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  1. An alternative to Jon Connington [Meta]

    Look at him with relation to other characters. He lives with the deep regret of having failed his love, his failure was he was too soft. Now he's back to make amends, and is determined not to make that same mistake. His arc is that of his disease, greyscale turns soft flesh to hard unfeeling stone. JC is a result of Varys' planning, planning motivated by the good of the realm. Particularly for the children, Varys took great issue the murder of the royal children and culprit having gone unpunished. Now here comes JC, to end the usurper's line for good. So are things headed to a situation where Varys has recreated the monster, is he handing the keys to the kingdom to another Tywin? And thus achieving nothing. And think of him in terms of his namesake. As Jon's heart hardens and turns to ice up on the wall consider JC as a possible path of Jon Stark, or even Sansa. What lessons will take from their losses and betrayals? How much will those define them. These are the reasons JC is JC.
  2. Bran's vision of Jon in Bran III, GoT

    It is the nature of the passages that anything real time is going to be prophetic, because he's hitting key points that are going to persist through the series. Arya will hold her secrets hard in her heart, Sansa will not find happiness in her bed and his time at the wall will turn Jon hard and cold hearted.
  3. Why I really hope Tyrion isn't Aerys' son

    Condescending and true. This whole topic is about an understanding, or a lack thereof. It's not a case of choosing to make Tyrion a Targ, Tyrion didn't exist and then he decides to plug him in as a Targ for some crazy twist. Tyrion is thought up, his arc is thought up, then the Tywin relationship is developed and plugged in to bring about that Tyrion arc. Really what this all boils down to is most people wanting the outcome which reflects worse on Tywin, or for a minority Tyrion, as that offers for them the most satisfaction.
  4. Tales and Rumors as Foreshadowing?

    Queen Sansa will poison to death King Tyrion, don't what the flying away means.
  5. Why I really hope Tyrion isn't Aerys' son

    What will cause the bigger meltdowns, Sansa and Tyrion reuniting in (un)holy matrimony or Tyrion proving Aerys' son? It doesn't mean GRRM got it wrong, it means you never truly understood the character.
  6. 10k Golden company vs 15k Stormlanders

    So you're denying text because your favourite region has basically been offed. ok
  7. Tales and Rumors as Foreshadowing?

    The sordid lie being spread about why Catelyn came to let Jaime go and overheard by Arya is foreshadowing for how Gendry + Arya is going to go down. The tall tales about Robb are what Jon is going to actually do. Turning wolf, destroying Freys, but he's not going to get put down so he's going to slay pretty much all. Turning wolf, killing Lannisters, cannibalism.
  8. 10k Golden company vs 15k Stormlanders

    They've lost before they've realised they're being invaded. It's not their fault, it's the crown's duty to protect against an external invasion force of this nature, and a Master of Whisperer's to keep a tab on the possibility of such threats.
  9. As to the meaning of MMD's words in the thread title, it's referring to Dany's death and second life as a dragon. Shadow as death and light as life. As with a lot of Dany stuff it's very biblical, Maegi for Magi, following stars, myhsa probably came from Missa/Missal. I think it likely GRRM has read a poem The Passion about Jesus' death, and his line may have specifically been influenced by 'I pass beneath the shadow of thy woe', given other glaring similarities.
  10. Aegon's intro

    There was no purpose to them moving before now and no purpose to introducing them until they moved. Aegon is a stepping stone in Dany's story. His creation story, the why of his existence is minimal in relation to the size of the series and it is Varys', and portrayed through Varys. JC is a subservant narrative arc, designed to pull Aegon and forces into the position GRRM needs them for Dany's arc which would otherwise seem inexplicable without the motivations of JC. And he's the disposable conduit for greyscale in Westeros.
  11. No, on all of it. But the Long Night is probably going to be the moon (there's just the one) falling (or magically coerced) into an orbit in which it is constantly between the sun and the planet, an eternal eclipse.
  12. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    And Foreshadowing the same thing, the same scene. Dany embracing the fire, burning, dying, to begin a second life inside the dragon that will save Westeros from the Others, and cure the population's greyscale. Dany denied the fire at Drogo's pyre, she chose to live through it. She has to embrace it the final time, give herself to her people, go through the red door, take her place as the fiery dragon's heart, be cleansed of all her humanly doubts and pain, be reborn strong, new and fierce.
  13. Tywin out of character with LF

    LF came up with the plan and brokered the alliance that saved House Lannister, after this, as far as most anyone is concerned he is a Lannister man. The comparison to what Slynt got shows how LF is good at this. Historically Tywin's mindset existed too, but people such as Cromwell, a blacksmith's son, proved themselves valuable enough to rise as high as anyone not born to a king might. Tywin had nothing to gain from antagonising another great house. Sending LF to court her, who is in his eyes a reliable Lannister man now, was his method to bring her back into the fold.
  14. She won't be remembered as a ruler, just a conqueror and saviour.
  15. Dany as Queen of Westeros?

    Assuming loyalty for Dany is optimistic. GRRM made a point in the first dance that just calling up some dragon riders and assuming their loyalty is a mistake. And Dany is already doing this, before she even knows who the riders are. And she is the character who is set to have three treasons set against her, no other character is given such a blatant forewarning of their leadership failures. The twist will be, when the betrayals come they're going to come from people just trying to do the right thing for the realm.