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  1. Arya endgame?

    No it can't be done at random, it's explained in the post why the ships represent what they represent. To believe otherwise is to believe in a hell of a lot of coincidences pushing the one direction in a meticulously crafted series by a single person. It just doesn't happen. The same person wrote the character description of Black Betha, wrote her history, named her Black Betha, had Arya take the alias Beth, had a ship named after her, then locked it with a ship named White Hart and pumped romantic and sexual language into the scene. You really think he wasn't thinking anything when he wrote all this?
  2. Euron and Cersei

    The only thing for going it is the the Bloodstone Emperor having taken a tigerwoman for bride. Euron is going in a magical direction, and that is not Cersei.
  3. Arya endgame?

    The Arya/Jon relationship is brother sister only. It's a Ned/Lyanna parallel. It had to be special because it had to get Jon to break his vows, as Ned betrayed his honour for Lyanna (safety of her child). And, the relationship makes it harder for them both to do the right ring, giving it the emotional impact. Jon won't want to deny the sister he loves her happiness, her love, but kings have to do this sort of shit, he has to put the realm ahead of her. He failed to do this in ADWD, and for it he got himself killed. And for what? It wasn't even really Arya. Point was, he let his emotions get in the way, his feelings for Arya, and it caused him to fail, lead him to do the wrong thing (on principal, the rules of the NW exist for reason). A test he won't fail the next time. Arya obviously won't want to give up her lover, her happiness, but it's Jon asking, and she will (eventually) do it for Jon's sake. She went back to her room (duty) because Jon told her she should. GRRM is the one shipping Arya and Gendry. Gendry, represented by bulls and variants (ox, moose bull), as the bull is his nickname. Represented by stags and variants (harts, deers), as he is a Baratheon bastard. Associated colours, red and white. Red seemingly for the red god, white because he will be a future KG. Dominant character traits, stubborn. Low born and very class conscious. Protective of people. Arya, represented by wolves by way of house. Prior alias, Beth. Associated colours, black and white, for the house of black and white where she trains and currently belongs. And seemingly for a theme in her arc of contrast, dual personalities or possible paths, dark or light. Also a contrast inside of herself, an internal struggle between the light and dark. Dominant character traits, wilful. Is not at all class conscious. Adventurous. Rebellious. Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower, known as the White Bull, seemingly a particularly stubborn man. Foreshadowing for Gendry the Bull turning KG. As fits Gendry. Coming to the rescue of maids. Protecting their honour. Instead of plundering and fighting and off having a good time with the rest of the BWBs and boys like him, he just happens to end up playing protector at an orphan house. Gendry will be KG, and thus white. The white hart is sort of a legendary creature. A hart is a 5 year or more matured stag, Gendry is five years Arya's elder. There is a ship the White Hart on the side of the Lannisters in the Battle of Blackwater. Davos' ship in the same battle, is the Black Betha. The wiki description of the character the ship is named for. The whole theme of this character is love marriages vs political marriages. The White Hart and Black Betha at the Blackwater. Black Betha smashes Lady's Shame. An ox, crashes between Black Betha and Wraith. Wraith signifying undead, Jon. Black Betha steers past Sceptre and Faithful. Sceptre is the ceremonial rod of a queen and thus symbolises queenhood, faithful is self explanatory. She avoids both to hit Cersei's pleasure barge, symbolising love and sex, specifically that which jeopardises the realm's peace as per the first page. Immediately after the above passage, of Black Betha striking the pleasure barge, comes the White Hart. The ships, White Hart and Black Betha, come together (shipping, get it? He's shipping them). Hulls scrape. Hearts are taken. For a brief moment they're locked together in the heart of the storm. She could be like Wenda the White Fawn and ride with Gendry. A white fawn for a white hart. The blood of a white calf (innocence) is sacrificed in the name of the Red Bull. The blood for the flowering or deflowering, take your pick, the thirteenth foreshadows Arya's age. Just to reiterate red for Gendry. Mel's vision, thought to be wrong and truly about Alys Karstark, obviously not the case as that's as underwhelming as it is unduly worthy of such book space. Once. She being Arya.
  4. Arya endgame?

