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  1. R+L=J v.160

    Memory can be a fickle thing . . .
  2. Obsidian is incredibly sharp, sharper than steel. But, it is incredibly fragile, and the armor could have easily broken the first spear and protected its wearer. Meera's spear obviously bypasses the White Walker's armor.
  3. Bloodraven is Bran?

  4. Small Questions v. 10105

    To prevent House Stark from calling its banners and razing the kingdoms with a secessionist army? The north is as large as the rest of the kingdoms, combined. A natural defense with the Neck and Moat Calin.
  5. who is Jon Snows Mother

    I have done a lot of thought about the throne. It was created by Aegon I Targaryen, when he consolidated the seven kingdoms. It belongs to House Targaryen. House Baratheon was founded with Targaryen blood, and Robert's grandmother was full blooded Targaryen. That is the reason that Ned and Jon (probably others decided that Robert would inherit, after the Targaryen line was essentially wiped out. (Rhaella and Viserys are on the run.) Whoever sits it in the future, will always trace their lineage back to Aegon I Taragryen, and it is the Targaeryen throne. The Great Jon said it best, "We married the dragons, but they are all gone." The north, and the riverlands were going to be a separate kingdom, with the admonishment that Joffrey, or whoever never come north. The unifying emblem for the seven kingdoms is that barbed throne, and it is a Targaryen device. Any future councils will need to consider the Targaryen lineage, first. If there are true heirs as claimants, it will be difficult to not grant them the throne, in spite of overlooking them previously. (BTW: Robert has no heirs.)
  6. who is Jon Snows Mother

    Correct, although in the general populace incestuous relations are reviled. Not so with polygamy, even though it is not common, no one seems to be distressed by it.
  7. who is Jon Snows Mother

    No one ever voices any strong aversion to the polygamous marriages. On the other hand, incestuous relations are roundly criticized as being extremely evil. Trying to characterize a possible Targaryen polygamous marriage as more evil than Rhaella and Aerys marrying is really silly. I don't remember any discord over Aerys marrying his sister, Rhaella.
  8. who is Jon Snows Mother

    Not according to the story, Robert was given the crown because of his Targaryen blood. His grandmother was a full blooded Targaryen, not to mention earlier mixes with Targaryens. If they do not follow Targaryen lines, they may as well break into seven distinct kingdoms, once more. The unification factor for the seven kingdoms is Targaryen, front and center.
  9. Red Priestess

    That does not fly. Why would Ned conceal Jon's mother and father from him and Catelyn, if that was the case? There is no sound reason, both his parents would be dead, and he has nothing to inherit. On the other hand, if Rhaegar and Lyanna married, and Jon is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, it makes sense for Ned to conceal it. Ned's dream (see the link in my signature) at the tower of joy confirms that Jon is the heir.
  10. who is Jon Snows Mother

    Before Robert was fed high octane wine during his hunt Ned had confronted Cersei about those children not being Robert's.
  11. who is Jon Snows Mother

    No, actually they gave the throne to Robert, because he was a distant Targaryen.
  12. who is Jon Snows Mother

    Not a bastard if Rhaegar and Lyanna are married. The Kingsguard at the tower of joy tell us that he is the heir to the throne. (see the link in my signature.) Clearly, if one follows the symbolism, Jon is Lyanna's son. The blue rose growing from a chink in a wall of ice. No, it is not an assumption, Daenerys was born nine moons after Rhaella fled to Dragonstone, from King's Landing. That is plainly in the books, and there is not counter evidence.
  13. who is Jon Snows Mother

    There were promises made, and I am showing one that could have been broken. Ned has protected Jon. Ned has raised him as was appropriate for a prince. But, he has failed to challenge Robert, and indeed a window opened when Robert died, but he failed to place Jon on the Throne then. It is not like Ned has not been trying to fulfill his promises. He certainly can't tell Jon who he is, until Jon is capable of making the correct decisions. He certainly can't place Jon on the throne, by himself. But, Daenerys was born 8-9 months after the sack of King's Landing. That timing cannot be disputed. It is likely that Daenerys is born on Dragonstone, as the text tells us, since Rhaella is there to crown Viserys (I believe the appropriate passage is in A World of Ice and Fire.)
  14. who is Jon Snows Mother

    In your opinion. I disagree, obviously.