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  1. I'm on the fence about Ralph. At first I was amused. But he can get tiring pretty quickly. And why am I being forced to watch a Borg in a barcalounger?
  2. I'm not well versed in this. And I guess there' still a mountain of work to be done concerning such an endeavor. But, excusing my ignorance, wouldn't it be tricky to differentiate between such a commercial flight and an incoming ICBM (assuming there is/will be a reliable program to shoot down ICBMs)?
  3. Cute ep of Flash last night. Introduced Plastic Man. Usual silliness, but entertaining nonetheless.
  4. Meh. Neither did Star Trek. The writers of the original series knew it was a wise angle. But, it severely hampered storytelling. I enjoyed the ep. as well.
  5. Don't recall where I read this. Maybe somewhere on this board. Reminds me of this: To the 1317er (paraphrasing): "We have these hand held devices that allow us to connect to the collective wisdom of the planet. We use them to watch cat videos and to vehemently argue over the most ridiculous things with people we've never met."
  6. Well, that sounds hauntingly familiar...
  7. This ep held my interest, at least. Rather dark turns here and there. Not much of a cliff hanger, tho. I've not read the graphic novel(s). Is the show running more or less along the lines of the written canon?
  8. I recently stumbled across these on Youtube. I watched these discussions (Ethics in America) on PBS... oh, back in the 80's I guess. I found them to be absolutely fascinating. Harvard Law Professors conducting panel discussions, using the Socratic method and some increasingly excruciating hypotheticals , with some interesting folks (General Westmoreland and others involved with the Vietnam War?!). These two shows (Click around for other likewise interesting subjects) involved ethical conduct by the military, the media. etc. during war. Sounds weird but I still find them compelling. Sometimes what is said is horrific. Sometimes oddly comforting that superpowered military minds would even stop to think about ethics of war. Under Orders Under Fire Part 1 Under Orders Under Fire Part 2
  9. What kinda bothered me was that after crumbling the wall there seemed to be a rather large mountain of... well... magical ice cubes ... between the army of the dead and the South. Less of an obstacle than a freakin' giant wall, granted. But still, not an easy hike, it looked to me.
  10. It was another "Godfather" moment. "Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer".
  11. - Any chance that the fearsome ice dragon will at some point be tamed by Jon (with or without Bran's help/warging) and "turned"/used against the NK? With Jon riding an ice breather and Dany riding a fire breather, another call out to "A Song of Ice and Fire" title? - Oh, please, C'MON CLEGANEBOWL! - Arya and Sansa aren't really becoming adversaries but are pulling a delightful and successful scam on Littlefinger. - Jaime abandons Cersei, fully falling for Brienne who tells him, "Dude, you're too late. I'm in a relationship with a big ol' guy from North o' the Wall..." - Arya impersonates Tyrion to kill Cersei. - Nymeria saves Arya. Ghost, citing creative differences and lack of screen time officially quits the series.
  12. Good ep this week. Herr Star, Featherstone and Hoover are killing it. Loved when the "professionals" showed up. Not enjoying Tulip's storyline, such as it is. And can someone please drag Cassidy back into the show?
  13. Finale was OK. But, the best part was the last 5-10 minutes or so. Great series. Sad to see it ended.
  14. No idea. T'was a wild extrapolation on my part. I presumed that once turned into a vampire, one doesn't age from that point onwards and one's physical state becomes static. Hence my guess that one wouldn't die and the cancer would remain, getting neither better nor worse.
  15. Agree with what others have posted. The ep. was a bit slow. But, there were some interesting points along the way. Cassidy's deep thoughts on immortality. Tulip's interaction with the new neighbor. Idea of using Genesis to fix Dennis was interesting. How would that work anyway? Jessie intoning "Hey, get better"? Would a person's body have to respond to that? Or maybe "Dennis, don't feel any pain from the cancer" might work. It would allow nature to take it's course without the awfulness of the situation. But, I'm probably thinking too hard on the details. After all, should Jessie ever shout "Don't move!" to someone, it creates a dilemma for that person, doesn't it? Would it stop involuntary movements? Could the person inhale/exhale? Would heartbeats stop also? BTW, should Cassidy bite Dennis, yeah he'd "vampire up" and live forever... but... to forevermore be in constant pain? Ummm, wonder if they're thinking of that. Maybe that's the reason Cassidy is so resistant to the idea?