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  1. No, Gus wouldn't kill Victor over those points I made. However, if he was considering killing Victor already then he knew he could make a message out of it. He saw the opportunity to possibly make Walt submit to his authority. He knew that he could kill Victor and have nobody know, or he could do it the way he did and possibly get a lot more done than just solving the Victor problem. Two birds with one stone.
  2. I think there are various answers for that, not a single correct one. Walt says it may have been because (paraphrasing) Victor took the liberty to cook without clearing it with Gus. I think it is a primarily because Victor being caught, but Gus did it in that fashion to send a message to Walt that Gus is willing to kill anyone, no matter how useful they are to him and nothing comes before his operation's secrecy.
  3. I'd like to add to the above comment that Victor was also the prime suspect for Gale's murder. Jesse may not be a great chemist, but his knowledge in cooking is based on chemistry at this point, not a recipe. Why else would Todd go through such trouble to get Jesse? Because he knows Jesse is as close to Walt as it gets. You simply cannot reproduce Walt's results without knowing a good amount of chemistry.
  4. Not true at all. We constantly see him picking up things that Walt has taught him. In 5A, we saw him hatching his own schemes--the train heist, magnets, designing the equipment, etc. Compare Jesse to Todd.
  5. I just had mine repaired over the summer, and the guy working there said he's been doing it for 30 years.
  6. Not exactly. Back when he was still putting the moves on Jane as "Jesse Jackson", some random guy driving buy called out and said something like "You're Pinkman, right?" Unless there is a different moment.
  7. I figured that Skyler gave him up or he at least assumes so. Plus, investigations will eventually turn up Saul. He had way too much heat.
  8. I just noticed your name and title thing. Bravo. I started laughing hysterically... with club sauce...
  9. They basically said Walt's only contribution was his name 'White' in Grey Matter. They didn't even say that he was the one who came up with it. They separated Walt from them, saying that he had very little involvement in the company itself but more importantly its foundation.
  10. Some symbolism for you: Mike and Lydia meet--It is at a diner of Mike's choosing, evident by Lydia's tea soy milk nonsense not being available. Mike and Lydia are not on mutual ground. Lydia worked for Gus, and then worked for Mike since he (supposedly) handled the business aspects. Mike was the one in control. Walt and Lydia meet--The ground seems neutral. Neither character is quite comfortable, and appear to be on even ground. Walt plays the boss, but Lydia stands her ground and shows that she cannot be walked over. Walt and Lydia form a mutual agreement. Walt and Lydia are in a partnership. Todd and Lydia meet--The place is of Lydia's choosing, evident by her drink choice being available. Todd is unsure how to act, where Lydia acts like she has a routine. Lydia sticks to her rules, and Todd slowly disobeys them to try and work on a personal relationship with Lydia. Todd only gains ground when trying for a personal thing. Lydia is the one in control, Todd is working his way into her thoughts outside of the business. I think this can be used to confirm Lydia's control (if you didn't already accept it), but also that, though she always liked Todd, perhaps she is beginning to like him. I guess we will see if that plays out.
  11. Can I just say that this episode was so amazing, even beyond the amazing-ness of typical Breaking Bad, that the director needs to get a million dollar cash prize. Wow, what great directing. I am simply in awe. Every moment packed emotion, and the final scene hit home perfectly. I could feel Walt's anger building, his pride shouting for recognition. Absolutely fanfuckingtastic, bitch! (Please do not report this post. All content within this post are intended to be in good humor and do not intend to insult or harass anybody.) ETA: In regards to the future (as short as it is :( )-- I think Todd will get Walt's family killed in a psychopathic way to impress Lydia. Jesse is solidified as a slave--Todd made sure of that. By the way, it wasn't personal :devil: . Walt won't be attacking Grey Matter. He wants the recognition, not the revenge. If he attacked them, it would only help their PR move. Walt wants to prove he is a genius, not just some murderer and drug lord. Now, how he does that is lost to me. The machine gun is surely meant for Lydia's boys, the ricin I could see for a few options: 1) Lydia; 2) Todd; 3) Gretchen/Elliot; 4) Jesse as a sort of mercy; 5) Himself as a last hurrah. I simply cannot wait to see what happens.
  12. Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. Prepare.
  13. Lydia knows that Skyler knows some things. Skyler confronted her at the car wash, and I think the writers included that confrontation for something. ETA: It would be very ironic if Walt kidnapping Holly ended up saving her from a butchery at the White household.
  14. I think she is the key antagonist. We saw that she controls the Neo Nazis and, more importantly, Todd. Therefore, she also controls Jesse and the meth empire. She is the one handling all of the distribution. The Neo Nazis aren't connected enough to handle big-time distribution, so they need her (unlike Walt, who was the cook no longer cooking). I think this means she knows what they did to Walt, and definitely is keeping tabs on him and his family. Suddenly, a double-crosses Walt vanishes and his family is talking to the police. LYDIA DOESN'T FUCK AROUND. I really think she will put a hit on the White family, and once they die Walt wants vengeance. Then he sees the blue meth hitting the streets and knows it can't be Todd. So Walt, with nothing left, realizes he should save Jesse from slavery and torture, even if it is just to finally kill Jesse. Nobody really talked about this when I first posted it: I think the Old Yeller analogy is a red herring for Jesse but really applied to Hank. Take everything from Hank's death and think of it as if he was a rabid dog. Walt was crushed and fought against putting him down, the tough guys knew it had to be done, and even in his last moment Hank showed his teeth. I really want to know what people think about this since there was a lot of emphasis on the analogy.