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  1. The hilarity of the Yeard saying he hates the cover because it's sexist brought me back to find this thread.
  2. Isn't the author of the literary masterpiece "Wet for Nessie" from here?
  3. On the positive side, at least now the have a chance to actually get a book if they buy it again.
  4. .... I'm in fear of wherever it is that his character "actually behave like adults."
  5. Write/Publish faster!
  6. next book will be all about Richard transitioning into a woman.
  7. Just saying, I hate this thread because I'm American and can't wait.
  8. House Baldrick Sigil A Brown outhouse on a dark grey field Motto Crap falls down Location Downwind House Weapon A Valyrian Plunger Backstory Their founder once saved the day by wiping the ample backside of some High Muckity Muck Lord. Ever since then they've been "allowed" the privilege of keeping Westeros' outhouses "clean".
  9. I'm Jeff, known more as "Jag" to shorten my screen name. Which is just my First Initial, Second initial and the first four of last name. I've been told that people think I'm a spam-bot just from my screen name. I like to read books... Obviously. Uhm, from Newcastle, Wyoming. Hunt, Fish, Camp... etc. I play Mafia on a few forums, see you guys have it here too, but yours seems different, I'll have to watch a game or two.