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  1. Stephen R. Donaldson

    Looking forward to this in the fall. I always thought Mordant's Need was under-rated in general. SJD's non-TC fantasy can be pretty enjoyable, as long as the quality is not at the same level as last TC Chronicles.
  2. Boskone 2017

    We found a liquor store behind the hotel, a short walk, that had all we needed - ginger beer (from Bermuda no less) and fresh limes. So dark'n'stormies were enjoyed by all last night.
  3. Boskone 2017

    Is ginger beer available in this snowbound country??! Where can ginger beer be located in Boston. If anyone is driving into town for the weekend, bring ginger beer!
  4. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

    Good to have this to look forward to this year, along with new Tad Williams stuff as well. I will have to dig out Dark Materials for a reread before the new Pullman comes out.
  5. Boskone 2017

    It's here, or as near as dammit. This thread is for folk who may want to connect and/or announce when they are in town. I will be there from Thursday, if folk want to do dinner or whatevs that night.
  6. Sherlock

    Well this is so pretentious.....
  7. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Both Christmas specials are available on YouTube. Worth watching them for some cheerful holiday stuff, especially in light of recent news about George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Richard Adams.
  8. Carrie Fisher has passed away

    The 'In Memoriam' section of all award ceremonies in the New Year should be one of the first things they do, and will be extra long this time around. Rather than rewatch Star Wars movies, I think it will be 'When Harry met Sally' and 'Blues Brothers' tonight. l
  9. Convince me that breakfast wasn't a terrible act of self-harm

    Breakfast is the best meal to go and eat at a restaurant. Non-one should have to get up and prepare a meal at the start of the day. Head to your nearest breakfast establishment and have someone else prepare your morning foodstuffs. Or just eat the leftovers in your home fridge, it's entirely up to you.
  10. Leonard Cohen Dead at 82

    Amazing talent. Something like fourteen (only fourteen) albums in forty years, but the impact he has had was vast.
  11. US Elections: Day dawns on Trump.

    Motherfucker. 2016 continues to deliver on utter shite.
  12. Sad news for movie fans

    Uwe Boll says he is finished with movie making Tragic. So many dreck-awful films in his career.....
  13. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Yep. The end of GBBO as we know it. Apparently Channel 4 are out whoring the program now for sponsors, to try to claw back some of the absurd sums they forked out to get the program from the BBC. Allegedly they (Channel 4) want to get many more hours of programming from the franchise that the BBC showed, so expect lots of spinoffs and behind the scenes stuff to pad out the actual competition coverage.
  14. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Apparently there are pictures of all the contestants standing icing-less, with hands in apron pockets or arms crossed. So that may have been a red herring. The Radio Times (TV listing mag in UK) was, however, USING a different picture for Candice, which may be significant.
  15. Poetry in Tolkiens Work

    Some of the early stuff he wrote was really enjoyable, especially the Lay of Leithian and Kortirion amongst the Trees. Then again, there are the poems about Tinfang bloody Warble that are best forgotten. I agree that some of the Bombadil stuff is terrible, and let us not forget the truly heinous stuff that the Elves of Rivendell spout in The Hobbit. The Rohirric poem about the Battle of Pelennor Fields is improved by its being set to music - in the radio adaptation by the BBC.