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  1. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Before I forget I think Jon's first name is ... Jon. I don't dislike the name and there are realistic reasons for this name to be chosen. And I'll add that he has been named Jon for so long now that he will likely continue to ask people to call him that but that's my opinion. We know he is Lyanna's son now, that is certain. And it is likely he could be Raeghar's son though that could still be wrong. I saw the post about the guy who watched the lyanna scene over and over and "heard" Aemon. This one is a bit ridiculous. She most likely isn't actually saying anything during the inaudible part but if he "heard" it...
  2. What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Just like Entrisen said you are thinking out of the context of the book. You really shouldn't get so aggressive so easily. Moreover the way you're phrasing things here seems very dangerous to me. It suggests that if Jon really is Ned's bastard then it was alright for him to be treated this way...
  3. GRRM considering big twist for a major character

    Personally I hope it's Asha. The wannabe pirate queen is one of my favourite characters in the book and she's been completely altered in the series. Really, there are a lot of holes in the Iron Islands region. They've got their own mythology and legends. A relation to another type of "dragon" that seems to be more akin to a sea serpent. Then again they speak of living fire and whatnot so... But they were once strong enough to challenge this "dragon" apparently named Naga in the sea, on her own territory. It would be a shame if that lineage never played a part (different from being captives or Reek) in the epic struggle that's coming. The thing is I get the feeling GRRM's talking about a character he kinda left on the side. And though she hasn't acomplished much in the last book (she's basically gone through defeat after defeat and is now a captive with little on her side), she's getting close to her brother who's also a captive in the same place. But will they somehow escape together? And even if they do where will they go? They can't go back to the Iron Islands, Asha has been humiliated and married against her will and Theon has betrayed his fellow Ironmen to the Bolton. They would hardly be welcome to the south where their Uncle is mounting an attack on Hightown. I think they'll manage to escape and somehow lose themselves in the North. They'll probably go towards the sea so I would guess Sea Dragon Point which as it's been told in the books is mostly deserted might be the place for them to hide. One must admit the name of the place seems quite prophetic. The thing is what will happen there if there's going to be a big twist? Maybe they'll meet up with Aeron? Maybe Asha's mother will come out of her trance and find her children there? GRRM seems to already have something planned for the lady unfortunately. And knowing the man it's not going to be pretty... Anyway right now the focus of the story is on the Starks, Daenerys, The Lannisters, Stannis, the Iron Islanders and more and more the Martells. The Arryns and the Tyrrels are only seen through others POV which indicates they aren't as central to the story. The Starks are slowly rising they've been from the end of the first book with a few necessary hiccups (Red Wedding) to keep things plausible and interesting. Daenerys probably won't be back in Westeros by the end of the next book if ever... The Lannisters are falling from grace just as the Starks are rising though some seem intent on repenting. Stannis.... not interesting... to me anyway. The Martells are preparing for war. The Iron Islanders are as I've said kinda left on the side. They've got their POV's but they always are on the sidelines. They're almost always used to show something else rather than something focused on them. We've seen the Kingsmoot to introduce the shift of power there and the dreadful character of Euron. So far Asha is a captive, Theon is a captive, Aerion is nowhere to be found, Victarion is a side character intended to bring the horn and the red priest to Daenerys... Man I've gone too long on this but basically it's about time they got something happening about them different than as carrier's or observers.
  4. I think TGNC is extremely unlikely. There are absolutely no true hints pointing towards that subplot. In fact to put it plainly it seems far too much like a fantasy that "North" fans would cook up for their own liking. And that is precisely why it is so hard to believe that GRRM would put such a simpleminded plot in the book. It paints the North as almost a Paragon of "Good" except for the wretched Boltons. The North is covered with white snow but underneath there are corpses and blood. No one is perfect in ASOIAF, not even Jon or Stannis or the Onion knight (got a blank for his name, it will come back...).
  5. The Great Northern Conspiracy is very unlikely. All the supposed high lords members where long time friends and honorable men who would not have turned against the king in most circumstances. It is much more likely they met as just friends and not as conspirators and that Aerys being mad misinterpreted just as you are doing I think. Careful there, you just might start burning people for "conspiring" against you guys...
  6. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I think Tyrion is anxious because he's heard that Dany has disappeared and realized that Barristan is currently leading in her stead. Barristan certainly didn't like the dwarf with his dishonourable cunning ways but after Cersei's dismissal of him he surely has a thing against Lannisters.If he had been brought before Dany he could have argued that he used his cunning to help in her war effort (despite most of the credit going to Victarion), and added his knowledge of dragons as a bargaining chip. The fact he killed his own father might not please Barristan but it will surely prove to Dany that he's pretty much emancipated himself from his family. And the obvious thing is that he is currently on a battlefield, which so far has proven not to be his favorite spot. And if you want to make him really miserable you give Penny the pale mare. Tyrion might have hardened himself enough to kill his father but he's not yet heartless. I think it's pretty obvious when it comes to Victarion. Once the battle is won everyone will applaud his intervention but when Dany comes back she'll be grateful but not enough that she'll agree to marry him. Victarion will be furious and eventually try to use the horn then it's anyone's guess, but I don't think he can control a dragon. Meereen and the entirety of Slaver's Bay will still be devastated and Dany will realize she no longer has a kingdom but only the remnant of a remnant of a kingdom. She'll use Victarions ships to go back to Westeros with her unsullied, Dothraki and the rest of her followers. I can't tell if it will happen before or after Victarion tries to betray her out of bitterness.
  7. Bran, the King in the North?

