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  1. Not Confirmed

    There is an issue with this, from my perspective. Jon dreams of fighting the undead with Long Claw burning red in his hands. It seems that Long Claw is Jon's sword, though he seems to drop it frequently. But, add in that Azor Ahai will pull his sword from the fire, and it is very compelling that Long Claw is Azor Ahai's sword. Jon's sword was recovered from the fire that engulfed the Lord Commander's quarters, and was redecorated to be presented to Jon. GRRM likes his herring red.
  2. First, let's take a quick look at the timeline. Jaime says that Jonothor Darry was with him the night that Chelsted was roasted and Raella raped. Jonothor goes with Rhaegar to the Trident and dies there. But, Chelsted's replacement is killed by Jaime after being in office for a mere fortnight. This indicates that the time between Rhaella's rape and the sack of King's Landing is a fortnight. Further evidence is that Jaime recalls seeing the evidence of the rape on Rhaella as she was boarding ship for Dragonstone, after news had arrived of Rhaegar's failure. The marks would have faded in about a week's time, and be invisible at a fortnight. That is what we have been given regarding that timeline. Much earlier still, we have Brandon riding off to King's Landing with his squire, Ethan Glover in tow. Interestingly Ethan Glover is a member of Ned's party at the tower of joy. Having spent a year in the Black Cells, why is Ethan making a dangerous trip with Ned? He can't fight, he was just a squire. But worse yet, he had suffered the normal deprivations of being jailed for a long period of time. This suggests that Ethan Glover was necessary for Ned to reach his goal. Robert and Ned quarreled when Jaime was pardoned. It was worse when the bloody bodies of Elia and her children were presented. Ned was furious, and only Jon Arryn was able to defuse the situation that appeared to be leading towards a war in King's Landing, between Robert and Ned. Ned was sent to settle the last battles of the rebellion. We know that Ned went to Storm's End. There he accepted the surrender of the loyalist forces, and Stannis was tasked with taking Dragonstone. It would take another year to build the ships needed for the assault, and we must believe that Ned went from Storm's End to the tower of joy. What GRRM has given us is that Daenerys is 8 to 9 months younger than Jon. Since Daenerys (if she is truly Aerys' git) can only have been started a fortnight before the fall of King's Landing, Jon was born not later than a fortnight after the fall of King's Landing. The best minds suggest that the fever that Lyanna had was puerperal fever, which kills in 4 to 10 days after delivery. (GRRM has stipulated one case that was three days.) Ned arrives at the tower of joy not more than 24 days after the fall of King's Landing. (GRRM says, "Put away your rulers and stop watches, and enjoy the story." He has never been good at making travel times consistent or believable.)
  3. R+L=J v.162

    I believe that there is important information in GRRM's answer, aside from the misdirection he adds, later.
  4. There were other survivors of ToJ!

    Actually, GRRM has recently said "Only two men survived to leave the tower." There is a bit reverence in Ned building separate cairns for each of the fallen. No communal graves for either group. I suppose there will be a faction that swells up saying that Ned only performed a sex altering procedure on Dayne, using his great sword, and that he lives on as an eunuch. That would not explain the empty cairn, though. Ned doesn't have the leisure time to be building cairns for no reason. The change from 7:3 to 6:2 was likely for confusion reduction, and to save in salaries.
  5. Not Confirmed

    What in Lyanna's character suggests that she would sleep with anyone without being married to them? What in the Kingsguard's behavior at the tower is contrary to defending the heir to the throne, as they state that they are doing, and giving their lives for?
  6. R+L=J... But not only ??

    I hear ya! But, GRRM did not say so, in spite of at least one false report that he had. Where is the suspicion that Aerys found out that Lyanna was the KotLT coming from? There is no hint of such in the book. The only connection that we get from the book is that Rhaegar could not be found on Dragonstone or in King's Landing when the winter (after Harrenhal's brief false spring) got brutal and the Black Water Froze. I don't think Aerys is going anywhere at that particular time, or sending anyone anywhere other than to the walls of the city to light fires.
  7. R+L=J v.161

