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  1. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Ah, but it aint just me you see. I might have started it up back in 2011 but its everybody else who has kept it going
  2. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Crows on the other hand are clever
  3. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I don't think that the dragons need to be seen as evil geniuses here. The direwolves as we see through Bran's wolf dreams don't seem much brighter than my mastiff, but I don't see that invalidating the possibility that both dragons and direwolves are the stronger and more dominant partners. After all the Wise Masters of Yunkai don't strike the reader as the brightest and best, but yet they suggessfully enslave thousands.
  4. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Well, this I'd say comes back to what we've been discussing about the true relationship between the direwolves and the children of Winterfell; questioning whether they are the pet dogs they appear to be or whether they not only initiated the warging link but may be the dominant partners. Do the Targaryens have dragons, or do the dragons have Targaryens?
  5. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I have to disagree on the definition of a prince. In European terms all kings are princes so we needn't restrict our viewing to cultures which had princes but not kings. Otherwise I'll go along with this and can't help observing once again that notwithstanding the conflating of the Prince that was Promised with Azor Ahai, the latter legend's appearance in ancient books of Asshai coincides with the Valyrians and their monsters [dragons] destroying the old Ghiscari empire out that way. Something else we need more information on is why the Targaryens broke with the rest of Valyria; not simply in fleeing the place ahead of the Doom, but turning against the other survivors when they attempted to revive the Empire in Volantis. Is there a connection here with the prophecy?
  6. Heresy 191 The Crows

    If it is I'd be inclined to see it as ongoing.
  7. Heresy 191 The Crows

  8. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Oh dear me yes, and GRRM himself has warned of this very strongly indeed.
  9. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Indeed and again its worth remembering Maester Aemon's comment about getting the male/female thing wrong. When the witches of the Dosh Khaleen did their stuff with a pregnant Danaerys the Dragonlord they proclaimed with reverence and awe that she was carrying the Stallion that Mounts the World. They got it wrong. Danaerys the Dragonlord herself is the Stallion who Mounts the World. They just got the gender wrong.
  10. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Yeah, I think that Jorah is just being crass and insensitive here, because its yet another example of Ice and Fire being a familiar simile for linked opposites.
  11. Heresy 191 The Crows

    GRRM has a number of jokes scattered through the story, of which the demolition of that knight by Wun Wun is one of the better known, but the girls' names have been embedded from the very beginning and do reflect what's happening to them. Sansa has been played and Arya is very much a solo character.
  12. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Exactly so. Rhaeghar thought that his son's destiny lay in the Song of Ice and Fire.
  13. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I probably didn't express myself too well in the rush to get out this morning. Both GRRM and myself grew up during the Cold War; it was ever present and I played a very minor role in it back in the 1980s. The Song of Ice and Fire in the background to this present tale is directly analogous to it and whether seen on the one hand as a duality representing the natural order of things or as a conflict it is just as real and ever-present as the Cold War [effectively ended by the fall of the Wall just months before GRRM began writing ASoIF] and requires no prophecy. At no point did I suggest that Rhaegar was saying that his son had a minor role to play. Clearly he saw his son's destiny lying in the Song of Ice and Fire, but in doing so he was referencing his obsession with the Prince that was Promised prophesy, not a non-existent prophecy about something already ongoing.
  14. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Ah, no, I think you're missing my point. There is, or is conceived to be a Song of Ice and Fire; which in Mel's terms at least is a conflict which has been waged since time began. The Reeds who provide more information about Ice and Fire than everybody else does put together and seem to regard it rather as the natural order of events. Rhaegar in saying that his son has a part to play in the Song of Ice and Fire isn't referencing some unknown prophecy about Ice and Fire, but the PTWP prophecy which sounds as if it prophesies that the Prince will play his part in the ongoing song. Just what that part is we don't know, but that's the prophesy not the Song.