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  1. So I'm looking forward to the All-Star Draft and Steph and Lebron choosing their teams like a pickup game. Great way to refresh a tired concept. But why the fuck is this not televised? This would be absolutely riveting TV with the 20 best NBA players all in a room. And say Steph drafts Giannis instead of Durant. Or Lebron drafts Kyrie. Televise it and give half of the TV revenues to the winning team to encourage them to actually try. And why are they just picking the starters? They should each pick their full teams. I want to see Wall get taken after Lowry and watch the perceived slight fuel him the rest of the way. Hell, I want to burn in the brain of all these extreme competitors exactly when they're taken, who they were taken after and who didn't take them at all. Instead they workshopped the thing to this bizarre hybrid of Lebron/Steph drafting starters and coaches picking the reserves all happening off camera. Seems like the concern is the pure concept would be too fun. The players don't want to be embarrassed or that enmity would be generated among a league of friends so they actively sought out ways to make it blander with less on the line. Missed opportunity. It's still kinda fun but coulda been really fun.
  2. NickFolian Dynamite looked Wentzian out there. I'll say this, once comfortable in a system, he's shown flashes of being very good. Seems like he can range from great to terrible depending on his confidence level in the moment. I expect him to play just well enough in the Superbowl to lose by 3 points as Tom Brady requires. Still I'm happy for the long-suffering Eagles fans, the NFL's classiest fanbase:
  3. Football coaches are always fighting the last war. Except Mike Mularkey who is stuck on the War of 1812.
  4. That is what it looked like at the snap! Couldn't figure out where the linebackers went. If it's primarily just hanging out in the center of the field because of the dictates of some nonsensical zone, which is what it appears, that's insane. Payton says they were covering the sidelines but that's not what they did fully. Also surprised they'd go with 2 LBs in a nickel formation on a "no other possibility but a deep pass" play. Put 7 DBs out there FFS.
  5. Saints rushed 4. So 7 in coverage. The screenshots show 3 Saints in the picture covering Diggs, Wright and Rudolph. Where are the other 4 Saints? I'd be curious to see the other side of the field. Are 4 guys on Thielen? Are two on the phone at the 50 yard line arranging their NFCG tickets? It's like the clock struck midnight and the Saints D turned back into their 2016 incarnation.
  6. If at worst we're saying this is the third worst play ever - that doesn't sound like hyperbole. And personally I think it's worse than Moore and McCree. Sure 20 yard sideline routes get completed semi-regularly but rarely in a situation where there's 10 seconds left and it's the only reasonable option an opponent has.Not to mention it was thrown from the Vikings 39 yard line. That was a 27 yard pass. And still even if he did the worst thing within the range of normal football competence when the pass was completed and all he could do is force him out, we're still talking a 50+ yard FG which is like a 50/50 proposition in that situation. Saints had a 96% chance of winning before that play and 0% after. Even with Marlon McCree and Rahim Moore the Chargers and Broncos had chances to win their respective games. This ended it for the Saints instantly. All because Marcus Williams went full Ralph Wiggum both in terms of actions and decision making. Can't imagine what Drew Brees thought watching that. All that said, rewatching the video the other amazing thing about that play is there's 2 Vikings Receivers in the area and if you count Marcus Williams, there's all of 2 Saints as well. Where the fuck were the rest of them? If we want to make this a team award, I'd be fine with that.
  7. Good call. And even that happened with 44 seconds left which meant the Ravens still had a bunch of different things they could do. For Williams, there was only one play the Vikings were going to try and everyone in the building knew what that was....except Marcus Williams whose brain exploded and he ended up doing this:
  8. That's probably closest. The difference is McCree made a great play followed by an insanely terrible play that left San Diego in the same place they would have been if the pick never happened. Williams just had to make a routine play which he failed spectacularly. Maybe the closest analogue would be Bill Buckner...if the Red Sox immediately lost the World Series when the ball rolled through his legs.
