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  1. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    The MVP of the NFL this year is Zach Martin, and it isn't even a close competition in my eyes. 2nd, and third place goes to Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick respectively. When I watch Cowboy's games, Martin is the player I watch on every offensive play. I have always been partial to the Oline having played that position, but it is not a regular thing to watch the offense through a guard. Larry Allen is the only other player I watched games that way, and he is the best lineman to ever live. Martain is in his league. I think it sucks that they will never give either the defensive line or offensive line the MVP award.
  2. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    So, as you guys know, I brag about having the very best theatre chain in the world right down the street from my house. It is called The Alamo Drafthouse, and if you talk or text while seeing a movie there, they throw you out. It also has a bad ass menu with incredibly tasty food and reclining seats. I have my tickets here for 7pm on Thursday night. The midnight releases have been pushed back to 7p and 10 p showings here as well in my area. They also have started another tradition that I will be participating in. For Star Wars releases, they are opening up the theatre early in the morning as well. Showtimes start around 8am and they serve a full Brunch menu. I will not only be going to the 7pm on Thursday, but I also bought tickets to the early show on Friday morning. Star Wars and eggs will be an annual thing for me as long as they keep this going.
  3. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Considering that they waited until well after the reshoots before releasing the first trailer, and they used footage from it, I'm going to say that you are seeing things that just are not there. I'm actually glad they reshot a lot of this movie. I've seen Gareth Edwards films, and they can be boring at times as well as beautiful. I think we are getting the best of Edwards and leaving the rest. In other news, I got my tickets last night for the first showing at the Alamo Drafthouse on Dec. 15th. I'm almost as exited about this as I was for last year's movie (which I have now seen 43 times).
  4. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    I have been lagging behind with this series, and because the buzz was so strong, I decided to catch up before I got spoiled. I'm really glad I did. It will be nice waiting the next two weeks to see if some of these theories are true. I did not have the luxury of reading theories while watching though, as I just plowed on through. I am going back to watch theories now, but it is remarkable that I came up with some of these very same theories just by watching the show. The writers obviously have been telegraphing their clues or red herrings. Here are a couple of thoughts I had while watching. 1. Very early on I pegged Bernard as a host. I also believe that he is modeled after Arnold. 2. There are multiple timelines going on in the narrative. 3. William is the MiB - After watching episode 8, I also believe that he was recreated as a host and that is the version we are seeing in the current Delores story. 4. Ford may be a host as well. Arnold's first creation that achieved conciseness. He may also contain Arnold's conciseness, or Arnold lives on through the basic programming of the world.
  5. [SPOILERS] Fantastic Beast and Why to Avoid Them

    I loved the movie, and I really wish snarky responses could be left out of the thread title. I wish shitting on things wasn't so trendy... With that said, there were a few problems with the film that I can acknowledge. The Johnny Depp reveal of course the most glaring. I will say that it is far more accurate than not for the movie to not be diversified. New York City was incredibly segregated in the 20's, and these were white characters. Everyone is praising Eddie Redmayne for this, but I thought his acting job was rather unremarkable. I was more impressed with Dan Fogler's Nomag, and Alison Sudol as Queenie. Both of these characters made the movie for me.
  6. The Arrival- Film- SPOILERS

    The director didn't write the movie, and obviously the strong points of this film was the writing and acting. I'm still a little hesitant about the Blade Runner sequel because I am not assured that the wiring will be this kind of quality. Also, I personally liked Contact a bit better because it had far better pacing, even though the story was a bit weaker but these two were very close. I almost fell asleep in this movie several times, and I absolutely adored it. I really do think this is a fine film despite the director, and not because of it.
  7. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Go back and look what I was saying in these threads about Dak Prescott. I was saying that I hoped the Cowboys take him from the very beginning. I also said that I liked him better than the two that were getting all of the hype Wentz and Goff. I remember some people laughed at me.
  8. The Arrival- Film- SPOILERS

    I haven't liked anything he has done at all besides this one. Sicario may have been the most boring movie I have ever seen. I can not stand the way he paces movies.He did the exact same thing with this movie, but the writing was so good it overcame it.
  9. The Arrival- Film- SPOILERS

    I saw this film last week and loved it, despite not liking the director at all. The writing and acting more than made up for the pacing issues and general slowness of the film. The music was outstanding as well. Someone upthread said that they would not recommend this movie to someone who didn't like Interstellar. I didn't like Interstellar, but loved this. I personally thought that I was being emotionally manipulated in the same way in this movie, but with the plot twist, the story of human emotion was found to be central to the plot and therefore had even more meaning. I'm glad I saw this. It made me think for hours and hours afterwards.
  10. The Crown [Netflix]

    I will be finishing the series tonight...Quick question... Do you think the Queen would take back her unruly American children now? I'd give it a go.
  11. Survivor: MvGX

    That comparison was not lost on me. I used it in the audition video... Thanks for the kind words, my fingers are still crossed.
  12. Survivor: MvGX