    I'm wondering if he can be greenseer and lord of Winterfell in fact. Don't greenseers have obligations of their own? Brynden who's teaching Bran is a Targaryen bastard, why did he stay in those caves for all these years when he could have come out? Moreover I have an inkling that a greenseer high lord would be too powerful a character for GRRM's taste. If there is one thing we can say about Asoiaf it's that all characters are ultimately frail. Even when they are king they can be betrayed (and usually are), when they have dragons those don't necessarily obey. Dany only rode on Drogon's back twice and both time she was in a life threatening situation, did he really accept her as his rider or was he just protecting his "mother"?
  8. Bran, the King in the North?

    Jon already has his hands quite full without having him become a greenseer. Read what I wrote before that last post, I DON'T think Bran will stay in the caves. I make exactly the same point as you about the network of caves under the Wall. First, we don't know what greenseers are entirely capable of. Second I never said he would come out and decimate the others, what I had in mind is more like wardings to prevent the others from passing such as the one on the home of the Singers and the Wall which would provide a tactical advantage in the fight against the others seeing as regular walls do little to impede them. I never said he would not have a significant role in the plot. I just pointed out the fact that he was a boy in response to all the posts I see assuming that Bran will become King in the North or Hand to the next king/queen which I believe impossible. As I said before in that thread I see Bran as the high priest of the old gods religion. What you say about the ravens is exactly what I'm implying, Bran's job now is to be an information dealer, you can't expect him to get on a horse and charge the others and he has very limited political power. I don't think even the Singers obey the greenseers to the letter. So he will play an important role, information is crucial.
  9. Bran, the King in the North?

    I really don't see why you people expect Bran to have a major major political role in the whole seven kingdoms or even just in the North in the future? He's far too young. And if you start talking about his huge weirwood knowledge database I want to remind you that we have no idea how fast he can look through that database. So there's no reason to believe he'll grow to be a mature individual who'll play a major political role in the next two books. Bran is a boy, and the way I've always seen it is that his new greenseer occupation was introduced for the sole purpose of revealing things that couldn't be revealed otherwise such as the best way to fight the others or Jon's parentage and maybe to use some old forgotten Singers (Those who sing the songs of the earth) magic against the others.
  10. Bran, the King in the North?

    The way I understand it Jon is not going to try to be the lord of Winterfell unless Ned Stark comes back from the grave and tells him that he can. Jon's just too complexed with his bastardy, even if he learns that Robb made him his heir he would at the most act as regent until a "true" Stark comes in. Bran now has new obligations, the greenseers are like the high priests of the old gods religion. It is my understanding that priests rarely become kings or even lords in Westeros. I though am not convinced he will stay in the home of the children forever. In several books now GRRM as been speaking about a network of caves under the Wall and beyond. I just can't imagine someone not using those caves before the end of the story and in my opinion that someone may very well be Bran. It may be misogynistic but I just can't picture the girls taking up the rule. They weren't trained for it. Arya is too wild and Sansa doesn't have the right qualities. She's (Sansa) smart and is learning to play the game of thrones but ruling isn't all about power games especially in the North where such practices are scarcer than in the South. And in the North sons pass before daughters Thus my bet is on Rickon
  11. The Starks will Rise

