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  1. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Creepy PMs   

    So, how do you report posters errh things to the Politburo? You see, I am asking for a Pinko Commie friend.
  2. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic November Reads 2015 2.0   

    Got to the part in "Ivanhoe" where Rebecca is a prisoner at Templestowe and I have to say it really irks me. Not the situation as such, but the reasoning Rebecca employs is extremely frustrating. So, the Grand Master of the Templars have decided that she needs to burn at the stake as a witch (she's a witch, buuuuurn her) and then de Bois-Guilbert basically prostrates himself and offers her his own disgrace and dismissal from the Templars if she agrees to go to some nicer warmer place with him, possibly Palestine and become his "par amour" (this is used within the text, with that formatting, lol ). de Bois-Guilbert has a long rant about the bigoted idiocy of the Templar Grand Master etc. but then we get to Rebecca's reply, and this is basically "run away with this dude-bro or death by fire" and she chooses Death by fire!!
    What is worse, she does this not because she finds Bois-Guilbert repulsive, frightening or whatever, no she does it because she thinks being a "soiled woman" is worse than death by fire. What reasonable person would ever think like that? The moralising is really irksome, especially since Rebecca has been set up as a rather shrewd person with a pretty realistic outlook. It's one thing to threaten to jump out of a window (which she did earlier) in the heat of the moment, but to deliberately go to a fiery death when there are other options?
    Obviously she gets saved by Ivanhoe later, or really by the fact that de Bois-Guilbert dies of a severe case of Conflicting Emotions, but still. The more I read of Ivanhoe, the more I think she should have mounted that Norman warhorse and ridden it all the way to Palestine, where she could have upgraded it to a better version if so needed.
  3. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter   

    Well, I have a priest.  Leveling it as mostly Disc, and it's not too bad, mostly because I am constantly grouped (or I would have gone shadow). But really all you need is a very, very good wand. MB or Holy Fire, SW:P, (5/5 wand spec) shield, wand wand wand wand spirit tap, rinse repeat. I find it harder to level a mage (tried that too) since I have to drink every 2-3 mobs, while the priest only need to drink when we overpull. It's slow, sure, but then most classes were far slower in vanilla as it is.
    It's not weakened soul that is lowered, that is a more modern disc talent, improved PW:S just makes the shield absorb more % of the damage. So basically useless unless it's PvP since shielding the tanks make them unable to gain rage.   Mostly went Disc with spirit tap in shadow since I level with a feral druid and can easily heal dungeons without respeccing at higher levels. Also divine spirit cos I miss that buff (yes I am a saddo).
    I got into a conversation with another priest when we randomly grouped with a bunch of other people, and we ended discussing wands.  And got really excited about "good" wands. I think the other people were just facepalming.
  4. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter   

    Checked one of my old server (Sylvanas EU) and it has a total of 4800 characters listed (wow census). But that is an old server and I imagine some of them are alts. The private PvE server is something like 5 weeks old and has in rough numbers some 2500 chars, but probably not a whole lot of alts since well, time. As for activity level, no clue. This one feels more crowded than anything after release week of a new expansion I have ever seen.
    The PvE Server isn't even patched up to Azuregos yet, so it's really bare bones. The only raids up are UBRS and MC. I only got my account in Dec 2005, so I've never experienced the super early days of Vanilla. Think BWL will be released during spring 2016 so I've even got a chance to go into original MC before BWL was even out.
  5. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Paris implications continued   

    As a point of fact, SÄPO are completely unreliable and incompetent, as was evidenced last week when they raised the terror level alert to 4, got all the newspaper to panic, sent search squads all over the country to find this one bloke, whom lived in a refugee house in the north of the country (with his name on the door) and then it turned out to be false alarm. All this also took them two days. The guy had his name on the door and was registered with all the relevant authorities.
    You are talking about this organisation yes? They are currently about the worst possible embarrassment for this country. If you think they are, in any way, shape or form, reliable, you are beyond gullible. They are a joke. On the taxpayers as well, I might add. Reference.
  6. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter   

