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  1. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Going to work on my flights at the weekend.  Looks like it has to be Delta (sigh) if I want to do it with just one stopover.
  2. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Hotel reservations are now open.
  3. HIs finger-clicking was particularly impressive in that one scene.
  4. Cricket 29: The Kings of Method Sledging

    I expect to turn on TMS tomorrow morning my time (usually just before lunch SA time) and find that it is all over.  SA's batting lineup does not seem to have the tenacity to bat the entire day through - if England get a couple of quick wickets early in the morning session, it will all be over quickly I fancy.
  5. I think there will be some sort of 'searching for family/roots' element to the next film - Finn possibly trying to find his birth family (twist - he is Lando's son?) and Rey finding out about who left her on Jakku and why. Whilst Luke and Rey are bonding/Force-teaching on the Skellig islands, the Resistance goes hunting for Snoke, Ren and Hux, leading to some sort of setback for the Resistance (another death perhaps?). Hopefully more backstory is given to explain what exactly happened when Ren upset the New Jedi apple cart - Rey sees him in her spare-induced flashback killing someone; R2D2's blackened dome when Luke put's his robot hand on it; who was leaving Jakku in the spaceship when Rey was a toddler. Guess we will have to find out more about Snoke as well.  Is he a Force ghost of Plagueis, or something else.    
  6. Favorite ending and Books that need sequels

    Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner.  Written at the same time as that and its predecessor, Weirdstone of Brisingamen, instead of forty years later, when we got the final instalment 'Boneland', which was not nearly as enjoyable as the first two because of its radically different style.
  7. Cricket 29: The Kings of Method Sledging

    One of the treats at Christmas this year is looking forward to Test Match Special commentating on England vs SA from Boxing Day.  The full TMS team in SA, three days off work to listen, and hopefully decent matches on which to commentate (unlike the terribly dull series in the UAE vs Pakistan).
  8. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    I only noticed one small case of lens flare during the entire movie - I think it was when Ren sent the stormtrooper into the ?reactor to fin Han and Chewie, who were setting the charges.  We got a shot of Kylo Ren from behind with some lens flare at the top of the screen. There was have been more of course, but I was probably enjoying the movie so much that I missed them.
  9. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    On the whole Snoke = Plagueis (possibly), Snoke's appearance was somewhat similar to the Force ghost appearances of various Light Side Jedi in the original trilogy, so I suppose it is possible that Plagueis could have been killed by Palpatine and still reappear in these movies. The system destroyed by the Starkiller Base was "the Hosnian system", and appears to have been one of the places that the Senate met - it (the Senate) moved from planet to planet occasionally (or something, I am skim reading various websites to understand exactly what the SKB attacked).
  10. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    One of the stormtroopers that talked to Ren during the hunt for Rey on Starkiller base seemed to have a females voice.  More evidence of lack of clone homogeny amongst the stormtroopers.
  11. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    Finishing what Vader started could also refer to bringing balance to the Force again.   Given what we are briefly told about Luke's failed attempts to train a new generation of Jedi, it would appear that the Force is currently not 'in balance' - no Jedi Force-users active, and Kylo Ren using the dark side without completing his training.
  12. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    Just back from the first show here.  Whoops and yells of sheer exuberance at the appearance of the Star Wars logo at the beginning, and at the appearance of every returning character (including the Millennium Falcon). The plot was definitely was too similar to ANH, and so obviously like Episode IV - droid with vital plans, get said plans to the good guys, big weapon for the bad guys with one weakness, plucky fighters attack said weakness for victory at the last moment before their base is annihilated.   Thought the final lightsaber fight with Rey and Ren was great - miles better than any of those ridiculous CGI ones in Eps I, II and III.  Eager to hear the rationale for Finn being able to wield a lightsaber so readily. Chewie and Han great in every scene together.  Any scene with Leia in it seemed rather bad.  Agree that Captain Phasma  was a complete non-event - after being described as a 'great female character' by all and sundry during the press junkets for the film, all she did was wander around in her shiny armor.  Domhall Gleeson was like a pantomime villain.  Snoke seemingly is the SW universe equivalent of the Wizard of Oz. Glaring plotholes - laws of physics seemingly ignored at will when it comes to Starkiller Base powering up and firing.  Po Dameron's escape from Jammu - not explained at all (?).  Stormtroopers in troop carriers entering a planet's atmosphere apparently can just stay standing without suffering significant turbulence.
  13. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Hotel booking I believe open in January.  Time to start thinking about that, while in a semi-sizzled state from Christmas through New Year.  
  14. No mention in any tweets yet of  which gives me hope.  
  15. NZ flag nonsense

    We should be minimally grateful that the new flag contender does not feature some sort of Jackson Middle-earth reference.