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  1. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    I have seen the episode twice and didn't see that, and every exit interview by Malcolm contradicts this.
  2. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    Quick break down. JT wanted to vote Sandra out and tried to get Brad on board by letting him know he was safe no matter what. He told him that Sierra was the target. Brad screwed over JT and voted Malcolm out. Haley's role was interesting TV, but it didn't have anything to do with the vote.
  3. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    Even your article speaks about possible sexist interpretations of what happened with him, not racist. The racist confrontation happened with Rocker.
  4. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    You are thinking of John Rocker in San Juan Del Sur. Natalie Anderson was the one who accused him (correctly) of being a racist. She was pissed that he had voted out her twin sister.
  5. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    dbunting You have Culpepper confused with other players. He was a Defensive Tackle not a QB, and there was no implications of racism the first time he played. He was just arrogant and in charge of his tribe. What we saw here tonight was more evidence that Fishback really won Tochinchins. JT is really not very good at this game. I will miss Malcolm. I really think he had a good shot this go around.
  6. I really loved the episode, but it did seem a bit rushed. This is a story that could have been better served having a two episode arc. I really would have liked to spend more time with both Maul and Kenobi with Ezra. I am now thinking that Ezra probably will not go full dark side by the end of the series.
  7. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    I don't think you are paying attention to the conversation. I am not complaining about his lack of production. I am saying that I dislike the way he has handled it. He can feel free to write or not whenever or however he wishes, and I can feel free to read it or not the same. I have every right to say that I have felt lied to and manipulated by both him and his publishers.
  8. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    That is hardly an apt comparison. Butcher has put out 16 books in the last 17 years. Just because he isn't publishing at the insane pace of one a year anymore doesn't mean he is anything less than prolific about this series. My problem with Rothfus has more to do with dishonesty and arrogance rather than his writing schedule. He has handled this whole situation as poorly as it could have been handled.
  9. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    lt is always nice finding humor in sexual assault isn't it?
  10. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    I think there is a bigger and much better explanation for this scene. I actually watched a Patrick Stewart interview where he said as much.
  11. I should come here and praise the series every week because it has been outstanding so far, but instead, I am going to focus on this last episode as being by far the worst of the entire series. If I never see a singing AP-5 again it will be too soon. I'm glad we are coming down to the Maul/Kenobi confrontation and then the finale though. I just wish they would have put out a better effort than this.
  12. Han Solo Movie Cast First Shot

    I am really looking forward to this one as every single announcement has me more and more assured that they are going to nail this. I am also hearing rumors that the script has been called the best Star Wars script written to this point. The one thing I really want though is a curtain call from Harrison Ford in this movie. If I were writing this, it would open and close with Han telling the story to a young Ben as he looks lovingly up to his father.
  13. Fox TV agrees to consider a FIREFLY reboot

    If I were writing the show, I'd bring back Wash by saying his conciseness was downloaded by Serenity and he can manifest as a hologram. It could be really interesting having a season to see how his relationship with Zoe is handled with these parameters. I'd eventually write in tech where he could be returned to a body that looks like him though.
  14. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    I am really missing the show at this point and can't wait for it to start. I have gone back and watched almost all of the seasons that this cast played in while waiting for it.
  15. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Here is a thought... I wonder if Aaron Hernandez is thinking to himself today that he could have made $40 million and played in multiple Superbowls if he just didn't murder three people.