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  1. You're forgiven. Baby- Wulff wanted to see all the familiar faces.
  2. And Baird has flushed himself away and left a big mess behind!
  3. Pax, where the f#%* where you?
  4. Vegan tends to preclude a decent meals, but there are a few Asian vegan restaurants along king st Newtown and enmore rd ps dragging baby-wulff along too.
  5. They suit me too! Haven't heard from the others.
  6. Love to come, need dates. And somewhere where they dontID ppl.
  7. Seasons greetings to all, hope to catch up with everyone in the new year!
  8. So are we having a prechristmas get together? I have been supremely slack this year.
  9. There might be a surprise.. again!
  10. The thought of Abbott back in the front bench gives me the heebie- jeebies!
  11. Love the idea, but I've been very slack at attending!
  12. Great to see our little thread active again! Stubby good music is ageless!
  13. The political circus is back ... a long election campaign; footy salary cap scandals; OHS changes to cricket and equestrian sports and way too warm for Autumn. After a long hiatus, I wonder who'll be crawling out of the woodwork, skittering into dark corners when the lights go on like an inner West cockroach? Hazy skies, hazy minds, hazy feelings... and nd in the centre a small island of peace.
  14. Thatexplaineseverithing!