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  1. ipsuel added a post in a topic Who will win the battle of Winterfell?   

    If Stannis is dead on the show, it leads me to believe this:

    When he takes Theon to the tree as is suggested in the Gift Chapter -- Asha (or anyone really) ambushes him and he dies at the tree...

    Giving the tree blood-sacrifice of a king.

    I think that's why the show had him leaned up against a tree when Brienne finds him.

    So *if* he's dead (lord I hope not but w/e)... I think he will be killed at the tree instead of Theon.

    Edit: Spelling
  2. ipsuel added a post in a topic [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?   

    It was a 1 for me.

    Most people I know didn't watch this year, so I wasn't going to, either. Then I heard about Hardhome and I had to see it. It was as amazing as everyone said. So, I went back and watched the season.

    But out of 10 hours, I feel like maybe 1-hour was excellent TV (Hardhome and many of the Stannis scenes).

    The rest was honestly just eh to me... nothing outstanding. Lots of plot holes, lots of head-scratchers and lots of silly, illogical, make-no-sense moments.

    I could complain all day, but put simply, I just don't enjoy the show like I used to. It just doesn't bring anything to my life like reading the books has.

    Imo, this was easily the worst season (even if it included the best 30-min bit, Hardhome) -- and I really do feel like this: When D&D need to troll fans (as in Benjen) and actors need to bold-face lie (as in Kit) it speaks volumes about the work itself.
  3. ipsuel added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion   

    Ugh. I really thought they were trying to be all cliffhanger-y til S6.

  4. ipsuel added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion   

    Stannis isn't dead. No way... You can let me know how I right I am when we get behind-the-scenes pix of season 6 filming.

    You're welcome
  5. ipsuel added a post in a topic Brienne [Spoilers] Show - Episode 10 [Spoilers + ADWD BOOK]   

    Ugh, not Brienne... But maybe Oathkeeper changes hands in WoW and the rest of the theory could remain intact. :-)
  6. ipsuel added a post in a topic R+L = J will be the big reveal   

    I want the reveal just so we can stop talking about it. Yes, it's hugely important and frankly, it's awesome.

    But I want to move on to the effects of the whole thing... Jon's parentage is what it is -- now let's find out why that'll be important.

    I'm no longer excited by R+L=J (it's just another asoiaf fact to me) but I am super-excited to find out how the whole thing plays out. I don't really want to wait another few years for it.

    Maybe I just bore very easily :-)