    Certainly, if Rhaegar and Lyanna married, then Jon is legitimate. (period) Or, am I missing something? As far as anxiety for Robert's reaction, if the child is not a Targaryen, he is not going to see Dragon-spawn when he looks in that direction. A legitimate male Targaryen is what Robert dreads most of all, or maybe we are reading different stories? Why would Robert forgo assassinating Daenerys until she married, and became pregnant. That was not even going to be a Targaryen child, but a legitimate child of a Targaryen was worrisome to Robert.
  8. R+L=J v.161

    Yes, GRRM did say that Daenerys was 8-9 months younger than Jon. We know that Jon was born at very near the sack. But, Daenerys relays to the reader that she was born nine moons after her mother fled to Dragonstone.
  9. The Kingsguard told us what they were doing, they were upholding their vow. What was their vow? Review the vow that Lady Brienne recites first to Catelyn, and then to Sansa, it ends, "to die for you if need be." Those Kingsguard should have won, but the gods frowned upon them and they died for their king. Lyanna had to beg Ned to promise to keep the child safe. Ned had just defeated the Targaryens, and driven the remainder to Dragonstone. Ned was part of the army that saw the deaths of Aerys, Rhaegar, Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon; there was no guarantee that he would not do the same with the child. The fight at the tower was two sides of an honorable coin. It was destined to happen. The outcome is unforeseen. To see the (book) dialog analyzed follow the link in my signature, "at the tower of joy".
  10. It wouldn't be a reasonable conclusion, if: The location where the man was turned was in the far north, as indicated in Bran's dream The man is not identified as a Stark, though you seem to think that he is The Children live for a long time, eight thousand years is not impossible to be a "long time" The Wall was built to keep the Others out of the lands of men Bran notes that the Children created the others as the first time appearance Bran asks why the Children created the Others
  11. R+L=J v.161

    You are absolutely correct. Some do not want to accept that it was a fortnight between Rhaella's rape and the sack of King's Landing, because Rhaegar left King's Landing after the rape, and died at the Trident. This fortnight cannot be three weeks, because Jaime recalls seeing the marks on Rhaella the day she leaves for Dragonstone, which is after Rhaegar's death on the Trident and a crow flight; or so. If the time between the rape and flight is more than a week, the marks would have been noticeably faded, and Jaime would not have had a reason to recall that detail. To sum this up, we are measuring a distance between King's Landing and the Trident, trying to march an army to and from. GRRM says, through Jaime that it was a fortnight or less. But we, with our stopwatches and rulers, say that is not possible. GRRM says put your stopwatches and rulers away, and enjoy the story. He did not say that his details of time were at fault, he is merely saying that occasionally travel time is much shorter (or longer) in Westeros than we think that it should be.
  12. R+L=J... But not only ??

    I don't believe that you can count Daenerys as a "warrior" which Azor Ahai is defined as. Just for grins, Jon drew Long Claw from the fire that engulfed Lord Commander Jeor's quarters.
  13. Small Questions v. 10105

    Or maybe there is something fishy going on with Lady Dustin. Hmmm.
  14. R+L=J v.161

    Aerys burned Lord Chelsted a fortnight (or less) before the sack, if Jaime is to be believed. He and Jonothor Darry were outside that door that night, while Aerys raped Rhaenerya, and Jonothor still made it to the Trident to die. The replacement Hand was in office for a fortnight before Jaime cuts him down, then goes for Aerys, during the sack. For further evidence, Jaime recalls seeing the marks from the rape on Rhaenerya when she is being shuttled off to Dragonstone, after news of the Trident reached King's Landing. By GRRM's account that Jon is 8-9 months older than Daenerys, that would make Jon born a fortnight before to a fortnight after the sack. Then add that puerperal fever kills in 3-10 days, Ned must arrive at the tower within three weeks of the sack. (Note: the dialog refers to the surrender of the siege at Storm's End, so we know the Ned goes there, first.) That is a lot of travelling, but GRRM also admonishes us to put the rulers and stop watches away, and just enjoy the story.
  15. R+L=J v.161

    I believe that you are underestimating the characters of Lyanna and Rhaegar, if you don't believe that they married. Think about how Lyanna was more than capable of defending herself, and would have carried a sword if Lord Rickard had allowed it. Think of what we know about Rhaegar loving Lyanna. There is no reason to believe that neither would honor the other.