    What an amazing day... It is my fervent wish that this be the last time I be allowed to talk about this, but we will see. Survivor open casting call was today, and I experienced it. Today was a surreal experience all the way around, and I am absolutely positive I made an impression. I am almost quite certain that I made the most memorable part of the day for almost all of the 300 people there. Here is how it started. Since I am still not driving myself because of surgery, I had called and made arrangements for my mother to give me a ride. The location was out in Grapevine at a car dealership, so I told her to meet me at my house at noon because the call was for 2pm. I wanted to get there at least an hour early. She shows up at 1pm, and then realizes that the location is farther away than she thought. We drive out with her yelling at me the entire way, and then we get lost when we get to the area. As I am using my tablet to GPS the location, I accidentally broke the screen. So we show up late, and there is packs of people already there like cattle getting ready to be herded into the slaughter. I am led down a line, and they give me a piece of paper on it with the number GREEN 159 on it meaning I am going to the green casting room, and 158 bozos are going in before me to speak to the camera in monotone voices and tell it that the really, really, really want to be on the show. I would be 159, and there was an entirely separate room doing the exact same thing. Needless to say, I felt a little despondent. I went outside for some fresh air, when all of a sudden, I noticed that someone had left their paper with the number BLUE 74 on it LYING ON THE GROUND. Without thinking about it, I scooped it up and put it in my pocket. This is where the story begins. It had been a bad day up to this point, and I decided that I was going to have a little fun. I see a guy come out of the building, and he is frantically looking for something. He searches the ground where he dropped the paper, and then I see him walk to his car looking there for it. This guy spent 15 minutes scouring over the entire place for it. I had met a few people during this time, so I found someone I had built up a little rapport with in conversation and I told him what was going on. At this point, the guy who had lost his number went back to the line to get another one, and he threw an absolute fit about not having his number. Everyone in the building heard him complaining about it. At this point, I had met a few other people, and I decided to let them in on it as well. Since the guy was being an ass about it, and I was being my normal obnoxious yet likable self, these people just laughed and didn't say anything to Mr. Butterfingers. An hour or so passes, and I have an entire section of the room listening to stories I was telling, some of them true, some of them entirely fabricated just to get practice in in case I'm selected for the show. No one has said anything to the guy who is sitting on the other side of the room in a bad mood, and the plan is moving forward. They finally called a series of numbers that contained the one I had rightfully stolen, and here comes angry guy with his own BLUE 74b sign that he had written himself. I mostly ignored him, but wished him luck when he went into the interview room with his self made sign. He spent a couple of minutes in there, and on his way out, I walked in and called him an impostor. Told the casting department I was the real BLUE 74 and could prove it, and then gave them the real number and sign. This man looked at me with fire and smoke pouring out of his ears, but the casting people shuffled him out of the room quickly, and there I was. I then pulled up a chair, and made the camera guy refocus the camera on me. Everyone else was standing up, and I probably could have done the interview that way, but I wanted to do something that made me look different than every other person who went in there that day. The casting people in the room were already looking away trying to conceal smiles when they told me to begin. I nailed it. There is nothing more that I could have possibly done to promote myself any better. I may not get on the show for reasons of being fat and having a face for radio, but I left it all out there in that two minute spiel. (well, it was supposed to be two minutes, I took three) The entirety of my interview consisted of what exactly had happened that day, how I arrived late with a screaming mother, how I stole my position, how I fabricated story after story to people, and how that if they selected me to play I would be doing the exact same thing on everyone's television screens. Not only was the casting department in my room cracking up uncontrollably, but as I was leaving, it quickly got back to the other room and they were laughing. One of them asked me if my leg would be healed enough to play when it got time to go. On the way out the door, I loudly proclaimed to the room of 300 plus people still waiting that I had knocked it out of the park in the interview. I got a few people clapping at me for that, and then I dropped the bomb in the room and told them that it was I who had stolen that guys number. Every single person in that room cheered me as I walked out. It could not have been more perfect.
  13. We had a teaser a year before the movie was released, and the title was put out at Star Wars celebrations six months before that. I imagine they aren't doing that this year as to not confuse people too much about the nature of Rogue One as a standalone movie.
  14. Survivor: MvGX

    The thing is, it was a horrible move for Jay. First of all, she would have kept her final four with him without a question, so he just booted an ally from the game while simultaneously making an enemy out of Hannah, another ally. Secondly, Michaela, with her gregarious personality and physical dominance in challenge after challenge was a bigger target than him for the other side to take a swing at. I think that Jay is not long for this game even with an idol right now, and it his own damned fault.
  15. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    I am not a baseball fan. I do however, go to one or two games a year because it is fun, and as an overall sports fan, I will check the papers every day during the summer to see what is happening in the sport. As a six year old, while playing the sport, I told people I was a Texas Rangers fan because I lived here in Dallas. When someone asked me what my favorite team in the National league was, I decided it would be the Cubs because even at the age of six, I could relate to the "lovable loser." When I check the paper on a daily basis, the first thing I always do is to see how the Rangers and Cubs are doing. I lived in Chicago for a few years of my life as well, and I made it more of a habit to go to Wrigley than I ever have gone to the Ballpark in Arlington.There was a couple of reasons for this. First being that it is the best place I have ever been to watch a sporting event. The neighborhood is amazing, and they have the very best hotdogs on the planet. The second reason was that it was just two train stops from my house. I was actually at the Bartman game. I could spend hours here trying to describe the feelings from that, but it will still be insufficient in describing what it felt like to be absolutely certain a team was going to win, to not having a question that the team had already lost in the matter of an instant. It was the most unique collective experience of my lifetime. I also saw the other team I root for, the Texas Rangers, come within one strike of a World Series win twice, yet I have never seen a baseball team I root for win a championship. I say this as a backdrop to the statement that tonight's game is among the greatest sports experiences of my lifetime. I am more invested in other sports. I have more of a connection to other teams in other sports, but I have been waiting an entire lifetime to see this. to have it happen the way it did was perfect. I was screaming at the TV when Maddon pulled Hendrix today. My heart absolutely broke when Chapman gave up that homerun. I was absolutely positive it was happening again. It didn't. The Cubs are World series champs, and the world is full of just a little more hope for me today.