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  1. Future of Sansa

    She's going to KL to play the game of thrones, that's what her whole arc is and always has been about.
  2. Varys Did Not Intend for Tyrion to Kill Tywin

    Tyrion showed a good understanding of realm affairs and an ability to solve issues, hence useful. There doesn't need to be anything more than that, and there wasn't. He can advise Aegon on anything and everything in any capacity that they feel like giving him.
  3. Varys Did Not Intend for Tyrion to Kill Tywin

    Tyrion showed he had ability in ACOK. Varys saved Tyrion because Jaime put him in the position of having to save him or otherwise rock the boat in KL, and having decided to save him he decided he'd put him with Aegon because he'd probably prove useful to him, so why not? Tyrion isn't some random loose cannon to Varys, he watched him work closely in ACOK. Then Illyrio took his measure at his manse, if he presented a threat to Aegon in their opinion then they'd have just slit his throat. But Illyrio saw an isolated, broken man for whom the only reason for living was revenge, and who in their power presented no threat, other than maybe to himself, that's what that ADWD chapter is about, Illyrio is considering Tyrion. Had Tyrion not killed Tywin Illyrio still would have had that evaluation and he may have come to a different conclusion, and then throat slit, and it would have been no skin off anyone's nose.
  4. Varys Did Not Intend for Tyrion to Kill Tywin

    It's not a problem, Varys doesn't need a reason to not kill someone he doesn't have to.
  5. Saved for additional explanations, the strong possibility Sansa doesn't actually lose her maidenhead, for the savage giant slayer and the accursed kinslayer.
  6. He won't make 80, and her lips probably won't be wrapped around his cock at the time, but he will die in his bed, with a maid and a belly full of win. The maid will be his wife (and queen). Tyrion is wealthy, of a sort, will be wealthier soon, and he might not know it yet but very ambitious, he will become king. And he is a very slick talker, the best out of the POV's, as Silvertongue entails. And there's Symon Silver Tongue, perhaps Tyrion's greater sin. Tyrant of Tyrosh, for Tyrion. And by the time we get to his poisoning he will be thought a tyrant (like his father, the biological one), and will prove them right in the end. The Silvertongue, Tyrant of Tyrosh, poisoned by his queen. As he is by Alequo, Tyrion is foreshadowed by several kings, good and bad, Hugor of the Hill, Viserys II, Aenys I, both Aerys's, Maegor (not exclusively Tyrion), Jaeharys and probably most telling Aegon II. Reason being he has his strengths and weaknesses, and his reign will go from good to bad to absolutely terrible. So the foreshadowing runs through multiple phases and aspects of his reign and character. Aenys I Quoted from the Wiki for laziness. A parallel to Tyrion's birth. When Tyrion takes Viserion he will obviously grow in stature, it will be a turning point. Quicksilver like silvertongue. Tyrion isn't popular with young women, but young women are extremely pertinent to his arc, including one that seemingly did dote on him. He will love to ride his dragon. Tyrion hungered for Tywin's approval. Physically Tyrion was/is in the shadow of his stronger brother, a superb warrior. In reverse foreshadowing, when Tyrion takes Viserion, rumours will begin about his parentage. The pertinent passage. Viserion will die, in battle, and Tyrion will become an emotional mess, and probably be severely injured. Sansa will tend him. It will be particularly curious that she does so, because despite Sansa being his queen, Sansa will not share his bed. But she will this once, and Tyrion will not survive the night. Sansa will poison him. Two weapons Sansa, sex and tears, and you'd best learn to use them. But, tears as a woman's weapon have a second meaning and it's the other one that is for this occasion. Killing one's husband, with tears, tears of Lys, as Sansa has in a hairnet. Poison in wine. The sex portion is simple, trust. To gain Tyrion's trust, to get close enough to him, she will sleep with him. Women's weapons. Aegon II Aegon II took a gold dragon on black for his standard, as he rode a gold dragon. Tyrion will ride the yellow/gold dragon, Viserion, and perhaps will take a similar standard, gold for Lannister. Aegon's dragon Sunfyre is a parallel of Jaime, who will be in the first and last instance Tyrion's champion. Perhaps the most notable Aegon supporter was Criston Cole, the Kingmaker, who is also a Jaime parallel. Tyrion refuses milk of the poppy after the Blackwater. Wine, poison, a litter arriving in the bed chamber in place of his bed, close enough. Note his last actions here according to the wiki, advised to surrender, a broken, defeated man issuing a desperate, tyrannical last order, with a Stark army bearing down on him. The first but not the only time this has occurred. Aerys, also murdered, but not by his wife, a woman or poison. Murdered by Jaime, but, it will fit as foreshadowing very well as I'll explain later. Tyrion is going to lose a climactic battle against Jon at the God's Eye, he is going to fall off Viserion into the God's Eye and survive, Viserion will die. Tyrion will very likely sustain serious injuries. He will either be rescued by his forces and taken back to KL or forced before Jon to make a pact and released back to KL where he will renege. And Jon will have to march on KL. Explanation of that runs off this topic, but is explained somewhat in this post. And thus a defeated Tyrion, injured and with his dragon having died, will fall victim to the worst in himself. We've seen this Tyrion before. After Blackwater, when Tyrion is one of his lows, he is paranoid Cersei wants to kill him, he refuses milk of the poppy and wants wine instead. Tyrion at his lowest point. Foreshadowing all over, wine, poison, death. But note the line concerning what Tyrion has to live for. He will similarly have none of those things after he is defeated by Jon. But key here is Tyrion's mindset, he is destructive, bitter and intent on revenge. He won't get it, he'll find something to live for, his dragon, Sansa will make him believe she could love him, he will have a kingdom to prevent from falling under Cersei's rule and then to rule himself. But come Jon and his defeat, Tyrion will have none of that and be on the brink. This line actually applies to Tyrion. Tyrion and Dany will lose their dragons both. But Dany will not give up, she will fight and she will prove a hero. Tyrion however, will eat grapes, that is, drink wine, because in the end he's not the great hero. With everything lost, alone, broken, with a Stark bearing down on his throne, Tyrion will order something drastic, something terrible like Aegon II and his father Aerys, and prove himself the monster everyone thought he was. What he's going to order, I don't know, not really important what it is, just that that it's terrible. And here we have Sansa's motive. Like Jaime murdered Aerys for the greater good, and someone did the same to Aegon II, Sansa will step up to the plate. She will sleep with Tyrion, sacrifice her virginity, not because she likes him, or even pity, but for the greater good, for the realm. After all, She'd be more likely to seduce a horse than Jon. And thus when Jon enters the capital, he finds the same situation as the other Stark who marched south at the end of the dance, Cregan. As is his character, Jon will seek to do the same justice Cregan did for the poisoned king. And the who will be rather obvious. There will only have been one other person in the bed, foreshadowed by Myranda's misfortunes explained to Sansa in her chapters. It would be obvious to all, and excuses would not matter, reasons, the greater good, the lack of choice, the grave evil that Tyrion planned would all make no difference to Jon's cold Stark eyes. An unfortunate predicament for Sansa, should it occur, luck is on her side. Someone else there will have already lived this exact scenario. Jaime. Sansa will kill Tyrion. So why would Jaime protect her? Because Tyrion will deserve to die. And because Jaime will have kingmade Tyrion, as his parallel the Kingmaker Criston Cole made Aegon II, he will have made Tyrion in good faith, because he believed him to be the best fit to rule the realm and to keep Cersei from the crown. But in the end Tyrion will turn tyrant, and as he made him, Jaime should bear the responsibility of unmaking him. Taking responsibility, for everything, is Jaime's arc. And he swore an oath, to keep Sansa safe, on his honour. The knight in shining armour saves the almost maid. A true knight. Aemon is a parallel for Jaime. To spare Sansa the judgement he had to deal with for doing the right but dishonourable thing, Jaime will claim responsibility for the murder. What is one more stain on his honour? And for it, Jon will sentence him to take the black, foreshadowing for Jaime taking the black is known but too far off topic here. Some general pieces. Lust, poison, maidenheads. Tyrion lusts after Sansa.
  7. A Dance of the Dire Wolves

