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  1. Well, since the screenplay has diverged a bit, and we still need Alys Kartstark to pull House Karstark in line with Jon, that Harald Karstark head must roll.
  2. Rhaegar and Lyanna weren't in love

    Love is blind. It may not have been immediately connected to the abduction. It seems that the abduction might have been staged as part of the plans to annul Lyanna's betrothal, but could have blossomed from that point on.
  3. Rhaegar and Lyanna weren't in love

    Let me take a crack at enlightenment. "Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna, and the Seven Kingdoms paid the price", says Ser Barristan Selmy. He was in a position to know, at an age to know. He certainly proved his love, to me, when I read that he died with a woman's name on his lips, which GRRM has confirmed as being "Lyanna." Starting with Harrenhal, Elia attends, after being bedridden for half a year from Rhaenys' birth. (Look at the dates for marriage of Rhaegar and Elia, and birth of Rhaenys. Look at Rhaenys' age at death.) Aegon was conceived, most likely after Harrnehal, proving that Rhaegar was faithful, though only "fond" of his wife. Aegon is born during the winter that fallowed the false spring of Harrenhal, and soon after Rhaegar disappeared. Brandon responded to Littlefinger's challenge to the betrothal announcement of Catelyn, as soon as the weather permitted him to make the journey. Rhaegar had been on the road for months by that time, since he had disappeared before the Black Water froze and Aerys commanded fires be lit to drive the cold away. What Rhaegar had intended to do is yet to be known, but it appears that he and Lyanna met near Harrenhal. Lyanna had been at Winterfell when he betrothal to Robert was announced (I don't believe that we would be out of line to assume that it was near the same time as Catelyn's and Brandon's betrothal announcement. Both would have needed the king's approval.) So, as Brandon left for Riverrun, Lyanna is in Winterfell and possibly preparing to depart for Storm's end, for her wedding. We know that Littlefinger was laid up for a fortnight after the duel. We also know that Brandon begged leave from Catelyn to take care of an errand, and that he would return shortly for their wedding. It is on his return journey to Riverrun that he receives word that has him dash off to King's Landing. It seems that that is more than a fortnight after his duel, based upon Littlefinger being commanded out of Riverrun. What do we know about the two? Rhaegar may have had the intent to go to the Wall and see Maester Aemon, and discuss things face to face. He knows that Elia cannot have any more children, but the prophesy requires a third head for the dragon. "There must be one more." He had presented the crown to Lyanna at Harrenhal, out of respect for what she had done as the Knight of the Laughin Tree. He had not thought of her, since. Lyanna is betrothed to a man that she cannot find attractive, because of his whoring, and likely drinking. Her father will not let her out of it. She even tried to get Ned to support her dropping the betrothal. These are very powerful houses, and there is no way to nullify thebetrothal short of a royal intervention. EnterPrince Rhaegar. She likely pleads her case with the prince, andtogether they work out a plan to set aside her betrothal. Over time, they develop a strong relationship, yes love. Marry, then run off to hiding. Many authors will tell you all of the stories have been told, and that only the names are changed, but the stories remain the same. It is true, only specific traits and stories make us human readers, listeners, observers identify with the heroand cheer for his eventual victory. These are no different, in spite of references to "tropes", etc.
  4. Small Questions v. 10105

    You could interpret "their crown" as being their hair, but in this case it is abundantly clear that it refers to being crowned, or being referred to as king or queen. The burial shrouds of gold, reaffirm that they are royalty when they die.
  5. R+L=J v.160

    Marriage pact is not the betrothal, then? Catelyn's betrothal was announced, and Littlefinger challenged that day. Brandon responded to the immediately to the challenge. This is notseveral years earlier, because we know Littlefinger's age.
  6. Small Questions v. 10105

    Gold their crowns, Gold their shrouds. Burial shrouds.
  7. Small Questions v. 10105

    Burial shrouds.
  8. R+L=J v.160

    Maybe, maybe not. It seems that when the betrothal is announced, Baelish challenges, and Brandon travels to Riverrun to answer the challenge. That would be 282, as within a fortnight-ish, Brandon charges off to King's Landing. Perhaps the promise is made, but the actual betrothal is delayed.
  9. R+L=J v.160

    Or, maybe, just maybe, he believed that Brandon Stark was committing treason by seeking to harm Rhaegar?
  10. R+L=J v.160

    Hmmm, where does this fit? I don't recall Rhaegar ever confirming that he wanted to depose his father. He said something about changes, and roads not taken.
  11. R+L=J v.160

    June 06, 2001 Targaryen Polygamy The way that GRRM answers gives me the impression that he is hiding a polygamous Targaryen marriage, for the time being.
  12. R+L=J v.160

    Yes, that is my take on it as well. For Rhaegar to have a political motive there is nothing to be gained, and everything to lose.
  13. R+L=J v.160

    I believe that you have forgotten that Brandon had been at Riverrun to Duel Littlefinger at least a fortnight previously. We don't know what errand Brandon excused himself from Catelyn to do, but afterwards he would return to Riverrun for the wedding. We don't know if Brandon had travelled to some other location, and Winterfell seems least likely since he had initially left from there for the duel; or at least we must presume so.
  14. R+L=J v.160

    The point here, is thatyourfocus appears to be solely on Rhaegar as the motivator. It completely ignores Lyanna's motivation. I see it as far more likely that Lyanna approached Rhaegar, as the crown prince,about a way out of her betrothal to Robert. The relationship evolved, and they eventually run off together. I cannot see any evidence in the text to support that Aerys pursued the KotLT beyond Harrenhal. There is at least nine months, more likely a year between Harrenhal and the abduction, certainly enough time for Aerys' obsession to become common knowledge, if he had one. This coin has two sides, ignoring one side will bite us in the end. I will make it official, though and report the deviation from theme. This is a side topic, that should be discussed elsewhere, and has nothing to do with R+L=J. (Perhaps the Heresy folks are stumped on finding good participants to play with on their thread?)
  15. Maisie Williams hint about Jon Snow

    Something is in the crypts. The show has not developed the crypts quite along those lines, though. We have only seen the statue of Lyanna, as Robert places a feather(!) in her hand. In the books Jon needs to go into the crypts, but all of the Stark kings tell him that he doesn't belong. It is because when Jon rises he will rise as Jon Targaryen.