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  1. I think the meaning behind most these things won't be for the Manderlys in their own right but that they will relate to Davos. HH will be a simple metaphor for the stone beast.
  2. The lesson Tywin made of Tysha for Tyrion was that he was a Lannister and can't marry a lowborn. So if Tysha is to come back around again it'd be fitting for it come under this theme. So imagine Tyrion regaining a high standing in Westeros, he'll be king but you all haven't bought that yet so imagine him Dany's hand or Lord of Casterly Rock or whatever. Now consider Tysha popping her head up, after Tyrion sits his high seat (Sansa beside him). We've got the situation Tywin was warding Tyrion from. Tyrion can hold high office and hold to his highborn suitable wife OR he can have Tysha. He can't have both, the Hand of the King, Lord of Casterly Rock or King on the IT can't marry a commoner. So which way do you think Tyrion would roll? It's the same question GRRM has been teasing all through Tyrion's arc, is he really Tywin's son? Helping him on the way to his decision, Tysha has not likely had a kind decade or whatever it is past. She's not like to be the same sweet young'un she was. If she pops her head up again, it's for Tyrion to deny their marriage and prove himself the scoundrel. As GRRM says, his favourite villain.
  3. Board issues. Anyway in reply to ravenous reader The 'heir' is Euron's heir, 'worthy' means a heir of the right blood (Targaryen/Dany's) to sacrifice that will allow him to do the second lifing process and the him is 'Drogon'. The sentence reads correctly with those in mind. Viserys is probably in Viserion, as Tyrion will ride Viserion and they'll match up well. Hostile brothers of Dany, one the dragon the other the rider. Rhaego is in Drogon with Drogo. That's Dany's ending, dying and seconding lifing Drogon, expelling Euron from him (and his stone) and joining with Drogo and Rhaego (3 heads) forever inside the dragon, her true home. The scene the show gave us in place of her HOTU visions. And in reply to LynnS I don't really know, I speculate he's given the horn a secondary function as way of a plot device to get the dragons over to Westeros in some kind of orderly fashion. I don't think on it much because I don't think it really matters all that much down the line as whatever happens with Vic and Brown Ben we will still eventually get to the point where Aegon will ride Rhaegal, Tyrion will be on Viserion and Dany on Drogon until Euron is on top of Storm's End with his horn back and a pregnant Arianne.
  4. He's talking about Drogon. Euron needs a heir of Targaryen blood to sacrifice so that he can second life the dragon. As what happened by accident to Drogo when Rhaego died and he lost his soul, he second lifed Drogon. Euron has the gist of how it works, that it's what his horn does (dragonbinder. Blood for fire, fire for blood), that he has to sacrifice himself to do it (leap from a tall tower. Cragorn's died, you know. No mortal man may sound me and live) and that he needs a Targaryen child of his blood to do it (bring my wife to me brother, the last of her line). And then he can second life the dragon (fly).
  5. She's toast, and Stannis will do it for dragons that won't materialise. The whole point is to teach Jon not to trust in prophesy/magic for when the time comes that he faces the same situation. And it has to be Stannis because he's the role model figure, the king for KITN Jon to follow, and he'll have to decide to what degree he'll follow. And it's about responsibility as king and responsibility as a father, that choice between the two. It doesn't work if it's Mel because protecting the child and protecting the realm are neither her sacred responsibility.
  6. Euron is his elder brother yes, it's not that though. Leviathans are the "oldest and largest creatures living in the entire world". Euron's new kraken dragon sea dragon Cthulhu thingy is just that, new. Because I'm feeling generous. Well no, I just need to retrace it for my own memory. Dany conceives, the wall's magic fails as the men of the NW don't hold true. Symbolically, suns, moons, kissing (or other innuendo) and cracking are repeated. Dany will be glamoured as Ygritte, so Ygritte will in a way achieve her wish. Finally note I chose my wording deliberately. 'And' the wall will crack there. The wall will not necessarily crack because they did it there, it may be a happy coincidence, the wall will likely be physically failing anyway. But it will crack there because Jon's guilt and shame is a key part. It will make him feel it's all his fault, adding to the shame he'll have for fathering a bastard and giving him reason to believe it's his responsibility to save the realm against the Others (he'll likely feel the responsibility isn't his anymore after his death) because he fucked up and let them through.
