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  1. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    Nothing made me laugh so hard as Roose with "Don't make me rue the day I raped your mother". It is so horrible, so honest and I don't think GRRM meant for it to be funny.
  2. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH one seems to think Samwell Tarly will die. This makes me wonder how unlikely his death really is... I honestly can't see a plot reason why he'd be killed. Then again I don't know exactly where the plot is going.
  3. The Ghost of High Heart

    I can't imagine Shaggydog crying. No matter what might have happened to Rickon. Grey Wind, yes...Shaggydog, no.
  4. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    Without a doubt, my favorite scene in the entire book is when Jon takes Slynts head. I squealed with joy. It was so cathartic; finally someone pays for Ned's death. (Yeah, I know that's not why he was executed...but still).
  5. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Do you know how difficult it is to turn raw muscle into paste? I mean even raw beef isn't PASTE and the CotF don't have food processors. I don't buy the JojenPaste thing. Now...they could be bleeding him...
  6. Theon Greyjoy; Azor Ahai Reborn?

    OK...crazy, crazy idea. What if Gendry is Azor Ahai? We all know Gendry is a blacksmith and now he's taken up with the Brotherhood which follow the Lord of Light. If Lightbringer needs to be forged again, he would be the best candidate to it. It doesn't really explain a connection to the salt or dragons. "There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him." It's pretty wacky. Dany is not a warrior. This only works if AA isn't PtwP.
  7. Arya will live. She will be the Stark in Winterfell. She will marry and give birth to sons. It is known.