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  1. I gotta talk with Shirley to make sure we're willing to pay you this much. But, yes, I understand there's a way I can give you access to view the league as a non-participant. Just have to figure out how. But if you abuse the privilege, I'll take the damn media credential and pin it on Manhole Eunuchsbane!
  2. I do too. Think it's a great idea. Jace, we can't afford to pay you. But if you do an awesome job this year, we'll triple it next year.
  3. Yeah that was pretty brutal. You were the highest scoring team all season but your team definitely slowed down as the season and ended on a total down note. I feel like I've had a bunch of FFL teams over the years that followed that kind of trajectory. FFL so frequently doesn't reward the best team, it rewards the one who is hot at the right time.
  4. Yeah, that's one thing I do remember about last year. You were on a knife's edge the entire second half of last season. IIRC Jace had the reverse season. Which is why you get to remain a player and she's left angling for a media job.
  5. Ok, I've tentatively set the draft for Monday 9/4 at 9 PM EST/6PM PST based on the feedback thus far. If that doesn't work for anyone, definitely speak up. ETA: Reminder PMs sent to Mya and Bronn. Groz, however, can't receive any. Freaking too popular Groz.
  6. Mention of Jaxoming is always a guaranteed "summon Jaxom" If you come for Shirley's throne, you best not miss. But I'm an open minded commissioner so I want to hear you out on this. What are you proposing?
  7. Saturday generally comes before Sunday so not sure those dates are possible. But I like where your head is at. Sunday 9/3 and Monday 9/4 would be good by me. Do either work for other people? If not, how is Tuesday 9/5 or Wednesday 9/6 shaping up? Nice to have the Experts draft last, I think.
  8. Hey you're in good company. The Bengals have spent the last 15 years thinking the same thing. That's Shirley for you. Just know I respect you highly, Manhole. But to answer your question, I'll respect you a scootch more if you make Experts.
  9. I'm pretty sure it'll be me after offending the Karma Gods by making fun of someone seeking entry into Experts. I just can't resist giving Tywin a hard time. It gives me life. But I do like the notion of "Ty-winning" one's way into this league. I may start to use that.
  10. You know, you're right. I coulda sworn you were in this league. Let me call my personal assistant, Shirley, and make sure we didn't make some kind of mistake. "Hey Shirley, what about Tywin...shouldn't he have received an invite? ...Wait, Shirley, I can't hear you over the laughter. Take a few deep breaths. Here, get yourself a glass of water and start over. ...Ok, you say there was no mistake? That he's never won a board league? That even @Manhole Eunuchsbane looks to be closer to admittance? Ok....ok....no, Shirley, no need for that. no seriously that's overkill...no I got it. Ok, thanks Shirley. Buh-bye" Ok, hey man, sorry. She says you barely missed the cut this year, couldn't possibly have been a closer call, but that we totally expect to see you here in 2018. Do us proud, Tywin!
  11. Sundays definitely. Would like to avoid Friday/Saturday.
  12. Ok, time to get this started again. There are 10 golden tickets out there - for those named - please post in this thread and claim your spot that you plan to play this year: @grozeng @Mya Stone @Week @Prince of the North @Whiskeyjack @Mudguard @Bronn Stone @JJ Lannister @PyroclasticFlow Dunknegg is first on deck if anyone does not claim their spot.
  13. Congrats Week. And at least I beat WJ for two months
  14. I'll get the band back together. Will re-start up the Experts thread tomorrow. Think I'll just do W-A this year. Some lucky young upstart can now dream of the 3rd place finish in W-C I will not be defending.
  15. I am. Every day I wake up pissed that none of the owners of my teams are renowned blues musicians. It's why they're at an impasse, assuredly.