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  1. GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)

    IA with you. I see it as pertaining to the subplot but not the major plot. Stoneheart is expendable and IMO won't amount to much. The Freys may be dealt with but most of the fandom can't name the majority so it's not major. The Lannisters are temporary and the Lannister's downfall in KL will be more important than that.
  2. GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)

    It was the closest but it wasn't even romantic in a lover's sense. It was more about adventure. & the full quote wasn't even just about Gendry. She wanted to be with Anguy and Hot Pie too. Before that she says she could stay with Hot Pie or Lord Beric and Anguy would teach her the bow. Then she could ride with Gendry and be an outlaw. I don't see it as romantic really because it's not really just about him but about being with her friends. She ended it with that was stupid because Hot Pie and Gendry left her as soon as they could and that none of them really wanted her. 
  3. GRRM on Gendry and Arya (Allegedly)

    That's 2 different sources now saying the same thing. I got it from a poster on here who said their friend went to whatever it was in Canada.   Anyways, on child soldiers and realism I don't think the fandom really wants that because some of their wishes contradict that and I don't see them saying other things should happen because it would be realistic.   As an example, it seems the majority want her to leave the FM to rejoin and help the Starks. If GRRM wanted to portray a child soldier realistically that wouldn't happen. Statistically speaking child soldiers reuniting with their family usually ends in failure. & most don't even leave to rejoin their family. The notion of her helping the Starks is actually just as unrealistic for a child soldier as the notion of her being in a romantic love affair with someone she knew before. She's far more likely to kill Gendry actually if we want to be realistic.   If we want GRRM to really be more realistic Arya killing one of her family members is much more realistic than Arya having a loving reunion with them which seems to be what the majority wants. Many child soldiers are told to and do kill their family members as part of the socialization to violence process.   Furthermore, she should be much more violent as child soldiers IRL are capable of much more gruesome things, are much more indiscriminate killers, etc.   In the case of the opposite sex yes it's true romance is not in the future of the majority. However, aside from the Tamil Tigers most female child soldiers tend to be subjected to things as child sex slavery/being child brides for the males of their group. I don't see anyone saying the Mercy chapter was tame and it should be much more frequent because realism.
  4. I was one of those who believed in the Mel is going to burn Shireen and Stannis will allow it theory. Maybe in the books it will go down differently but I'm even more convinced now that she will die.
  5. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    LOL, but she thinks almost everything is stupid. It's not much different than when Sansa failed to keep her mouth shut when Jon was brought up in the Vale.
  6. [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    That's the first time I've seen someone complain because the KM does hit and beat her in the books on different occasions. Anyways, TBH I'm not that surprised by the scene because the reasoning as to why it wouldn't happen didn't make sense to me. That Sansa is a great player and she'll manipulate him into doing what she wants and he won't hurt her. IMO that's not logical with a character such as Ramsay. I admit I laughed when either Roose or LF said that Ramsay was smitten with her. So her storyline already came off as ridiculous to me before this especially with as I said the belief that she would coax him into liking her like Margaery did Tommen.
  7. He's closer to Jon and Robb's age. She's not necessarily the same as other girls her age. Look at her first sexual experience which was disturbing and highly abnormal. Asha was already interested in experimenting at Arya's age. Arya has not shown any interest in the males that she was surrounded by in Braavos. It's not because she's hung up on Gendry because she already rejected him for abandoning her in AFFC and she hasn't thought about him. I doubt it's because of some great love story either because other main characters have noted attraction to other people besides their supposed main love interest in the series. Now she could have had a crush on Gendry but it's also true that little girls have fleeting crushes. They move on to the next one and do not fixate on one person their entire life. That's not the norm. Normally she would have had a crush on another boy by now instead of doing what she did (Mercy) which little girls typically do not do.
  8. As for the love song I've often said I see it as saying it won't happen rather than the shippers belief that it will. The man and the woman in the song don't want the same thing. He wants to be her lord and guard her with his sword. The woman wanted to be lovers so not married. I don't think a love story is in her future like with the original outline but had the 5 year gap not been scrapped she likely would have had sex with someone who is not Gendry and maybe several people by now. Like those sailors she likes to hang around or any of the shady people she's friends with.The original Mercy chapter was more explicit.
  9. I doubt she'll have romance but I don't think he really has to link her with who we knew before in her storyline especially since it's likely that she'll spend most of the story going forward away from them and around other people.
  10. At best she had a crush on Gendry. I don't see why that means it's endgame. Does the average person only like their first crush for the rest of their lives? No. Hell, I don't even remember who mine was. There was a poster on here who said that in response to the question of Arya and Gendry being in a romantic relationship GRRM said that they have different paths. She said it in an old romance thread. So that's a no. I know some in response used the different roads line to justify it but that was also a line between Arya and Jon not Arya and Gendry and I think GRRM was just saying no. The problem is that it's hearsay and not like an interview but it's something to keep in mind. Furthermore, she didn't think of him in ADWD. So far no TWoW mention but we still have the rest of her chapters. It seems to me that he is lessening their connection rather than strengthening it. I don't see how that makes a great love story. In addition, he is changing her. I don't see how one can read the Mercy chapter and then think oh yeah she and Gendry are so going to hook up. Most shippers only have the early chapters to use as evidence. The likelihood for it imo becomes less and less as the series goes on especially as she grows darker and the effect of GRRM's child soldier inspiration becomes more apparent. She is not the same as she was when she was Arry. EDIT: I don't see why she would be. The way I see it there isn't proof that as of the Mercy chapter Arya still has feelings for Gendry. At least San/San shippers can say she still thinks of him in the Vale and when she thinks of romance or sexual things she is reminded of him. When Arya thinks of either of the two Gendry is a non factor. Arya mentioned Gendry like twice in AFFC and one of which was negative. In ADWD he gets no mention. She doesn't think of him when Brea hooks up with boys, when she is flirting, etc. Of course she is not the same as her sister but I don't see the basis for her being in love with him when she can go a long period where he is irrelevant to her thoughts and when she does think of him it's not anything romantic. The last time she thought anything that could be interpreted as romantic was way back in ASoS. She was 10 then. GRRM's original plan is interesting because I remember once saying that at least with Jon she: showered him with kisses so she wanted to touch him at one point. Because with Gendry even though physical attraction was there she never desired any kind of intimacy with him even in the child like sense.She blushed in Jon's presence (she never has physical reactions to Gendry). Usually when one has a crush they blush or get butterflies. They want to touch. Even when they're kids. They want to kiss on the cheek, hug, or hold hands. She continues to think of him unlike Gendry. Now I don't think they will be in a romance but if there's anyone she has strong feelings for it's Jon not Gendry. Although I don't think she desires him like that but she clearly loves him. I don't see the love with Gendry. At best she cared but he's irrelevant to her future now. I don't see her making plans to get back to him. She wanted to get back to Jon.
  11. A Sandor Clegane Discussion

