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  1. We'll just have to wait and see.
  2. You've clearly put a lot of thought into this thread. Um, no. Jonsa will not happen.
  3. I love the the straightforward simplicity of this theory. Sign me up!
  4. I think you can tell that I've already gone with what the Maesters say. If you are going to argue through hyperbole, sarcasm and exageration do you have to make me read so many words of it? There should be a character limit on this sort of thing. But thanks for at least limiting yourself to clusters of question marks and explanation marks. Bolded allcaps would have been over the top so early in our dialogue.
  5. Your quote from the Alayne chapter in Winds of Winter should be in spoiler tags. The fact that the information in TWOIAF was published after the main existing books doesn't mean that it carries less weight. It is clear that Sweetrobin and Sansa like many people believe that the Falcon Knight, Artys I Arryn, and the Winged Knight of legend were the same guy. I can see that happening since both heroes lived in the Vale and both are associated with birds and flight. But Artys got that association from wearing a winged helmet and his history can be traced in the books and libraries that have been written since the Andals brought literacy and the written word to Westeros while the Winged Knight is a legendary hero from more ancient times. Similar things have happened in RL when long dynasties claim that their founders possessed supernatural or even godlike qualities.
  6. Is that what I'm doing? What you are doing is acting as though we are all involved in a suspension of disbelief contest where the winner accepts every fanciful detail in the stories as a hard fact. The Winged Knight and the Falcon Knight lived many thousands of years apart but they were actually the same guy. Sure, let's go with that.
  7. Here you go. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Artys_Arryn https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Winged_Knight The Winged Knight is said to have married a woman of the children of the forest who died giving birth to his son. He is also said to have flown on the back of a giant falcon and slew the Griffin King in the Age of Heroes. He controlled armies of eagles and befriended merlings and giants many thousands of years ago. Artyss Arryn was an Andal with great skills of warcraft who conquered the First Men of the Vale thousands of years later.
  8. It is hard to accept that Artys Arryn, known as the Falcon Knight, was the Winged Knight when the two lived thousands of years apart. The Winged Knight was a First Man and it is said that his bride was one of the children of the forest. He is probably more legend than a real historical figure and he is said to have lived during the Age of Heroes. Artys Arryn was an Andal and is credited with defeating the last ruler of the Old Men in the Vale.
  9. Living Weirwoods were associated with the Old Gods and the First Men learned to worship them from the Children of the Forest. We are all familiar with the weirwood heart trees with their carved faces in the godswoods of the North but weirwood is also valued for its pure white, strong wood that does not rot which is described as construction material in Whitewalls and Harrenhal. It is used to make furniture such as the meeting table used by the Kingsguard, the bed used by the Lord of Winterfell and the throne you mention at the Eyrie. It is also used in weaponry to make longbows with great range and for the shafts of spears. It can also be carved ornately and is described as a broach owned by Ygritte and the mask worn by Morna Whitemask. It is described along with ebony to make the doors to the House of Black and White, the doors to a room in the House of the Undying and the elaborately carved black and white doors to the Tobho Mott's shop in King's Landing. I think that the Arryns may have used weirwood to carve their throne simply because it is considered one if the better choices for fine furniture just as ebony is. Agreed. There is symbolism in choosing weirwood.
  10. According to GRRM there will be two more books: The Winds of Winter followed by A Dream of Spring. According to his fans he is wrong.
  11. GRRM has explained about the challenges of the Meereenese knot and getting the timing right in Meereen before having Dany advance her forces on Westeros. It's not so much that he doesn't want her in Westeros as it is that she can't leave Meereen yet.
  12. This sounds similar to the pellets that are produced by owls and other predatory birds. They have a two staged digestive system where hard to digest materials like fur and beaks and bones gets formed into a compact ball that is puked up. You can find pellets under the nests of owls that show what their diet consists of.
  13. Jilted lover Robert can't accept that his betrothed willingly went with the super sexy Targaryen prince so he twists all accounts of the betrayal to cast Rhaegar in the darkest and most evil ways he can while imagining Leanna in the most innocent role possible. Jilted lover kills Targaryen prince and usurps the throne. Just as history is often written by the victors Robert convinces the realm (and himself) that Leanna was abducted and raped rather than accept that she chose to go with Rhaegar and loved him.
  14. That's a lot of warging to send a message. And it's a disturbing message too, with the sigil of House Stark slain by the sigil of House Baratheon and ominous implications for all of Westeros that... "Oh look! Puppies!!!" Maybe Bloodraven doesn't communicate so well after all.
  15. These are some seriously crappy choices. Roose Bolton's younger bastard son to Ramsay? Ramsay killed his legitimate older brother Domeric to secure his inheritance of the Dreadfort and I would be younger than him so not as much of a threat when it comes to concerns over Bolton succession however Ramsay is a crazy motherfucker so he would probably kill me to prevent the possibility of me killing him for the same reason he killed Domeric. Gregor Clegane's bastard son raised in custody at Clegane's Keep? What could possibly go wrong here? Gregor is cruel, nasty, irrational and hot tempered. He could kill me for any slight at any time. Euron Greyjoy"s bastard son living on his ship? Euron is a hard and uncompromising man but he believes very strongly in the Old Way so I think he would teach me those ideals. As long as I am fierce enough I should survive into manhood and independence. Of course by then I would be a nasty murdering rapist like the rest of the Ironborn but I wouldn't be dead like the bastards of Bolton and Clegane.