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  1. I'm still in agreement with the suggestion that GRRM was [is?] heavily influenced by the Ivanhoe tournament; that this is political not romantic and that there are two competing conspiracies; St. Jon of Arryn's Baratheon/Stark alliance to oust the dragons and Rhaegar's counter-plot to save the dynasty in order to bring forth the Prince that was Promised. In that context the blue roses are both an invitation and a warning - join me or else. Where the mystery knight fits in then becomes a very interesting question because its hard to see it as a random event with no connection to the politics. Is he the "champion" of the old gods against the new with Rhaegar's gesture being the dragon's riposte?
  2. Ah,a splendid summary
  3. Again we have the precedent of the unquestionably human Lya [and the others who prompted the investigation in the first place] becoming a singer.
  4. There's also direct evidence of this in Bran's skinchanging of Summer. While he runs with Summer and enjoys life as a wolf - usually quite passively. His own body is left behind oblivious both to what's going on around it and to its own growing hunger - which is why the Bobsey twins continually warn him about staying out too late. Whether Bran raises his hand of his own volition or not, he's once again oblivious of it because he's out of his body, not in Summer this time but in the trees
  5. Exactly so and that of course is exactly what is happening in A Song for Lya
  6. That I'm not so sure of. Jon's beserk rages, which he has no conscious knowledge of, suggest that Ghost is taking over and that Jon becomes the wolf.
  7. But once again that's the point he's out of his body experiencing these visions as part of the collective conciousness, not twiddling his own thumbs
  8. We had this conversation earlier, but in the circumstances I'd say that its worth you repeating the parallels vis a vis the Laughing Tree.
  9. Perhaps the point is that Leaf is testing him - to see if his arm can be raised without him being aware of it
  10. A very apposite parallel As to the Citadel, this is page 9 and it would be great to have something by the time we reach 20 but how long that will take depends on the present piece of string.
  11. But unlike Thistle he has consented and he has eaten the paste. The two are not comparable, for the point here is not that Bran's body is being taken over, as Varamyr attempted to do with Thistle, but that the body is becoming irrelevant.
  12. I agree entirely - that's how I read it
  13. Not necessarily, if it's Leaf doing the raising
  14. Perhaps its a sign that his consciousness is detaching from his body.