    I doubt either the Hound or LS teach Arya to forgive. We have the Ghost of HIgh Heart who can see the future and says that she is dark heart, blood child, and smelling of death. Nothing about that implies a path of forgiveness. The Hound tries to teach her mercy and to kill to end suffering her next kills are utterly without mercy. He doesn't have that much influence over her. Back to what I was saying Jon saying you will be sewing through winter. That is interpreted as she'll be killing through winter. Wolves are at their predatory height during winter not before. This matters because she has a bond with a wolf that likes to hunt and kill people. Nymeria influences her. GRRM said killing becomes almost a game for children in Arya's position. She's not there yet. I would say she is poised to get worse not better. I have no problem with that. Plus, I think she's not really in a situation where she is poised to end up like Sandor. Most of Sandor's kills are on orders. Arya's murders are her hunting her victims and making her own decisions that she wants to kill them which is serial killer behavior and thus far more akin to Ramsay than Sandor without his excessive sick shit especially with her now checking off the kills having a sexual element to them. She is like him with the child soldier thing but Sandor is the literal child soldier. Arya compares to them psychologically. She's not an actual child soldier. The FM aren't a paramilitary group or armed forces. Sandor worked for the equivalent of a corrupt gov.'t. Plus, the author said it was an assumption that she would be an assassin which coincides with most of her kills not being on orders. But still I'm sure when he looked them up he researched the statistics. Most of them don't change. Oh, and she also has a Macbeth moment. In that story the cycle of violence never stops. Not to mention if he leaves the Quiet Isle and continues killing on orders only this time it's to help the Starks he really can't tell her anything.
  12. Moments of Foreshadowing 10

  13. Gendry hasn't studied all those things. He hasn't been trained in arms. I don't think he reads and writes. I'm guessing no on the Faith. Although I don't think fitting the speech means much. I'm skeptical Aegon even fits it and you can fit it and not be what would be best for the realm.