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  1. So it's happening, and it sounds like it will not overlap hugely with either the Hobbit movies or the LotR movies. Questions then turn to quality of the adaptation, and what material they will use vs how much they will create to make screen-worthy programming.
  2. Now that we are down to the last 5, now 4, it's worth watching the last few episodes. Noel and Sandi still seem to be trying a bit too hard to be humorous during their banter with each other, but they do seem to be pretty good at talking with the contestants during the baking bit.
  3. From the very first time I saw that video, I wanted a pair of cowboy boots like the black and white check ones he won in that video. Watched many TPatH videos again last night on YouTube. Love Into the Great Wide Open, with its cameos by actors and extra little musical interludes. Learning to Fly with its swooping camera shots in the airplane graveyard. All great. So many other good songs over the years, from when I first got hooked on Southern Accents back in the mid 80s. Good memories of buying the box set Playback when it came out and listening to it from start to finish in one session while curled up in bed with a vicious head cold - if you haven't listed to it, search out "Waiting for Tonight" with backing vocals by The Bangles (without knowing it was The Bangles beforehand, you would recognize them instantly). Relatively unknown is the soundtrack to She's the One, which has the lovely little songs Walls and Hope on Board. So many good memories, so many good songs over the years. RIP Tom.
  4. It looks like all boarders have made it through the storm so far (Monday morning) since landfall yesterday. Be safe if you are in northern Florida, Carolinas and Georgia. As a side note, I think we have had enough footage for this year of newscasters standing in hurricane force winds. Jose churning around south of Bermuda, he is about to do a 360 degree loop and head towards Bahamas, but forecast to move north-west between here Bda and Carolinas. Series of waves lined up to parade off the coast of Africa - the season has plenty of time left to throw us another belter.
  5. Yep, it is. But Ned would have adapted the name.
  6. I always assumed it was going to be Aegon. Aegon -->Gon---> Jon.
  7. Probably not. But it could be like Stannis (no on screen death).
  8. Now awaiting the next facpalming tweet from PotUS in response to unprecedented natural disaster.....
  9. Pictures from Houston are grim. And there are probably at least two more days of rain to come.
  10. This thing looks nasty - mainly with the whole hanging around for a week and re-energising thing it seems to have going on. Be safe anyone in southern Texas and along the Gulf Coast.
  11. The entire episode underlies the monumental fuckwittery of the "plan" to go north of the Wall to capture a wight. Upshot is that Dany is minus one drake, and the Night King is plus one.
  12. Danaerys and Jon at the end was quite well done.
  13. Pretty much anything that the Hound said.