    Bran is architect of Jon's southern conquest. Jon will know he needs to seal his conquest with marriage, which is the reason Arya must marry to the throne. If Bran is with him from the start or needs Jon to coerce him I do not know, but the situation is foreshadowed in this scene below which Bran presides over. It's Arya Lady Hornwood is foreshadowing though she bears the arms for Arya's lover Gendry by way of the bullmoose. The lady wants the knight, but the knight is just a knight and too old besides. That match would have been dangerous. Arya will want Gendry, but he's too old and just a knight, not a fit match for a princess in the north. And they'll need to make Arya a match in the interest of peace in the realm. The scene is there for Bran remember when it comes to the question of Arya marrying, for him to have learned from. No suitable match was made for Lady Hornwood, there was no-one there to look out for her or the peace, and well, things went to all hell. It may take Jon to push the point though, as Bran tends towards the heart without thinking things through.
  5. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    Thinking on the Rat, the Hawk and the Pig. Called so because it was the masks they wore at some ball. Real names unknown. The three that assaulted Princess Aelora Targaryen at a masked ball, which contributed to her suicide. Lead a rebellion crushed by Daeron Targ and his squire (and likely lover) Ser Jeremy Norridge. Don't know what to make of this. It is strange in that it doesn't really fit. No-one knew their names, but they knew they were the same three from the masked ball. What did they sneak into the ball wearing those masks, then, without a name and wearing those same masks manage to raise a rebellion? To me it feels like an implausible story that will never be elaborated on, but thrown in purely for foreshadowing purposes. That no-one knew their names makes me think faceless men. And in the pig there may be some connection to Jaqen/Alchemist by way of Pate. Also there is the below, this could relate to Arya and pigs by way of Nymeria. House Hogg (pig) has issues with a pack of white star wolves. The wolves he is referring to are Karstark men, a white sun being their standard. But the white star is Nymeria's star, so it could be foreshadowing for Nymeria and her wolf pack attacking pigs, even House Hogg in future as she's not far. The most apparent thing in all this is that Princess Aelora T matches up with Cersei by way of her familial situation. She was one of three children, had a male twin, who she wed, and one younger sibling. The younger sibling was a female but eh. Perhaps it's as simple as the three Kettlebacks. Their most notable features are their hooked noses, one rats Cersei out and they're kind of pigs by way of nature. Cersei has bedded all three (I think? She admitted to doing so anyway), somewhat contributing to her downfall (walk of shame), and the almost sex scene with the one of them I think went out of the way to show Cersei didn't like the act, it was payment.
  6. Arya endgame?

    Arya will be queen, of Westeros on the Iron Throne, the final queen of the series. GRRM has pretty much laid out her arc if you look hard enough. Her arc is predominantly about these two things; 1) Vengeance vs justice 2) Freedom vs duty Arya was shaped in the north, where justice prevailed. She went south and then was shaped by horrible acts of injustice. Arya does not currently understand the difference between vengeance and justice, but it is her arc to learn it. Now, currently, she is looking at things with myopic eyes. Bad person does bad thing, bad person deserves to die, Arya should kill them. That will make her feel better, but it doesn't fix anything. It's just murder, and it just fuels more violence. It is not a solution. To understand the solution she must first understand why these horrible acts happened. There are two root causes. A) The Iron Throne failing in its duty to do justice. B ) War Robert was a negligent king. He failed to do justice. Justice for Lady for example. Cersei didn't/doesn't give a fig for justice. War inevitably brings horrors and lawlessness. TWOT5Ks was caused specifically by Cersei failing to do her duty. Her duty to the realm was to be a good queen and have the king's babies, and certainly not fuck anyone else or have anyone else's babies. But, Cersei valued her own freedom to love greater than she valued any duty to the realm, and so Westeros got war. The solution to both A and B, how B was caused by Cersei anyway, is simple. A realm of Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies who will do justice, and who will put their duty above that of their own freedom. And thus, the natural conclusion to Arya's arc, is to assume the role of Queen, dutiful queen. As queen she can do justice, and prevent the terrible occurrences that so shaped her by deterrence, the promise that in her realm under her rule lawbreakers will face justice. That is the solution, open visible justice in the name of the people of Westeros as their rightful Queen, as opposed to vengeance carried out in secret for secret reasons, in the dark where no-one can see in the name of and by no-one. But it all comes at a cost. To do justice, she will have to give up her freedom, she will have to return to being Arya Stark, return to duty (1). Her father loved Ashara, but to overthrow an unjust king and set the realm to rights he had to forego love and do his duty and marry her mother. Her mother makes much of having always done her duty, she counts marrying her father among those duties. If they'd not sacrificed their love for duty, Arya would not exist. Cersei refused to forego love for duty, and for it the realm bled and all those horrors that shaped Arya occurred. Arya foregoing vengeance by the time the decision comes will not be the hard part, the hard part will be turning her back on love. And it will be even worse, because she will bear a love a child that she will need to give up. A little Daemon Blackfyre whose very existence will threaten to bleed the realm. Recall her throwing rocks at Nymeria to drive her away, for Nymeria's own safety, or the queen would kill her. It was the right thing to do, wasn't it? Ultimately, Arya will do her duty to her lord and king, she will sacrifice her love and freedom, give up her lover and his child and become Arya Stark once again. She will marry where her king, the KITN, commands her. She will marry the king on the Iron Throne, a man she doesn't love, can not love (2), and become queen of Westeros. She will do her duty and stay loyal and bear him true heirs (2) for the sake of the realm. Sweet and sour. 1. 2.
  7. What does Euron really want with Daenerys?