    Jon and Arya overwatched by Bran will march on Sansa's throne, but she has no wolf. The wolf will dance with the dragon. Ghost will die killing Viserion, he will have his guts ripped open by Viserion's claws but rip Viserion's throat. Nymeria might be in on it too, but it seems the foreshadowing points more to Jaime killing her.
  8. Varys Did Not Intend for Tyrion to Kill Tywin

    Ofcourse Varys didn't, the idea has always been nonsense. That Tyrion is so important to him that he needs to destroy Tyrion's Lannister link is just absurd, and he could have had Tywin offed and gone to ground at any stage he wanted, much more surely in another manner, just as he did Kevan. Varys planned to stay above ground for a while longer atleast, hence why he played Jaime's game in the first place, though he may have had some inclination to save Tyrion from a personal perspective, but it didn't turn out that he could stay in the open, that's ok, he's adaptable.
  9. Lady Stoneheart - Unlife, Myth and Purpose?

    GRRM turned her into the grim reaper. He imbedded Thoros in there to give us his account of the BWB moral compass going haywire. He had the good guys piss off and is turning those that remain into monsters. Gendry sticks around, because someone has to care for the children and that's what he is. He doesn't leave with the BWB and he doesn't stick around for the hangings that is now the BWB's favourite pass time. It all points one direction, and for good reason, the decay of law and order, of justice, is ugly. It produces ugly results, anarchy. The BWB is just that. It is a blight that must be rectified in the course of recreating a just realm, Stoneheart is the dead embodiment of that blight.
  10. Lady Stoneheart - Unlife, Myth and Purpose?

