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  1. I'm not sure either. I think that primarily the bonding is just that; establishing a bond which will allow the transference at death. In the case of Danaerys' children that transfer may have been early due to the death of her unborn Rhaego, whether Drogon and Rhaegal have been snaffled by the souls of Drogo and Mirri mar whatzerface is questionable unless they were secret Targaryens. The problem I see with infusing the eggs with the the souls of unborn children [as opposed to simply bonding] is that it requires an awful lot of dead children. As to Jon and Ghost we may have to consider that to be the purpose of Ghost and all the other Stark direwolves all along.
  2. I agree, its been a great ride and I appreciate all the discussions we've had on this thread over the years, but there's a limit to what we can squeeze out out, even though I think, especially lately, that we have got close to figuring out what's going on. But hey, goodbye, and thanks for all the fish...
  3. I think its pretty much a constant of this kind of thing in mythology, where everything has its price. It could certainly be the case with the Sword of the Morning, which doesn't pass from father to son but only to someone worthy of it. Although its not spelled out in the text is it possible that such a bestowal also comes with a price and that there was no blood feud between Starfall and Winterfell because the wielder of the sword will always die with it in his hand rather than tucked up in bed?
  4. Me too, though again although I can see that GRRM is taking situations from the Marvel version, I'm confident he's putting his own spin on it rather than using it as a script, just as he's also done with Heart of Darkness. Nevertheless I still think it can give us insights into where he may be going. Loki may be the son of the Ice King, but he still regards Odin as his father and wants to be king of Asgard not of the Jotun. Jon may [or may not] be the son of Rhaegar but still yearns for Winterfell.
  5. What its worth is that affirmation by Maester Aemon [who has often been conjectured to know the truth of R+L=J] that bastard or not, Jon is fundamentally a son of Winterfell
  6. "You are a son of Winterfell, a nephew of Benjen Stark. It must be you or no one."
  7. It's not a question of one trumping the other but rather of Jon deciding which mouldy bit of parchment gets waved at the world and which one tossed on the fire. As to that choice who knows, after all it was Aemon Targaryen who proclaimed him a son of Winterfell
  8. I agree, but my point is that I think GRRM may have mentioned the possible [probable?] Marvel connection and the mummers ran with that and the film version rather than the sidhe for practical reasons and in so doing appear to stuck far more closely to the Marvel story-line than GRRM is doing
  9. Yes, I can see GRRM picking up a lot from this Marvel version, especially the birth of Loki sequence, although obviously what we know and love is GRRM's interpretation and his own twists [and turns], that comment about Fafnr hiding in reptilian form also sounds a bit like the Targaryen dragon stuff we've been discussing.
  10. Its Jon's get out of jail free card. Robb cannot simply say Jon Snow is legitimate; he has to declare that Jon is the true-born son of Lord Eddard Stark. Jon then gets to choose. He cannot be Jon Stark and Jon [Targaryen?] at one and the same time.
  11. Ultimately, you see I think that may be the problem in that the walkers [and the Nights King] in the mummers version may owe too much to Thor and too little to GRRM. They really are telling a different story.
  12. I've never read the original Marvel comics so don't know how true to them the film might be, but there's an interesting plot twist in the latter when Loki, son of Odin Allfather turns out to really be the son of the Ice King, taken from his ruined fortress, which in a lot of ways parallels Theon - and of course some might argue Jon although Theon fits much better.
  13. Returning to the Walkers, Thor Ragnarok will be released shortly and in preparation for it, both Junior and Junior-Junior sat me down to watch Thor [bear with me...]. This largely centres around a conflict with the Jotun or Ice Giants - who look and behave remarkably like the blue-eyed lot in the mummers version. They are not really the same, but the inspiration is clearly there. Now I know we're not supposed to discuss the mummers version and I don't propose to, but we do know that GRRM is using a lot of the Thor source stuff and the Wall has previously been compared to the Bifrost Bridge, so the question is: Are the Walkers based on the Jotun [and their king] or have the mummers been deceived by the usual vague direction from GRRM?
  14. I don't have a problem [so far as this theory is concerned] with Danaerys the Dragonlord still coming to Westeros. GRRM has denied a return to Valyria as it is - although hinted at seeing it as it was which may mean we may learn the story of the Targaryens getting out of Dodge and why, just as we may find the truth about Winterfell. Volantis, I similarly see as a side issue in that having finally won clear of Meereen [we hope] GRRM probably has more sense than to get embroiled in another foreign entanglement. Although I think the Trident dream has been interpreted too hopefully I stii suspect that GRRM is still following the original synopsis and will come to Westeros, but I also think that rather than finish up with a climactic battle on the Trident the true nature of the conflict with Ice may force Danaerys to confront her family's own version of the Musgrave ritual and the true nature of their relationship with Fire.