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  1. Hi. Would it be possible to add an interwiki to Thai ? Maybe along this line th wiki.gameofthronesfansite.com/$1 so it's [[ th: .......]]
  2. sorry wrong post
  3. I haven't been able to search pages for a couple days now. Happens only when you search for words that don't forward you directly to some existing pages. Such as "botherhood"
  4. I found it a bit odd that Dany would turn the key the same way for both locking and unlocking. Anything mentioned about that in the book?
  5. Hi. Just want to drop by and say I've started a Wiki in Thai language. This wiki here inspired me to start it. http://wiki.gameofthronesfansite.com/Main_Page Very, very early stage. But it's already on a pretty powerful VPS. I hope to grow it over time and one day be listed on your excellent wiki here :) Thanks all.
  6. 3/10. Especially Robb's part. His relationship with Talisa felt kinda cute before this epsiode. But this? It's gotten ridiculous. Robb's leading a war. And all we're seeing is him riding horse relaxing in a forest and talk away with Talisa. They should have focused on the war . . . not a "proper little lady" going naked in a tent, in a middle of a military camp like that. Why are all "proper" lady in this season all so shameless about sex?
  7. What's Jorah's betrayal? By being a spy for Varys?
  8. Why was Harren called "Harren the Black" ?
  9. I wish they'd show the actual siege of Torhen's Square. Getting a bit sick of the series skipping most warfare battles and only hint about them in conversation/after maths. I'm so happy there's no porn.
  10. I'm curious. Is the fact about littlefinger betraying Ned a well-known thing? How could Catelyn know about it? Did Sansa know what littlefinger did?
  11. i'm curious. How long was Melisandre's "gestation" in the book? In this chapter they made it seemed pretty short.
  12. Tyrion said this after he rescued Sansa. What does it mean? He's talking about Catelyn? "lady stark. you may survive us yet"
  13. What is that thing that Sam gave Gilly? I tried to look at it but I have no idea. How do you use that thing when you stitch?
  14. Was that Rahkaro? I think I heard the woman screamed Quohollo.
  15. Envie - similar impression. Slightly different opinion. I thought Cercei/Tyrion scene was weak due to the whole idea of the conversation itself. It did reveal some very important insight about how Cercei came to hate Tyrion other wise. Jon's . . . I actually hate the part where he was kinda running alone and stumble on things . . . didn't make any sense. He was running alone, in the dark, wearing all blacks for god's sake. Could have made him stalk around a bit smarter than that : / Littlefinger ... I don't know, I don't like any porn scene in this series in general. The girl with sement in her mouth was .... ew. I found Greyjoy's sex scene a bit more disturbing tho for some unknown reason.