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  1. I'm still surprised that the Peakes are still around at the time of aSoIaF. They lost two castles after the first Blackfyre Rebellion, then Gormy loses his head trying to put Daemon II on the throne. Go forward a bit and King Maekar takes a rock to the dome during the Peake Uprising. I can't understand how both Aegon V and Bloodraven let the Peakes survive. I tried to post a thread about the Peake's survival a while back but it devolved.
  2. Imry didn't do a bad job. He was just following his commander's crappy plan.
  3. Over the years, there's been some speculation that Ashara Dayne is Septa Lenore. I'm not necessarily sold on that theory, but it would explain a lot if the OP's original theory is accurate.
  4. If you believe R+L=J, Jon has Blackwood blood on both sides. Aegon V's wife was Betha Blackwood.
  5. I kind of like the this. Not sure why.
  6. Because the only good Blackfyre is a dead Blackfyre.
  7. No argument falcotron, but there are still a whole lot of "Brandon Starks" who had unhappy endings.
  8. I agree. Check out the diambiguation page for "Brandon Stark" on the wiki.
  9. My thinking is somewhere along this line, but I wonder if dragon breeding also didn't play a part? We have heard mention that the Targaryean dragons were "bred for war", maybe some of the other Valyrian Dragonlords bred their dragons for construction and commerce? I realize that sounds odd, but consider horses the aSoIaF world(and with some differences our world). There are draft horses, war horses, riding horses, plow horses, sand steeds, some that are a combination and others. Mayhaps there were construction dragons and trading dragons and the Targaryeans didn't have any of those when they fled to Dragonstone? If you don't have the right dragons, you probably don't have the right spells either.
  10. Complicated question, but I see a lot of secession. It rooks Dragons and habit to keep Westeros together for close to 300 years. So a lot of different leaders might have had different ideas. I'll probably post more than once in this thread due to the varying interests of the big players but, for now I'll just give my overview. Doran Martell/Dorne: If Elia and the kids are dead, then Dorne is done with the Iron Throne. I know about Doran's "Viserys Plot", but that's a long game. In the short-term it's probably better for Doran to declare independence. Ned/Jon Arryn: With Robert dead, their best option would be to gather their armies, stop by Riverrun to pick up their wives and head back to their respective lands to see how it plays out. The only question is whether Ned feels compelled to go South to look for Lyanna. Hoster Tully: He's in a tough spot. He's literally surrounded and if his goodsons go home he has a lot less power. Tywin/Stannis/Mace Tyrell:. All three will probably try to make a play for the Iron Throne. Stannis is dead. Even if he survives the siege and defeats Tywin, Mace and Hoster, he'll try and fight Ned, Jon Arryn, Doran and Baelon Greyjoy. He's hosed. Mace is powerful, but could he hope to win against an independent North? Same with Dorne. Tywin Might take King's Landing, but then what? Balon should just go away.
  11. Basically, Dany, Drogon and the Dothraki laid waste to the Lannister/Tarly armies. So, what do you think was the butcher's bill?
  12. If we go by aSoIaF only, the Tullys, with the exception of the Blackfish are a bunch of schmucks. Some of the historical members sound cool.
  13. Assuming that you're an armored, mounted lance (knight or not makes no difference) what else would you carry into battle if you could choose: Sword; Mace; Warhammer; Battleaxe; or Morningstar? I'm assuming a shield and dagger. Thoughts?
  14. I think it had something of "keeping up with the joneses(Starks) idea. Rickard sent Ned to the Vale, so Roose did the same. Otherwise, I think Graydon explained it well.
  15. Oh! I forgot Rodrik Harlaw.