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  1. If R+L=J isnt true

    Jon actually has a number of things that are similar to Rhaegar but just not physical similarities, but Rhaegar's daughter didn't seem to have many physical similarities to him either, so assuming Rhaegar is his father, it isn't that Jon has nothing of his father in his make-up.  His build is a lot like Rhaegar's when described in one of Bran's early chapters (I believe) - he (or someone) is comparing Jon and Robb and points out that while Robb is stocky, Jon is more nimble with a different frame.  There is also the melancholy personality, which Rhaegar was said to have, and the flashes of temper Jon shows at various points in the story.
  2. Do you think Margaery actually love(s/d) any of her kings?

      I think you've probably got a good assessment of the state of the relationships.  She liked Renly well enough but also wasn't deluded enough to think she would find romantic love there, that said I think they would have had a decent enough marriage if it had lasted.  She definitely hated Joffrey, there were too many times where she'd smile when she was with him but still have that look in her eye that he was totally disgusting and she was grinning and bearing it.  Though I think she's open to having a good relationship with Tommen down the road, at this point she's manipulating him but not just to ensure her own place but to get him out from under Cersei control so he doesn't become another Joffrey.  I.e while it is definitely manipulation, it is manipulation with an eye towards him being a decent human being and good king so not just for her own ends.  That said, I still don't think it will end well for her but that has more to do with the likelihood of Tommen keeping the throne than anything she's doing on her own. 
  3. I think it's likely that she either goes to the wall or my preference is that she goes in search of Rickon.  The one positive thing that I found in her storyline last season is that she was told by Theon (i.e. not some just some rumor) that Bran and Rickon were alive. Sure Jon knows about Bran from Sam but 1) Jon has his own problems to deal with and 2) doesn't know about Rickon.  Since Rickon was sent specifically to the Umbers (99% sure it was them) by Bran and we know Rickon is back next season, it would seem logical that Sansa head in that direction since she's fully aware that her brothers are alive and fled somewhere in the North.  The best case is that she and Theon meet up with Brianne and she escorts them in their journey which ends with her finding Rickon and getting the North to rally behind him and her.  I do think LF might play into that with his army, but I'd much rather Sansa have the North behind her on her own, than have her just go running back to LF and potentially dropping the brother-bomb in his lap without actually having found either of them. 
  4. While personally I don't have an issue with the way she handled things - it certainly wasn't outside the realm of what is considered justice in either Essos or Westeros - I think what bugs people is she didn't take the time to find out whether the 163 she crucified had anything to do with the death of the children. As nice as it would have been, I just don't expect anyone to do that sort of due process in these books. Yeah I'm not so sure of that anymore. Assuming he comes back - regardless of whether he actually dies or is just "mostly dead" to borrow a phrase from the Princess Bride - I don't see him being as trusting of anyone, and thing he will be much more ruthless in how he deals with people. Not that he won't still have altruistic goals for the realm as a whole, but that he won't trust people half as much as he did before he got stabbed.
  5. I'm not even sure it was that. As I recall Ramsey (or whomever wrote the letter) was threatening to bring forces to the Wall and destroy the watch, on top of the rape of "Arya" etc. I know the NW takes no part, but I don't think that translates to them just allowing themselves to be slaughtered if there happens to be a madman as the Lord of Winterfell.
  6. Jon. For two reasons: 1) I've thought since I first read it that Dany will see Drogo again, but mostly that he'll come to get her as she dies herself after leaving an heir (who I hope isn't Jon's - if Aegon can serve any purpose it is to get some fresh blood into the Targ line - and no I don't think he's Rhaegar's son even if he may have Targ blood). 2) Jon being left with the responsibility of a Kingdom (as I think Dany will leave an heir - I see Jon being more of a regent than a crowned king), especially when by everything we've read he wouldn't really want it, would never have thought of it for himself, but is totally the kind of person to step up because it is his duty and it needs to be done, would be a bitter sweet ending for him cause at best the Game will pause for the Others, it won't stop.
  7. Oh I read your OP argument and while I get how it could technically happen, it would be a PR nightmare for the show, because there is no way that show fans would be happy to learn that he came back to life in the books but isn't alive on the show, and his book resurrection wouldn't stay secret. As it is the season was uneven and show fans are already grumpy about a bunch of things, Jon being alive in the books and not the show would be a kick in the teeth, because as many have pointed out, he felt like the last character really worth rooting for. There is a big difference in killing off peripheral characters early (i.e Shireen - though wonderfully played by Kerry - Myrcella - she's alive in the books but I don't know anyone who thinks she's long for the world - or Trant - exact same reason) and killing off a big character who arguably still has a pivotal role in the books (I don't think GRRM is going to resurrect him just to have him learn whom his parents are and then kill him off again without his death being important). I also don't agree there hasn't been an emphasis on AAR in the show, it has just been focused solely on Stannis even if not by name, and that got blown out of the water in the last episode when he lost. There was never the doubt in Mel's visions that we got in the book but the focus has been there. I'd wager the reason there wasn't the doubt was precisely because they didn't want the audience thinking there was even the possibility of it being anyone else in Westeros (I imagine many think Dany might be a possibility). The way the whole season ended I genuinely think all this was done to preserve GRRM's ability to get the next book out and at least tie up the cliffhangers he left at the end of ADWD. None of the other books thus far have ended with pretty much every story on a cliffhanger and GRRM is swearing up and down he's trying to finish off the book.
  8. [Spoilers]The fate of Stannis

