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  1. Good ep this week. Herr Star, Featherstone and Hoover are killing it. Loved when the "professionals" showed up. Not enjoying Tulip's storyline, such as it is. And can someone please drag Cassidy back into the show?
  2. Finale was OK. But, the best part was the last 5-10 minutes or so. Great series. Sad to see it ended.
  3. No idea. T'was a wild extrapolation on my part. I presumed that once turned into a vampire, one doesn't age from that point onwards and one's physical state becomes static. Hence my guess that one wouldn't die and the cancer would remain, getting neither better nor worse.
  4. Agree with what others have posted. The ep. was a bit slow. But, there were some interesting points along the way. Cassidy's deep thoughts on immortality. Tulip's interaction with the new neighbor. Idea of using Genesis to fix Dennis was interesting. How would that work anyway? Jessie intoning "Hey, get better"? Would a person's body have to respond to that? Or maybe "Dennis, don't feel any pain from the cancer" might work. It would allow nature to take it's course without the awfulness of the situation. But, I'm probably thinking too hard on the details. After all, should Jessie ever shout "Don't move!" to someone, it creates a dilemma for that person, doesn't it? Would it stop involuntary movements? Could the person inhale/exhale? Would heartbeats stop also? BTW, should Cassidy bite Dennis, yeah he'd "vampire up" and live forever... but... to forevermore be in constant pain? Ummm, wonder if they're thinking of that. Maybe that's the reason Cassidy is so resistant to the idea?
  5. The thing that's been bothering me is how Bran's announcement that he is the three eyed raven/crow/whatever is being handled. Regardless of how he might "prove" to the listener who/what he is " "chaos is a ladder...", "yeah Sis, I saw you're 'wedding'..." or whatever, why isn't his "pronouncements" that he's the three eyed raven/crow/whatever met with more of a "Whaaa...? WTF you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" sort of attitude? I mean, is the concept of a 3EC something well known to all? That a guy can see the past, present and future all at once so readily accepted? "Well, it's hard to explain..." "Oh, OK, no worries, then. Have a nice... ummm... day, there, Bran." My kid brother comes home after a long absence in a frozen wasteland spouting such tales and it's off to the Citadel's looney bin cell with you for a nice long rest.
  6. I agree. I took it as a joke. Davos, like Jon, and Davos is well aware of Jon's position, is rapidly realizing that titles and "sides" are meaningless and that all have to band together to defeat the WW.
  7. Are we sure it's Northmen she was addressing? Perhaps it's a collection of stragglers and survivors from the battle? Or somehow she transported to, the now in chaos, Dorne?
  8. From the coming attractions for the next ep: Dany riding a dragon approached Jon. The dragon roars. But, Jon seems a lot less terrified than I would be. Could this be the long awaited and anticipated scene where Jon displays some affinity for dragons? I can see it now, instead of toasting him, the dragon nuzzles him with his snout, causing Dany to surrender to Jon's obvious superior ability with dragons.
  9. Ah. Just plucked it off a youtube clip. Directed at Jaime "Flee you idiot" later followed once the charge begins with "You fucking idiot". Seems he still cares about his Bro.
  10. I opined this in another thread: Re: Burning the food. I think it's got to do with some plot device. The gold arrived at KL. So, the IB will want to be paid. But , now with the food all very "well done", Cersei will need the gold to buy food to keep her subjects happy. Voila! Instant conflict.
  11. Re: Burning the food. I think it's got to do with some plotting. The gold arrived at KL. So, the IB will want to be paid. But , now with the food all very "well done", Cersei will need the gold to buy food to keep her subjects happy. Voila! Instant conflict.
  12. What was Tyrion saying as he watched Jaime prepare to charge? I had the sense it was something like "Don't be a fool. Don't do it." But, I couldn't really hear. Or was Tyrion muttering and intending that towards Dany?
  13. Indeed it was.
  14. Wholeheartedly agree. The last test on the firing range? saw it coming and giggled hysterically anyway.
  15. Jaime might not even tell Cersei about the confession. Don't forget, he talked Cersei out of torturing and giving Olenna a horrible death. Instead he gave Olenna a very easy death, only to find out that she killed Joff? I'm pretty sure that the Cersei, now in full whack-job mode, would be pretty vexed, to say the least, about being denied her vengence.