesn't Arya describe it as black in AGOT when she runs Tommen over and is hiding in the red keep?
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    "There's different kinds," he said slowly. “There’s the wolf dreams, those aren’t so bad as the others. I run and hunt and kill squirrels. And there’s dreams where the crow comes and tells me to fly. Sometimes the tree is in those dreams too, calling my name. That frightens me. But the worst dreams are when I fall.” He looked down into the yard, feeling miserable. “I never used to fall before. When I climbed. I went everyplace, up on the roofs and along the walls, I used to feed the crows in the Burned Tower. Mother was afraid that I would fall but I knew I never would. Only I did, and now when I sleep I fall all the time.”

    Sorry to jump off topic again, but I came across this in a Bran chapter, I find it interesting that he says the crow is in his dreams but sometimes the tree is in the background calling his name, Bran appears to John as a tree and is calling his name, but is Bloodraven the tree in Brans dreams? I would normally have a reversed opinion on this but since Jojen tells Bran he is the three eyed crow I guess Bloodraven must be the tree.
  4. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Heresy Area 51   

    So after episode 2 aired and as was discussed here about Bran possibly being the three eyed crow I re-read all the Bran chapters with that in mind, the "I'm your monster Brandon Stark" comment by cold hands and the John chapter with the Bran as the Weirwood, I think Bran could be the three eyed crow, or as Black Crow so strongly believes a dream form of the Morrigan, but I don't think it's Bloodraven. Another thing I find interesting is Leaf is asked if she is taking them to the three eyed crow, Coldhands is asked the same question, neither confirm Bloodraven is the Three Eyed Crow, Leaf walked around Westeros for 200 years for "the Bran boy", and then Bloodraven of course does state that he could only visit Bran in his dreams, but when asked about being the three eyed crow answers aye I was a crow once, but doesn't say he is the three eyed crow. How did Leaf know 200 years ago that she would need to know the common tounge to communicate with Bran especially when greenseers are so rare, if they predict which humans will be greenseers why didn't Leaf say anything about being able to communicate with Bloodraven with the common tounge or any other human greenseer for that matter, is Bran just that important, is he actually the last greenseer there will ever be, and ishe manipulating stuff from the future via the weirnet? Is he the mysterious Bran the builder from past legends? I have always considered this as a possibility and I believe the show may have just dropped an Easter Egg, or it could be a smoke screen, but I can assure you D&D know who the three eyed crow is as well as who wins the iron throne.
  5. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Heresy 40   

    Maybe the human greenseer either has something to do with not being cut off by the spells within the wall or the ability to communicate via the weirnet into humans dreams. As Bran appeared to John as a weirwood tree and most likely Blood Raven appears as a crow I am thinking that the image of a COTF projects in the dream state may not be able to be comprehended by a human's conscious/unconscious and then the language barrier may be an issue, maybe a human vassal is needed for the greenseer to not only watch all, but be able to communicate with those they watch and give the nudge to put actions/plans into motion. Of course this is based on the thinking that the greenseers cannot choose the avatar they appear as in the dream state.
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    When he closed his eyes, he dreamed of direwolves.
    There were five of them when there should have been six, and they were scattered, each apart from the others. He felt a deep ache of emptiness, a sense of incompleteness. The forest was vast and cold, and they were so small, so lost. His brothers were out there somewhere, and his sister, but he had lost their scent. He sat on his haunches and lifted his head to the darkening sky, and his cry echoed through the forest, a long lonely mournful sound. As it died away, he pricked up his ears, listening for an answer, but the only sound was the sigh of blowing snow.
    The call came from behind him, softer than a whisper, but strong too. Can a shout be silent? He turned his head, searching for his brother, for a glimpse of a lean grey shape moving beneath the trees, but there was nothing, only...
    A weirwood.
    It seemed to sprout from solid rock, its pale roots twisting up from a myriad of fissures and hairline cracks. The tree was slender compared to other weirwoods he had seen, no more than a sapling, yet it was growing as he watched, its limbs thickening as they reached for the sky. Wary, he circled the smooth white trunk until he came to the face. Red eyes looked at him. Fierce eyes they were, yet glad to see him. The weirwood had his brother’s face. Had his brother always had three eyes?
    Not always, came the silent shout. Not before the crow.
    He sniffed at the bark, smelled wolf and tree and boy, but behind that there were other scents, the rich brown smell of warm earth and the hard grey smell of stone and something else, something terrible. Death, he knew. He was smelling death. He cringed back, his hair bristling, and bared his fangs.
    Don't be afraid, I like it in the dark. No one can see you, but you can see them. But first you have to open your eyes. See? Like this. And the tree reached down and touched him.
    And suddenly he was back in the mountains, his paws sunk deep in a drift of snow as he stood upon the edge of a great precipice. Before him the Skirling Pass opened up into airy emptiness, and a long vee-shaped valley lay spread beneath him like a quilt, awash in all the colors of an autumn afternoon.
  7. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Theories for TWoW, round 2 [SPOILERS]   

