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  1. Wow, you’re right!
  2. With that pelt, his true name is Shaggy Griff. Just has shaggy a dog story as Rickon’s.
  3. Since he's king now, it doesn't matter whether he is considered a bastard or what his name is. Bastardy only matters for purposes of inheritance of titles, lands, and property. There is no higher title than king. And once you're the king you get to make any rules you please. There can be no question that he's now THE Stark in Winterfell, no matter who his non-Stark parent happens to have been. This is exactly what the North needs now that winter is upon them and the Others stalk the long, cold night: a leader for everyone who's left to rally around. I seem to recall that Martin once said that even though Jon would eventually learn who his parents were that by the time he does so it won't matter much to anyone else. He'll still be king. Being the ruling Targaryen's only surviving male heir isn't going to change anything one bit as far as Jon's being King in the North is concerned.
  4. Hey good point! Doesn't this make Brienne and Hodor cousins?
  5. No it isn't a repeat of Jon. Jon thought he was a bastard but secretly was not. Tyrion thought he was NOT a bastard but secretly was.
  6. Well they're already going beyond the originally projected seven seasons because the milked Storm for two seasons, making eight total. The tale has a discrete end that they're moving relentlessly towards. It also appears that they've lost their own enthusiasm for it and want to move on.
  7. I would be really surprised if the last season had almost anything in it besides the "real war" -- meaning the fight against the Others. That means that pretty much everything else has to be taken care of in these next seven episodes so that the last six(?) can be the War for the Dawn.
  8. Don't you think that the Queen of Faces can be just as young and just as beautiful as she wants to be? Surely that means that Arya is a contender!
  9. That would be a very long time. The battle over God's Eye took place something like 40 years before Bloodraven was even born. Daemon couldn't have lived long enough to teach Brynden unless the former had been kept alive by weirwood life support or had gone up into the trees.
  10. Actually, we don't know that at all. The showrunners have never said a word about making the episodes any longer. For that matter, they probably won't, since otherwise it's hard to fit into an hour-long slot. They'll just have more time and money to put into each one. That doesn't at all imply that these will necessarily be any longer than those we've already seen.
  11. That's just a show-only invention. It is not a post or title. Lord Brynden was a crow because that's what the wildlings called the Watch.
  12. Actually, Rhaegar was half Blackwood so if Jon's his son, there's another.
  13. Yes, but Dany doesn’t know yet that Tyrion is her half-brother.
  14. So just like Aegon V and Betha Blackwood.
  15. So too is Dany. She's half Targaryen and half Blackwood, just like her parents and grandparents. After all she only had two great-grandparents instead of eight.