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  1. Convince me that breakfast wasn't a terrible act of self-harm

    Breakfast is the best meal to go and eat at a restaurant. Non-one should have to get up and prepare a meal at the start of the day. Head to your nearest breakfast establishment and have someone else prepare your morning foodstuffs. Or just eat the leftovers in your home fridge, it's entirely up to you.
  2. Leonard Cohen Dead at 82

    Amazing talent. Something like fourteen (only fourteen) albums in forty years, but the impact he has had was vast.
  3. US Elections: Day dawns on Trump.

    Motherfucker. 2016 continues to deliver on utter shite.
  4. Sad news for movie fans

    Uwe Boll says he is finished with movie making Tragic. So many dreck-awful films in his career.....
  5. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Yep. The end of GBBO as we know it. Apparently Channel 4 are out whoring the program now for sponsors, to try to claw back some of the absurd sums they forked out to get the program from the BBC. Allegedly they (Channel 4) want to get many more hours of programming from the franchise that the BBC showed, so expect lots of spinoffs and behind the scenes stuff to pad out the actual competition coverage.
  6. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Apparently there are pictures of all the contestants standing icing-less, with hands in apron pockets or arms crossed. So that may have been a red herring. The Radio Times (TV listing mag in UK) was, however, USING a different picture for Candice, which may be significant.
  7. Poetry in Tolkiens Work

    Some of the early stuff he wrote was really enjoyable, especially the Lay of Leithian and Kortirion amongst the Trees. Then again, there are the poems about Tinfang bloody Warble that are best forgotten. I agree that some of the Bombadil stuff is terrible, and let us not forget the truly heinous stuff that the Elves of Rivendell spout in The Hobbit. The Rohirric poem about the Battle of Pelennor Fields is improved by its being set to music - in the radio adaptation by the BBC.
  8. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Is it significant perhaps that in the pictures taken of the contestants at the start of the season, Candice is the only one not shown stirring a batch of icing? I am starting to think that she may be the winner. Jane has only had one star baker, way back in the first episode. Andrew and Candice have (I think) had three apiece since then.
  9. Snippets from season 7

    There is news that Dany will go to a certain place and meet two other characters. Shocking news! Spoilers at the end of the link
  10. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Thank you for the clarification. As folks probably know, this was a previously released chapter on GRRM's website, and therefore there is no need to get the iBook if all you wanted was the aDwW chapter therein.
  11. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    Down to the final four. Although I haven't seen the episode yet (that'll be Youtube viewing tomorrow), it seems that one of my picks for the final three has been sent home. Which is a pity.
  12. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    How soon before the series that is currently showing in the UK (GBBO 7) is shown on TV here in the US? I think I found GBBO 6 earlier in the year on PBS, showing on a Friday night, which is fine with me - good end-of-week relaxing TV. Got sucked into GBB0 7 when I was in the UK in September, catching a couple episodes. Rooting for Selasi, Benjamina and Rav (Rav since eliminated). Now that I cannot watch the episodes as they happen, I am reduced to reading the summaries by the excellent Rhik Sammader on the Guardian website.
  13. HiveMind help - Android apps

    HiveMind assistance please - is there a recommended app for managing a large collection of CDs? CDs are shiny bright discs that were widely used in the late 20th century for listening to music. Getting to the point now where I don't to keep updating a long lWord document every time I buy more music (some of us still buy physical CDs). Does anyone know of an app that would catalog CDs, and ideally also allow a list of CDs to look for - missing back catalogue issues for artists I already own, as well as other items to look out for?
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    There are plenty of loopholes in the dragonbinder's inscription - - Moqorro could have translated it wrongly, either deliberately or innocently - the inscription is deliberately misleading (i.e. the writer used weasel words on purpose). - GRRM could come up with some plot twist that means the horn doesn't work as intended (e.g. horn only works when there is a single dragon present, but then it gets blown when two out of Dany's beasts are present).
  15. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    fuckity fuck fuck, but I had to cancel my planned a attendance at KC, due to various life factors. I was hoping right up until yesterday that ducks would be in a row, but some of those fuckers waddled out of line and could not be coerced back into place. So this morning I had to cancel my hotel and flights. there is is a room now free at Marriott Downtown for anyone that is quick enough. Someone else will have to lead the kilt-wearing, barbecue-eating and GRRM reading reporting efforts. *gloom*