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  1. Yours was decent but lacked the alliterative majesty of ours. I know which deal my critical practices professor would've accepted.
  2. Maybe not but they're fun. Simmons is going to be a superstar soon. Dude has no discernible shooting ability, struggles to finish at the rim because he's not strong enough....and is still an offensive terror. If you just surround him with shooters (i.e.: Redick, Covington, Bayless, Saric, hell even Embiid can make 3's) and let him make plays or attack the rim that's already a legit NBA offense. And they got a ton of size. Nothing like a team that has its 7'0" center hanging out at the 3 point line so the 6'10" PG has room to operate. On the downside:
  3. My business cards list 'orrible cunt but if nemesis is more comfortable, please by all means go with that.
  4. Week 6 Power Rankings 1) Whiskeyjack: 37-17 2) Mya: 35-19 3) POTN: 29-25 4) Week: 28-26 5) Dunknegg: 27-27 6) Pyro: 25-29 6) Mudguard: 25-29 8) JJ Lannister: 24-30 9) Jaime: 22-32 10) Bronn: 18-36 The 2nd highest scoring team in a given week is now 3-3 through 6 weeks. That's both brutal and unsustainable. Overall the league has tightened both from a standings and power ranking standpoint. Parity has come to Experts along with the NFL.
  5. I've considered it but Carson is really blossoming in Riverrun and I don't think it's a good idea to disrupt his routine again now that he's finally feeling settled in his forever home. I very much feel for you man. From my perspective, that SNF game was the single most draining game I've watched all season. Watching that 40 point lead I had steadily and relentlessly evaporate throughout the game was like water torture. Whatever the Broncos did on offense cost me points. Either they're targeting DT (which was really the only option because every other Broncos pass catcher somehow got injured in the game) or they're on the one yard line which means CJA (and honestly who knows if he actually got in the end zone on that play or not) or Siemian is getting sacked or throwing a pick-six which means Giants D is adding to the monster score it was putting up. Once it got down to a 1.5 point game, I just knew either Siemian was throwing a pick or DT is either getting a 17 yard catch or TD. Miraculously the pick didn't happen and the TD went to Heuerman. Still not sure how I survived. But with the way this season has gone, losing while putting up my first legit excellent score this season would've been too much.
  6. Sorry, I only speak American?
  7. I think Shanahan was a big difference maker in terms of getting Ryan to the next level. But I still think he'll return to his 30+ TD form as long as Julio is out there and healthy which has been another issue. You've been a bit unlucky to be 1-4. I mean you're 3rd in points scored. Bodes well for a turnaround going forward. That said, rough week to have Wilson/Zeke on the shelf going against Mya. Thanks for the update.
  8. Week 5 Power Rankings 1) Whiskeyjack: 36-9 2) Mya: 33-12 3) Pyro: 25-20 4) POTN: 24-21 5) Mudguard: 21-24 5) Week: 21-24 7) Dunknegg: 19-26 8) JJ Lannister: 18-27 9) Bronn: 15-30 10) Jaime: 13-32 WJ sweats out a super tight game against POTN in the high scoring matchup of the week to stay undefeated and become #1 in the power rankings despite losing yet another star player. POTN loses but with Aaron Rodgers and DeShaun Watson now at QB I'm sure he feels like a winner. League is now full to bursting with 2-3 teams.
  9. That "duck-duck-goose" TD celebration by the Vikings was the best organized thing all game.
  10. My eyes are bleeding watching those gifs. It is interesting that the Jags have completely and irrevocably ruined the 3 QBs they've faced who lack mobility (Savage, Flacco, Big Ben). Apparently if they can't have a QB, no-one can.
  11. Remember when the Texans decided to start the season with Tom Savage at QB? God, that was funny.
  12. Gonna totally pretend I knew I'd get 6 TDs out of Wentz/Fuller. Hell, I even thought their matchups weren't great. All I'll say is I really needed that points infusion. Ryan will still be very good for you I think. This was always going to be a one week tax to get his services going forward. Just turned out to be a Eurocommie level tax.
  13. http://i.imgur.com/5LEyUsW.gif
  14. I can't tell if this is a compliment or a tirade. A complirade? I don't recall cheating or disrespecting you. Are you talking about our trade last year? That was a fair deal! I wasn't at all sure I get the better end of it while it was going down.