    Yes it is a private server and no it's not really an awful grind.  Nostalrius PvE (go to Timeline and pick "PvE")
    I mean yes, it is slower than retails faceroll, but not at ALL as bad as it was when I played it myself the first time. At that point I didn't know where to go, it was a PvP server so ganking was rife, I only realised things like thottbot existed during my last 10 or so levels, etc.
    We've done 1-36 in just under 3 days played, with a lot of AFK time, because that's how we roll.  Also, we're on the PvE server which helps a lot with the lack of useless ganking all the time. While the running is meh since it just takes ages going places, it also hammers home that in retail you are not encouraged to see the world you are in, at all.
    It's a strangely new experience for me as well since I've always been Horde (apart from some server transfers as max level) and now I am levelling as Alliance for the first time!! I got murdered by Stitches in Darkshire!!!  I had to run away from murlocs (Horde doesn't have a huge amount of murloc quest chains). I've killed Hogger three times. We walked through the Barrens and there was no Barrens chat. In fact, there hasn't been a single Chuck Norris joke so far.
    Levelling on a PvP server is much much slower than on a PvE server. Like, miles different. I've done both and the PvP server was half pop, this PvE server has 2500 players as of last week, and the lowbie areas are constantly crowded. The only problem we sometimes experience is mob camping, because there are so many players.
    On the other hand, a lot of people are fine or very positive with grouping, very few are aggro douches and people often either thank me or whisper me thanks for a buff.
    Overall, I thought it would be a worse slog, but it really hasn't. But then we really aren't stressing to get anywhere, so we can take it easy. 
    If anyone feels like giving it a whirl, give me a holler. My dorf (BECAUSE OF COURSE!) char is "Laseen". 
  7. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter   

    Running some Vanilla WoW on a crowded PvE server which is currently not even patched up to Azuregos, so this is the original experience. ZOMG it is HARD! Two normal level mobs and you struggle. Three and you run. Oh and running. You run everywhere since a flight is 6 silver and it will break the bank. Above all it really shows how dumbed down retail wow is. I'm kinda loving it, in a masochistic way.
    It's also hilarious to watch all the Wrath/Cata baby nubcakes wonder why the summoning stones aren't working, why lvl 18 blues aren't selling for 5G, why levelling as moonkin is a bad idea, that the CC button is there to be used, why going to an instance at the level it is first available is a bad idea, and why they can't DPS before the tank is pulling.
    It also made me realise *I* have forgotten how to really play this game. Like the nubcakes I was laughing at, I spent talent points on damage talents instead of utility, for instance. And respeccing is too expensive, so that will have to stay until lvl 60.
  8. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Paris implications continued   

    Congratulations on using SÄPO as a credible source. Nobody in their right mind would consider them believable on anything.  There is a very good reason why SÄPO is a source of mockery in a lot of Swedish popular culture. Granted, they are very good at monitoring our Left party in parliament.
    If we instead look at the actual numbers of assaults, buildings set on fires and people shot, the right-wing extremists are still very much in the lead. As stated, that doesn't meant that the Daesh fans are not dangerous, just that so far, they are definitely not the ones causing the most mayhem here. Perhaps something to remember since we had a school shooting by a right-wing extremist only a few weeks ago where children were shot to death. For them, it doesn't matter whether it was organised or not, they died all the same.
  9. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Can one REALLY be celibate?   

    Right, so you are just a random person on the internet, but apparently YOUR view does not need backing up, but Theda's does? 
    Oh and PS: yes, she DOES have a degree. It's real. Deal. With. It.
    I for one and looking forward to when you get to eat your words on this particular subject and I will be bringing popcorn.
    Now, as for my personal comments on this, completely removed from anything Theda would say, you are wrong, and here's why.
    You are basing your entire reasoning on sources influenced by a culture in which female sexuality was either considered non-existent, harmful or capable of influencing men negatively. It hardly takes a NASA scientist to figure out that this will also impact how women view and express their own sexuality. In other words: you are not looking at the dataset from an unbiased viewpoint. Our history is not a naturally neutral existence. To treat it as such is to be wilfully blinkered.
    Or, what LilyValley already pointed out.
    So, how about YOU argue your knowledge by, as you yourself put it, arguing the facts.
  10. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Paris implications continued   

