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  1. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   



    IA with you. I see it as pertaining to the subplot but not the major plot. Stoneheart is expendable and IMO won't amount to much. The Freys may be dealt with but most of the fandom can't name the majority so it's not major. The Lannisters are temporary and the Lannister's downfall in KL will be more important than that.
  2. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   

    Someone else posted the same thing that OP was about on here but it's not the same source.

    As for Jaqen being a criminal I don't see that being a problem. She knew what he was and it was him she wanted to be like. Most of the people she hangs around in Braavos now are criminals. Jaqen is more like her than Gendry is. Gendry hasn't even seen what she is completely capable of which didn't happen until Braavos. The worst he saw her do was the Bolton guard which can still be explained that they were going to die if she hadn't. Granted I'm not arguing that she saw Jaqen in that way but I don't see being a criminal as a dealbreaker.

    I think she doesn't think of him precisely because they have different paths. In the original story Arya and Jon were thinking of their love and the conflicts that arose from that throughout the series because they were an intended pair. If Arya/Gendry is not an intended pair it makes sense that his relevancy to her story would become less and less. Notice he changed the original outline but Jon still remains in her thoughts even to ADWD. I would say that she has thought of Gendry back in AFFC but one of those times is negative.

    Now I do think she will kill Dunsen for taking Gendry's helm but I don't think that will have much to do with Gendry but more to do with her desire to kill. It wouldn't be to protect Gendry or because Gendry wants her to do it.


    It was the closest but it wasn't even romantic in a lover's sense. It was more about adventure. & the full quote wasn't even just about Gendry. She wanted to be with Anguy and Hot Pie too. Before that she says she could stay with Hot Pie or Lord Beric and Anguy would teach her the bow. Then she could ride with Gendry and be an outlaw. I don't see it as romantic really because it's not really just about him but about being with her friends. She ended it with that was stupid because Hot Pie and Gendry left her as soon as they could and that none of them really wanted her.
  3. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)   

    That's 2 different sources now saying the same thing. I got it from a poster on here who said their friend went to whatever it was in Canada.

    Anyways, on child soldiers and realism I don't think the fandom really wants that because some of their wishes contradict that and I don't see them saying other things should happen because it would be realistic.

    As an example, it seems the majority want her to leave the FM to rejoin and help the Starks. If GRRM wanted to portray a child soldier realistically that wouldn't happen. Statistically speaking child soldiers reuniting with their family usually ends in failure. & most don't even leave to rejoin their family. The notion of her helping the Starks is actually just as unrealistic for a child soldier as the notion of her being in a romantic love affair with someone she knew before. She's far more likely to kill Gendry actually if we want to be realistic.

    If we want GRRM to really be more realistic Arya killing one of her family members is much more realistic than Arya having a loving reunion with them which seems to be what the majority wants. Many child soldiers are told to and do kill their family members as part of the socialization to violence process.

    Furthermore, she should be much more violent as child soldiers IRL are capable of much more gruesome things, are much more indiscriminate killers, etc.

    In the case of the opposite sex yes it's true romance is not in the future of the majority. However, aside from the Tamil Tigers most female child soldiers tend to be subjected to things as child sex slavery/being child brides for the males of their group. I don't see anyone saying the Mercy chapter was tame and it should be much more frequent because realism.
  4. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic Charleston shooting political thread 2: guns, God, and Confederate values   

    I don't think it's relevant because the root of the problem is not actually gun violence. There is a historical precedent for attacking black churches and usually bombs not guns were used most notably in the killing of 4 little girls.
  5. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic Charleston shooting political thread 2: guns, God, and Confederate values   

    Well, in Latin America they did believe that they needed to be gone but they would do things such as put the males on the front lines and breed out the females. So in South America as an example places that used to have a larger black population are now majority white. But of course in Latin America they don't have that one drop rule concept so they think the black can just be gotten rid of. They're not killing them all at once. Essentially quite a few of these slave holding societies segued into how do we get rid of black people, how do we keep or make this country white?

