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  1. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Going on from there, and without pre-empting discussion of the timelines, I'm prompted to ask whether a dramatic foreshortening of the timelines would count against or in favour of the Wheel theory. In very broad terms the Westeros we know is not un-akin to 15th Century Europe and its history is clearly modelled on the history of the Islands of Britain, beginning with the Celtic invasions [First Men] and proceeding through the Anglo-Saxons [Andals] to Bill the Conqueror [Aegon the Conqueror] and 1066 and all that. This model, however, which is internally consistent with the development of society and technology in Westeros, accounts for just 2,000 years, not something over 10,000 years. The obvious response is that its GRRM's book and he can do what he likes with it, although in due course we'll see possible clues that all is not as it seems. All that I'm concerned with here is that if Westerosi history doesn't go back as far as its advertised, does the Wheel fall off the wagon or does it attach it more securely?
  2. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    There of course is where we're straying into the timeline issue, which we'll be covering in a later Heresy. Trying to reconcile the Egyptian and Babylonian king-lists with Biblical ones and historical events has thrown up serious anomalies, and I'm confident that the Westerosi ones including that infamous list of Lord Commanders are going to be revealed as equally dodgy.
  3. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    That's a pretty fair summary and a good illustration of how facts and ultimately history and legends become distorted and by extension why we should be wary of the legendary history of Westeros.
  4. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Mormont certainly doesn't come over as being devout, but that he was told by his father suggests that he was at least brought up in that culture rather than say the Seven.
  5. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    And just by the by I was wrong about Mormont. Jon asserts that his Lord father told him a man cannot lie in front of a heart tree, to which Mormont responds that his own father told him the same - so clearly he was indeed brought up to honour the old gods.
  6. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Late to the feast on this one, but I've just covered the Whitetree chapter in my re-read: He knelt and reached a gloved hand down into the maw. The inside of the hollow was red with dried sap and blackened by fire. Beneath the skull he saw another, smaller, the jaw broken off. It was half buried in ash and bits of bone. When he brought the skull to Mormont, the Old Bear lifted it in both hands and stared into the empty sockets. "The wildlings burn their dead. We've always known that. Now I wished I'd asked them why, when there were still a few around to ask." Jon Snow remembered the wight rising, its eyes shining blue in the pale dead face. He knew why, he was certain.
  7. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Technically its Seven if you include the Mother. I'm not sure how most of them match up, but Ghost/Jon is clearly the Stranger.
  8. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    We are very much in agreement on this. There is a never ending cycle of seasons, heroes rise and empires fall - endlessly. The seasons may be screwed because something went wrong with the Summer King/Winter King handover, but essentially its still going on. I think that the thematic repetition is there both to provide more depth and to emphasise the cyclical nature of the history - a cycle that may not necessarily be as long as we've been told - but beyond that; to read more significance into the parallels is I think going too far.
  9. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Oh I think that there's no doubting there is a Summer King/Winter King or if you prefer Oak King/Holly King underpinning all of this and I've no doubt as to both creating their own shadow warriors using the same magic. That theme is obviously cyclical, but may as I suggested before have been screwed by one of the Kings either refusing to go into the ground at the appointed time - or being slain out of time. Either scenario could fit the Nights King.
  10. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    I'm wary of that quote about "when the greenseers turned the trees to warriors" as it dovetails so closely with Maester Luwin's account of the children wearing bark and leaves by way of camouflage. Nevertheless, it would on the other hand be consistent with my earlier suggestion that the children were already familiar with the changeling magic which was used for the white walkers.
  11. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    The opening essay for Heresy 193 will be Winterfell
  12. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Perhaps its simply a matter of Craster's sons being harvested because they are latent wargs/skinchangers
  13. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Yes, I think that's a good distinction. Craster's sons' white shadows and Stannis' black shadows are both souls transferred into new bodies of Ice and Fire respectively, while the Red lot have had their own bodies transformed. I wonder if Val has an heart of Ice? As to dragons - yes I have wondered...
  14. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Again I'd see it more a matter of variation rather than inverstion. Mel and the other red priests appear to be Fire made flesh just as Craster's boys are Ice made flesh, and animated by complete rather than part souls. Victarion appears to be in the process of transformation and I'll be curious to see whether the rest of him gradually turns into roast pork and crackling.
  15. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Creation is probably the wrong word. I think that in both cases we are dealing with the power to bend shadows of the respective elements; Ice and Fire, into a simulacra of a human, then transfer a living soul into that simulacra; which fundamentally in magical terms probably isn't too far removed from transferring a soul from one living soul to another, ie; its just another form of skinchanging. Now there are differences of course. Fire consumes. Mel's shadow babies don't last long because they are smoke animated by only a part of Stannis' soul. Craster's sons on the other hand are ice and animated out of whole cloth and young cloth at that, stinking of life.