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  1. Oh, you mean dead Jon is going to need to improve? Of course, if you are referring to other sources, then you need to look again, and listen to what Ramsey says about Jon.
  2. They were not specified, but it is known among the watch that Jon would frequently train against two or more at a time.
  3. Then maybe the quote about Rhaegar loving Lyanna would be for? Or the word that Rhaegar died saying, revealed by GRRM as "Lyanna" would be for?
  4. Then maybe the quote about Rhaegar loving Lyanna would be for? Or the word that Rhaegar died saying, revealed by GRRM as "Lyanna" would be for?
  5. Taking two men at once during training is not good enough, I suppose.
  6. One? Actually they all belong to the 99.9% mentioned earlier.
  7. The glass is half-full. Black is indeed the absence of light which differentiates colors. No light, no color. And the color of the ambient light can influence our perceptions of colors, as well. So, to suggest that black is all colors, neglects the fact that it is the absorption of all colors. What we see is the reflection of colors, and the reflection of all colors is perceived as white in the ambient lighting conditions. So, I do remember my physics and art classes. Now, it may have gone by unnoticed, so I will point out explicitly that we are getting the non-omniscient POVs that GRRM gives us. It is not GRRM's description, but the POV's description which is fallible. There are some notable contradictions in the POVs, and whether they mean anything may yet be seen. By the way, the way that GRRM describes his purple eye shades is similar to the purple of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. Now, I always believed that they were blue, but I can see GRRM's perspective at play, too.
  8. And, that is which POV (point being it is not GRRM describing them, it is a POV)? Does the POV assume that since Jon is a Stark that his eyes must be gray? Even though the POV notes that they are very dark, appearing black? I will point out once again that Egg's eyes were described as black, too.
  9. Or can be mistaken for Stark eyes. Aegon V's eyes were so deep a dark purple as to appear to be black. Rhaegar, himself, had "dark indigo" eyes.
  10. I disagree, and many would. 281 was the false spring, and the beginning of 282 had been so bitterly cold as to freeze the Blackwater over. The way the wording is presented, GRRM is conveying that Daenerys was born in the seventh or eighth month of the year. That would agree with Jon being born very late, eleventh or twelfth month of the previous year. In any event, the rebellion lasted near a year. There was at least nine months between the Battle of the Bells and the end of the war, for Robb to be born. Notice that this places Robb's birth in the ninth month of the year, or perhaps a bit later. And, Jon is born less than ten days before Ned arrives at the tower. He is more likely born three to five days before Ned arrives. Daenerys is born less than nine months after the sack, or she is not Aerys' git (a not unreasonable idea). But she is born more than eight months after Jon, who is born about a fortnight after the sack. Make those line up, and it becomes pretty easy to see.
  11. Given that 281-282 were winter, at no time would 283 or 284 be considered summer. That is if one tried to take this sort of tack. Being born during a "summer" storm that destroyed her father's fleet . . . It is just going to have to be "summer" as we view summer with 12 month seasons.
  12. Here's a for instance: Daenerys was born 8-9 months after Jon. She was born no more than 9 months after Rhaella left King's Landing, if Aerys is her father. She says that she was born nine months after Rhaella left King's Landing. We know that the Trident was the motive for Rhaella to leave King's Landing. Daenerys was born within nine months of Rhaegar's death. Jon was born within a month after Rhaegar's death. Daenerys was born during a "summer" storm. I wouldn't put May or even June into the summer months, yet early May is given as Daenerys' nameday on that timeline. My reading is that The Trident and sack happened in October (maybe November). Jon was born a week or so after the sack. Daenerys was born in July (or possibly August) of 284.
  13. There is no really solid evidence that I can recall offhand either way on the actual ages of Jon and Robb. However, Jon had to have been born at the time of the sack or a bit later, for puerperal fever to have been the cause of Lyanna's death. And, we know that Catelyn takes Robb to Winterfell after the war, as anewborn. My impression of the reading in the first few chapters of GoT was that Jon was a fortnight younger than Robb. Also, we know that the sack of King's Landing was quite late, like tenth month of 283. The Battle of the Bells was fought before Ned and Catelyn wed, and was the first battle in 283. Afterwards, Ned is away near a year (Catelyn says year, putting Robb's age at 3 months when she travels to Winterfell, yes?) I take these trial timelines with a huge grain of salt. They appear to be proffered by those who have an agenda, and when errors are pointed out, they vehemently oppose having the errors corrected.
  14. LoL, perspective.
  15. Especially when the sword burning in Jon's hand is named, "Long Claw", specifically in the dream.