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  1. Will the Dragons be relevant?

    Aegon will ride Rhaegal. The dragons will die or transform. There will be no dragon to fight in TWFTD until Dany wakes the dragon from stone, and that will end the war.
  2. Sweetrobin will rule, he will personally be a weak king but ultimately his reign will prove successful, owing to two primary influences. The honour, justice and mercy of his wilful wife, and the shrewdness, calculation and sometimes ruthlessness of the queen dowager, his mother figure and true love. While their advice and wishes will often be at odds with each other, sometimes vehemently so, the realm will prosper by SR picking a path between the two warring sisters.
  3. Podrick Payne?

    He's just what he seems, burgeoning hero, KG. Might come to be some meaning in his name I think. POD, like payable on death?
  4. Revisiting the HOTUD Prophecies

    There's nothing in any of that which hasn't long been discussed. One to bed, other to dread, and one to love. Drogo, Euron and Jon. Point here is Drogo is love, which leaves Jon to bed. Dany and Jon will be together, but the coupling isn't going to be one of love. The treason for blood is Euron's blood betrayal, taking Drogon in his second life, essentially stealing Drogon from Dany. The treason for love Dany will commit against Jon. Jon will refuse to sleep with her, she will want to sleep with him as she will believe she needs a child of her own to get back Drogon, and only a true Targaryen of pure blood will be able to father a child on her. Dany will disguise herself as Ygritte, Jon's love, to get him to sleep with her. It is treason because Jon is her king, which she will understand.
  5. Revisiting the HOTUD Prophecies

