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  1. The bitter sweet will be Arya giving up her child and love to take her place as queen. Bitter because it's her child and love she's giving up. Sweet because her marrying into the Iron Throne will unite the realm again after it splits into northern and southern kingdoms. And sweet because by that time Queen Arya will be the best hope for the realm.
  2. Sansa is happy in the Vale, she doesn't long for home or WF, and the WF she did long for before she made a happy place for herself in the Vale can never be again, as it was dependant on family now dead. She's not going north and she's not going to WF, the giant smashes her mock WF, that's not foreshadowing, that's backshadowing, that already happened. Her destroying the giant is the foreshadowing part. If it were the case her building WF was foreshadowing then WF will need be destroyed again, by a giant, a second time. Not happening. Her training in the manipulation of men is foremost about Tyrion, others including Sandor are secondary.
  3. Tyrion's Condition

    The realm he rules will get greyscale, a mass plague, and he will close the gates to them and leave them to die. That's how greyscale will play into his arc. It's the meaning of his black and white dream/vision after Blackwater.
  4. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    No he wouldn't have, because there's no logical reason it would have ever entered into his mind that people would think the letter was a forgery. Because there's no logical reason for anyone to think the letter is a forgery.
  5. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    A million more things have been written about this than ever should have been. It's excruciatingly simple. The letter is from Ramsay. The primary purpose of the letter is to begin the Jon vs Ramsay hype train. Who wrote the letter was never meant to be a question. The question is only what parts of the letter is true. It should be apparent that is the question because the text tells you that's the question. Immediately after dropping the letter GRRM has Tormund chime in to tell you to question it. That's it, that's everything to know about the letter.
  6. There will probably be a literal grey dying horse but the dying horse is symbolic of disease/plague to match with grey, greyscale. God's Eye. or When the Narrow Sea dries there will be a lake left in it's middle like the womb of the world in the dothraki sea. And Mel is sure she's headed north, but she may be telling north by the sun (how else?), and the sun may appear to be rising in the west and setting in the east at this time, meaning she's going south.
  7. He pushed chapters because ADWD got too big, there's nothing to suggest he cut content. The chapter is primarily character building, Davos will be the pre-eminent statesman in series, how he comes to be so is part of the story. Particularly this chapter is a lesson, it teaches Davos another avenue to appeal to people, the safe option, the option which causes them no harm regardless of the unforeseeable outcomes. Before the end he'll have put it into practice.
  8. Arya is the Last Hero, the Last Hero story and Mel's vision about Arya she thinks she got wrong are the same scenes. The dog is Sandor, Needle the snapping sword. One would assume it's Bran bidding her on this journey for whatever reason. The undead references will be greyscale, Garin's Curse, which Arya will eventually get as wights/others will not be able to or not care to track those with greyscale.
  9. [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Right, his priority is magic and the part Dany and his horn play in that. He had intended to bring a massive fleet to her, which is what she was lacking, but the Reader pointed out the flaw in that plan. Now it seems like his exploits are for magical testing purposes while he waits on Dany. Perhaps he wants to get in the game too to pave the way for Dany. Really it's all about Dany and getting a child on her, he took the Ironborn because he couldn't go to Dany like a beggar asking for her to marry him, he needed to become a force to give her a reason to have him.
