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  1. Heresy 182

    Now this one's interesting
  2. Heresy 182

    Well she's certainly narked, but as I suggested she's more likely to try and pull a Beric Dondarrion on Jon so that he can rescue Stannis and so prove her indispensability, than to raise him up as her AAR MkII
  3. Heresy 182

        I'm a little wary of this kind of detail as I'm sure GRRM is filling this in after the event rather than laying the groundwork beforehand. Nevertheless I don't see why Stannis can't be Mel's AAR since he ticks all the right boxes. I'm reminded once again of the old joke about Manx cats and wonder whether there really is a lone hero, be he Azor Ahai or anybody else or whether the whole point is that people want a hero to arise and return whether he be Azor Ahai, King Arthur or even Winston Churchill, and that there are some out there in the story who want to make that legend happen.
  4. Heresy 182

    It does occur to me [with an eye to the spoiler posted above] that given Mel's faith that Stan is the Man, she has a perfectly reasonable motive in resurrecting Jon [assuming he needs resurrecting] if she sees him as the last best hope of rescuing Stannis. Actually though I'm still inclined to place my faith in "oh, you think he's dead do you?"
  5. Heresy 182

    That's what I said; a bit of discipline calling him to heel 
  6. Heresy 182

    This is interesting and may lead to much wailing, rending of garments and general unhappiness...
  7. Heresy 182

    Rickon: I'm hungry, want another of those goats... Osha:  Heel boy, heel!
  8. Heresy 182

  9. Heresy 182

    The only thing I'd question is whether Rickon is slowly becoming Shaggydog. The wolf is already the dominant partner and I'd imagine that its a process which is likely to accelerate as time goes on. I can foresee a tragic/bittersweet end for young Rickon rather than a starring role at the end. As you point out we've not had a POV for him yet and its also worth noting that he's an afterthought unmentioned in the original synopsis. GRRM has obviously brought him in for a reason but not to completely change the original plot.
  10. Heresy 182

    White skin/blue eyes sounds a bit familiar... 
  11. Heresy 182

    Well the seventh son of a seventh son having the sight I know of from Scots mythology.  Back again... beyond that specific tradition, I think that what always comes over in mythology and folk tales is that they always centre around younger sons. I don't think that there's any magical or at least supernatural reason for this but simply that the eldest son and heir is the one who inherits; the younger son is underdog who must seek his own fortune whether in Faerie or anywhere else. The question we need to ask is whether or not GRRM is following this tradition and whether what need to be done will be accomplished by the first-born or at least the rightful heir or whether the younger one will triumph as he usually does in folklore. In suspecting that identifying Jon Snow as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne is a red herring, you can probably see where I'm coming from
  12. Heresy 182

    All I can say at this stage in the absence of anything specific in the text, is that the seventh son of a seventh son is traditionally "blessed" with powers, whether it be of prophecy or anything else, so in theory there's no reason why GRRM shouldn't adapt it to be five instead of seven - especially when we do have an overt focus on the Seven.
  13. Heresy 182

    This, I think, fits to a degree what I've just said above. I don't think that the Seven seek to destroy magic as such but recognise it as a force of chaos and seek instead to promote themselves as a force for stability - which of course would provide another example of opposed forces.
  14. Heresy 182

    I think we're very much talking not about gods, and certainly not the intervention of Gods, in this story, but rather what the various characters do, for good or evil, in the name of those gods: whether it is to draw strength from their faith, justify their actions in terms of that faith whether of their own volition or a belief that their faith requires them to act in such a way; the end justifying the means, or alternatively do they "rationalise" the magic they deploy not as an uncertain science but as a gift from their gods?
  15. Heresy 182

    Oh this is very much a story of men.    Well, the readers are certainly free to wonder about the validity of these religions, the truth of these religions, and the teachings of these religions. I'm a little leery of the word "true" — whether any of these religions are more true than others. I mean, look at the analogue of our real world. We have many religions too. Are some of them more true than others? I don't think any gods are likely to be showing up in Westeros, any more than they already do. We're not going to have one appearing, deus ex machina, to affect the outcomes of things, no matter how hard anyone prays. So the relation between the religions and the various magics that some people have here is something that the reader can try to puzzle out.      GRRM 1999