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  1. A cop was fired recently for threatening a little 5 year old.
  2. I'm not surprised that there are so many corrupt cops. On Forbes' list of top ten professions that attract psychopaths police officer was on there. Perhaps they like the power that comes with it. ETA: Like I'm not a psychiatrist and I don't know him in detail but after watching the People Vs. OJ and hearing about Mark Furhman he was really a sick individual that was allowed to get away with terrorizing people for years. Working for the LAPD gave him a platform to carry out his violent behavior without getting in trouble for it. Anyways, I'm not sure if whatever this is prevented change from happening because I doubt change was going to happen in the first place. The same thing that happened the other times-news media sensation for a while, protests and arguments over that, then they move on until the next incident happens. Now I do dislike how the focus seems to only be on men. There was a cop that raped a woman of color /black woman recently and only got probation and the MSM ignored it. Then there was Daniel Holtzclaw who 20/20 allowed to tell his side of the story despite the fact that he was a cop that raped tons of women!
  3. Arya can't die to be "reborn" in Nymeria on the show when Bran is the only Stark warg on the show. In addition if that was Nymeria's purpose D&D shouldn't have let the audience forget she exists. Anyways, I am not worried. I do think it's bad writing and she'll be hitching a ride with the acting troupe after she kills the waif. Maisie also said that Arya's season ends on a high note.
  4. None of the season spoilers I've read mention her. I don't mind because I didn't like her addition in the books. Anyways, I think they'll have some of the same storylines with Jamie, Brienne, and the BWB being in the Riverlands simultaneously without actually including LSH.
  5. The spoilers I read about Arya's arc this season are looking to be more and more accurate. So:
  6. About Nymeria I mentioned this partially in another thread but I read: Example:
  7. I don't think it's the budget. I accidentally read some spoilers although I'm not certain that they're accurate but the other stuff I read so far is. Anyways, Nymeria:
  8. This episode wasn't bad but I remember having to remind people that the Kindly Man hit Arya meaning it was barely mentioned in the books. Her training seemed to be more observing the people of Braavos and learning languages than learning how not to get her ass beat. In the books she really used warging a cat as a means of getting better but I didn't expect them to portray that.
  9. I liked the set and costume design for the Dorne scenes but what actually happened didn't make sense.
  10. I was one of those who believed in the Mel is going to burn Shireen and Stannis will allow it theory. Maybe in the books it will go down differently but I'm even more convinced now that she will die.
  11. LOL, but she thinks almost everything is stupid. It's not much different than when Sansa failed to keep her mouth shut when Jon was brought up in the Vale.
  12. In ADWD something similar happened. I'd have to recheck if it the same thing was in AFFC too.
  13. That's the first time I've seen someone complain because the KM does hit and beat her in the books on different occasions. Anyways, TBH I'm not that surprised by the scene because the reasoning as to why it wouldn't happen didn't make sense to me. That Sansa is a great player and she'll manipulate him into doing what she wants and he won't hurt her. IMO that's not logical with a character such as Ramsay. I admit I laughed when either Roose or LF said that Ramsay was smitten with her. So her storyline already came off as ridiculous to me before this especially with as I said the belief that she would coax him into liking her like Margaery did Tommen.