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  1. I know this doesn't make much sense, but it's like he may be more like a living White Walker than an animated wight, who have completely blue eyes and can walk through fire unharmed.
  2. Pretty sure that the reason that Rhaegar turned out pretty good is because of his mother Rhaella's "dalliance" with Ser Bonifer Hasty, doing unto Aerys as Aerys did unto Tywin. There's more than one cuckoo in this story.
  3. No, she isn't. It is not possible for lordships or kingships to work backwards. We aren't trying to find somebody to give Cousin Albert's coin collection to. Tommen because king because Robert was. There is no path to monarchy back up to Cersei.
  4. Some have suggested that Bran becomes trapped in the past, becoming Bran the Builder but leaving his current body to die. That's probably not going to have the narrative impact that the showrunners allude to. They said it happens right at the very end. It's after the Battle for the Dawn has been won and the Great Other defeated, when everybody is dreaming of spring. Then at the very end Dany like her mother before dies in childbirth. She does so giving birth to Jon’s child (or maybe children if twins) so that the pure Targaryen line can carry on — without her. Only death can pay for life. The Promised Land will never be hers.
  5. It's pretty clear that the White Walkers will advance farther than Winterfell. Probably that means Winterfell shall fall to them, but I don't know what that means for the three Starks there. Maybe they'll hide in the crypts again. Dany and Jon are en route to White Harbor. Maybe there will be a battle there. But in the books there have been dreams that the final battle will again be at the Trident, where Rhaegar fell. Will that happen, or will there somehow be a last battle at Winterfell again so that the saga closes where it opened?
  6. That's actually a pretty good theory. I could certainly see it playing out that way.
  7. Not exactly, but I'm sure all three will manage to work something out once they recognize who each other really are.
  8. Remember the original union of the Dragon's three heads: Aegon with both Visenya and Rhaenys, his own close kin. Martin is echoing that original here inverted by gender, so now it’s Danaerys with both Jon and Tyrion, unbeknownst to any of them as of yet, their own close kin. There is also poetic irony in Tyrion being in love with his (half-)sister Dany, considering what happened with Jaime and Cersei. It’s something that runs in his family — both of them, in fact. Martin really likes all these interlocking mirrorings. You’ll see.
  9. There you have it! "Eh Jon, are we ready yet?" -----> "Aegon, are we ready yet?"
  10. Nope! Littlefinger was trying to get Arya killed. There is no guest right left there.
  11. Why do all white walkers look the same? Craster in-breeding?