    The problem with burning Edric Storm is that he knows that Melissandre isn't exactly a 100% oracle. So burning Edric might save everyone but it's also very likely that Melissandre is mistaken once again and that Stannis would burn his nephew for far less of a result if any. Which is why Davos (definitely a recognized good guy) smuggles Edric out of Stannis' reach. Davos himself sees that his lord which he trusts more than anyone is let's say... unstable. Ned supported Stannis because he was the rightful heir of Robert not because he favors Stannis as king. True Jon wouldn't like any king on the wall but the only king that would and actually has dared to come to the wall and claim things which he has no right to claim is Stannis. Which I think makes him much more wary of him than of any other king. I think it's pretty obvious that Stannis understands what happened with Renly. When Davos tries to inquire about what happened with Melissandre Stannis doesn't want to talk about it because he suspects that Melissandre used her magic to kill his own brother on his order. A king is expected to have mercy. The Stannis of the past showed such mercy with Davos but the Stannis of today wouldn't show mercy to his own brother. Now i think that some people are misunderstanding. I'm not saying stannis is a bad guy I'm saying he's not the good guy you claim he is. Stannis is similar to Rand in The Wheel of Time. He is hard, too hard and that is driving him mad. The difference is that in The Wheel of Time Rand ends up learning wisdom by overcoming his madness while in ASOIAF such a happy thing is definitely not happening.
  12. The Starks will Rise

    Other than the burnings? The shadow that killed his brother maybe? Ok he didn't create the shadow but he knew what Melissandre was gonna do and he still let her do it. He would do anything to get his hands on the throne and let's Melissandre commit those. And personnaly I'm pretty sure that Melissandre is mistaken in her visions of Stannis being AAR. The last book hints at the fact that she is but an interpreter. Stannis is iron and iron is brittle is what the blacksmith says. Tywin did prove himself to be shrewd and ruthless moreover Tywin was part of the battle of the Blackwater the Tyrells weren't alone. And in the end it wasn't on the battlefield he was killed but by his own son? It says nothing of how bad a leader he was, it says something of how bad a father he was. Once more we know nothing of why Aegon decided to conquer the seven kingdoms for all we know he saw that in the future the others would come back and that his family's dragons would be needed. Moreover I'm sorry but all those quotes about Stannis saying he is doing something for the realms doesn't mean he is, he's just saying it. GRRM said Stannis was a just man but Stannis right now in the book isn't who he used to be I think. Jon and Ned recognize that Stannis is a just if harsh man but you can clearly tell that they wouldn't (and Jon isn't) be comfortable with Stannis over their head. And I'm sorry but this whole utilitarian way of thinking isn't what I would call right, but this is going into philosophy and less about the book so I'll drop that.
  13. The Starks will Rise

    Ok I definitely don't see how you can like Stannis. The man burns people alive, he was even considering burning his own nephew (although a bastard)! It's said in the book that he looks at women as if they were of another species. Tywin was a good leader who ruled through fear true, but he never claimed he was "good". People who followed him knew who he was, what he stood for and mainly they followed him for the money and because he was a powerful and shrewd lord who was unlikely to fail (that which Stannis his obviously not). As for Aegon the conqueror we know he conquered through violence but we know precious little of how he actually ruled after being recognized as king. The difference with Stannis is that Stannis claims to be "good" (as in the moral attribute good) but at the same time rules through fear. Now the truth is Stannis is not a "good" guy. He will go to any extreme just because of his spite at being relegated behind his brothers, he's not trying to do good by the realm or anything. He doesn't follow the law otherwise he would be supporting Daenerys as he should have done since the start. He really just wants the throne for himself, the guy is the shadow of a great guy, who when you look at him seems like a just man who does good by the realm but the truth is the great man is standing by his side. Davos is a great man, Jon is a great man but Stannis isn't. The blacksmith at the Wall said it Stannis is Iron he is hard, too hard to do more than follow I think. Look at the atrocities he's done and tell me that him being a king will end at least partially well. He will go as mad as Aerys eventually. Stannis is a soldier like Victarion, born to follow but never to lead on a great scale.
  14. The Starks will Rise

    Now what is with Stannis being a good guy? The guy is already half- mad if not more and he is going madder with every chapter. He is utterly spiteful, has no compassion, and if he is a good tactician which leaves to be desired in my opinion. He is definitely not a good leader. Stannis does not inspire men, he commands them and expects them to obey. In a nutshell, he was an unlikeable fool from the start and now he is a mad unlikeable fool. If he lives through TWOW he won't live through ADOS.
  15. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    Lord Walder Frey doesn't know Arya in the first place. He's never seen her and sefinitely wouldn't recognize even descriptions after the 2-3 years since the beginning of the book. Girls ata that age grow fast as is mentioned at the beginning of ADWD. In the next 2 books she'll be a young woman, not a little girl any longer.