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  1. Heresy 191 The Crows

    All things are possible but I really don't see this one. There might be scope for a temporary absence of sweetness and light at some point but rather than antagonists I'd be more inclined to see Jon as Bran's legs. If we return to the Mabinogion parallel Efnisien caused problems, but he was the one who destroyed the cauldron and so stopped the raising of the dead to fight again.
  2. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Hell is conventionally depicted as the fiery pit so Dante's vision of ice and cold at its centre is interesting. Its exactly what I pointed to up thread: Mel the priestess of Fire has travelled to the Heart of Darkness while Bran has passed through the circles Ice to arrive in the blaze of light at the Heart of Winter. Its an inversion of the kind Feather's so fond of and at the same time consistent with the Reeds' assertion that the land is one.
  3. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I don't see that particular scenario coming around. In the original synopsis we saw a certain degree of estrangement but that was only down to Jon refusing sanctuary to his family. In the version as written Bran comes to Jon in dreams but in physical form consciously avoids asking for sanctuary, conversely, as we see in the cases of Gilly and of Alys Karstark - and indeed the Wildlings generally, Jon shows himself very open to aiding those in need. No the last thing I see here is Bran and Jon being on opposing sides. This is about the scattered children of Winterfell coming back together and as we roll downhill to the conclusion its too late now to bring in a conflict that doesn't exist in the written book.
  4. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I can see him screaming if that was so but wouldn't that be a disincentive to get involved. There's no doubt he sees something terrible but the implication of that business of now you know why you must fly seems more in the nature of something really baaad is going to happen but you - yes you - are going to have to deal with it.
  5. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Up to a point, but Bran is Bendigeidfran - Bran the Blessed - to his half brother Jon/Efnisien the warrior.
  6. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Losing half his family can't be good, but the point is that the Crow shows something to him and then tells him that is why he must fly, ie; something bad's about to happen and he's got to do something about it.
  7. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I've long suggested that what Bran saw was not the demon king surrounded by all the legions of Hell, but the future, and that terrible future is why he must fly
  8. Heresy 191 The Crows

    As to the heroes abounding, in British myth and legend we have King Arthur and his knights asleep in a cave, ready to wake and defend the realm. Similarly there is a legend that if his drum is beaten Sir Francis Drake will return; "If the Dons strike Devon, I'll quit the port of Heaven and we'll drum them up the Channel as we drummed them long ago." Their legends are as alike as Azor Ahai, the Prince that was Promised and all the other prophesied heroes in GRRM's world, but yet [whether we believe them or not] they are not one and the same. Resolving this is not going to be a universal single hero saving the world - its only about saving Westeros.
  9. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I think that there might well be some kind of link is not a connection, but GRRM has warned before about his world building, for example saying that there's no significance to the Moondancers. They just exist as part of his world. Similarly I'm not convinced that Asshai is of any significance. Sure there are parallels aplenty and heroes of legend and prophecy abounding; but this is a story about Westeros.
  10. Heresy 191 The Crows

    I don't know about Jon binding them to his will in a magical sense, but surely his role as King of Winter will require him to bridle them.
  11. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Its one of the curiosities of this that Mel needs to go to Asshai to learn the art and mystery of shadow-binding in order to be able to cast Stannis' shadows, and then in the World Book we learn that those seeking the mystery must not only pass under the shadow but literally go up the river and into the Heart of Darkness. Conversely when Bran is taken [albeit in a vision] into the Heart of Winter, it is a blaze of Light.
  12. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Wrap up thread 3

    Remember that we're talking about Lyanna's bones, not her corpse or her ashes. In mediaeval times they were well aware of the difficulties of bringing the bones home. Pickling in brine or alcohol required a big cask, a lot of liquor and a difficult job transporting it. As a result the favoured method was to boil the flesh off the bones and so reduce them to a light and easily transported package.
  13. Heresy 191 The Crows

    It depends on how you view enemies. Ice and Fire are opposed, yet notwithstanding Mel's righteous passion what GRRM has made very clear is that Fire is not the force for good and that this is not going to wind up with Azor Ahai turning up to save the day by defeating Ice.
  14. If jon Snow is actually a bastard

    Nah, the correct term is bastardy
  15. Heresy 191 The Crows

    Missed that one! A real storm green sky. I wonder if I can change the background to my own [well John Uskglas'] sigil to that colour.