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  1. To be fair to the populace, it is still a very new game and people will want to try out their "favourites" for a while I imagine. Most of the times, the wins come in games when there is a balanced team anyway, which people will also probably figure out. Yes, Mercy can be a powerhouse if your team keeps an eye out for where you are and stay mostly in "floating" distance, or at least get some nice damage boosts onto chars like Soldier 76 and McMree. If I can get a game where I can either stick to those guys and a Reinhardt or a good Roadhog it can work really well. But if she is stuck alone she is extremely frustrating, since she has no get away moves. I can tell you what works really, really well against a Lucio and that is a Mei. The whole speed boost thing is nullified. Got to sit on the other side of a Mei as well and it was ouch. Speaking of other troll characters apart from Mei, omg Junkrat and his stupid lobbing grenades and the tyre. I got owned so many times by that yesterday. Symmetra I got steamrolled on yesterday on the only time I picked her. The day before yesterday, I got 17 sentry kills in one game, so with her it seems you need some flow or luck or to be in the right place or maybe it's just a higher skill cap. I am not a very good player, to say the least. I am of an even more dignified age than you, and have even more dignified and slow fingers. (Although my proudest moment was 1 vs 1 as D.Va without suit with a Tracer, and I got the blinking little bastard with a freaking melee at the end. After that I went back to being dignified and headshot by Hanzo.) Did you know you can shoot D.Va's suit in the air? I saw it for the first time yesterday and think I have figured out how to do it, although haven't tried it. (More proof of me being not a great player I guess. ) It's nice that you can have a couple of chars you like, and then discover other ones that are also really fun to play. I am quite keen on learning Hanzo better since I played against a totally amazing one yesterday. Like you though, I trend more towards tank and support, although I snuck in some Mei and Pharah in there too. Pharah feels like an occasional glass cannon, or perhaps that's just what it's like to play offence after you've had a respectable HP pool.
  2. You're playing with better people than I am then, cos even if I persist, they won't swap very often. Lucio is a bit tricky, and it can be a bit hit and miss, but he's a pretty well rounded character who I find can pillar hump and get out of the way quite nicely due to the speed boost and the knockback. EDIT: I have to say tho, their matchmaking system is bizarre.
  3. I like both D.Va and Reinhardt, although I think Mei is my new favourite. Talk about trolling the other team! Had loads of fun playing Mei so far, even if I racked up more time on Lucio, D.Va, Reinhardt and Mercy. Even ran a defence game as Symmetra. Unfortunately it's really difficult to get a slot as a pure offence character, or it has been in the games I've played. So far I haven't got a look in with any of those, which is ok I guess, but it's also a bit naff since if you never practice, you won't get better at them either.
  4. Light, sexy period romance

    He's speaking cockney, or at least a London accent. It's a bit over the top sometimes, but she's sort of gone for mostly writing it phonetically so I can see the idea she is using (even tho she misses the mark with it sometimes, she is not British after all). I mean, you can listen to Adele speak, watch "Eastenders" or "My Fair Lady", learn to drop you H and say "How now brown cow". This is a quick and dirty tutorial to some of the sounds. This is better tho, it also has Michael Caine in it. Will's accent more moderate, which I think works better. He was supposedly born in Scotland as well before he ended up in the London slums, so I guess his non-native status is supposed to be distinctive from Blade being an actual old-skool Eastender. (Not that Whitechapel was the only rookery/slum during the supposed time period, which based on the clothing especially in book 3 seems to be somewhere around 1870-1880.)
  5. Light, sexy period romance

    I know, right? Grant really does awkward extremely well. The heroine's description of it was both tragic and hilarious as well. It really depends on whether it is a part of the story/character development or not. Strangely, A Lady Awakened technically has a lot of sex, but it's extremely awkward, mechanical and not in the least meant to be romantic or enticing, but at the same time it's important for character development (since it is central to the plot). Sex in erotica is more specifically put there to entice and titillate, and that's different. It can also differ depending on whose perspective you get, for instance. I prefer implied sex (LOL, that's an awesome description "implied sex") over badly written sex. Unfortunately I feel some writers (sorry Kinsale) ends up with very traditional PiV sex which just would be better by implied sex. At least then you don't have to disagree with the writer. Grant totally overturned the standard trope that as soon as the heroine gets a feel of the Mighty Wang of Lovin' she'll be all over that like a bad rash, but in this case it totally wasn't! The part where the hero thinks of the heroine's hands as "dead fish" is hilariously awkward. Also this: So yes, definitely not a bodice ripper kind of story. The heroine is so amazingly staid and logical, but without being actually cold.
  6. Light, sexy period romance

    Not to mention that a lot of erotica is outright painfully embarrassing and just wrong.
  7. Light, sexy period romance

    Yep, I thought Blade's cockney was over the top some of the time. She also occasionally slips up and uses Americanisms, although most of the time it's not as annoying as to get grating. Callahan's Darkest London series is FAR worse in this regard. It's so littered with Americanisms and modern language usage I wanted to get my red pen out and start making corrections. McMaster also gets points for creating a world that is interesting, with real political tension, social struggle etc. It's not just a world where hot people fall in love and live happily ever after: far from it. It's got some really grim aspects and danger is real (with death a quite possible outcome), not just Peril. I was disappointed in the last installment though, which felt rushed and out of focus compared to what I felt were well paced novels in no 1-3, which managed to balance plot, pacing and romance in a good way. Better luck next time! Overall, I wonder if a lot of American writers of historical romances get American proof readers, who won't necessarily notice all the non BE stuff.
  8. Light, sexy period romance

