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  1. Everyone here seems to love the shit out of me, but I hate you all. Mainly because you guys make me start my own vanity thread about myself every year on my birthday because no one will talk about how great I am, and I then have to share it with Mr. X and Aemon Stark who are both much, much cooler than me and share birthdays on the same day. I've met a lot of you, I know a whole lot more. despite my despise, you guys are a wonderful group of geeks and freaks...
  2. This hits hard... I wish I could write a proper memorial for him, but I just can't right now. I know when I do, it will have to contain a lot of swearing and a couple of arguments. I will miss him fiercely...
  3. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It did have its problems though. The themes were heavy handed, and the plot was extremely predictable. This was made up for with some of the best cinematography ever, a fantastic score, and absolutely stellar acting. Danny McBride was shockingly good in this movie. Who knew he had range? I feel like my money was well spent seeing this on the big screen. Full disclosure though, I enjoyed Prometheus more. I know that people have torn that movie to shreds, but I thought that it was beautifully done and was worth watching despite poor character choices in the movie. Speaking of poor character choices, here is a couple that I had for this film.
  4. Well, we know one thing for absolute sure now after this season. The game itself is played with integrity. No one in their right mind would purposefully orchestrate this outcome. This might have been a great season if the boot order was flipped.
  5. Go through a month without eating while simultaneously living 24 hours in the dirt with people who want nothing more than to use and discard you and then see someone you care about. I would bawl like a baby.
  6. Sean Lee - I hope he stays healthy, but the Cowboys have a top notch linebacking corp behind him. This is the one position on the team that could stand the loss of an all star player with the least significance to overall performance. L'eal Collins - He isn't as good as Ron Leary yet, but he already had beaten him out for the job. As is, if he doesn't progress any, he is a far above average guard. I am willing to bet he becomes the super star he has the potential for, and if he is just above average, then Dallas still has the three best offensive lineman in the NFL on the line. I worry a little more about replacing Doug Free at RT that Collins performance. Jason Witten - Mortal? That man is doing all he can to hide his cape everywhere he goes. Jaylon Smith - The big mystery is over. His nerve has fired and he has movement in his feet and toes. He is out of the brace and will be practicing this offseason and training camp. Teammates have reported his workouts as jaw dropping. There are some concerns of mine at a few positions, but they mainly focus on whether Prescot and Elliot experience a sophomore slump.
  7. I don't predict them to be a force every year. My analysis this year is that all of the pieces in place on the defense can very easily make this a top notch group if they can gel. With a defense better than average, and an offense that is top in the league, This team could be scary.
  8. So far, the rumor mill on undrafted free agents is that the Cowboys are pulling in another haul. With this draft plus 2 high draft picks from last year coming on who spent the year on IR, this defense is going to be formidable I think. If the unit can gel this year, Dallas is going to be a force next season...
  9. This is now my second favorite episode of the season only surpassed by season 2 episode 8. I am really sad that we are wrapping this show up right now. It has finally reached its glorious stride.
  10. New thread here...
  11. Yet again, I am impressed with the Dallas Cowboys on draft day. Stephen Jones must have full control of the team now as splashy pics have firmly given way to best players available according to need. I am super impressed all of the way around with almost every single pic, including the later rounds this year. OK... you guys can continue talking about those damned, dirty Patriots now. I just wanted to start this thread out talking about the Good Guys...
  12. That would be cool if it were true. Unfortunately, the TFA trailer isn't the released trailer for the movie. It is a series of shots gleaned from a bunch of different trailers and cobbled together to match by a fan.
  13. I had Taco as my #2 or #3 rated 4-3 DE in the draft this year. I think he would have gone much higher if it weren't for the Peppers situation. He was clearly the 2nd best player at Michigan behind him, so it kind of left him in a fog of not being able to accurately evaluate him. His knock isn't really slow feet, it is that he turns the motor off sometimes. Marineli will do wonders with this kid, mark my words. He is the best pick for Dallas that I could have expected.
  14. If Watt's last name was Smith, he wouldn't be drafted. Please give me Taco.