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  1. Someone should have told that to Genghis Khan, considered to have fathered more children than anyone else in history and when he wasn't busy doing that he was on horse back expanding his empire.
  2. Brandon Stark has no bastards (that we know of) because GRRM didn't need him to. Of course he's been planting and cultivating and pruning his story since it began so a bastard could still become a plot point in the future... Brandon was only 19 or 20 years old when he died and that is a bit young to assume that he was shooting blanks and he was probably practicing whatever birth control he could such as coitus interruptus.
  3. It`s a fun thought experiment to speculate about the nature of the Others` blood but GRRM is just as likely to never explain how their blue bloods `works`. I think I have seen an SSM where he talks about the Others being able to manipulate ice in ways inconceivable to us dull humans. And I have read speculation that the Others may be more sympathetic in the end than they now seam in the story. The quote you provided establishes that they have bones and blood which goes a long way to making them similar to us in at least a structural way. If I were to describe a creature made entirely of ice I think I would also choose to make the blood blue.
  4. That's not at all what I was saying and you know that. Don't put words into people's mouths. It's dishonest and it's not just me that you are doing it to, either. Why bother?
  5. Or you might think of him as a crippled boy with new-found and largely untested abilities to view the past and enter the minds of animals and simple minded very familiar humans.
  6. Yes, he threatened a man who refused to poison a pregnant teenager but let's not forget that there is a thing called context. He threatened Ned because Ned refused to follow Robert's order to carry out a political assassination. Daenerys is only fourteen and, as you pointed out, she is pregnant but her pregnancy actually increases the threat to Robert's rule in Westeros. Viserys and Daenerys were very little threat at all when they were homeless and wandering Essos looking for support but now she has married a Dothraki warlord with many thousands of mounted warriors under his command. It could be argued that Viserys and Daenerys have a better claim to the Throne than Robert does so the last thing he wants is for them to cross the narrow sea with an invading force. If Daenerys has a silver-haired child with purple eyes it only adds to her threat to the throne. From a strategic perspective he would eliminating a threat to his rule and a potential and costly enemy invasion and he would be achieving it with very little risk to his person or his realm. I was glad when Ned refused to co-operate but I can certainly see why Robert would want her removed from the equation.
  7. The Valyrian steel in the books is like our own earthly historic Damascus steel all magicked-up on steroids and performance enhancing drugs. It is said that even today no one is quite sure how the-high carbon Damscus steel alloy was produced other than the strip welding of steel and iron that is repeatedly heated, hammered thin, folded back on itself, heated, hammered thin, etc. It became much sought after because of its resilience when forged into blades and its extremely long lasting and very sharp edge but the rarity of Damascus steel really drove up the price and desirability. If any mundane steel blade could be transformed into Valyrian steel by simply reforging it by heating with dragon flame there would be no rareness to it. Rather than a steel even rarer than Damascus steel because of its even sharper and stronger qualities that involves spells and magic in its production we would likely see the majority of knights wielding Valyrian blades and no cachet or mystery to it either. If any steel blade could be transformed into Valyrian steel simply by re-forging it with dragon flame as a heat source Aegon the Conqueror could have outfitted his entire invading force with Valyrian blades. But how is the Valyrian steel alloy created in the first place?
  8. In legends the Children of the Forest summoned the hammer of the waters to destroy the land bridge that used to connect southern Westeros with Essos, creating the Stepstones islands and the Broken Arm. They are also thought to have summoned the hammer of waters again in an attempt to shatter the Neck to separate the North from the rest of Westeros. When I read the descriptions of Moat Cailin, with immense blocks of black basalt as big as cottages scattered like children's blocks, I imagine a catastrophic event, perhaps in response to the Children summoning the waters from the Children's Tower. Or, the summoning would have required a spectacular amount of energy so maybe their efforts to smash the Neck back-fired and blew Moat Cailin apart. As for the Ghost Moss I think it is just pale moss. I picture from its description something like Spanish Moss which drapes and hangs from trees in hot humid places in Florida and New Orleans. It also reminds me of Beard Lichen which hangs from branches in the rain forests here in the Pacific Northwest. George might have simply wanted to avoid using those names so coined the term Ghost Moss instead. A non-related moss described in the books that fascinates me is the purple moss covering the ancient weirwood on the Isle of Ravens in Old Town. It even covers the face carved into the trunk.
  9. I'll throw my support behind those that are saying that Jon Arryn was referring to the Baratheon Bastards and their dark eyes. There is no reason to second guess this explanation. (Although one wonders why he couldn't just say the words rather than speaking in code on his death bed) It is a symptom among the readership to question everything and speculate madly about hidden meanings and theories throughout the books, brought upon them through waiting too many years for the next book. In this case I am happy that the OP was kept way down below the 10,000 to 20,000 words that often go along with this kind of query.
  10. Well, this is a fresh new perspective! Or at least that what the Maesters want you to think.
  11. One activity involves some element of risk to Bran while the other is safe. That, and this wasn't just any hunt. Ned was hosting the King of the Seven Realms and his greatest and lifelong friend. There would be drinking, and cigar smoking and talking trash about the women. Maybe not for Ned but definitely for Robert and most of the rest of the entourage. It's an old boys club and Bran is just a little boy.
  12. GRRM knows how Tommen will die? But I truly hope that he fulfills his goal of outlawing beets. Those things are vile!
  13. You really think Dunk would allow a traitor to the realm to serve his punishment in possession of one of the most symbolically important artifacts in the entire Targaryen empire? It's true, people don't read stuff the same. Of course Dunk would have condoned Egg stripping Bloodraven of his sword, it's what happens when people go to jail. Jeor Mormont brought his family blade to the wall because he volunteered to go to the wall with honour. That is not the case with Bloodraven.
  14. Bloodraven granted safe passage to Aenys Blackfyre so that he could make his case before the Great Council that selected Egg as the King of Westeros. But rather than honour his word BR chopped off his head - treason. For breaking the word of the Iron Throne he earned the death penalty but Egg allowed him to take the Black instead. Egg did the right thing by punishing Bloodraven regardless of the motivations for his betrayal. It's all about Egg doing the right thing. If Egg did try to let Bloodraven take an ancestral sword of the Targaryen empire to the wall you can bet that Dunk would have finally given him a clout in the ear. I agree that Sam's discovery of the term Dragon Steel and it likely being the same thing as Valyrian Steel needs to proven, tested or elaborated on by Sam or Jon but why does it have to be Dark Sister that proves the theory for them? Jon already possesses Longclaw and Sam might lay his hands on more information about Dragon Steel way down south in the Citadel in Oldtown. Heck, he might even get his hands on the Tarly blade Heartsbane or even Vigilance, the blade owned by house Hightower.
  15. Book readers LOVE R+L=J!