  7. Dany's not a dragon, not yet. She came very close during her labour/fever dream but didn't die. I'm positive on this because she is going to become one, that's where the ending is headed and I plan to edit that in above. The fire-proof instance I think is because it's a bit of a two-way street, it's not an exact science and some cross contamination is occurring. The sacrificial child enters the dragon too but seems to get a bit of dragon back in the process, or at least it can on occasion, hence the dragon defect births. Rhaego's heart seemed to burn out his chest and he had other dragon characteristics, so he got a bit of dragon back in the process, and it happened while he was in Dany's womb so Dany picked up a bit of it too. Probably in the blood. The deal is the child does or can end up in the dragon as well as the adult. I think this because Dany is going to join them and that's what the three heads are, Dany, her love Drogo and their son, living together as one within the dragon. The scene the TV show substituted for her HOTU visions. I think the dragons the people become know their human family by blood, and if they're so inclined may become docile enough towards that human to allow them to ride. I don't think it has to be a specific relationship other than family by blood, and the rest is down to personality. And that the blood connection persists down generations of both the dragons and the humans, though obviously it's going to get more diluted over multiple generations without inbreeding, at which point they'd probably need to redo a sacrifice to restrengthen the blood bond. To elaborate a little more on Dany's fire proof instance, I think the key here to what the Valyrians did that no-one else could relates to fire survival. While Euron and Jon are skinchangers I don't think Drogo was or that all Valyrians were. The second life process doesn't require one to be a skinchanger, the blood magic is what probably allows a person to slip their dying skin and enter another. But, the concept of skinchanging and second lifing is not completely unknown. Varamyr knew it and did it, Bloodraven and the COTF know it (the bird scene with Bran), and I think it's quite obvious by some lines in the texts that in Asshai they know about second lifing too and are experimenting with it. So the question becomes why didn't anyone else other than a few Valyrian dragonlords do it with dragons? I think the answer is in the rhetoric about dragons being fire made flesh and the dragon's fiery heart. A dragon can be skin changed or second lifed same as anything else, only inside the dragon is fire and its too hot to survive. Their souls just burn up. And that's what the Valyrians did that no-one else managed, they worked out how to survive the fire. I think it's possible we'll get a scene where one of our POV skinchangers tries to skinchange a dragon, gets inside, then starts thinking it's hot, too hot, I'm going to die, and then nope it out of there. It may also be a similar situation with Krakens and/or sealife and the Iron Islanders and/or Greyjoys. That they can survive, breathe, live underwater where no ordinary person can. General foreshadowing for Jon and dragons is about his father/blood/kingship. The specific visions Dany have about Jon are about second lifing a dragon. But more than Jon it's about sacrificing the child, it's all about bringing Dany to the point of believing that to save the world she's going to have to have Jon's child and she's going to have to sacrifice it. And the whole "what is one bastard's life vs the realm" thing lands on Jon's shoulders when he has to decide if he's going to let her do it.
  8. I don't know that anything they do will wake a dragon, but they are going to be rooting. User Lost Melnibonean has that foreshadowing covered somewhere round here.
  9. I'm not across that one, Cat come the grim reaper wiping out Freys doesn't interest me like it does some, but it seems a fairly solid theory from what I've read of it. You'll have to seek it out yourself if you care to, Red Wedding 2, there were multiple topics for it that I assume still exist.
