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  1. Westeros Fantasy Football Thunderdome 2014-15

    It's so great finally having a QB in this league where the only thing broken about him is his brain.
  2. I totally understand why you don't want to mess with a 73 win team. 99% of the time I'd agree with you. Durant is the 1%. I do disagree on him being an offensive only player. He's got NBA All Defensive Second team type ability with his athleticism and length. And we saw it in the playoffs against GS last year. Like a lot of superstars though, he historically uses most of his energy on the offensive end. Hopefully that's one of the adjustments he makes to fit in with GS going forward.
  3. I mostly agree but two things: 1) I'd argue the presence of Durant should allow Curry to get more rest than ever if used properly. 2) Ezeli and Bogut were both breaking down. Ezeli's situation is particularly concerning. They weren't going to have the same thing they had last year, regardless. And this gives them the chance to have something new and unstoppable. But yes, rim protection is priority 1.
  4. I know, I thought it was crazy back then too. Agreed, getting blown out at home by the Spurs is about as concerning as any opening game loss could be. I just don't think you can rest on your laurels in today's NBA. And I especially don't think you can count on Bogut playing a full season or making it through the playoffs. Or Barnes showing up when it matters. What was clear, to me, in the OKC/Cleveland series is that the best teams had finally caught up to the Warriors. They had each figured out small ball lineups as good as the lineup of death. You can find a guy who can be 80% of Bogut, you can't find anything close to Durant except for this once in a generation opportunity to get him.
  5. If this persists as a problem they can always get a big man at the trade deadline. Cleveland did and got hilarious local commercials ever since. We're only one day into the season and already I feel like I'm taking crazy pills reading this thread. People are actually asserting stealing the (conservatively) third best player on the planet from your biggest rival was somehow a bad move for the Warriors? I think by December Barnes and Bogut will have become retroactive Hall of Famers.
  6. Well, when he plays. Dude was breaking down all of last season and becoming super unreliable. It's a definite loss - you can't replace what he does on the defensive end - but I get why the Warriors were willing to move on especially considering what they got in his place. The other issue is that when Bogut goes on offense, it doesn't end well:
  7. Westeros Experts League 2016

    You truly have a who's who of awful QBs. 7 QBs and not one can be trusted to complete a 5 yard out at the moment. But you have DJ and Zeke and they seem intent on keeping you in Experts another season.
  8. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Mya beat you 150-115 this week so she trounced you. But from a power rankings perspective that was only the 6th highest score this week. She was a bit unlucky in that. Your 115 points is the 8th highest score this week. So power rankings-wise she only gained 2 games on you and you were 7 games ahead of her coming into this week due to generally scoring more points in the first 6 weeks of the season.
  9. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Week 7 Power Rankings: 1) Brax Tantivy - 49-14 2) Horn Hill Ser Piggies - 46-17 3) Coldwater Behemoths - 41-22 4) The Night's Ponies - 33-30 5) Riverrun Cobra Kai - 30-33 6) Dreadfort Direwolves - 29-34 7) Eyrie Mavericks - 28-35 8) Harlaw Scythes - 24-39 9) Greywater Greenseers - 18-45 10) Dreadfort TraderApes - 17-46
  10. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    Yeah, I was more impressed with what I saw of Cody Kessler than him. I'd have Gabbert below him if he was still playing. Kaepernick maybe a half step above. Same with Tannehill. What makes Brock stand out over the other bad QBs is, unlike them he has two very good receiving options. And only Brock could end with 131 passing yards on 41 attempts. That's pretty amazing. ETA: Lowest passing yards on 40+ attempts by any QB except for Jesse Palmer in 2002 apparently. Guess there's always the Bachelor for Brock to fall back on.
  11. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    If you took some random 6'7" guy from the street and had him play QB, it would look like Brock Osweiler, right? I think it was a fair call. The ball was coming out of his hand before his arm came before. No defender required.
  12. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    Oh, Brockstar....
  13. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    Applying QBR's proprietary formula and factoring in opponent adjustments he's playing at a 2007 Brady level.
  14. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    Brock Osweiler is 4/11 for 20 yards and up 6-0. He is really sticking it to Elway.
  15. NFL 2016 Week 7: Nobody's Burfict

    Oh, I don't lay primary blame on the defense. But when you're up 4 and the other team has to go 75 yards in a minute to win the game you have to love your chances. We had a 91.8% win probability after Kirk put us ahead. To then give up the game-winning TD, that's an absolute stomach punch and largely undoes any goodwill I would've felt about a decent defensive performance otherwise. I wasn't really going into the specific reasons QB play is down, just noting it's been materially worse than last year. Because the reasons themselves are all over the board. Palmer and Rodgers are showing clear regression for whatever reason. Big Ben, Romo and Wilson got injured. Big Ben and Romo have two of the best lines in the game. You can blame Wilson's O-line for his injury though he's had a paper mache line as long as he's been there and he's been ridiculously successful. The difference is after years of taking too many hits, he finally took one he couldn't just shake off (like Luck last year). With Newton it's hard to say - I'm guessing his O-line is part of it (though his sack % is roughly in line with this career average). Some could be regression to the mean or just getting fat and happy after a 15-1 Superbowl run. Not sure we can point to any one thing. For all these reasons and more, from a quality offensive football standpoint, this hasn't been the best year. The only guys playing demonstrably better are Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford, and I fell asleep twice writing that sentence. There's certain guys that are just fun to watch play the position well and overcome all the things that, lesser game manager QBs get hung up on. I'm talking Wilson, Big Ben, Palmer and Rodgers especially. And this season as a whole, but this last week especially, has felt like more of a slog as a result. Fortunately I'm sure Siemian vs. Osweiler tonight will flip that script.