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  1. Heresy 184

    I think its also suggestive of the Battle for the Dawn. Its not simply a matter of two sides lining up for a fight, with the continuing or ending of the Night as the prize. The dawn will come and the evil will flee - the trick is still standing when it does.
  2. Heresy 184

    I think Old Nan's reference to Morning Ghosts probably says it all. Dark magick can be very literal, especially when shadows are involved, whether black or white.
  3. Heresy 184

    The greatestthreat in the books going right back to that synopsis which I post at the start of each thread is and always has been the Others. The mummers' version has brought in a non-canonical Nights King simply because that's the nature of the medium and whether or not GRRM will introduce his own Duke of Hell at some later date doesn't detract from the centrality of the Others.
  4. Heresy 184

    Well we're told that Ice preserves and Fire consumes. It could be something similar to that in Ice holding the cold, while a Fire shadow doesn't of itself "make" the air cold in the way that Ice does, but it sucks in or consumes any heat.
  5. Heresy 184

  6. Heresy 184

    The mummers version is indeed their own but there are some things too big to mess with - like the manner of accomplishing a certain event.
  7. Heresy 184

    Ah, but as I said its not a question of "just magick" but the using of it. Mel was able to perform a bit of magick she didn't know she could do not because she was clever but because the magick was there to be tapped and worked by her into a particular spell.
  8. Heresy 184

    Something we've discussed a lot in the past is that magick appears to be magick, its just what you do with it, and the Wall is full of magick. Apologies for the multiple posts but the site was acting up last night [overload?] and I had trouble egaging in conversation.
  9. Heresy 184

    My mind entirely. Lyanna has already figured in the story and I think the knight is simply a continuation of her being characterised as less than demure and ladylike, but beyond that I very much doubt there's a deeper significance whether Ned is substituted as the preferred candidate or not.
  10. Heresy 184

    In itself this remains interesting given Benero's clearly expressed hostility towards the Old Blood of Valyria forted up behind the Black Walls
  11. Heresy 184

  12. Heresy 184

    Just as an aside, I remain interested by the fact [!] that while much is said and expected of ancient prophecies and magic fromAsshai, the language of choice for those using magicks, such as Moqorro doing strange and interesting things to Victarion's arm and a certain priestess working on someone else, appears to be High Valyrian rather than whatever it is they speak way out east.
  13. Heresy 184

    We shall see, but as I said earlier in a slightly different context the mummers version is a stripped down and simplified version, eschewing all subtlety - as it has to for an audience - so introducing something not in the books and as subtle as you propose really doesn't convince.
  14. Heresy 184

    Still not convinced. Its a bit of a jolly story and while Ned may not have been the boasting type to crow over victories, the jest is a different matter and something to entertain the wolf cubs.
  15. Heresy 184

    #Feather - quoting's gone a bit funny, but I fear I have to disagree; its just a straightforward and apposite simile - especially as it comes from the mummer's version where they can't even spell subtlety. That said, it is pleasing that at the end we see one particularTargaryen fantasy firmly knocked on the head.