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  1. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    The Others.
  2. Bran vs. Jaime

    It's all for him to reject. Just as Arya is being bogged in vengeance, and will in the end reject it for justice. Bran need be wronged and have the power for revenge, justice even, so that he may reject it and prove himself benevolent. It's flagged, all very straight-forward. Ned says to Bran one day it will be for him to judge, to look a man in his eyes, hear his last words, and if you can not condemn him to death then maybe he does not deserve to die. Ned says to Catelyn that Bran is the one, through his nature, to overcome the rift between the two houses. Bran has stuck in his head on repeat what Jaime said as he pushed him out the window, the things I do for love. Bran is finding out all about love, as of now he is mind thieving Hodor just to be in Meera's presence. The North are set to bring their condemned before the weirwoods. What's going to happen is this. Bran is going to deeper down the path of the things he'd do for love. He's going to learn what his mentor BR did for love, the war that tore the realm apart. He's going to learn what his aunt and the crown prince did for love, the other war that ended a 300 year dynasty. And probably find out some things Dunk also did for love. The north are going to and Bran is going to learn he can somehow intervene, and Theon will be spared because of Bran, the old god's judgement in the eyes of the North. And they'll start doing that for everyone who needs be judged. Jaime is going to be defeated by the North, and dragged before a weirwood. Bran is going to finally confront what Jaime said and what Jaime did, he's going to understand what the things I do for love meant, that what Bran saw would mean war and/or the death of those Jaime loved. Bran is going to consider what others have done for love, what he himself has done for love, and find himself unable to condemn Jaime to death, proving himself benevolent, better than his mentor BR who still holds a grudge and the peacemaker between the two sides, a peace that is needed to be made so that an alliance can be formed against the Others.
  3. Bran vs. Jaime

    The whole point is Bran will forgive this.
  4. It's not Alys Karstark, either

    It's an actual marriage. Jon and Sansa will broker marriage between Robert Arryn and Arya to be king and queen, and Arya will refuse. New Jon will not accept defiance and lock her in the maidenvault, she will escape and go on her journey, Deana the Defiant. Deana the Defiant, wild and wilful, athletic hunter horsewoman, always dressed in black, and then always in white. Idolised her father and brother, the boy who went South and conquered, but failed to stick his conquest because he didn't seal it with marriage. This brother won't be making that mistake, so Arya will be up for marriage.
  5. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    Correct, and Jaime no longer cares. His desire for honour, to do the right thing is no longer about perception, it's simply for himself. But key to Tyrion also is his love of power, it's basically self stated in the text when he begins ruling as Hand.
  6. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    He doesn't answer then because he doesn't care to answer. He doesn't want to be Tywin and doesn't care if his aunt or anyone else thinks he lacks the Tywin strength and fortitude. Where Tywin was unapologetic in his actions, Jaime is reluctant but able because he believes in the need for them and that the need outweighs the personal cost, a personal cost he is now willing to bear without bitterness. That's the difference, he has already done this, he did the unthinkable, a kingsguard who killed his king, destroying his honour to save a million lives, and for it the world resented him and so he turned his back on the world, reducing it to almost exclusively Cersei. New Jaime is shedding that resentment. Let the world hear, it makes no matter. They'll judge but he cares not (or is learning not to), so long as they do what they're supposed to do and shit gets ordered and stays there.
  7. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    The point is that she's wrong, as Jaime goes about proving then after. Tyrion is no servant of House Lannister or servant of the realm, he is not willing to be disliked, hated, thought dishonourable or carry out morally difficult actions for a greater purpose. Jaime has, and will again when Westeros will need him most.
  8. It's really obvious and takes a whole 3 lines to explain. Theodan fights for the Faith, that is the whole reason why the character was introduced. Ungregor is going to tear him apart, this isn't anti-climactic because Cersei's trial isn't a climax, not for Ungregor, not for Cersei and not for the Faith. The climax is Cleganebowl, the purpose of this duel is to build Ungregor up as all invincible so that when Sandor and the other six bring him down it's all the more epic, and when Sansa puts her life in their hands it's all the more courageous.
  9. Anyone else thinks this bit of aDwD makes no sense?

    He more than amply laid the groundwork for Jorah being a desperate romantic.
  10. Trying to Explain the Weird Rewind at the Bridge of Dream

    Bloodraven did it to try and kill Aegon because he is still fighting the Blackfyre rebellion. As he killed Serra by skinchanging grey plagued rats. Or he did it to purposely bring Garin's Curse, greyscale, to Westeros. Or both. In the end his meddling in time will cause the outbreak of greyscale on Westeros and mass death.
  11. Future daughters of asoiaf

    Jon and Dany, Hazzea.
  12. A possible way for Arya to get to the wall (need help)

    Maybe the FM send her there, maybe she goes to meet her sister. I don't know and don't really care to figure it out, the foreshadowing puts her there so there she'll be.
  13. Arya will become Queen

    Jon will be KITN, Arya will be princess of the north. Tyrion and Sansa will be king and queen on the IT, Sansa will have Tyrion name Robert Arryn his heir. Jon will come south and defeat Tyrion. Tyrion will die. To cement his victory and unite the kingdom KITN Jon will marry Arya to the IT then bend the knee. Queen regent Sansa will likewise marry Robert Arryn to Arya. And that will be the end situation of the series, Robert Arryn and Arya as king and queen of a once again united Westeros. Robert Arryn caught between the queen he loves and the queen he married, trying to rule and keep both happy.
  14. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Aegon will ride Rhaegal, hence a dance of dragons. Aegon will be much loved and capable of holding the realm together in roundly competent and just rule. And be fake. So when Dany defeats him the conclusion she will have to draw about herself is that she believes in the sanctity of bloodlines and law of succession, not the best person for the job. And then she will come to believe R+L=J and that they were married. Thus she will have to defer to Jon or prove herself a hypocrite. Aegon is the culmination of Varys' game playing, a story thread introduced in AGOT and layered throughout. His downfall and the calamitous fallout for the realm will lay at Varys' feet for having played the game of thrones. Aegon's defeat will be the largest single factor in turning the realm against Dany. They will hate their new queen for having killed their last beloved king, and that hate will see her unable to hold the Iron throne and have to flee KL. This will set her on the path towards Jon and will leave a vacant throne up for grabs, for anyone who still has it in them to seek the poisoned chalice. Aegon is not an afterthought and is not useless, he is integral to one of the biggest character arcs in the books and for aligning factions where they need to be to push the story onwards.
  15. A possible way for Arya to get to the wall (need help)

    By boat from KL when she hears the plea for help Jon sends via Raven. She'll believe Jon and go to see for herself, the throne will disregard it. She'll be long clear of the FM by then.