    Yes cause the show is shy about gratuitous deaths. ;)
  9. True but I think Kit would have gotten a parting present ala Rose and Kerry (there was a pic with her with the stag Davos gave Shireen). Kit said he got nothing. But for the clues in the book and the unlikelihood of them killing him off early if Jon is risen/revived/whatever in the book (most because I doubt he's going to come back from the dead in the book to play a role that is easy to cut out, even if he's dead at the end of the series), I would agree. However the man-wolf-man vision that Mel has and the fact that she keeps seeing "only Snow" when she looks for Stannis as AAR certainly suggest his story isn't actually done.
  10. Exactly!! Especially with D&D going on about "breaking the internet" I doubt they would want to spoil their fun with any leaks.
  11. Mostly I'm reminded of the X-files episode from years back where instead of the "the truth is out there" they had in the credits "believe the lie." The assumption from book readers is that Jon isn't dead - in part because there are a lot more clues in the book that this is just sort of a way-point for him thanks to the chapter we spent in Mel's head. Anything other than "he's dead" would be read as "he's alive" or "he'll be bacK" and somewhat disturbingly I think part of what they want us to feel is the hopelessness of the loss. Anything else would spoil the book as well and I think part of the reason they ended things where they did was precisely to give GRRM a little more time to get the next book out. There is a whole year and a whole season to shoot for hints to start leaking out that he's coming back/may not be totally dead/etc. and I think they are counting on that to keep people interested.
  12. Amen. Plus to answer why lie? Because this is the first opportunity the show has had to have all of its viewers - book readers and pure show watchers - in the dark on the same cliffhanger. Up until this point they couldn't have such a blatant misdirection because the books readers always knew what was coming. But this is a question even readers have been fretting over since the last novel came out, so of course they would take advantage of it, because to do otherwise would spoil both the upcoming book and the show.
  13. [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

    I was actually reading a Huff Po article that mention he's got a contract for Season 6 - though I think it mentioned less episodes. Anyway I think you make a good point.
  14. Now that we are on hugging terms... :P

  15. Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    I would have to echo the praise for the Frank Herbert Dune Series. It is absolutely foundation futuristic sci-fi with a healthy dose of politics and religion thrown in. If you like the game part of ASOIAF, the interplay of the politics will really appeal to you. The only problem is that the series is "unfinished" in that Frank Herbert died before he could finish it. His son ultimately finished the series with 2 more books, which I guess you can read if you want completion, but it in no way matches Frank Herbert's style. A warning though, DO NOT READ THE SON's BOOKS that take place in between the Frank Herbert books. As there are intentional gaps in the series created by FH, and for some reason no one can know, Brian Herbert decided to fill them in. Frankly I consider those to be an insult to his father's memory. In spite of that, I will say I did like the first prequel series that Brian Herbert released, The House Series (House Atreides, House Harkonnen, House Corrino) ultimately because it explains why everything that happens in the first 150-200 pages of Dune happens. Diskworld by Terry Pratchett - this series is just fantastic. Both intellegent and very funny. There are too many books in it to list individually but frankly there really hasn't been one that I haven't enjoyed. The Empire Trilogy by Raymond Feist I think also deserves a mention. The Rift Trilogy is the best, but the Empire Trilogy also has a lot of the poltics interplay that many like about ASOIAF