  10. So Euron, he'd be the character of best fit. A character plainly in possession come direct from the ruins of the dragonlord's city with magical knowledge which he takes effort to guard, the cutting out the tongues of his crewmen not the least of his efforts. Now what he has to do is pretty crazy, he'd have to be pretty mad, so it'd wise to play that up, maybe make him the maddest character of all. Repeat that a few times. He couldn't just come out and say his intentions, that'd give the secret away, having him talk in thinly veiled euphuisms would work. Flying for second lifing a dragon for instance. Jumping from a tall tower for sacrificing himself as he must, for suicide basically as it is commonly used anyway. He'd have to be extremely motivated, such as it being a childhood dream. Even then, the risk is great, it'd have to give him a moment's pause surely, to reflect on it as he came to understand what it's going to require. Having a bloodmage on hand to make it all happen is doable, but rather inelegant. Perhaps the Valyrians could have distilled that messy tent of WTF process that MMD managed down into a more palatable form. A magical horn for instance. One which takes care of the sacrifice angle and calls the dragon to second life to it, aptly named dragonbinder inscribed with the trade required to make the process. And of course Euron would come across this horn, streamlining the process. Now if Euron is really cluey on all this, as it'd make sense he should be to fulfil this role, the he's going to need to understand the dragon blooded child sacrifice. And as Dany is the only full blooded dragonlord woman around, he should have a plan to get Dany and get a child on her. He's got understand he needs his own Targ child to sacrifice, a heir for him, him being the dragon he is to become, that a regular mutt of his won't do. Something like that. Besides being mad, he's going to have to be a pretty evil asshole to be willing to sacrifice his own child. Perhaps it'd even be worth working in some child sacrifice for magic as an appetiser, have him knock up some random wench and sacrifice her and baby. Still it'd be a big leap. Huge, mad as Euron is, what if it didn't work? He'd just have killed himself for nothing. Perhaps he'd need a little more push to make it happen, some extra to get Euron over the line. Maybe . . . have him catch a terminal illness. If he's going to die anyway of this illness then why not take the plunge? Greyscale is on the way to Westeros thanks to JC, having him catch that would certainly make the jump easier. The living dead. That'd work I think. Could even name him after it in a fashion. Should probably foreshadow it too, dreams, visions, the usual sort of stuff. This sort of thing would work. Like the Valyrians, rising himself above the gods, his ascendency. But he's evil like they never were so he shouldn't just let the other gods, religions and followers be, he should rule over them all, kill them all, make everyone bow to him. These work too. Grouping him with Drogo as he'll follow in Drogo's footsteps, a mount because that works on both levels, as Dany's bedmate to produce the child sacrifice and as the dragon that can be mounted. But, there is an issue here relating to blood, and what the Euron come dragon would look like, what traits it would have, what it'd be. Drogo makes Drogon, his characteristics becoming the dragon's, so Euron would have to influence this newly made dragon. And Euron is vile, evil, poison, godless, mad, cold blooded and sea blooded. He's a kraken, he's of the sea. And I reckon GRRM should give him greyscale. So the dragon should take on all these traits . . . in fact it might not even look like a dragon. Something like that. Euron all up in there, a kraken dragon, a beast, stone for its greyscaled blood. And the smoking tower is a good touch, like the tower Euron contemplates he has to throw himself off to complete the ritual, and he's got to burn so a smoking tower makes all the more sense. And shadow flame, false fire, as the sea water of the kraken's influence shouldn't allow the dragon to breathe fire. Maybe some foreshadowing in Euron's culture too. A legend of the Iron Islands, a grey king tricking the stormgod to give him fire. For greyscale Euron tricking the Stormborn to giving him a dragon. And a grey king defeating a dragon, it becoming stone and making his home literally inside of it, ruling from it for an immortal lifespan. That one might be a bit too obvious. Side Note: Euron is not going to actually succeed at this with Dany, but he will with the next best source of Targ blooded womb, Arianne. But that's a complication not necessary to this topic. GRRM might then want to seed the idea of a second life. Perhaps dedicating a whole prologue to it might be a bit much, but I suppose we are getting close to the point of reveal. Best to start on a smaller scale. Definitely he could explore it in Bran, like in trees and birds, and have BR and the COTF explain it.