    It's really simple, and really obvious. She is the final destination for Arya Stark should Arya continue to walk her dark path. She is vengeance and death without the capacity for love. She is in need of mercy. She is a lesson to Jaime, as to where the smallfolk will turn to if the Crown fails in its duty to do justice. And she is a lesson to Brienne, get off your high horse, sometimes there is no honourable path. Resolution is that Lady Stoneheart will be destroyed. Arya will play a hand in it, symbolically rejecting the path of vengeance. And the goal here for Jaime is to end the BWB in a manner other than them all being slaughtered, to find a way to earn their surrender. Untie the knot, not hack it with his sword.
  11. The wolf the lion and the rat

    The rat is Bloodraven. The wolf is Bran/Summer. Summer is going to rip BR apart. Why it is a Lannister helm I do not know, I will try and figure out. I think it will be something to do with BR's second life, killing BR's human form will not end him or his plan, his second life must be killed too, which I believe will be a rat, or more likely many rats.
  12. The House of Black and White, particularly the weirwood/ebony door with the moon face that will open by itself on command of a said phrase to reveal inside an area larger than it appears from out. Hence why the assassins can all arrive in close timing for a scheduled meeting. They all entered different scattered doors, magic portals, but arrived on the other side of the same doors in the same place, the House of Black White. Like with the door below Castle Black, it's a matter of knowing the right words. Only some of the words won't be so much words, they'll be the language of the COTF. The war turned when men learned the language of the COTF, as it will again, as understanding the COTF language will take man (or girl) almost anywhere. Don't know if you're aware, indeed I might have read it from a post of yours rather than realised it myself, but in keeping with the fabric language, the Freys are the cause of the KITN's realm fraying.
  13. The Pact of Ice and Fire

    Jon is KITN, comes south and conquers the IT. Tyrion and Sansa sit the IT. SR is Tyrion's heir, because Tyrion is basically Sansa's pawn and Sansa has him name SR his heir because Sansa can likewise control SR (and thus the realm) as she controls Tyrion. Tyrion dies the same as Aegon II (poisoned with wine by Sansa, because he either orders everyone to fight till the last or plans to blow KL up), with Jon on the way to KL the same as Cregan. Jon arrives, dead Tyrion, SR the heir, what to do? Marry Arya, princess of the north to SR, make them king and queen, a solution the realm (and Sansa) will accept, sweet and sour, then kneel and join the realm together again. It's a joke, get it?
  14. This topic is disappointing to read. Jaime's whole arc from having left to put the Riverlands in order is about him becoming the Tywin that Genna describes. The Tywin who took responsibility for his house and later the realm, the ultimate servant of his house and realm, he who provided twenty years of security and peace and for it was made to eat shit from the king. The kind of responsibility that Jaime has run from all his life, but he can't escape it, it just keeps bouncing back to him. And now, with Tywin dead and him having casted Cersei away, he is ready for it, there's no-one else (not now, and won't be after Aegon and Dany have come and gone and killed a lot of people inbetween). That's what Jaime doing justice for Pia is about. What him thinking about how Tywin was going to feed the realm, then remembering Tywin is dead is about. Why he thinks on Cersei being a terrible ruler, mother, and how to sideline her. Why GRRM makes it apparent Jaime knows the folly of making threats one isn't willing to carry out, before he threatens Edmure. If it came to it, of course Jaime would have killed Edmure's child, that's why he hoped if he had to storm the castle he would die, so he wouldn't have to carry out his threat. He wouldn't want to, as he didn't want to make the threat, but he'd compelled to, as it is in service to the realm. Tywin was able to willingly play the heartless villain without feeling the moral repercussions inside himself. Jaime is not. He tried to, for fifteen years or so he turned his back on the world, then it all came blubbering out to Brienne. Jaime feels it where Tywin didn't, that's what makes him compelling, why he's a POV and Tywin isn't, but, even though he feels it, he's still willing to do what Tywin would have. Because the realm needs someone who will. The king eats, the hand takes the shit. That's the servants role, to endure the personal cost of doing immediate evil for the greater good, so the king can keep his hands clean. And Jaime does not deal in half measures. When push came to shove he assumed responsibility for the whole city and slit his king's throat. When he was running from the world, when he'd shrunk it down to the size of his sword and his love of Cersei, he pushed a boy out a window to protect Cersei. Now his priority is his KG vow and the realm, or nearly, he's getting there. Genna wouldn't have been wrong, not long ago, but she is now, the same as Tyrion is when he says Jaime has spent his whole life running from responsibility and that he'd rather cut a knot than untie it. That's also what RR was, Jaime undoing the knot. If it wasn't apparent in the series, and it really should have been given Jaime directly answers Genna's call, in TWOIAF GRRM doubles down on it, when he has Tywin doing exactly what Jaime went and did after RR, sort out a Bracken and Blackwood bullshit feud. The speech he gives to Hos there another Tywin example.
  15. Arya might die alone

    She's not dying alone, or dying in the series. Nymeria is going to die, she has to die, as she represents Arya's wildness, and for the sake of the realm Arya must return to civility and duty. Great beasts of prey such as direwolves have no place in a civil, secure and just realm. Nymeria wandering Westeros hunting people is a bad thing, a threat to the realm, and a parallel to Arya doing the same, and it will stop.