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  1. Melisandre. Relieved, empowered or confused?

    Mel will let him do that, for she knows that this will make Davos Azor Ahai.
  2. Jon Snow can leave the Night's Watch...

    If Jon is no longer the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, then he has no authority to pass judgement on the traitors. let alone to execute them with his own hand as Eddard Stark had taught him. I wonder whether Sir Alliser shall be held to have been the 999th Lord Commander so that Jon is now also its1000th Lord Commander. I also wonder whether anyone will ever knight him. He can no more “become a full Stark” than can any child who had only one Stark parent and one non-Stark parent. It’s not like his parents were siblings or cousins.
  3. Tyrion Targaryen?

    This is extremely unlikely. There are countries where cousin marriages account for more than half of all marriages, and overall worldwide more than one in ten. “Children of first-cousin marriages have a doubled risk of genetic disorders (although scientists contend that this is relatively small at five percent, compared with a three percent risk for children whose parents are not genetically related to each other).” It is unreasonable to blame Tyrion’s dwarfism on cousin marriage, which is perfectly normal and common. It is, however, not unreasonable to consider whether it might have been insteadcaused by an incompletely appliedabortifacient administered by a disgraced Joanna desperately trying to cover up the residualspawn of the Mad King.
  4. Jon's relation with Melisandre after resurrecting?

    That actually does seem like the appropriate level of gratitude in this instance.
  5. Tyrion Targaryen?

    I didn't mean you saying she wasn't, but rather the other person say she was.
  6. Only death can pay for life (Spoilers)

    Coldhands is probably moving around thanks toBloodraven. The big mystery is why Lord Brynden wanted Jon to go through the whole ordeal ofdeathandresurrectioninice in the first place. He's obviously been planning all this for a very long time, a lot earlier than just when he sent Bran andthe warlocks the dreams about it.
  7. Tyrion Targaryen?

    Truly the most bizarre allegation I’ve seen in quite some time here, and there's never been a shortage of those.
  8. Tyrion Targaryen?

    Um what? Since when did Lyanna take her own life, and what does this have to do with the Lady of Tarth?
  9. Tyrion Targaryen?

    Let’s not forget Dany, who is also a third child.
  10. [Spoilers] EP602

    We know that the actor playing Thoros is appearing this season. Can you possibly think of why, especially without Beric also appearing?
  11. Tyrion Targaryen?

    The irony of brothersJaime and Tyrion each killing the other one’s father is the sort of mirrored symmetry that Martin so enjoys.
  12. What did CoF say to Meera outside the cave?

    There are those people, but I’ve never understood them.
  13. Only death can pay for life (Spoilers)

    It's really hard to raise somebody whose mind isn't available for rehousing but is off hiding in a wolf.
  14. [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

    If that's all they needed this for, they could have used somebody else like Grey Worm and had his face burnt off in the attempt.
  15. Episode 3 teaser

    There was no mention of “self-appointed”. Tormund said, “They think you’re some kind of god.”