    Nice to mix apples and pears. 
    The maybe 10 or so people from Sweden who've legged it to Syria to fight for Daesh (let's call them by their real name shall we?) were surely radicalised nutjobs and nobody here has defended them. Have you seen me cry tears for these people? No. The only reason this is even a Thing is that the media is blowing this totally out of proportion. Plus, as was pointed out in the report on national security which I at least speed read through: even though this may be a security issue, generally the people who actually go to Syria to fight tend to stay there, on the whole. Which means they are potentially shooting someone, but probably somewhere else. Meaning they are more a security issue for the Syrian people than for people in northwesten Europe.
    However, our homegrown right-wing terrorists are another matter. Regardless of people's feelings on the matter, the number is pointing to right-wing extremists being the most dangerous factions. That doesn't mean there are no daesh wannabes around, just that they are fewer in number. Even wikipedia agrees with this, and they aren't listing assaults and destruction of property etc. as "domestic terrorism" which is stuff we are seeing a lot of lately.
    The correct question to ask is not "why has immigration failed?", the correct question to ask is "why do we have these right-wing nutjobs?".
    That doesn't imply that Sweden or the rest of western Europe have succeeded well in integrating immigrants, but this is hardly new or shocking news, it was the same during Victorian days (it's amazingly interesting to see what the Londoners thought of the Irish immigrants, which is basically almost verbatim what some people are saying about muslims today). So this whole "OMG this is a newfangled problem". No it really isn't. It's an old problem in a new form, and unfortunately we insist on learning as little as possible from the past.
    As I have stated in the past as well: the better your economy is running and the more people you can employ and educate quickly, the better off you will be. However, as EU is currently the Land of Eternal Austerity, this is not happening. Unfortunately.
    EDIT: I do love that whole "well the destruction of asylum seekers homes are just the bloody Syrians being barbarians and setting fire to their homes cos that's just what they are like". Last time I saw that particular statement was in conjunction with someone complaining how immigrants all had IQ80 and should not be allowed to breed and spread their inferior genes. You may thinks this is facetious, but it is not. It was a local politician who wrote it, too.
  11. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Paris implications continued   

    Wow, dude, you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Every week here asylum homes are set on fire by right-wing blowhards. We had a school shooting with racist motives here less than a month ago. Not long ago a man was assaulted in Malmo for the sole reason of being openly anti-racist, and this is not the only case. Hell, I remember in -99 when Nazis murdered Björn Söderberg in his own home. 
    Someone already mentioned Breivik, too, which should be painfully obvious to anyone. Given the statistics and the numbers, right-wing extremists are by far the larger threat. It's just that people don't wanna know, even when statistics is staring them in the face. They prefer, like you, to stick to what they feel and believe instead of the facts because it's more comfortable that way.
  12. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic The implications of the Paris attacks   

    It also seems to me, and I think you agree (based on earlier threads  ) that the real threat to Europe is far more economical in nature than it depends on multiculturalism or people with brown skin immigrating. Austerity politics, privatisation and this weird neoconservative financial politics of one half Ayn Rand, one half nepotism, are strangling Europe.
    More people in work and more people making a salary worth living on, in flats/houses of decent standard will create ways for people to succeed and solve some of the problems with recruitment for extremist movements.
  13. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic The implications of the Paris attacks   

    He's not European tho, so I guess from another vantage point, Europe's been this pristine, white, non-war zone without any racial struggles?
    Apart from the fact that it's disregarding stuff like history and facts, with little things like WW1 and WW2, lots of terrorist attacks by IRA, by Algerians in France, the Lockerbie bombings, etc. And that little extermination events by the Nazis where Jews and Roma went bye bye, but you know, apart from those and a few other things: fortress Europe! Let's go back to how it was!!
    Only, I think this is trying to go back to a place and a time that has never existed, only in some vague version in the minds of people who weren't there at the time. It's also really simple and appealing to some to blame all of this on brown people, cos what is different between now and the 1940s or what have you? Apart from lots of complex political and sociological and technical stuff (war is a great driver for technical development), well, we have more non-white immigrants, too. So clearly it must be them!
  14. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter   

    And we lost the three pages debating the difficulty of Diablo 3!! 

    So far I've been a bit meh about the DLCs for DA:I, mostly because it felt the DA2 and DA:O ones were more character centric while the DA:I ones aren't really. But perhaps I should give them another whirl and not be such a grumpy old git.
  15. Lyanna Stark added a post in a topic November Reads 2015 2.0   

    He does compared to wereseal erotica writers too.