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  1. Fantasy Football 2016

    Don't worry, it's about as tricky as a Blair Walsh chip shot FG.
  2. Westeros Fantasy Baseball

    I remember gasping when I saw he dropped Nick Ahmed for Angel Pagan on April 8th. It was like "holy shit, Groz won't settle for anything less than a championship." Definitely felt like a mic drop moment. Which is why I can kinda understand why he didn't make another roster move the rest of the way. Anything else would've paled in comparison.
  3. Fantasy Football 2016

    You snake drafters are missing out on the sheer awesomeness that is auction drafts. It gives you so much more latitude to draft either the best or worst team ever but at least it's all on you as opposed to your draft slot! Plus I'd love to see Tywin go to $55 on Teddy Bridgewater.
  4. It's not all bad news. Miami have lost Dwyane Wade but they got back a Kobe/Wade hybrid for like 1/10th the cost. Winning!
  5. Some porn for Tywin. Worth it alone for the instagram of KAT rejecting Matthew Delladova.
  6. He was also 6/19 shooting two games before that. Gary Motherfucking Payton!
  7. I think the biggest edge Westbrook has over Durant is his "rip your heart out" mentality. He seems far more willing to deploy his considerable athletic gifts at all times than Durant is. But he also struggles to rein it in. The moment is lost to time now but there was a moment in Game 4 of the Thunder-Spurs series where the Thunder were down 2-1 and coming apart at the seams and it was Durant who put the team on his back and wouldn't let them lose. He's had moments like that, but granted he still has a way to go to be like what Lebron has become.
  8. I would also put Durant over Davis as the latter is still more potential and former is actualized. I think if you ask GMs who they'd build a team around between Durant and Westbrook, just about all would give the slight edge to Durant. Kawhi's really close IMO - Kawhi's got the perfect skillset to fit on any team. Just not sure he'll ever be a guy to carry a team when the chips are down in the way we just saw Lebron do. Durant's definite top 3 for me. And maybe ahead of Curry when you count his defensive potential.
  9. So I think being on Golden State helps him in two major ways. 1) Spacing - an entire defensive scheme can't collapse on him in critical end game possessions like they did when he was on OKC because you're going to leave room for an all time great shooter or KD gets to eat someone up on a 1 on 1. You can't win. And that doesn't even get into the impossibility of defending a Steph-KD pick and roll. Not sure how you do it honestly without bringing a 3rd defender over and praying etiher Iggy or Draymond don't kill you by being left completely open. 2) Off the ball movement - Even if KD prefers iso as much as you say and doesn't move well himself, the good news is Steph and Klay are fantastic at moving without the ball. You can totally run the offense through him in a point forward type role. Yes, it diminishes Draymond's role but that's a good thing as Draymond is really not a good shooter. His percentages are passable but because of how much space he gets on the perimeter. Draymond's best function is a guy who you can dump the ball to when Steph gets trapped 25 feet from the basket and run a 4 on 3 fast break. If teams are still defending GS that way, they now have a guy who's ridiculously overqualified for that role. Not to say I don't expect growing pains. Durant's going to have to learn to fit into the Warriors system without being a total ball stopper (though it's easier to trust your teammates when you're giving it up to a Klay Thompson as opposed to Dion Waiters.) And Draymond and Klay are both going to get less touches so they have to be both happy and still effective with that. Plus Steph vs. KD alpha issues. I just think with the personalities and basketball IQ of everyone involved, they're going to figure it out.
  10. Well said. So much I disagree with here. Just to start: 1) Durant is among the most efficient offensive players in the NBA. A 50/40/90 guy for his prime. His going iso for the Thunder is almost always a higher percentage play than when Westbrook does it. That's the difference. That's why he does it. He's a smart guy and naturally unselfish but he knows maximum OKC efficiency often involves him taking the shot. 2) He still averages 5 APG despite not being the team's primary ball-handler. That's fantastic for any forward not named Lebron. It's weird to make him out like he's Carmelo Anthony 2.0. 3) I don't completely blame Brooks/Donovan for not maximizing Durant and Westbrook offensively - part of it was simple roster construction and always having offensive deadweight like Roberson, Sefalosha or Perkins on the floor - but in Durant's 8 years in OC, you're not gonna find anyone who follows the league who believes the Thunder were running a great (or even good) offensive system. Hell you could see it in the GS-OKC series. Couldn't believe how many GS players were able to swarm Durant on every single critical possession without consequence and yet the narrative coming out of that series was "Durant is a choker".
  11. Well the original plan put forth by the NBA when they saw this on the horizon was to smooth the cap jump over a number of years to mitigate chaos. The Players Association rejected that so we ended up with this unprecedented 2016 cap jump that allowed Kevin Durant to join a 73 win team and Timofey Mozgov to make $64m. It also creates inequitable situations where the Late Bradley Beal has $128m guaranteed whereas his infinitely better living teammate John Wall, who's also on a max deal, only got $84m. Basically creates a situation where everyone but the 2016 FA class has reason to be dissatisfied.
  12. I hope he does at this point. I get he's pissed at the Heat and justifiably, but such a waste of talent. Either go back to Miami or fuck, join Lebron in Cleveland and get paid under the table. Could it hurt?
  13. The Bulls have no officially pulled Butler off the trading block. Getting a killer haul for Butler was virtually the only way signing Dwayne Wade made a lick of sense. When's the last time a team started no guard or swing man with any real ability to shoot beyond 15 feet?
  14. The way Tim Duncan left is so classically Timmy, just like the way Kobe Bryant left is so classically Kobe. Just so emblematic of the type of teammate each guy was. They each retire with 5 rings, but little things like this are why Timmy was greater.
  15. On the '04 Lakers, 2 of the 4 stars were way past their prime and the other 2 loathed each other. On GS, they are all in the heart of their prime. They have 4 of the 15 best players in the league - it's pretty unprecedented in NBA history. The better example would be the '11 Heat. And if Golden State stumbles (for reasons other than injury), it'll be likely similar to what tripped the '11 Heat up in terms of superstars learning to play with each other/settling who's the Alpha etc. But at least on paper Durant on Golden State is a much better fit than Lebron and Wade trying to learn to coexist. Stylistically, the Warriors play as a team the efficient way Durant has always intrinsically embraced as an individual. It's not a surprise to me he was drawn to them.