  10. To round out that which relates to the Wildlings and the coupling of Jon and Dany, and the sun/moon symbolism. The introduction to the Bael story regarding perspective is about Dany when she comes to Jon after she's won and lost the throne. Dany will be perceived by some as a saviour, a liberator of slaves, a hero. To others a murderer, robber and well a keeper and looser of rapists. And what she'll be trying to do is a matter of perspective. On one hand it's child murder, on the other she's willing to trade her child's life to save all the lives on Westeros. The ending points to either Jon killing Dany or the child. It will be Jon, execution for the intended sacrifice or killing her in the act of preventing the sacrifice. Jon and Dany, same blood, same as Jon and Ygritte according to the song. The way this is written suggests Jon's and Dany's child will become Lord (Lady) of Winterfell. The bolded, spoken by Tormund, signals Jon's mindset for a time after Dany has stolen his seed. Having been seduced and tricked into fathering a bastard as he has never wanted, he will cast off all responsibility. That will come to an end though, probably when he finds out what Dany intends for the child. Dany is the wanderer of the red waste. There are seven stars dubbed the wanderers, the Faith have allotted each to a god, the red wanderer is the Smith's. As previously explained the AA story relating to the smithing of Lightbringer is a foretelling of Dany's attempts to mother a child. To the Wildlings the red wanderer is the theif, relating to the stealing of a woman. As explained in the OP Dany will steal Jon, Bael stealing the winter rose. A reversal of gender but the principle remains the same. Red wanderer = Smith = Thief = Dany. Dany the thief and Jon is obviously the Moonmaid. Here in Dunk and Egg GRRM places the Moonmaid with the Ghost in his description of stars. The moon and sun are common symbols for the union, though the moonmaid is not the same as the moon. The symbolism kicks off with Dany and Drogo, each other's moon and sun, which runs into the dragon's birthing legend. Drogo the sun, Dany the moon (egg for her eggs), the two couple to create Rhaego, and for the sacrifice of that child comes dragons. The dragon's fire owing to Drogo's fiery soul, that which left his body for Drogon leaving behind a living but lifeless body which stares longingly at the sun. Euron will take the place of Drogo, dragon loses it's fire and breathes instead shadowflame, and Dany needs to find herself a new sun to return the dragon fire, another moon to kiss the sun, return dragons. In the Jade Compendium, Colloquo Votar recounts a curious legend from Yi Ti, which states that the sun hid its face from the earth for a lifetime, ashamed at something none could discover, and that disaster was averted only by the deeds of a woman with a monkey's tail. The alternate AA story. Jon is the sun, the shame is at having betrayed oaths and impregnated Dany with a bastard child, the birth of the child being the cure. The child will be a girl and have a (stub of a) monkey's tail, and when he sees her Jon will no longer feel ashamed of having brought her into the world. Some similar imagery in the actual AA story. Note the ecstasy. Now back to the scene of Mel's glamouring of Ygritte. The tale from the Qarth trader has the sun and moon kissing and producing dragons, moon Dany and sun Drogo couple resulting in pregnancy and dragons, and here we have foreshadowing of sun Jon impregnating Dany by Dany's design to once again produce dragons. Jon's shadow being the result, and the meaning behind this one. Putting aside the foreshadowing symbols in the Melisandre passage above, the simple point it makes is that a person's actions has greater run on effects, a favourite of GRRM's it's the same as Varys' point to Tyrion regarding his shadow. To Jon the act of impregnating Dany will be shameful, fathering a bastard and the breaking of vows, and so fitting it would be that his act bring with it dire consequences. Not completely sure on this part but even so. Against the wall where Ygritte died Jon will break his vow and impregnate Dany. And so there may the wall crack and fall. Cracking is a common word through all of this, as it was in the dragon's arrival. If the wall were to crack there and fall it would add to why the sun was so ashamed it hid it's face, and be a posthumous triumph for Ygritte as her dear wish will have been achieved through Dany taking her form. And finally off on a bit of a tangent but relating to some of the above symbolism. Jon will be KITN but never on the IT, but Dany will none the less accept him as her king, hence why the treason for love is a treason. Dany is the moon and Jon is the moonmaid. ----------------------- Silly, the point of Val and of her being so lovely is that as beautiful as he thinks she is, she could not tempt him from his vows. Beauty will not sway him.
  11. They drop Sansa because from their POV Sansa sold them out, Sansa rejected them. Manipulation is a very strong description for her trying to pry Tommen out from under Cersei so she can be a wife to him, and there is nothing dishonest about in any of it. Her currying the public's favour was by her simply being herself. She probably didn't give a second thought as to what Olenna planned to do about Joff, it's made apparent that while Olenna is loved she's not adhered, she's the old relative who is loved and respected but who you got to accept is inevitably going to say inappropriate things loudly.