  8. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Do you think we will get a gift chapter for Christmas?   

    Maybe George will remember after giving us the "gift" chapter last year around Christmas, that his giants won the Super Bowl 2 months later. If he is superstitious at all, we may get a sample chapter!

    Wishful thinking, but at least 2013 should be exciting with the 4th Dunk and Egg and the world book coming out!
  9. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Marwyn   

    Maybe and this is a big maybe, If Marwyn does find Dany, they will use the glass candle to communicate with someone in Asshai. Or somehow the way Quaithe communicates/visits with Dany, Marwyn will have knowledge of and maybe that's how Dany will visit Asshai. (A little crackpot I know)
  10. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic *Possible Spoilers* The North's Relationship with the Targaryens...Theory   

    As for Daenery's tolerance to heat with warm baths and such, in the Dunk and Egg novels, Egg seems to have a higher than normal tolerance to the Dornish Sun and warm baths per Dunk. Maybe it is some leftover magic from the Dragon riding Targs or a genetic trait, but in no means is either one immune to fire. Especially from what we have heard about the events at Summerhall. I really like this theory by the way and it may explain why we know so little about the Stark female line.
  11. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic LEGO Game of Thrones   

    I would love to see a Game of Thrones Lego game like they have for star wars, indiana jones etc. That would be so cool. They could do the forst after season three/four and then a second one after season six/seven.
  12. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Aemon's words to Sam at Braavos   

    "From a smoking tower, a great stoned beast took wind breathing shadow fire" That is from the Dany chapter in the house of the undying. I always find myself reading that chapter when coming up with my own, or analyzing other people's theories. After reading this thread I went back and read the chapter again and this line really stood out to me, and wasn't Mel talking about raising the stone dragon(on dragonstone) with Edric Storm's blood? I think that their might be more to this dragon or beast of some sort that Mel may rise or at least try to.

    On another note, if a dragon were to die beyond the wall, could it be turned into a white(other)?
  13. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic The next Dunk and Egg story sounds amazing   

    I agree, after reading the D&E stories, I had to read the AFFC once again, and some things make alot more sense ( especially the two you mentioned about Aemon and Brienne. Being newly addicted to the series ( started reading AGOT a week before the show started and couldnt quit reading until I was done with AFFC, then searched out for the D&E stories) it seems Martin rewards his die hard fans with subtle clues about the past and the future to come if you look deep enough into all the books. Im re-reading AGOT now and realized we should have known Sir Jorah was working for Varys from the very beginning of the series in the second Ned POV when Robert tells him that.
  14. ELITEFORCE850 added a post in a topic Old Nan   

    Been a long time since anyone has commented on Old Nan, who as we get further into the series seems more wise than crazy. I have always had a speculation that she had some connection to Maester Aemon, and the comments stated above about Hodor possibly being related to Dunk only make me think I might be right. Hoping someone will revisit this old thread other than myself.