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  1. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Aegon will ride Rhaegal, hence a dance of dragons. Aegon will be much loved and capable of holding the realm together in roundly competent and just rule. And be fake. So when Dany defeats him the conclusion she will have to draw about herself is that she believes in the sanctity of bloodlines and law of succession, not the best person for the job. And then she will come to believe R+L=J and that they were married. Thus she will have to defer to Jon or prove herself a hypocrite. Aegon is the culmination of Varys' game playing, a story thread introduced in AGOT and layered throughout. His downfall and the calamitous fallout for the realm will lay at Varys' feet for having played the game of thrones. Aegon's defeat will be the largest single factor in turning the realm against Dany. They will hate their new queen for having killed their last beloved king, and that hate will see her unable to hold the Iron throne and have to flee KL. This will set her on the path towards Jon and will leave a vacant throne up for grabs, for anyone who still has it in them to seek the poisoned chalice. Aegon is not an afterthought and is not useless, he is integral to one of the biggest character arcs in the books and for aligning factions where they need to be to push the story onwards.
  2. A possible way for Arya to get to the wall (need help)

    By boat from KL when she hears the plea for help Jon sends via Raven. She'll believe Jon and go to see for herself, the throne will disregard it. She'll be long clear of the FM by then.
  3. Euron's death foreshadowed?

    The mural foreshadows his second death. He's going to turn into a kraken (into a dragon first actually and then it into a kraken) and be defeated by and swallowed by a Leviathan (Aeron). The drowned god will have his revenge on Euron, drag him to the sea floor, and then when the sea dries Davos is going to find him in the belly of the whale. He will have his first death at Storm's End, that is where he will blow the horn and ascend, it is the stone beast scene.
  4. Weird quote about the Targaryens from Tyrion ADWD

    And yet the quote in the OP. And the point remade in TWOIAF. There will be a reason, and it won't be simple logistics.
  5. Most Courageous Act in ASOIAF

    Maester Cressen.
  6. Sunfyre is just Jaime foreshadowing. Dragons don't reincarnate, Targaryens/Valyrians reincarnate inside their dragons.
  7. Lynn kills Harry on the tourney grounds because he's a violent man and pissed off at LF. Yohn would have warned Harry against Sansa as she's LF's pawn.The betrothal between Harry and Sansa depends on Harry oking it. Harry insulted Sansa at the gates and she turned cold to him, everyone saw Sansa and Harry's dance, from afar that scene doesn't look like the playful hard to get flirting that it was, it looks like they're not getting along. Lynn is LF's man. Yohn is going to believe LF had Lynn kill Harry because the betrothal fell through. Or that's going to be his excuse anyway to call the banners and march on the Gates to remove LF and take custody of Sweetrobin, as he wanted, as was the point of the Lord's Declarant. Nestor will stand with LF because if LF is removed he will lose the his claim on the Gates. Yohn marches on the gates, eventually they fall, Sansa/SR and probably LF (if Sansa hasn't done him in herself yet) end back up the Eyrie as a matter of desperation, a place of infinite defensibility provided they can survive the cold. A stalemate. Come the deus ex machina, dragons arrive on westeros.
  8. Moments of Foreshadowing v.11

