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  1. I guess we now know why the actor playing Euron said he would be the most hated character on GoT by the end of the season. Getting rid of the Sand Snakes (TV version) would make it the opposite, I would imagine. Generally there was far too much blah blah blah (perhaps to celebrate National Yadda Yadda Yadda Day), I'm already getting bored with every piece of plot advancement in Winterfell involving a council of every lord there is - at least next week it looks like that won't happen.
  2. I'm going to hang on until we get the result from Dunny in the Wold.
  3. Labour +5, Tory -2, SNP -3 at this current stage. 120 seats declared.
  4. He has said that he would have absolutely no choice but to get back into politics if this election changes the conditions of Brexit. /faceplate And now he is blethering on about Mrs May having "little credibility" in Brussels. I think we can all agree that Farage is an expert on having little credibility in Brussels.
  5. Oh FFS really BBC? Talking to Nigel Farrago now.
  6. Described as "staggering result" on the BBC.
  7. First suggestion on camera that we could see BoJo challenging Mayhem for leadership of the Tories (albeit from Tom Watson, deputy leader of Labour).
  8. Tim Farron (LibDem leader) could also be in trouble, to go with Nick Clegg's reported loss in Sheffield.
  9. Gobsmacking if this turns out to be true.
  10. Based on actual announced results (as reported by the Grauniad) at 1.30am BST, there has only been one changed seat, which was a Labour gain.
  11. More gains being unofficially reported by BBC now. Didn't catch where they were, but included Labour taking Sheffield from Nick Clegg (who is having almost as bad a couple of years as David Cameron).
  12. Very early to say. UKIP voters are deserting UKIP because the job has been done - with Brexit now going on. It is being debated on TV (BBC) about whether the UKIP voters were either disillusioned Labour or right wing Tories, and are now returning to their 'true' allegiance.
  13. Just be grateful it was Sindarin and not Quenyan. Or indeed, Entish.
  14. Safe to say that there can now be no plausible* mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence. *unless you are a politician.
  15. The latest excitedly-presented graphic on the BBC shows that all of the LibDems, Labour Party and the Tories could gain four to six seats each from SNP.