  12. Euron will sacrifice a Targaryen blooded child and second life Drogon. That's what he means by flying, skinchanging a dragon, and when Cragorn died he came to the realisation that he can't skinchange it, he has to second life it, he has to die, jump from a tower. That's what his horn does, fire for blood, blood for fire. But he needs a Targ child to sacrifice to do it, hence he's sent his brother to go get and bring back to him a Targaryen woman to marry and provide him a heir. And he's right about it all, and he'll succeed (though it will be Arianne's and his child not Dany's he sacrifices, the blood betrayal of the blood emperor against the Amethyst Empress, Euron's treason for blood against Dany). And when he does Drogon turns into the Stone beast, Kraken and dragon blood making a sea dragon Cthulhu beast thing, stone because Euron is going to have greyscale (JC to Daemon Sand to Arianne to Euron, corpse, grey lips, dead eyes). The Grey king who tricked the storm god into giving him fire (Stormgod/Stormborn), who turned greyer and greyer, who made his throne inside the dragon Nagga, the dragon whose bones turned to stone. Shadowfire because it's not going to breathe fire anymore, Euron's blood corrupting Drogo/Rhaego's fire. Nagga's living fire enslaved by the Grey King and later extinguished. So Dany will have had a dead Rhaego and a dead Drogo and MMD's blood magic and ended up with Drogon. The alpha dragon she named for Drogo, who is coloured for him, who lets her ride him and who just so happens to like hanging out in the Dothraki plains. Then there will be Euron, dead, his child dead and the horn of blood magic. End result Kraken dragon. What she needs to do to fix Drogon will become apparent, she needs a new daddy for a new baby to sacrifice. Her sun and stars, fiery strong horselord Drogo with her child became a nice neat sleek fire breathing dragon, Euron created a kraken dragon through a mix of his kraken blood and Arianne's Targ/Green blood, a sphinx if you would. So now she needs to solve the riddle, what's the right blood line to turn her dragon back into a proper fire breathing dragon, to wake the dragon from stone. Third head of the dragon, mount to bed. She's AA trying to forge Lightbringer now, she needs to go labouring, night and day. First attempt water, Valyrian blooded Aurane Waters, she labors away and gets herself pregnant, only it fails, miscarriage, the baby unable to survive her fiery womb. Second attempt Viserion riding Tyrion, he'd have to be better stock than Aurane since he's a full blown dragon rider. But no, another miscarriage, and the lion's heart is wounded. But Dany is not the type to give up. Third attempt Nissa Nissa, because having AA thrust a sword into a blue rose would have been a bit too much. But as I said she has it wrong, she only needs to sacrifice herself, embrace the fire, pass through the red door, and when her body burns she will ascend and join Drogo in the night sky.
  13. Dany has had her mount for love, the one she wishes to join in the night sky. She's contemplating the very real possibility of her death and her greatest concern is that there's no-one around to burn her body so that she may join Drogo in the afterlife. There's no-one taking Drogo's place in Dany's heart, as there's no-one taking Ygritte's in Jon's. Not coincidentally joining Drogo in the night sky in the afterlife is exactly what's going to happen, only it's a second life inside a dragon, her, Drogo and Rhaego together for eternity or until the dragon dies at least, what the show subbed in for her HOTU vision, probably on GRRM's word.
