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  1. Heresy 189

    I think they were more or less simultaneous with the servant screaming because Bran was twitching and starting to wake up. As to Lyanna, she is Ned's sister and close confidant. There is no way she is going to address him as Lord Eddard by way of warning or horror. The words Lord Eddard were articulated by Vayon Poole in waking him.
  2. Heresy 189

    I agree that the crows, so hated by Damphair, might be providing a link, but I'd hesitate to suggest that the Ironborn commons are in communion with the three-fingered lot. As I say I think we need to consider the crows carefully. I don't want to pre-empt the upcoming bicentennial essay but I have my suspicions that rather than the servants of the weirwood, they may be an independent party communicating and interpreting on behalf of various players.
  3. Heresy 189

    Not to mention space
  4. Heresy 189

    It is indeed a bit ambiguous. Damphair and his Drowned lot certainly preach against the Storm God and I suppose that as seafarers that might be understandable. However Raaf Kenning, the dying Ironborn commander at Moat Caillin had a shield bearing the arm and thunderbolt sigil of the Storm God. I have a feeling [though I can't quote chapter and verse right now] that although the Drowned lot are on top religion-wise that may only be down to powerful family connections and they aren't universally popular.
  5. Heresy 189

    A servant girl. Bran is dreaming of the Three-eyed-Crow but as he wakes up the black vision of the crow in the dream morphs into the actuallity of the Winterfell serving girl in the real world. GRRM uses exactly the same device in ending Ned Stark's dream of the fight at the tower of joy. He thinks he hears Lyanna cry "Lord Eddard" [thugh why she should call to him thus in extremis...] but in fact it is Vayon Poole quite properly addressing him as "Lord Eddard" as he tries to waken him.
  6. Heresy 189

    But then again GRRM referred to it as a small but significant plot device
  7. Heresy 189

    Or the raven may have an agenda of its own, but that can wait for the bicentennial essay.
  8. Heresy 189

    Its a puzzling one to be sure and I'd offer two possible solutions: First: it happened because GRRM needed it to happen at that particular point in the story and damn the logic. Second: while its perfectly true that the magic in the Wall blocks communication and therefore control from the other side, there is a raven in Castle Black whose behaviour is rather odd.
  9. Heresy 189

    Perfectly true, but when the Warg King went down a clear distinction is made between "his inhuman allies the children" - and his beasts.
  10. Heresy 189

    Ygritte was cremated precisely in order to stop her coming back
  11. Heresy 189

    My impression is that they tooled up to the islands to find the Seastone Chair on the shore and Nagga's bones on the hill, ie; if the bones are ancient weirwoods they were killed off long before the Ironborn arrived.
  12. Heresy 189

    We are told that some but not all of the First Men set aside their original gods and came to worship the Old Gods after the Pact. Significantly one of the other groups who appear to have remained free are the Sistermen, who seem to hold by the Storm God and the Lady of the Waves. There is an interesting wrinkle here too in that the sigil of House Morrigen is a crow volant on a storm green sky, and that Damphair distrusts the crows as servants of the Storm God, but here we're getting back into the Morrigan business...
  13. Heresy 189

    Whilst I'm wary of blaming the "ancient enemy" I think the point is that a number of key characters are having their dreams intruded upon by someone - just not always the same someone.
  14. Heresy 189

    Welcome to Heresy and thank you for a very interesting post. As to land bridges I refer to the answer I just gave to LynnS, otherwise I have to enter the caveat that GRRM has said in the past that the dodgy seasons have a magical cause rather than a scientific one. I forget the exact words he has used, but essentially as I pointed out above, things happen because GRRM needs them to - and notwithstanding the real world parallel that may apply to the Breaking of the Arm as well. In general, however, I remain wary of theories of overarching events influenced or even orchestrated by greenseers or anybody else. This will not end when with one bound Jack was free. Its a story about people and how they interact with each other [usually badly] and respond to the world around them, rather than about that world.
  15. Heresy 189

    I agree, as this is exactly the cause of the breaching of the Weald-Artois Anticline which I've cited before as the model for the breaking of the Arm.