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  1. ... of course, we might postulate they have another purpose on returning to the Citadel Thanks for the reply. Listening and reporting back to the Citadel would not interfere with their roll of heralding the change of seasons. As I say, Varys is definitely in monologue mode when he shoots Kevan with a crossbow bolt and he had to have been delivering that speech for someone to hear other than the dying Kevan Lannister. Perhaps one or more of his little birds is a double agent and he delivered the speech knowing that it would get reported to Littlefinger or maybe evan Olenna Tyrell. But if the white ravens are capable of speech it is possible that by now the raven on the window sill has returned to the Citadel and the Conclave is now aware that Varys has been feeding political chaos in Kings Landing, is the murderer of Pycelle and Kevan Lannister and is trying to pave the way for Aegon to invade.
  2. I would argue that the primary role of the white ravens is announcing the changing of the seasons but the fact that they can speak and (possibly) communicate in their own right means that they might be capable of so much more. For example, when I read the epilogue chapter of aDwD, I found myself wondering who Varys was delivering his monologue to (besides the dying Kevan Lannister). It couldn't be Varys' Little Birds because they are all part his own network and participants in Kevan's murder. So who the hell was he talking to when he went on about wanting to preserve the chaos that Cersei created in the Kings Landing and all of the Seven Kingdoms? Well, maybe he was talking to the Maesters in the Citadel. When Kevan arrived in Grand Maester Pycelle's chambers the first thing he noticed was the white raven perched in the window. The herald of the seasons had just delivered news that Autumn was done and that Winter had begun. Having heralded the changing of the seasons to the Grand Maester himself the white raven will return to the Citadel but since it is capable of speech maybe it will tell the tale of what it heard Varys saying to Kevan to the Conclave of Archmaesters.
  3. My take is that the black ravens are trained much as homing pigeons are. They are really good at finding their way back home so you teach them to fly between a distant castle and their home castle by transporting them by cage to the new location and then letting them find their way back home. When Sam was charged with keeping the ravens during Mormont's ranging beyond the wall he had several ravens in cages that he used. Messages were sent back to Castle Black by tying notes to their legs and simply letting them fly home. But if you had a white raven that is capable of understanding human speech you could potentially describe destinations and directions for them to follow without them having been there before, or you could give them multiple destinations, or you could give them nuanced messages like "Deliver this message to this person only" or "Deliver this second message only if the intended recipient is alone".
  4. A classic! Haven't seen it floated here for a while now. Robert Baratheon was killed because Bloodraven warged the boar that gored him. Olenna Tyrell has been warging Taena Merryweather so that she can gather intelligence from Cercei whenever they share a bed. Any theory that involves intelligent humans being warged by anybody. (It's called skinchanging, people!)
  5. I don't think I've ever seen the mods delete any posts for this reason but I do agree that posts with actual content are more interesting to read and contribute far more to the overall quality of dialogue here. Creating a thread with no content in the opening post is pretty weak and lazy.
  6. I have enjoyed the last several posts on this thread. It is nice to see people talk about how they would like to see this forum function what it is for. I was reading the forum "Board Style Guide" which can be found by clicking on the forum home link and looking under Announcements for the locked thread created by Ran. Within the style guide is an entry titled General Style Tips and tip #3 is quite relevant to this discussion. 3. Your posts should have actual content.
  7. Whichever candidate has the most money. Really wealthy people can just buy elections, even if they have no experience or qualifications.
  8. Sometimes they sleep.
  9. There is a connection between the Children of the Forest and Fleabottom because there is a CofF named Leaf and her name is spelled with the same letters as Flea.
  10. Where is that mentioned? Wow! Such a powerful skinchanger and yet there is no hint of it in the text. I'm especially impressed that she can skinchange an intelligent human being without anyone noticing.
  11. The swords aren't red because of Ned's blood, they're red because Tywin Lannister paid Tobho Mott to make them red. Tobho, who has the ability to colour steel, reveals to Tywin that he was unable to deliver the bright Lannister red that he was commissioned to produce. I don't find the colouration of these red and black blades to be what makes them fascinating, I'm much more intrigued by what it was about Ice that eluded the master smith when he tried to colour the Valyrian steel.
  12. World building, maybe? Its just that I think legends function on Planetos much as they have in societies throughout our own history on earth. We don't know who started the myths of Thor or Hercules. Very ancient myths from very ancient societies influenced the myths of less ancient societies that followed them (Roman myths echoing Greek myths for example). Clearly GRRM imagined the very ancient Ashai empire creating a myth of a great hero and the magical sword he forged to save the world from darkness. Maybe there are moral lessons to be learned about perseverance and personal sacrifice. Only GRRM knows. Clearly there are a few prophecies in these books but I don't share many peoples need to try to use them to predict potential parallel events or echoes in the upcoming books. I don't believe that GRRM has laid out hints and details in these books with the intent of it being a big solvable puzzle, especially when we know that he gardens like a motherfucker, nurturing each beloved shrub and flower, allowing them to grow in their own way and influence the look and feel of the overall garden. But hey even though I doubt that I (or most people) could predict what GRRM has in store for his characters I do enjoy reading the many theories that appear here on this forum, cracked or otherwise.
  13. My theory is that Nissa Nissa and Azor Ahai are legends not historical figures.
  14. I don't think that there will be an Iron Throne at the end of this series but I do think that Sansa might end up ruling The North from Winterfell either as regional Queen or acting as regent to young Rickon until he is old enough to rule on his own.
  15. What makes you think that people hate Sansa?