  11. If he were to do that and if that were the key to dragon riding here's how I think he might go about it without completely showing his cards before time. He might begin in the first book with a character and emphasise his fierceness and fire for life. Like undefeated Khal Drogo. Then he'd associate colouring between the character and dragon he becomes. Black for his braid probably. And probably do some name association, like add a letter to the character's name to make the dragon's, like Drogo to Drogon. He'd make the dragon the biggest alpha dragon too like the character. Now I suppose he'd have the character die about the time the dragon came into being, in fact in between then he might have the character exist in a lifeless form signifying the soul has left the body to go elsewhere. And he'd definitely have the character's body cremated. But it couldn't come without a cost. So he'd need some sacrifice, besides the person himself that is. And he'll need some magic on hand to make it all happen. So he'd probably have his son die at the same time and have a blood magic practitioner on hand to set shit off. Like Rhaego and MMD. Hmmmm, seems good, but maybe a bit abstract. He'd probably really want to ram the point home. So perhaps some dreams and ancient belief type shit to really fill it out. Something like that would be good, fiery steed, really makes the connection. And something like that would really play up the sacrifice angle. And throwing in a dragon origin tale in Dany's POV that plays up the angle that the dragons are a result of Dany's and Drogo's coupling would help too. This would be good, using the sun and moon symbolism that Dany and Drogo refer to each other with. As the story went on he'd have to keep things consistent and have the dragon display Drogo like behaviour. So when Dany learns King Robert is dead, the man who attempted to assassinate Drogo's wife and child setting him off on the epic rant promising vengeance, GRRM should have the dragon present and react to the news. And because Drogo was a Khal and roamed the Dothraki Sea the dragon him should also have some affinity with the Dothraki Sea. Maybe have it make a home on the Dothraki Sea somewhere and spend his time just roaming it. And because he was Dany's husband he could get the shits if perhaps a handmaiden were to finger her. Perhaps bite the bitch on the offending hand. And of course he'd have to be the dragon Dany rides. That'd cover off that angle, but to really push it he'd probably want to seed it throughout history, in legends and customs. First off he'd have the dragon riders of history be adept with the sorcery it requires. Have them claim to be kin to the dragons they ride, because they are. As it is a blood bond between family and dragons he would play up the significance of the blood lines. Like make them inbreed and refer to their blood as dragon blood and themselves as dragons. And they could probably consider themselves gods, they are after all capable of cheating their mortal life and beginning a second as a super powerful being. It's ascendency basically. Perhaps link some of the knowledge passively to these dragonlords, like house words that conveys their sacrifice of blood for dragon's fire. Have the basics loosely but incorrectly known to sorcerers. Alternate not quite correct interpretations, the details twisted in time. Close but not quite. And a mad Targaryen somehow catching and letting loose his ancestral secret wouldn't go astray, he's mad anyway. But obviously GRRM wouldn't just have it happen the once at the start of the series and that be the end of it. It's a prime mystery, the central mystery even. So he'd have to have it come back around again at least one more time. So he needs another character to second life a dragon, and having it occur by accident again is probably not going to cut it. A Targaryen blooded child's death, and parent or blood relative at least, in the presence of a dragon or egg, cremated bodies and a dose of magic on hand. All a bit much to have happen by luck, again. So he's going to need someone with a bit of a clue of the sorcery side of things, actually he's going to need a character with a fair few special traits.
  12. Arya is the third highest POV count, we're going to get multiple chapters of hers for every one of Jaime/Brienne which are most likely going to get consolidated. And whilst Arya works her way there there's the scouring of Riverlands of Freys by Stoneheart for Jaime/Brienne chapters to cover, which likely will include a RR wedding. There's probably going to be lots of horrors for Goldenhand the Just to witness so that he may fully understand the lesson, possibly his aunt's death, maybe Amerei too. Probably GRRM is going to tuck Jaime and Brienne away in this story line for safe keeping until after the new Dance has been fought and won by Dany.
  13. You lamented that GRRM had not given gay man JC any depth or desires. I pointed out you are wrong, he has depth and desires and it is intricately linked to his sexuality. You then dismiss the depth as 'something you suppose'. So obviously depth isn't your real concern here.
  14. As I said in the OP, if you want anything explained ask, but arguing the points was not my purpose in making this thread and it would be too long a single post (and I lose interest in trying) to detail all points.
  15. He's going to lead a suicide mission against the Others to simply buy the realm of men time. His destiny is to be the realm's greatest servant and most divisive person. Eh, the current situation is pretty irrelevant, they're getting out of it alive. Arya's coming. It's just to teach Jaime what happens when the crown fails to do justice, when the people lose belief that the crown will do justice. The small folk take it into their own hands and shit gets very ugly very quickly.