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  1. Pokemon Go

    If you are alone, yes. If there are more of you, and you have a good lower CP pokemon that works well against one of the guardians then you can annoy the crap out of the people fighting it. For instance, I used a lower CP water pokemon against the fire one in my same faction gym just to slow down the attackers' progress. They brought the gym down two notches, I got it up again, and inserted my strongest pokemon into it. After which point they left, cos they'd just battled 2-3 lower level ones, and got hit with yet another higher one. So it depends
  2. August 2016 Reads

    Having issues with Kay's Sailing to Sarantium. It is very nicely written, lovely language, fascinating environments, yet constantly feels mildly disappointing. The POV swaps are not helping either, since it feels like it slows an already slow pace down to a crawl, and it doesn't really add anything of real value, apart from maybe something like "yes actually, that courier was a real arsehole", but is that really necessary to know? I don't know. Nearly 60% through and it feels like a struggle. At around the 30% mark of Lions of Al-Rassan I could not get enough of that novel, but I feel I ought to think the same about this one, but I really don't. Also trying to finish Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt for my trashy commute reading, but it is so un-engaging I would rather just stare out into open space.
  3. ASOIAF ruined other fiction books for me.

    0.o That does indeed surpass expectations. But seriously, my people, are we having a slug-fest about who sits on the lowest rung of the literary ladder and What Ought To Be Avoided in Service of Good Taste? It seems to me with popularity comes the crap as well. See for instance Paolini as example. It seems an utter waste of time to argue about which genre has more crap. @HappyEnt, such a surprising champion for the romance novel you are. We are delighted in this support from sentient trees. PS: So @Crixus I expect you'd like to read and review that Purdy novel yes?
  4. ASOIAF ruined other fiction books for me.

    If you strictly stick to "epic fantasy" perhaps. Lots of other types of fantastical works that are not at all laughable. Bujold, Kay, Peter S Beagle, Tanith Lee etc. But if your main thing is Salvatore, Moddesitt, Eddings, Paolini then yes..erhm...
  5. Pokemon Go

    Hit lvl 10 after the European launch made the servers die for two days. Sucks when you think "wow, this game ran so much better before it was released..." Yeah. Lost soo many pokemons during the two days of DOOM. I think I've spent well over 5 hrs just trying to log in over the weekend and mostly it failed. However, still fun when it does work, managed to surprise take-over a gym in town fairly early in the morning (sometimes it is useful with small kids getting up at the crack of dawn, you can respectably be out and about at 8.45 am on Sat morning). Haven't caught anything great yet, since it's been so crashy it wont register you walking with the eggs and during the weekend the game froze on 80-90% of all catches Got a Pidgeot at 618, a Hypno at 572 a Fearow at 412 and that's about it. Can still put up a fight and bring down the prestige on most gyms tho. Team Mystic has a total lockdown on one of the gyms in town with two Snorlaxes, the highest on freaking 1662 and the second over 1k.
  6. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    The weather!! Which is beyond dire. Whatever summer we had seems to be gone, and all anyone can do is huddling indoors. It is really depressing and disheartening, since very, very soon it will be winter again and huddling under huge coats and scarfs. Come on weather, give us something to work with damnit!
  7. Stupid or Unhappy Endings that P'd You Off - Spoil Away, guys

    Twin Peaks. Grr that was annoying. Agent Cooper just disappeared into the Black Lodge and everything was left hanging and/or in a mess. Annoyance!!
  8. So, what are the bets on who May will gladly sacrifice first? BoJo or someone else? In all honesty, May seems like out of a number of meh to horrible choices to be the absolute best candidate for the job. I guess we'll see, but she strikes me as at least moderate on several issues? Also not a big manchild, which can only be a good thing. EDIT: Saw Hereward's commentary about May (thank you).
  9. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    Holy shit, 50%. 0.o well good I practised some with Mercy last night then. Damn, that is a lot, I'll be stuck on the Valkyrie now 4 evah since my aim is so poor and that buff so very, very sweet. My failing is prolly that I am in a WoW mindset. I heal everyone, including people I prolly should not try to reach. Heal all the things!! I agree. Besides, Eve and Joker were happy getting merged into some biomech/human thingiejiggies.
  10. ASOIAF ruined other fiction books for me.

    Ooooh do let me know what you think of "Curse". To this day I am still flip floping on whether I like "Curse" or "Paladin" more. Still can't decide. Oh the problems.
  11. ASOIAF ruined other fiction books for me.

    Although I normally do agree with you, my lovely dwarf, I'll have to add to this Lois McMaster Bujold (especially "Curse of Chalion" and "Paladin of Souls"), potentially the Vorkosigan saga and why not some Guy Gavriel Kay ("Lions of Al-Rassan"). Also: China Mieville!! "The Scar" <3
  12. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    I thought the Isabela one was pretty good actually. It was supposedly gender neutral, but I just thought it worked. Ooooh yeah, I ran the Anders, Varric, Fenris party as well. Best is you romance one of them, break up, and romance the other. Ooooh that poisonous party banter!! I never really could go the Fenris romance tho, although Gideon Emery's voice is <3 but I guess my elf-hate is too strong. The only elf who has ever found favour with me is Iorveth and I think it will remain thus. Hah, I think you and I are alike cos I also romanced Garrus. He got on my tits in ME1, but my word, was he better in ME2 and I totally kept him on for ME3 too. Still prefer Anders if we are ranking our fantasy/scifi/RPG-game boyfriends.
  13. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    I know, she looks awesome too. Only thing makes me sad is that I, along with a lot of other people, are shite at sniping. I already suffer from being terribad at shooting stuff so. Perhaps if I am to heal like a Rheinhardt or a Roadhog, but trying to hit a tracer or something? Not in a bazillion years no.
  14. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    Yay, another Anders fan! He is just the bestest. I have no idea how people do the rivalry romance with him tho. How could they do that to him?? It is kinda freaky when you end up in the Fade tho and realise you've been practically existing in a threesome for quite some time. "Justice does not approve of my obsession with you". And he is soooooo emo. I guess that is why DA:I is not quite as engaging, since the characters are just not as complex and deep, in most cases. Dorian kinda comes close, I guess. Blackwall is just one, huge bad conscience. I never did try out the Solas romance (ELF HATRED!) but I understand it is a real tear jerker.
  15. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    Come on now, Witcher 2 had loads of BEEWBS!!! Just had a discussion elsewhere of how I prefer the DA2 story telling to DA:Inq. I like DA:I, it's just not as I dunno, tight and edgy storytelling as in DA2? The sense of foreboding and doom in DA2 is so intense. There are moments like that in DA:I as well, like the Grey Warden campaign at the Western Approach which is just oooooooooh I get shivers. The Western Approach and the Hissing Wastes are just amazing environments as well. That said, I don't know if it's Varric's more central role, or Hawke, or my in-game-love Anders that does it (Blondie <3 *sniff* ), but I just love the crap out of DA2. Unfortunately, the repetitive gameplay makes it meh for replay. DA:I is more challenging because it is so freaking big and takes sooo long to replay.