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  1. Heresy 194 Underworld

    They each end up with one. Jaime starts off on his own with a fiery sword. Brienne then appears, naked and in chains and begs him to cut them, which he does. She then begs for a sword and it appears... "Brienne's sword took flame as well..." and then later "...his sword went dark, and only Brienne's burned, as the ghosts came rushing in." At which point he screams and wakes up, but between the two quotes they each have their own flaming sword.
  2. Heresy 194 Underworld

    Yes and no, now you mention it, she gets one too, but then after a time his goes out and only hers remains so perhaps she is fated to be the last hero
  3. Heresy 194 Underworld

    Technically the Lannisters might have more than a tincture of Andal blood but in broad terms they do seem to be more First Men than anything else. Actually I was being slightly naughty in referencing the wolf and the lion because in the infamous 1993 synopsis GRRM does have a line about how the wolf and the lion must hunt together
  4. Heresy 194 Underworld

    And by that same minimum if dreams are to be followed we have at least two possible wielders of fiery blades, a wolf and a lion but not a dragon.
  5. Heresy 194 Underworld

    Even in our world there are all manner of heroes prophecied to return or otherwise arise, but they can't all be King Arthur
  6. Heresy 194 Underworld

    That's because the promised Azor Ahai is some foreign interloper from out east and what goes down in Westeros is going to have to be dealt with by the children of Winterfell, of whom Jon is but one member of the pack.
  7. Heresy 194 Underworld

    Depends on how you define Heresy. Its certainly something we've discussed a lot here on Heresy rather than on some other thread.The basic argument is that Jon is indeed the son of Lyanna - there's far too much evidence pointing to that. As to his father R+L=J may very well be true; however the theory here is that it doesn't matter. The red herring is the far too easy assumption that it means Jon is a lost Targaryen prince. Some of us are arguing that really matters is that he's a son of Winterfell, just as Bael's son by the Lord Brandon's daughter was a son of Winterfell and ultimately Lord of Winterfell despite his bastardy and despite his father.
  8. Heresy 194 Underworld

    That's cos despite his up-bringing he really is a Stark [not a Targaryen] He's fighting it but he still has to go because as Maester Aemon told him he is a son of Winterfell
  9. Heresy 194 Underworld

    That rather depends on what the original Watch was really about. If we go back to the theory that there were only a handful [13?] serving as keepers of the Black Gate I don't see a problem with their being a small but intense monastic order; they themselves being given or sacrificed to the Wall. Where it got out of hand was their sending prisoners of war up there - remember the accomodation for 500 prisoners in the Nightfort? Those weren't for captured Wildlings, those were for the Andals.
  10. Heresy 194 Underworld

    Whilst it works by itself, its worth bearing in mind that was also what Janet Clouston had in mind in cursing the House of Shaws
  11. Heresy 194 Underworld

    I have rather tended to associate that detail with the blue-eyed lot who, whatever their true origins, are quite unmistakably associated with Ice.
  12. Heresy 194 Underworld

    They are "irregular" in the sense of not being "regular" or normal if you prefer, but they are not unpredictable. There are long winters and short winters but the summer seasons usually correspond with the winter ones [I'm acknowledging the year of the False Spring] and the equinox is recognisable. I'm still therefore inclined to look for that magical cause rather than a wobble whether caused by an impact or any other exercise in astrophysics. At the end of the day the seasons are dodgy because GRRM needs them to be.
  13. Heresy 194 Underworld

    But once again we have to remember that statement by GRRM that the dodgy seasons have a magical cause rather than a scientific one - or a natural one if you prefer. Hence my suggestion that we should take the statement literally and that both the Long Night and the Doom were in fact down to Ice magic and Fire magic culminating in a massive release of energy before dying down again to await the next cycle.
  14. Heresy 194 Underworld

    As it happens the theme of the upcoming Heresy 195 will be the timelines
  15. Heresy 194 Underworld

    Melisandre seems to have more than enough heat inside her to fight rather than disregard the cold, but once again although she looks more alive that Coldhands does, she does have those "unearthly red eyes" - instead of starry blue ones?