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  1. Oops. I posted in the old thread...? That was one seriously weird ep. So, who is Savatar that he would affect Killer Frost so...?
  2. NFL Offseason: What's a Chris Collins Worth?

    Better not include Michelle Beadle!
  3. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    That was one seriously weird ep. So, who is Savatar that he would affect Killer Frost so...?
  4. Gotham TV (Vol. 2)

    Well that was...odd... Lemme see. Shot in the chest, dumped in the river and still alive. Good thing Ivy got him some bed rest!
  5. By the way, you didn't say... Did you at least have the presence of mind to turn on the light saber?
  6. So glad you're OK, Peb!!! That must have been really frightening while it was happening. Still, yet another potentially sexual-predatory, four legged, miscreant (thankfully this time, it was only a cat) enters the engaging mythos that is Pebble. And for this we give thanks.
  7. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Just googled the sketches. Thanks! My dog, like most, puts up a good front. But, when challenged backs off in a hurry. I swear he has mental problems. Has phobias about nearly anything you can name. He's scared of the wind, FFS. Thunder storms make him catatonic. I often wonder how he ever makes it through the day. Really? Please send delivery instructions. Nah...never mind. You'd hate this snow. Wet, heavy, heart attack snow.
  8. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Indeed. Dogs are loyal to the point of stupidity. *nods* Although one must be careful with rabbits. I know someone who had a rabbit that was an honest to God alcoholic. Loved its Irish Whiskey. It died tragically a few years ago. Probably drank itself to death. Unknown whether barbiturates were also involved. A very sad, but precautionary, tale. Damn snow is putting a damper on my raging spring fever. *shakes fist at sky* Morning, all.
  9. MLB Offseason: Countdown to 2124

    Indeed. Heard a stat yesterday that last year there IBB average was .38 per game. This, the report continued, has been a decreasing trend over the past 5 years. With strikeout rates jumping over the past few years, most have begun to disdain the IBB anyway. So, figure it'll save you the "torture" of watching one IBB every 3 games or so. Big whoop.
  10. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    I don't even know what I'm life-ing with my do.
  11. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    That's the danger of being fickle with one's Screen Name. Sorry, there, Stunts. Bah, I'm not old. I'm youth challenged. Who's your daddy, Peb? Happy Valentine's Day to yez all!
  12. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Psst... Me neither. And welcome to the asylum. Greetings threadheads. I am recovering from shoveling a silly amount of snow. Nothing a few good single malts can't handle.
  13. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    We should probably celebrate by rhyming all of our posts. But that would result in all sorts of oaths. Besides, I'm not that Bohemian. And worse still, I don't speak Slovenian.
  14. TTTNE (v.468) AB I - a title of one's own

    Google is your friend. Preseren's Day