  9. She's spoofing the SNL skit where Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is berating the room of White House reporters. Anyway Sunday was the most amazing day of playoff football I can ever recall. Just 7 hours of batshit crazy. I would argue Marcus Williams made the single worst play in NFL history considering the stage and consequences. Never seen anything like it. The closest we have is kickers shanking game-winning/game tying kicks but that's almost mundane compared to what Williams did. The unfortunate upshot of it is though is a way less interesting pair of championship games. I wanted Brees vs. Ryan and one more Pats/Steelers AFCG. Brady and 3 journeyman (or worse) QBs doesn't do it for me. I expect a Vikings-Pats Superbowl and that's kinda fun from a David and Goliath standpoint. The team with 5 Superbowl wins against the one with 4 Superbowl losses and a cursed history. And on the plus side the Pats never blow anyone out in Superbowls. Just not expecting much from this weekend.
  10. Mudguard's vote makes 4 out of a possible 7 for BL. Congrats @boiled leather, you're in! Sorry, Manhole, whereever you are. Someone sounds (justifiably) nervous about the Saints.
  11. Ugh it appear I @'d the wrong Boiled Leather. Hate when I do that. From now on, need everyone to have names you don't see often on this board like Jaime or Bronn. Looking good for your candidacy though, BL between both your case, your interest, the actual votes and the fact ME's ban appears to be holding firm. Have to think he's now terrorizing a Divergent forum, lobbying to join their FFL Experts league.
  12. I'm a tax guy. That basically makes me a lawyer that can do math. Everything is negotiable, baby! Ok, Dracarys and Jace are in. I vote for ME. He's proven as active in the leagues and of course on the board. (So active he gets put in timeout apparently.) And because I can't think of a better way to troll Tywin. BL, haven't seen him much around in recent years though I do respect he's remained active in the various FFL leagues. Votes so far : BL - 3 (Bronn, Dunk, Mya) ME - 2 (WJ, me)
  13. Even though this is an Expertatorship, not an Expertocracy, I'm willing to have current league members vote on who they think deserves admittance in situations where there isn't a clear cut qualifier (or when there's 2 for 1 spot like last year). The illusion of being able to have a say in their institutions keeps the plebians from massing with torches and pitchforks. But seriously, I think it would lead to a better outcome in terms of who makes it to Experts than a mechanical algorithm based on points. Because we've had people who've bombed the league (Ser Paladin) or did nothing (Hugorfonics) or just the garden variety meh participators. Like Bronn, would rather go with safer bets where possible. I want this to be as fun and challenging of a league as possible. People who are engaged, who post in threads, who make or consider trades and those who don't give up on their teams when all looks lost.There's still the objective side - you gotta win a league to be considered (otherwise this is just another invite only league) - but I don't think we shouldn't be afraid of subjective evaluations when it's a close call. Though if objective results are your top priority, I would argue that's how you should vote. I've seen a couple votes all ready and will tally 'em up in a bit. Huh?
  14. Interesting thought. Though are you sure those two wouldn't prefer not being invited so Groz can groz about it and Bluray can say "FML"? Permaban? What happened?
  15. Uhhh... Weren't we going to contract next year to a 8-team league? We'll hold that vote after we see who made it. Ok returning Experts: 1) Mya 2) WJ 3) Bronn 4) Me 5) Week 6) Mudguard 7) Dunknegg Primary Feeder Winners: W-B - Dracarys W-C - Jace Secondary Feeder Winners W-A - WJ Thunderdome - Dunknegg Other Winners Keeper - Boiled LeatherDynasty - Manhole EunuchsbaneSurvivor - Mudguard That's weird. I don't see @Tywin et al. on this list. Someone check my work. He swore he'd make it to Experts so I feel like I messed up. Ok, so clearly @Lord Dracarys and @Pony Queen Jace get two of the spots if they're both interested. Congrats, guys. That leaves the third spot. There's no obvious candidate for this one. Three potential options I see: 1) @BoiledLeather gets the spot for winning Keeper. 2) @Manhole Eunuchsbane gets the spot for winning Dynasty 3) @PyroclasticFlow keeps his spot as the third Jaxomed team as there's no-one else "officially" qualified for Experts. Keeper/Dynasty/Survivor were not seen as feeders as each use vastly different formats from Experts. However due to the dearth of qualified teams, think they deserve consideration this year. Overall, I can see a case for any of these 3. To me, two steps from here: 1) Need those 3 candidates to confirm they are interested in consideration for Experts next year. 2) Of those interested, who do the objective masses think is most deserving? Should we look to secondary considerations? What say you, board?