    This flying stone beast is the immediate result of Euron beginning his second life inside Drogon, when Euron dies and skinchanges permanently inside Drogon, Drogon will become a great stone beast. It is a beast and not a dragon because Euron's blood is kraken, thus the end result of this secondlife is a kraken and dragon hybrid, sphinx. It is stone because Euron will have greyscale, and his affliction will be become the beast's. The tower is Storms End, as Euron is the first and last storm. It will be during one of those once every 77 year epic storms. It is smoking because to achieve a second life inside a dragon one must make a blood sacrifice of their own child, and the child must be of dragon blood, and the child must burn, as too must the person taking up the second life. Euron's horn will likely do for him, but he must burn the child, which he will do atop the tower. And then the process, blood for fire, fire for blood, will be complete, the dragon bound. The shadow fire is what makes this a lie Dany must slay. A Dragon's fire breath is a weapon against the Others, a true weapon. The stone beast will not be a proper dragon, and due to Euron having greyscale when he second lifes Drogon, the stone beast will breathe not fire but greyscale. Shadow fire is greyscale. The stone beast will be the source of a contagious greyscale that will spread through the realm. The greyscale though, will have a side effect, it will prove an effective deterrent against the Others. The Others either/or hunt by or covet the warm blood of the living. Greyscale sufferers are already dead, and the greyscale turns people cold. The Others/wights will either not be able to track greyscale sufferers, or not bother to. Thus, greyscale will appear a saviour, and the shadow flame that was it's source will be thought deliverance. However, it will prove to be a false saviour, like the other two things it is grouped with. As a saviour it is a lie. As while the greyscale sufferers will probably live on, any children born to a greyscale mother or father, will be born dead. Or they will simply not be able to conceive (the realm will resemble Ashai, that's what Ashai is for, foreshadowing for how Westeros is going to turn). Note the grey lips, that's symbolic of greyscale. And the lips are what he uses to blow the horn to achieve his second life in the dragon. It's symbolic of greyscale corruption in the process. This goes to the above regarding greyscale. The greyscale starting at the stone beast's shadow fire will spread throughout the realm by rats (Bloodraven mass skinchanging). That's what this scene is about. The realm is the woman, the rats destroying her represent the rats spreading greyscale. Note that the rat men are like the one that brought Dany shade, shade for shadow fire. And we are given a description of the rats destroying the woman's vagina and breasts, reproductive organs, that's because as above the real disaster in the greyscale plague will be that it will kill or prevent the birth of children. This is Jaime. Note the scene chosen is the lion living and running, it's not the lion's death. That's because it's representing hunting, lions hunt. The grass are the wights (see ghost grass), he's running through them, disregarding them, why? Because he's hunting Others. At some point the tables are going to turn, the hunters will become the hunted and the hunted will become the hunters. Probably they're going to give themselves greyscale so the wights and Others can't track them, then they're going to do what lions do. It's probably going to be the NW, and Jaime is going to lead them, Bran's knight. This is end game, where people are on the brink, not like to survive much longer through the winter for the cold and lack of food, it's synonymous with the tales of winter in the north and how to relieve the stress on the population men would go to war or out into the wild to die. They're going to buy the realm time, and they're not intending on coming back. Hounds and wolves also hunt, and it will be Bran directing this. This is Dany entering her second life. The big house and it's red door is her home. Her home is inside Drogon, the red is the fiery heart of the dragon. Dany will die, and when her corpse is burned, she will awaken inside the stone beast, only because she's Dany, of true Targaryen blood and the last dragon, when she awakens inside the stone beast it will be reborn as a dragon, the stone will shed, it's warped kraken form turn back to pure dragon but of a size with Balerion, and its heart will flame and it will breathe fire again. This has not happened. This goes with the one above. These people are not literal slaves, they are the last of humanity on Westeros, they are greyscale sufferers, and they are about to be wiped out by the Others. What they need from Dany is the fire, the life, and Dany gasps and gives it. This is Dany dying and becoming the dragon, the fire, to save them. And when she does die, burns and is reborn, so too will everyone else be reborn. Not just because the dragon she becomes defeats the Others, but because when she emerges as the dragon and sheds its stone, the greyscale afflicted will be cured. It's a curse, Garin's curse, and curses end when the source is destroyed. Thus all those who fought and died (got greyscale) in Dany's name, will be reborn.
  6. It is about Arya, Varys is not speaking about Arya, GRRM is. She will be the one and only queen at the end of the series.
  7. Only a player would reverse engineer what happened from what Lysa dropped. And that's the point. It's not more information Sansa needs, it's a mindset, one she is growing towards. Working it out will be a demonstration of her growth.
  8. Yeah I think there's a hidden point in the words are wind thing, it fits into the tongue of the COTF and Bran's attempted communications sounding like noises of nature. Something is brewing here between Arya and Bran by way of the COTF language, relating to whispers, the dead (ghosts), magic and wind (or natural forces). Some of the relevant passages have been quoted (I think? Note using real quotes makes it hard to track) but I believe the Whispers and the story about it relate too. The talking dead heads brings to mind the FM face collections, the memories of the original owners that come with changing a face like talking to the dead. And all similar to the feeling of traces of people skinchangers feel when inhabiting animals. Hardhome too, it's dead voices in the aftermath ring similar to the whispers. Arya ghost/whisper language that seems uniquely common to her, often guiding or as warding. Join the ghosts or be one. GRRM returns to this one, she becomes the ghost and kills with a whisper. Wind plays a conspicuous hand in the lead in to the ghost of HH. Winds and ghosts. Winds and ghosts pulling the way to the FM. No humans can speak the language of the COTF but ravens can, maybe it's a case of Bran teaching Arya to skinchange ravens and then they'll be able to communicate, as the COTF used ravens to communicate over long distances. Perhaps they need to skinchange the same raven, and can speak to each other inside of it, like how Bran can comprehend Hodor's whimpers when he skinchanges him. Whatever the details I'm pretty confident it all has to do with Bran finding a way to communicate with others, specifically Arya, and thus being able to explain to them what he needs them to do to win the Long Night.
  9. The title provoked interest, the post was just more Sansa defence force. The reasons why Sansa is disliked are not little throw away pieces, they're not just petty mistakes she's long since outgrown, best forgotten and no longer relevant. They're part of her arc to the core, and relevant to the end, they were written for a purpose and have meaning, taking a dismissive eye to it all is not going to lead you to understand the character very well. The Sansa haters who fixate on these occurrences probably have a better clue about the character than her fans who try to disassociate and underplay them.
  10. Some thoughts on Aemon's Dragon dream in AFFC.