    But with slavery they didn't want them to die but if they started dying off like with the Native Americans when they realized they couldn't do the work they would just move on to the next group. So groups of people were expendable. There were certain African tribes that had the tendency to commit suicide so after too many of them died they would move on to the next one.
  6. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic Charleston shooting political thread 2: guns, God, and Confederate values   

    If you take a college course on slavery or a class where it will be covered they actually teach you that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the most brutal form of slavery in history. I think on some level the average person knows it was bad but just like the Holocaust not knowing the details doesn't emphasize just how bad it was. Like it wasn't until I studied it in college did I know that a lot of countries did not want to help the Jews, many refused to help, and many just handed them over. Same thing with slavery I didn't know that when say transporting the slaves to America if they had too many slaves on the ship which would amount to too much weight they would just throw them overboard. You could see them getting eaten by sharks and/or drowning.

    It was tried before with the Native Americans who were literally worked to death so you have some genocidal aspects here. I didn't see a true Native American until I went to my mother's country Panama. Millions of Africans died just getting to the Americas never mind the amount that died from terrible treatment. Most of the slaves actually did not go to the U.S. But the U.S. was particular in that they stripped slaves there completely of their identity and history so there was also a cultural genocide that happened. In places like Cuba they still have some of their indigenous culture. AAs have nothing. They don't even know what it was.

    Then there's the other thing. Many AAs were surprised because a lot used to say that they were part Native American. This actually is not true for the majority. Different companies say different things like National Geographic and 23andMe but the average AA has like 10-somewhere in the 20 percentile range of Caucasian descent. The majority of that is due to slave rape. And we know there are millions of AAs. Even in cases where it was not rape it can be sketchy. I just was told recently that Sally Hemmings was only 14 when Thomas Jefferson who was in his '40s first touched her. It wasn't illegal then but it raises questions about her mental capacity to fully comprehend the situations and there's the fact that she really did not have the power to say no to him. This also makes me question how much of what would be child molestation today was happnening?

    Anyways, I veered off topic. To the manifesto I am not surprised. Truth be told he sounds like the average poster on youtube or that cesspool Yahoo. They never clean up the comments. You can also find similar comments on Reddit and the Daily Mail although it's not as bad. I haven't been on there but I heard that 4chan and that bodybuilding forum also can be like that.

    Some of his rhetoric they want to ask how could he have thought this way but they don't want to admit many of the things he believes are common beliefs. Taking over our country for one. I remember being in class and this guy was cool until the subject of Obama came up. It was in the North but he was like no one knows what it's like to be an American anymore. It was coded language and I knew what he meant. Most racism is actually subtle nowadays. If someone is not wearing a klan outfit then people are going to want to deny it. Rand Paul said we have to take back our country and this guy interpreted that in this way.

    I'm thinking the majority do not want to shoot up a church but I believe that his underlying beliefs are quite common. I think one article even said that a family member revealed that he was caught up in Internet evil.
  7. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion   

    I was one of those who believed in the Mel is going to burn Shireen and Stannis will allow it theory. Maybe in the books it will go down differently but I'm even more convinced now that she will die.
  8. ARYa_Nym added a post in a topic Arya stays, but goodbye Maisie?   

    I wouldn't say that she's perfect for Arya given that she doesn't actually look like her aside from being brown haired and petite. Book Arya has dark grey eyes not whatever color Maisie's are-either green or blue. Book Arya has a long face not a round baby face like Maisie. Book Arya is scrawny but given that she was able to do gymnastics and with the water dancing training she should be more toned. I read an interview by GRRM on tumblr once where he said he imagined Arya more wolfish, long-faced, and sharp featured but Maisie has captured the role nonetheless. IA. Her not looking like Arya was not a dealbreaker for me although I do dislike the things she said about the character especially since she doesn't read the books. Anyways, if she's doing it wrong it's the material that she's been given and not necessarily her.