    Ah yes, it's marvelously awkward, the interaction, isn't it? Once could get used to that awkwardness, even without the presence of pigs. One could get used to reading about those very awkward siblings, so concerned with propriety. Let me know how you get on with McMaster (especially perhaps the second one, or maybe the third). Depends how it's written and how distinct the voices are. Unfortunately, even Cecilia Grant made some mistakes with her otherwise very good British English (honor, color, fall (it's AUTUMN)), but they were few enough that it only annoyed me a little bit and after all, one gets used to things (this you will understand once you read the book ). It's much harder to imagine proper English being spoken when the author litters a text featuring 19th century London with "sidewalk", "traffic", "a few blocks" and other Americanisms. "Fall" instead of "autumn" is one of the more common, and very sloppy, ones. I am not even British, and if I can pick out more than ten errors in the first few chapters, then there are bound to be far more of them.
  9. Light, sexy period romance

    Got the 0.5 novella already here. The character growth and how angular the characters are really appeal to me. They are occasionally quite hurtful and mean, or weak or obnoxious, and that makes it all more interesting. Even disregarding the pig!
  10. Light, sexy period romance

    I am about half way through, and in addition to it being a very unusual romance novel with lots of extremely snarky and embarrassing (for the characters) dialogue, there is indeed a most intrepid pig. Obviously I cannot speak for the ending, but at about the half-way mark, there is already respectable character growth, the hero is a clear non-arsehole (except maybe to pigs, but in his defence the pig needed some sorting out) and the heroine is a fairly difficult and complex person, while still being sympathetic. In many romance novels the reasons why the happy couple fall in love is basically hand-waved off with "and they found each other hot", but Grant has really worked hard on her Feelings in Progress and it's a really nice change. You can really tell the characters are gradually coming to genuinely like and respect each other, and why that would be so. It also incorporates some of the best facets of Milan's stuff, in that it features at least partially women's issues and does so fairly seamlessly. And of course, the pig plays a part. EDIT: Oh, and it keeps making me want to talk about myself in third person, as one does.
  11. I have so little time to play anything these days, so this will be my investment for 2016, potentially until Legion comes out when I might cave. Do Blizzard games generally go on sale at a decent rate? I remember waiting so long for D3 I never even bothered to play it once I got it. It was something like 2 years before I saw it on anything that I would consider really reduced price. I only got a very little time in last night, but Lucio is still my favourite, although got some tries in on Roadhog. Clearly, I need to practise more on other heroes, since I briefly ran some training on McCree and realised I have no clue how that's supposed to work.
  12. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    You mean Paranormal Romance? If you mean modern setting, then perhaps, but if you include historical or more fantastical settings, then I think there are lots better than Hidden Legacy, imho. Both Viola Carr's and BecMcMaster's stuff are less annoying and less rapetastic, for instance. As are Callihan's Darkest London (even tho I have a lot of other issues with this one), Draven's "Master of Crows" and Foxe's Steampunk romance stuff. (The latter three are still annoying in various degrees.)
  13. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Is the second part of Ilona Andrews' Hidden Legacy out yet? The first one had some pretty awful romance tropes (the whole kidnap shenanigans felt kinda meh tbh) and felt closer to their Edge series than Kate Daniels. Have you tried Viola Carr's Gothic/Steampunk London novels? Two out so far and even though I prefer the first one, they are alright.
  14. I am kinda excite about Overwatch cos I pre-ordered it. Of course, being in the EU we can't play it until tonight, but still. Weeeh! Now, if only work wasn't super stressful at the same time, if only I didn't have a big garden and two kids that demand my time....
  15. May 2016 reads

    Finished my serious reading (i.e. the stuff I read outside commuting, where I generally stick to pulp) and felt most of Joseph Conrad's highly rated classic "Heart of Darkness" went straight over my head. Worth the read, if not solely for the reason I figured out that "Apocalypse Now" is based on "Heart of Darkness" without actually looking it up. I felt somewhat smug about that for about 20 seconds, before I realised I still probably hadn't grasped even half of the themes. I can say this tho, it has a lot of fog in it. Literal fog lying about in the landscape and on the river, mental fog the characters move through and then the fog clouding the somewhat obtuse text. Fog and metaphorical darkness, if you like those things, this novel has it in abundance. If you don't then well, it's probably going to be somewhat heavy (and foggy) going. Is it just me, but is every novel about the Congo either gloomy, depressing, frightening, sad, or all of the above? It seems like the world's most depressing place. On a more positive note, I went ahead and ordered a huge (Uuuuuge) batch of used paperbacks, mostly Tanith Lee (yay) and some Paula Volsky from the 90s, for me to read during my upcoming summer holiday and I AM EXCITE!!! "Red as Blood" and "White as Snow" are coming my way.