    Arya stuff quickly despite it being only partly foreshadowing because I can't be bothered fleshing it out into a topic. Arya POV at Acorn Hall. Arya is obviously the maiden of the tree, and it's Arya Lady Smallwood is peaking of dressing when she says she has no gowns of leaves. Arya is going to get the COTF camouflaged tree armour treatment, and it'll be what all those references to fighting/soldier trees is going to be about. But that's not really what I'm interested in here. Arya is the maiden of the tree, which will make Gendry the lord here. The language in the second verse, correlating nicely with this nugget of foreshadowing. But theming is what matters here in the song. The maiden of the tree being wild and not wanting to play the lady. Arya being a lady is a point of contention between Arya and Gendry. Rank doesn't matter to Arya, but it does to Gendry, and so there becomes a wall between them. For them to bed, which they will, Gendry is going to have let down this wall and the two indulge in forbidden love. Forbidden love is hounded on in Arya's arc, but particularly relating to this scene, The song's singer and recipient are rumoured to have once been lovers, and whatever the case it's clear there's something between them. Later Lady Smallwood tells the tall tale of how Arya's mother came to release Jaime after a night of passionate love, but Arya is saved from the tale, too young her ears at this point for forbidden passionate love, and winds up with Gendry in the smithy. Anyway, Gendry was right to build that wall between them when he learned she was highborn, as he'll be wrong to give in to temptation the one time. Of that one time will come a child, a new little bastard born of a king's son and a queen. And queen Arya will be, the Lady which Lady Smallwood turned her into when she arrived in her hall as the maiden of the tree. It'll break Arya's heart, it'll break Gendry's heart, but they must part and the child, the little threat to the realm he will be, Daemon Blackfyre come again, will need a home, and to remain secret, for his safety and the realm's. Maintaining that wall would have solved a lot of problems before they began, but that's why we have Lady Smallwood. Like she threw rocks at Nymeria, like she wished Weasel to run and never come back and like she killed the doll of the village chief's daughter to get her to stop following her, Arya is going to have to force and wish away another dependant. Lady Smallwood has a daughter she sent off to Oldtown. We'll see how that girl fares the Ironborn. She has a husband, we'll see if he survives the Riverlands. She had a son, he died young. Lady Smallwood who Arya thinks of so fondly, is going to be given and take in to raise Arya's and Gendry's lovechild.
  9. Preston Jacobs and the Purple Wedding

    GRRM says this about Joffrey's murder.
  10. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    Invasion and defeat will not be so soon behind each other. The wall has to fall, then they've got to win their way south, Westeros has to be on the brink of total defeat, and then will come a resolution in the final chapters. And during all this the lead POV's are going to very messily butt heads, ally or destroy each other. The Others themselves are not the story, they just serve character arcs. Some characters will cower in their coming, some will not be able to see past themselves to immobilise in common cause against the threat, some will turn to terrible means like sacrificing other people to defeat them, others will necessarily sacrifice their honour, others will sacrifice themselves, and some will hold true. The Others are a catalyst to bring to culmination the central character arcs, they'll be loosed when the character arcs are in place and ready for them.
  11. The Others Will Freeze the Neck

    I like it, generally people need to think bigger and more magical. Don't like freezing the ocean though, as that circumvents the point of the wall. Thing is, for something like the Others freezing the neck, for as grand an event as it'd be, I'd expect there to be foreshadowing. I don't know that there isn't, but it's your theory.
  12. The dragon's bones were turned into stone, so goes the story anyway, and that would be why they're grey. But I'm neither advocating the stone arches that exist on the Iron Islands are or are not literally a set of dragon's ribs. What they really are I think is neither here nor there, like if the grey king really existed, just that they are being used by GRRM to foreshadow the literal stone ribs of a dragon like the grey king is being used to foreshadow Euron.
  13. Grey king is simple Euron foreshadowing. Nagga a combination of Dany and Drogon. Grey king making his throne within Nagga's ribs turned to stone is foreshadowing Euron second lifing Drogon and his influence turning Drogon to stone. So the stone ribs literally foreshadow stone dragon ribs, and Euron existing, ruling from inside them. Euron will have greyscale, hence why he turns Drogon to stone and why the grey king is the grey king, and why he gets greyer and greyer. Euron will also turn Drogon part kraken, hence why Nagga is a sea dragon. Euron will have to trick Dany (stormborn) in order to second life Drogon, hence why the grey king tricked the Storm God into giving him fire. Euron's influence in Drogon will extinguish his fire, hence why the grey king made a thrall of Nagga's living fire. Dany will come, die, second life stone Drogon, and turn him now mostly her back into a living fire breathing dragon again, hence waking the dragon from the stone. The stone ribs of Nagga are representing the same thing as this. The long hall is the inside of the dragon turned to stone, the arches it's ribs. The red door is where its living fire should be. Note how she destroys the stone, with her blood. The grey king turns the dragon to stone (well technically the drowned god does on his behalf). Euron turns drogon to stone with his greyscale blood. Dany wakes drogon from stone with her Targ blood of the dragon. Simples.
  14. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    No the Others must be one dimensional, single minded evil. To make them otherwise is to undermine the theme that westeros is bringing about its own destruction by playing the game of thrones when there is such an obvious inevitable apocalyptic threat that they should be uniting against.
  15. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    No time has been wasted on characterising the Others, they may as well be a natural phenomenon. The struggles between characters will remain the story until the last few chapters.