    Jon and Dany will conceive a child, they will do so during an eclipse (Long Night or Long Night precursor) and when the Red Comet is in the sky. Thus the world is in the moon's shadow with the red messenger over head, and in some ways their child will be TPTWP, shadowchaser, AA. The words involved in Aemon's lines can take on multiple symbols, a dragon can be Jon, Dany, their child, literal or even the red comet. Shadows are in some instances referring to their child, a shadow Jon and Dany cast (mainly Jon, Dany is more symbolised as the light source), and it is with Aemon's lines. It's the same with these lines. Jon and Dany, the brightest flames, will cast the darkest shadow, the child of fire, servant of light, PTWP, AA, Edric Shadowchaser etc. So among other things, Aemon's lines are a description of Jon and Dany having sex and Dany conceiving, the conception their shadows. It will literally be while the red comet is in the sky (Dany is going to get a hold of the same prophesy Rhaegar did that lead him to believe that Aegon was TPTWP due to his conception having been during a Red Comet passing). They will literally be in the snow, in the North, in the snow at the foot of the wall, and so their shadows will be in the snow but that's not really what the shadows here are symbolising. Their wings cracking and hot breath are representing sex, two dragons mating, Jon and Dany. The shadow is the result, the remnant of their union, a child's conception. And it is of course all about the AA PTWP prophesy, or will thought to be.
  11. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    Tyrion second lifing? Death is not so final in ASOIAF. Interesting he should ask that.
  12. Melisandre Theories???

    From memory. Melisandre is foreshadowed by the dragon Meleys. Obvious name association. The dragon was female, very old, magnificently coloured scarlet red, cunning and no stranger to battle. There is a line about her taking a stallion in her fiery jaws, a nod to her grip on Stannis. Rhaenys on Meleys is lured into a trap by Criston Cole (Jaime parallel), and fights his forces and Aegon II (Tyrion parallel) on Sunfyre (another Jaime) and Aemond (another Tyrion) on Vhaegar. Knowing she could not win, Rhaenys still fought, and went down in a fiery blaze of glory, her death was extremely violent but she caused gross injury to Aegon and Sunfyre. Meleys is described as lazy but fearsome when roused, Mel is not lazy, but it's a nod towards her great dormant powers. Sunfyre and Aegon are effectively knocked out of the Dance due to Rhaenys/Meleys sacrifice, and when Cregan (Jon) and the winter wolves march south the text points out Criston Cole (Jaime) is without the aid of a dragon. Meleys head is drawn through KL for show. This runs into Ursula Upcliff, another witch. She rode a blood red horse into what was a very religious battle, and had her head ripped off. The killer was Torgold the Grim, a fanatic of the Faith, the gold perhaps for Lannister, Aegon II (gold dragon standard) or Viserion, but I don't think I've fully placed Torgold. Dany will learn who Jon is and will seek to bed him, because she will need a child and believe his dragon blood seed will be the only she is able to bring to term. And she's probably going to be right about everything besides the need for the child. Jon will not be willing, for a possible variety of reason. Melisandre will aid Dany, Mel has full belief in the power of kings blood, waking dragons from stone, promised princes, etc, Dany's reasons will be nonsense to Jon but music to Mel's ears, her real purpose. Jon asks Mel what she knows of his heart, but he already had the answer to that when Mel appeared to him in the spot where Ygritte died. Mel knows how to get Dany into Jon's pants, and she's capable of the magic required to do it, as we see with her glamouring Mance. She will glamour Dany as Ygritte to take Jon, that is the significance of these passages. Dany's symbol for Jon is the blooming blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice. Dany is Bael (a nod to Balerion) the bard, the deceiver come to steal the blooming blue flower of Winterfell, Jon. In KL there is a whore by the name of Dancy. The whore is closely named for Dany and wears blue flowers in her hair, Dany's symbol for Jon. A line describing her with the blue flowers harkens to the wording of Dany's vision. The freckled one wore a chain of blue flowers in her honeyed hair. Chain - chink, honeyed hair - sweet air. However, despite being named for Dany (+ Mance, the other of Mel's glamours, a combination of the two) and drawing a connection to Danys vision, Dancy's physical attributes are unmistakably that of Ygritte. Dancy makes a bet that she can bed her lord or else she'll lose her Black Pearls, and thus tries her best to do so. The situation is foreshadowing for Dany's, having to get her lord (king in this case) to bed her, or else her black dragon will stay lost to her. The Black Pearls are another reference to Balerion, through the Braavosi courtesans, the first Black pearl named a child she had to King Aegon IV Balerion. Paralleling what Dany is trying to do here. This is the treason for love. Dany commits it against Jon her king, by using his love, Ygritte, to trick him into impregnating her where he has otherwise refused. Jon is her mount to bed, there's no love in this as there was with Drogo, and Jon isn't to be dreaded (like Euron), she simply needs to bed him to get pregnant. It is explained how when Rattle is burnt Mel felt the flames. In her visions she sees bodies locked in lust in fires and she herself burns down below in agony and ecstasy. As will happen when she glamours Dany and Jon takes her. We are told how a connection to the glamoured person is useful, perhaps necessary. Locations are therefor likely too, as when Mel appears to Jon as Ygritte she is waiting for him where Ygritte died, by the wall under the destroyed husk of the ?(can't remember which) tower. While walking Winterfell, I think in the Ghost of Winterfell chapter, Theon happens by a man and woman having sex, or getting there, in a matching location. Against a wall, under a destroyed tower. The woman is wearing nothing but a wolfskin, and again she has the marked physical characteristics of Ygritte. Dany will wait for Jon at the spot where Ygritte died, glamoured as Ygritte, as Mel did. Mel describes how items are useful in keeping the glamour, Mance wears a ruby at his wrist, Mel herself wears one at her throat. When Jon first meets Ygritte, he pricks her throat with a dirk, drawing blood, Dany will probably wear a ruby at her throat too for the glamour, and Jon will prick her with his dirk elsewhere. During Mel's and Jon's exchange at the site of Ygritte's death Mel tells Jon to look upon the wall, that the moon has kissed him and etched his shadow against it. Dany is the moon, and Jon will take her there (or she will induce him to) against the wall. Dany is the moon of Drogo's life, as he was her sun and stars. We are told the sun and moon kissed and that the moon cracked and dragons poured forth. And so it was, Drogo and Dany, the sun and moon, kissed and dragons were brought forth from their union. We are told the sun and moon will kiss again, and so it will be. On a tangent the wall will probably crack here and that will lead to it falling, the wall only holding so long as the NW stay true, a shadow etched against the wall, the moon's face cracking and the sun hiding his face in shame, and so on. Dany taking Jon by deception is the significance of the wildling custom of men stealing women, and some of the astrology, genders and sometimes symbols reversed. Dany is the red wanderer, for having wandered the red wastes, it being sacred to the Smith is because in having a child Dany is trying to forge Lightbringer. The wildlings call it the thief, as Dany is set to 'steal' Jon. When the thief is in the moonmaid, that is the best time to steal a 'woman'. I will never father a bastard - you know nothing Jon Snow. I will never have a little girl. Both of them, wrong. The logic of Mel convincing Stannis to burn Shireen I'm sure everyone is aware of.
  13. Will Jon ride a ice dragon?

