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  1. Best Hand of the King?

    This Bloodraven seems to be the most competent and not a complete bastard (figuratively). Davos will call you out on your crap. Something most other hands lack.
  2. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    10. Jaime's Siege- I actually thought this scene was kinda sad. Jaime wants to present himself as a respectable, honorable knight. The Blackfish just craps all over this. He'll never trust Jaime. Why should he? 9. Mutiny at Craster’s Keep- I loved the rising tension. Then the exploding chaos. 8. “Only Cat”- May have been the biggest surprise in the series. Lysa spilling the beans and then LF ballsy murder. Made LF go from crony to evil mastermind. 7. “The North Remembers”- I just have to put this up for how awesome it is. Again a huge surprise. You can just see that shit is going to go down after this scene. 6. Bar Room Brawl- GRRM just did such a great job with this scene. Weaving together the fighting with a great payoff. 5. “Things I Do For Love”- First real taste of ASoIaF 4. Catelyn and Jaime- Great dialogue. 3. Jon Kills Slynt- Just for how badass the moment is. Nice touch with Stannis at the end. 2. The Golden Crown- Great send-off to a hated character. 1. The Kingsmoot-This is just everyone I love about the series in one chapter. Interesting characters vying for power. This chapter laid out Asha, Victorion, Aeron, and Euron perfectly. It has some of the best writing in the series (as seen below). Honorable mentions: Varys!- I spent the whole epilogue wondering what the point was... until Vary cementing Aegon as a big deal (but still not real deal). Mountain vs. The Viper- Enough has been said about this. Theon's escape from Winterfell- Suspenseful.
  3. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    POV Victorian- He is being written as such a glorious idiot, that he must die. Gloriously. Jon Connington- Grayscale. Non-POV The Boltons- Things are stacked against them. Bowen Marsh- He done fucked up. Cotter Pyke- May be already dead. Hizdahr zo Loraq- You don't marry the dragon. Paxter Redwyne- Defeated by Euron. Doran- Constantly portrayed as extremely sick Up In The Air Lady Stoneheart or Jaime or Brienne- The buildup has been for so long something major has to happen. If only Stoneheart bites it, it'll be an anti-climax. As much as I like them Jaime and Brienne should bite it or have some life alerting moment. Stannis- Will be revealed as a false Azor Ahai and Melisandre may drop him. Without her he is screwed.