  14. Dany will seek Jon to father her child because of his bloodline and nothing more. The cost of dragons is death, and particularly dead children, Rhaego and Hazzea. Drogo's dragon blooded child allowed him to second life Drogon and Euron will do the same, only his blood and nature will be a corrupting force, turning Drogon into the stone beast, unable to breathe fire and useless as a weapon. Dany will seek a father of premium Targaryen stock to father on her a child to sacrifice and return Drogon to a regular fire breathing dragon so that she can save the world. What is a bastard child's life against all other life? The price she paid before, Rhaego and Hazzea, if I look back I am lost. Dancy's quest to bed her lord to save her black pearls. The third head of the dragon, there is power in king's blood, the PWTWP come to wake dragons from stone. Jon will not be her first attempt, Aurane Waters and Tyrion will fail her as she will miscarry their child within the temple of her fiery womb, fire consumes, but ice preserves, with Jon she will succeed. On the other side Jon will have soured even further on prophesy and magic, Stannis being the next lesson in not to trust it after the whole Arya fiasco. And Jon will not accept sacrifice, even to save the world, as Ned repeatedly refused to allow harm to come to children, from Jon to Dany, Cersei's children and his own, it is for Jon to follow in his footsteps and refuse the Targaryen way, choosing Stark over Targ. But he's not likely to know what Dany intends for the child as she's probably not going to tell him, she may tell him she needs his child but not why specifically, he'll find that out later. He might also have an issue with incest, and may not find Dany attractive as by the time she gets to him she will be fat or chubby, having been pregnant five times before, Rhaego, the end of ADWD, another one probably Euron's, Waters and Tyrion. And Jon's not going to like Dany because she's been playing the game of thrones in the south with her dragons while he's been freezing his arse off watching his friends die and getting himself killed trying to protect the realm when a simple flight up north from Dany could have saved everyone the trouble. And now when she does arrive she'll have no fucking dragon anymore. And most importantly Jon is utterly opposed to fathering a bastard and still loves Ygritte. Dany will have her way, as per the first post, but she'll not get to sacrifice the child as Jon will prevent her, ice vs fire, ice preserves and fire consumes. But she will give birth to her, a little baby girl with the stub of tail. The child will bring about Dany's death, and loosely bring about the ends of the prophesies. If Dany needed to sacrifice a Targaryen child to second life a dragon, then she already did so with Rhaego, but she may not have even needed to as she herself is pure Targ, total fire, the last dragon, probably only Euron and Drogo needed to do that shit to get in. The child will not die, but Dany will, and she will second life Drogon, joining Drogo and Rhaego within the dragon, the third head. Her sun and stars returned to her, as he was, after she's had a living child. Her pure blood will remove Euron's taint and Drogon will awaken from stone, the PessTWP, and he will have back his fire, Dany's fire, Lightbringer. Pass through the shadow (death) to touch the light (second life of a fire breathing dragon). And Drogon will not be just regular Drogon, due to Dany being Dany he will be supersized with super hot fire, Balerion like, and as Balerion she will end the Long Night in the nick of time. Hence Bael the bard for Balerion, hence the Black Pearl's Balerion and desire for hot sauce, hence Dany's dream aboard Balerion where she wakes up triumphantly in its belly, the wake the dragon dream where her blood melts the stone, where she turns into a dragon and passes through the red door (death to second life as the dragon's fire) to discover Rhaegar is not the last dragon but she is. It is why the HOTU visions end when she embraces what the people need, her, her fire, her life. .
  15. Jon and Dany will happen and the story themes of how it will happen is interwoven in the wildling's culture, pointedly in the Bael story. In summary, Bael the Bard through deception plucked the blue rose of Winterfell. What the blue rose of Winterfell represents in ASOIAF is simple enough. Jon is the blue winter rose. And he is the symbolic blue winter rose to Dany, she doesn't know it yet but this is her POV and her HOTU vision. To no-one else in the series is this symbolism presented in this manner. In the Bael story the winter rose of Winterfell is plucked, plucked meaning stolen and to put it crudely fucked. In Dany's vision the blue flower relates to her being the bride of fire and is grouped with at least one other lover and possibly another to come. As the blue winter rose is Jon, Bael is Dany, she is going to pluck the blue winter rose, it's growing fresh from the wall of ice for her to just reach out and pluck. The final