    No. Dany will die and begin a second life inside of what Drogon becomes. When she does Drogon will be reborn as a new mega dragon, Balerion like. Jon will ride that. Jon is the ice dragon, the significance being that fire consumes and cold preserves. Dany will not be able to birth a child, she will keep miscarrying, the fires of her womb consuming other men's children. Jon's child though, due to him being the ice dragon and the cold preserving, will survive long enough inside her fiery womb for her to give birth.
  14. Melisandre Theories???

    She has no hidden identity, her history is as we've been given. A temple acolyte who rose in prominence due to an innate magical ability, with which she is able to see visions in the flames and interpret them better than any other and sustain her life beyond what is otherwise natural. She will convince Stannis to burn Shireen, for no gain. She will glamour Dany as Ygritte so that Dany can bed Jon and become pregnant. And she will go south and knowingly be lured into a trap by Jaime and defeated by him and Tyrion on Viserion. She will know she is going to fall but understand the importance of defeating Tyrion, and thus Viserion, will be such that she's willing to make the sacrifice, she will see it as her calling. She will fail in killing Viserion but injure him so much so as to remove him from the battlefield long enough to allow Jon to make it south until he must face Tyrion mounted on him, and his injuries will still persist which will make it possible for Jon to defeat him. When she fights Tyrion, Viserion and Jaime she will unleash fearsome magics not known to exist. When she is defeated she will be decapitated, and her body/head displayed to King's Landing for a witch. The key to Melisandre is that she is a true believer. She is a trickster and too sure of herself, understanding the stakes she has granted herself a unilateral ends justify the means moral authority, which is something the series is set to disprove. But that is for her to learn, to see. What she is not, and never has been, is a hypocrite. If the fires lead her to believe that her blood, her sacrifice, would do what she thinks Shireen's would, she'd willingly give her life. It's a war for the survival of the species, and the only value hers or any other life has is in its usefulness to win the war. And when the flames tell her that her death is of more use to the cause than her living, to defeating the Great Other and surviving the Long Night, then she will embrace the dragon's flame of her death.
  15. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    Jaime in the WFTD? A white lion hunting in the ghost grass?