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  1. Spattered and Caked. Big Walder Killed Little Walder

    The times I've seen it discussed I think everyone was pretty much in agreement that it is the case. I do think BW does truly believe he will rule the crossing one day, and that LW would have to be moved out of the way eventually, but that he killed him in the immediate due to more pressing concerns. BW looks down upon Ramsay, he feels Ramsay is a moron that will bring down ruin on himself through his own stupidity, and that LW was by aping Ramsay becoming a liability that BW thought needed to be dealt with before it reflected or became an impediment upon him. And I think BW is right, he will rule the crossing. I believe Jon will make him Lord after he destroys the current Walder. I see something like Jon and his army being held up outside the Twins and sending BW in to treat with Lord Walder, but really with the secret intention to have BW open the gates (or is it lower the bridge?), which he will do and be rewarded for it with the Lordship after Jon is finished his work inside.
  2. Varys and the Martell's

    There's no current relationship. Doran is mindful of not being found out by the Spider's spies. Varys is team Aegon, Dorne will join.
  3. What's it good for? - Sansa Stark

    They don't encapsulate Stark values to the reader as they did not live during the series, as explained in my previous post in this topic. Their manoeuvrings are also a far cry from dead men tell no secrets or tears are not a woman's only weapon, which is what Sansa is actually learning.
  4. On Jon Snow's ultimate fate

    Jon is the king by the Targaryen line and that's what the foreshadowing is about but no he'll never be king on the IT (he'll be KITN for a time). It's his lot to reject the crown for the realm's sake. He will conquer KL but the realm would not unite behind his kingship, many will see him as a bastard and others as a NW member, and uniting the realm to fight the Others will be his whole end goal, that's why he'll march on the IT. He will instead marry Arya to the IT, a more palatable course for the wider realm, and they'll march at her call. But this isn't really the pinnacle decision of his arc. His arc ends when he prevents Dany from sacrificing his and her child, even though by then the evidence will be overwhelming that the sacrifice would wake the dragon and save the realm. He will choose the Stark way over the Targaryen. The dragon will none the less awaken with Dany's death and he will ride it, proving his decision correct. And he'll probably die then.
  5. Shiera's fate

    Unlikely Bloodraven facilitated the Spring Sickness, given there were no rats in KL and he's the overwhelmingly most likely reason why (there will be an explanation, it's given too much attention as an abnormality). Skinchanging the rats out of the city to try and keep it from spreading. Or maybe he did try and weaponise it only to lose control and then try and fix the problem. Ultimately Bloodraven's loyalty to the Targs is unquestionable, it's his defining trait, and the Spring Sickness was devastating to them. But possibly he was using disease rats to try and target enemies and just lost control of it. Bloodraven's plans having disastrous unintentional consequences is going to be a theme. Not coincidentally it was a greyscale diseased rat that killed Serra, and then another greyscale attack on the bridge of dreams that tried to kill what is possibly her son and fellow Blackfyre pretender.
  6. What's it good for? - Sansa Stark

    No he didn't, it was not a power play on Ned's behalf. He did not go out of his way to create a queen for a daughter like Tywin tried and eventually succeeded and as Mace did likewise. By planning for the eventuality of Robert's death, which is by no means certain, you mean planning to profit by his death, by way of winning over his heir with feminine wiles. Nothing like anything Ned or Robb did or would consent to.
  7. It's been gone over multiple times. We have a back story for Mel which by her thoughts places her in Essos (Volantis, red temple) when half a child as a slave. If that were to have happened to Shiera we should know. According to AGOT actors GRRM said Melisandre is 100s of years old, which is older than Shiera.
  8. Shiera's fate

    There's no two ways to interpret the line other than wilful denial. It is plain as day, it's just not what you want to hear. You don't want TWOW spoilers regarding Euron.
  9. Has Littlefinger interacted with Mandon Moore?

    Supernatural influence, probably Bloodraven.
  10. What's it good for? - Sansa Stark

    How do you think Ned and Robb would feel about wooing a man for his position and power? Actually no, a man who will come into power only when Sansa's child cousin kicks the bucket. Yes, Sansa fans believe she's going to play the game of thrones whilst remaining honourable, no collateral damage here, all for the good of house Stark, best of luck with that.
  11. Shiera's fate

    It's not an assumption, it is literally what an author wrote about a character he created. It's not a case of choose your own option.
  12. Shiera's fate

    We do know she took pleasure in making her lover Bloodraven jealous and acted for the purpose of causing that jealousy, we know that because that's what GRRM wrote. A detail that he wanted an artist to know so that they may depict her accurately, it's basically her only established personality trait. Why would GRRM portray a variety of characters and situations? Gee, I don't know.
  13. What's it good for? - Sansa Stark

    The 'side' of the game she is actually learning. The one that serves ambition and revenge through dishonourable means, and begins wars and leaves dead children in it's wake. What Ned did and what Robb did is simply ruling and leading, extending the meaning of the game of thrones to a lord's job and duty as you want to renders it a meaningless descriptor, and it's not what Sansa is particularly learning.
  14. What's it good for? - Sansa Stark

    No, not remotely. Ned's foray into the game of thrones consisted of trying to put the gold cloaks into his corner. Robb simply called his banners and made marriage alliances. And neither were self aggrandising. On the Stark side there's no children being extinguished to ingratiate oneself with the throne, no cities being denied food, no acts of pageantry, assassinations, lies in secret letters, ideas implanted by way of song, deals in place of justice, secret catspaws, and on and on it goes. That is the game of thrones and decidedly against what Ned stood for and thus what the Starks of the series are known to stand for. And this is what Sansa is learning.
  15. Shiera's fate

    And that quote says she enjoyed making Bloodraven jealous. Not a rumour, not some outsider's take on it, she did this, she enjoyed stoking his jealousy. Bloodraven's and Bittersteel's feud is credited as a driving force behind the Blackfyre rebellion and Shiera as a cause of their feud. The whole passage is about men contesting for her. Given what we know were her actions, that it all just happened around her without encouragement is as I said, flatly naïve. And then we get lines like this.