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  1. Aerys, mad as he was, still understood how hostages work, as evidenced by Jaime and Elia: if he had Lyanna I'm pretty sure he would have used, or tried to use, her against Ned. I think Lyanna's location was kept secret from basically everyone, for reasons still unclear; I seem to remember Jaime thinking that Jon Connington was made Hand because Rhaegar couldn't be found. I assume Hightower was told about the Tower of Joy by someone, probably the same person(s) who later told Ned. Maybe the Daynes? It would make sense to ask them, I think, because of Arthur.
  2. A) Sorry, but the idea of any noblewoman roaming the Riverlands on her own sounds completely unbelievable to me. Also, Lyanna wasn't even at home, she was a guest somewhere (Harrenhal?), I doubt whoever was responsible for her would have risked her going around alone. B ) We don't know if Lyanna was willing to go or not (I think she was, personally, but that's just an opinion), but that's irrelevant: she was a 14 YO woman, there's no way she could decide anything. Even if she wanted to go, it would still have been a kidnapping. I think it would be in our world today, too. C) I'm not sure they would fight to the death, they're not Kingsguards. I'm aware that people in Westeros swear loyalty to their liege lords first and foremost. However, we have seen more than once that in that world you just don't raise arms against royalty, I'm pretty sure whoever was with Lyanna would know that. And even if they decided to fight, there's no reason to think they would all be killed. In any case, I'm curious: if you think Lyanna was alone, then how did Brandon hear about what happened?
  3. Of course, that's why even the Targaryen version of the event, as recalled by Daenerys, has Rhaegar taking Lyanna at swordpoint. But I don't understand your point, you mean that the escort would have been killed? If that's the case then I disagree, I doubt anyone would raise arms against the crown prince and his famous KG (and maybe other people as well), they'd surrender and take their grievances to their liege lord. I also don't think Rhaegar would have killed innocent witnesses, unless he was like Joffrey of course.
  4. I don't think it's possible: when Lyanna disappeared Ned was in the Vale, Brandon was in the Riverlands about to marry Catelyn and Lord Rickard was riding south to attend their wedding. "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell", so Benjen was at home - unless of course there was some other yet unknown family member around, but I doubt it. I agree that Lyanna wasn't alone however, she would have had an escort, they're probably the ones who told Brandon about the kidnapping (or "kidnapping").
  5. He probably knew, or at least suspected, Dayne and Whent were with the prince, he was their Lord Commander after all: he couldn't ask them but he could talk to their families and see if they knew anything. Ned could have done the same thing - and it all comes back to Ashara and the Daynes, who I'm pretty sure know something about that whole affair. I doubt Varys told Hightower, or anyone really, because I don't see how he could have known.
  6. No, people in King's Landing could not have told Ned about who was or wasn't at Storm's End, how could they? But there were people, like Jaime, who had seen Rhaella leave with Viserys and Darry and who would know Dayne and the others weren't with them, and hadn't been seen in the capital for months. How do you know Ned didn't try to find out where the KG had gone? There's nothing about that in the books. No, we are told that Ned thinks the KG should be on Dragonstone, if their king is there, yet they aren't. And he already knew that, he had to, he had been in King's Landing. I think Ned is giving them an out in that exchange, by the way, but that's for another topic. On the contrary, I think it's very logical: Dayne and Whent were Rhaegar's bodyguards, it seems that's common knowledge, they went everywhere with him and they were with him when he disappeared with Lyanna. Now they're nowhere to be found, I don't think it would be a stretch for Ned to assume they're with his sister. And I think he knew why, his choice of companions makes me think he figured out what he would find in that tower.
  7. I don't understand your point. There are people in King's Landing who know that those 3 knights did not go to Dragonstone and someone surely would have told Ned, why would he assume otherwise? And where do the books tell us that Ned thinks the KG are with Rhaella after lifting the siege? If that's because of the order in which he poses his questions in his dream, we'll have to agree to disagree because I don't think that exchange should be taken so literally. I also don't understand what makes you think that Ned is not associating the missing KG with Lyanna when logic would dictate the opposite.
  8. Ned had already been in King's Landing at that point, he would have known that those 3 hadn't been seen there for a very long time. I think he would also have known that Hightower was dispatched after Rhaegar and the prince returned without him, which would mean that the Lord Commander was probably with Lyanna. After Storm's End, Ned could have assumed that the other 2 were also with his sister and could have gone to Dayne's family asking if they knew anything - which they probably did.
  9. I don't understand why releasing Jaime would have been a bigger scandal than keeping him, honestly. Jaime not only killed the person he was supposed to protect, but as far as anyone was concerned he did it to further his father's interests. So, since being in the Kingsguard is considered a great honor, Jaime was basically rewarded for doing maybe the worst thing he could do. I think people like Ned or Barristan would have been less outraged if he was stripped of his cloak and sent back to Casterly Rock. Tywin, on the other hand, would have been ecstatic; who knows, maybe he could have even cracked a smile...
  10. I think if Robert wanted to do Tywin a favour, he would have kicked Jaime out of the Kingsguard - which would have been a far less eyebrow-raising move than keeping him was. I'm pretty sure the Kingslayer kept on guarding the King because it was a slight to Tywin, and because Robert found it funny.
  11. He doesn't show any ill feelings towards Aerys, either, and I really doubt he liked him. I don't think it means anything.
  12. But we don't know that, it's not like Jaime gave a detailed account of what happened. It's possible that Brandon entered the Red Keep sword in hand, screaming for blood, sure, but I think it's equally possible he tried to talk to the king to no avail and eventually lost his temper. To be honest, the second scenario seems far more likely to me, but we don't know, yet. Hopefully we will soon.