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  1. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    "Dont be such a Tommen about the whole deal." He wants his Ser Pounce, STAT! Hahah. Thats great. :thumbsup:
  2. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Thanks for the response DragonsDancing. As to your points: Bloodraven and the COTF could easily tell Bran that Jojen wandered off and was lost to the wild or something. There is no reason they would have to come out and tell him that they sacrificed him. However, Jojen has clearly had greendreams about his death and destiny and what if those greendreams had led him to accept that he had to be sacrificed for some yet unknown "greater good"? Maybe he has always known somehow that his death would involve helping Bran gain greater powers to fight the Others, so he went semi-willingly to his demise. Or something along these lines, I am just spitballing. As to your point why they would have to kill Jojen and not just some animal, I believe it has already been established that the death of a human being is believed to hold great power to the "Gods" of Westeros. Dany's unborn child, those burned in the fires for the Lord of Light, the Drowned Men, etc. Furthermore, it has also been established that certain human's blood, when sacrificed, holds greater powers than "normal" humans. Example: those with kingly blood. An idea could be that if a human with the greendreaming ability (Jojen) is sacrificed for Bran, it would hold more power than an ordinary human...and far more than an animal.
  3. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    I do not think I am "inventing". I am more than willing to accept that Jojen may still be alive but I think to believe that Martin didn't leave the question of whether or not he was in that weirwood paste open to interpretation on purpose is wrong. There are plenty of indications toward that outcome and if Martin did NOT intend for his readers to wonder if Jojen had survived, it would be sloppy and pointless writing. And, let me be clear, I do not think this was sloppy writing. Why was Jojen so nervous and apprehensive during these chapters? Why did we see Bran receiving the vision of human sacrifice and tasting blood? Why the specific allusions to the weirwood paste have a blood like substance in it? There may be other explanations but Jojen becoming a sacrifice is certainly among them. And its not as if, as I noted before, that human sacrifice in order to access deep magic is foreign in ASOIAF. To the contrary, it is common.
  4. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    bump. started on third page.
  5. I recently reread the Bran and Reed chapters in the COTF caves with Bloodraven and a sneaking suspicion I had in my first read through has solidified into something I would be surprised to find out not to be true. This being: Jojen Reed was sacrificed to the Old Gods and then fed to Bran in the weirwood paste in order to awaken his latent ability to warg into weirwood. Now, you have to read between the lines in order to come to this conclusion, but I believe the hints are disturbingly clear in retrospect. Jojen's deepening gloom and sense of his impending demise, Bran seeing ancient Men sacrificing humans to the Old Gods and then tasting their blood, Bran's initial perception that the weirwood paste had blood in it and his initial revulsion at its taste, and finally Bran's looking for Jojen and Meera as his last chapter in the book closes and not finding them. Also, to a lesser extent, the ancient bones of animals and humans scattered through the caves. Add on top of this a broader theme in Martin's work; that magic comes with a price. Dany's sacrifice of her unborn child to "save" Drogo and burning of the witch to wake the dragons. The burnt human sacrifices that the Fire God's disciples give him for power. Craster sacrificing his sons to the Others. Bran having to partake in a human sacrifice for his expanded powers would fit perfectly into this pattern. Which is why, along with the context clues in his chapters, I believe Jojen was that sacrifice. Which is dark. And creepy. And kind of pretty freakin' cool. Thoughts? Counter arguments? I also realize that this is probably not a original take on this chapter, but I have not seen it discussed recently and am curious to see how many people had the same idea that I have about it.
  6. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Beric is dunzo. Breathed his last life into UnCat.
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