component to explain is the deception. Bael used deception to pluck the winter rose, and so Dany will too. Why Dany will require deception is simple, Jon won't want her. The reasons why he won't will be many, but no-one really needs a reason to not want to sleep with someone, his heart simply won't be in it. So Dany will need to use deception to get him, to trick him, to steal him the Wildling way. Dany will need to find a way to Jon's heart, fortunately for Dany there exists someone with both that knowledge and the means to make use of it. Melisandre knows of Jon's heart, she knows Arya is dear to him and uses the knowledge to ingratiate herself to him. But Arya isn't the only one Melisandre knows about being in his heart. Melisandre appears to Jon as Ygritte and they go on to speak about hearts. It is done on purpose, she is glamouring as Ygritte as she knows what Ygritte means to Jon. Glamouring she explains in her POV works best with some physical connection to the person whose appearance is being taken. Here she is glamouring as Ygritte in about the spot where Ygritte died. Dany will glamour as Ygritte in that same spot for the purpose of having Jon impregnate her, she will succeed, and they'll do it against the wall, and the pure Targaryen blooded PessTWP will allegedly be conceived. Melisandre will provide Dany the glamour as she will be convinced of the same necessity of Dany becoming pregnant by Jon that Dany will be. Reverse foreshadowing on both accounts, Dany knows nothing too. It is the treason for love, or blood. Jon is her king, and she will know this, thus Dany will be committing treason. For his love, by using his love against him, or for his Targ blood. He is the mount to bed. It's not about love, it's simply about getting pregnant by the right father. The sex scene is foreshadowed, peculiarly, in a Theon chapter. Beneath the Burned Tower, a northman and one of Abel's washerwomen who has Ygrittes characteristics, naked beneath a fur cloak. And back we come to Bael the Bard. Abel is of course an anagram of Bael, which is why Mance chose the name, as he is entering WF with a false identity to steal the daughter of WF. Thus one of Abel's washerwomen is a suitable character to foreshadow the scene. Dany glamouring as Ygritte to steal Jon requires a few magical possibilities which GRRM has taken the time and effort to establish so that when it occurs the reader is not left feeling as though he changed the rules or pulled something out of the blue to make it all happen. - The first is that Melisandre knows what Ygritte means to Jon, and is able to Glamour her, as shown in the quoted scene above albeit possibly she can only glamour as her in that spot where Ygritte died. - The second is that Melisandre can make a glamour for another person. And this we are shown through her glamouring of Mance as Rattleshirt. Mance, Abel, Bael. And now the whore Dancy. Dancy, named sort of like Mance and one C from Dany, Mance's C, and who looks like Ygritte. Dancy has good reason for propositioning Tyrion, as she made herself a wager, the circumstances are this. So Dancy has to get her lord to bed her. In this case the lord is Tyrion, but as Dancy is foreshadowing Dany here Tyrion is in the place of Jon. To make that leap and to tie it back to Bael the Bard there is this line about Dancy. Blue flowers, the symbolism for Jon, Dany's symbolism for Jon. But more than that, note the correlation between the sentence and Dany's HOTU vision. Chain - chink, sweet air - honeyed hair. And so, the whore Dancy, named so similarly to Dany, who wears blue flowers and looks like Ygritte, is on a quest to have her lord bed her lest she loses her black pearls. Black pearls foreshadow dragons, by way of common sense seeing as dragons are valuable and rare as are pearls and Dany's own dragon is black, but also by way of Bellegere Otherys, the woman called the Black Pearl who took an Aegon for a lover and birthed children who would become courtesans and inherit the name the Black Pearl. The Black Pearls are known to be of dragon blood. And so Dancy's predicament will be that of Dany's. Dany will need to bed her lord, Jon, to save her black pearl, Drogon. She will need a pure dragon blooded father for her to be able to bring a child to term, to birth the prince (actually a princess) that was promised to wake her dragon from stone. Lightbringer, her dragon's third head. It won't go that way, prophesy having lead her astray she will need only to sacrifice herself to wake Drogon from stone, which will happen, and when it does Drogon will turn into a Balerion sized and style dragon. That is why Bael the bard, who is foreshadowing Dany, is named Bael, for Balerion, and why the Black Pearl's third child was named Balerion. Another child will not be required, Dany was always the third head and only necessary sacrifice. But I digress and for the sake of simplicity I won't explain the meaning of the ends of the Bael story here as this topic is meant only for broadly covering the conception and deception.