    It's a formula, independent of any prophesy. Sacrifice dragon baby + blood magic = father (and maybe baby) can skinchange the dragon, but he has to die too, a second life as the dragon. Dany was obviously not the first, as in her wake the dragon dream during or just after having given birth to dead dragon Rhaego baby in MMD's tent of blood magic, the Valyrians/Targs of old are watching her, urging her on, urging her to wake the dragon. This is how it's done, how it was always done. Two kings to wake the dragon from stone. Though he doesn't seem to be fully there yet, Euron has caught wind of how it all works, how he knows is a good question. Perhaps he pulled the info from the warlocks when he took their horn, perhaps being a skinchanger and thus generally having the feeling about how a second life works (see Varamyr) and some knowledge of blood magic made him start contemplating the possibilities. Perhaps the pale fire hands woman is feeding him the information. However he's come by the knowledge, he's worked out that to 'fly', that is to skinchange the dragon, he needs a dragon blood baby to sacrifice. A heir worth of 'him', him being Drogon. And when his horn blower died, he learned that it's a one way skinchange, suicide, a leap from a tall tower. Watch him use Falia and his kraken blood baby inside of her to skinchange a kraken. It'll be the same formula, only not a one way ticket. But he's not satisfied with a kraken, he's a crazy dreamer without boundaries, he wants to test the limits, he wants to fly, he wants a dragon, and for that he needs a dragon blood baby, hence what he wants with Dany.
  8. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    In the broad stokes, Stannis, like Ned, Mance, Joer, Ygritte etc, existed(s) to form Jon. Stannis' sacrifice of Shireen carries on the theme of Ned's refusal of anything of the kind, and it is for Jon, that line, only a monster would give a living child to the flames. All set to clash against the cost of Dany's dragons, Hazzea and Rhaego, the cost she knew, hence sacrifices, the reason she calls herself a 'monster'. Selyse would follow Mel to the depths of hell.
  9. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    The storyline of Shireen's burning loses a lot of emotional potency if it isn't by Stannis' command, and the decision becomes more distanced from when Jon faces the same decision if it isn't made by a king to save his realm.
  10. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Sansa idealised Cersei. Sansa betrayed her family to Cersei. Then Cersei destroyed her idealism. She used the stupid girl up and laughed at her naivety. Cersei absolutely did run her game over Sansa, as did LF. That LF ran over Sansa, and Sansa will give him his, strengthens the inevitability of Sansa doing the same to Cersei. There is a clash of method between the two, a clash in their outlooks set to play out. Sansa's love, vs Cersei's fear. The current instrument of Cersei's fear, the undead personification of her terror, And look at that, the symbol of Cersei's terror looms over Sansa, and between them something Cersei holds dear, a man sworn to protect Sansa's safety.
  11. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    It's not strange I associate Sansa and Cersei so much when the text does. Sansa doesn't have to be the valonquar for Cersei to be a giant part of her arc. She wouldn't have to be the YMBQ either, but she is. Arya and Cersei never had a conversation in the whole series.
  12. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    A castle built of snow, to be precise. Run your numbers again. No, word choice is deliberate as is aligning Sansa with maid of the seven. Yes I do cast aside Sansa fan delusions like Sandor becoming a northmen or that these other POV characters will abandon their arcs and follow Sansa north, away from the game. Cersei is integral in Sansa's arc, more so than any character in the north, they're not remotely finished, it was to Cersei Sansa betrayed her father, it was Cersei who ran the game of thrones over her dumb ass.
  13. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    And she never said SR would die, Sansa would marry Harry or that Sansa would go north.
  14. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    High Heart Ghost never said such thing, but we'll see how keen GRRM is to send Sansa north to all those characters he fostered such relationships for her with. Characters like... like... well there was those whole two lines about Jon. Meanwhile the Jaime, Brienne, Sandor, Tyrion and Cersei threads will all just have to be cut and forgotten. Because that's how stories work.
  15. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Which is obviously not going to happen because for it to happen she'd have to let SR die. Not to mention all her foreshadowing still has her as a maid, meaning she's not going to spend a night in her marriage bed with Harry.