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  1. 50 wins and being the 4th best team in the West is possible right now, I think. If you can find a better PF than Gorgui Dieng, now we're cooking. If you can work some magic and sign Gallinari, now we're talking. Sky's the limit at that point!* *Sky being a brutal 5 game elimination at the hands of the Warriors whenever you play them
  2. What's particularly ridiculous is the Bulls have arguably the biggest financial advantage over any team in the league. They have the 3rd largest market all to themselves. And the teams who play in the two larger markets each need to share it with another team. What possible reason do they have not to spend the going freight on a star? Everything breaks just right and he could be Kelly Olynyk.
  3. Yes the way the everything went down, followed by the Bulls selling their 2nd round pick, felt like Forman/Paxson's only concern was being able to start their summer break on time and making sure it will not be interrupted.
  4. Yeah, could be. And yes, it's crazy to me that was the winning offer to snag Butler. But in fairness, maybe Chicago got nervous that another GM would get fired while they were on the line with them, so they felt they had to act now.
  5. Rumors circulating that the Celtics could still end up with both Heyward and George which, that's when shit gets interesting. You pretty much can't have enough very good, two way swing men in today's NBA. Though fitting both under the now smaller cap will be tricky. It'd make the chances my Wiz ever make the Conference Finals that much slimmer but I still want to see it just from a pure basketball standpoint. Still if they do pull that off, makes the Tatum pick weirder, as where do you play him in crunch time? Would rather plug in Fultz as a 2 guard in that situation. Most likely he's just insurance in the likely event they only get one of Heyward or George.
  6. Markelle Fultz is going to KILL it in (CITY).
  7. T'Wolves and 76ers just became the must watch teams next season each now with 3 freakish young stars. I remain really curious how this all works out for the Celtics. It's really fucking bold to pass up their chance to get either Fultz or Ball, the guys who were the consensus top two all season. I get they double-downed on Isaiah Thomas but you don't pass on elite talent out of positional concerns. They must really believe Tatum could be better than both. They better be right. Also Paul George is a really nice piece, but if they get him, are they sure they can re-sign him? Felt like everything lined up for them to become an elite contender for the next decade but the path is getting riskier.
  8. Wait, so he forgot about this fact when he was interested in Cleveland and then suddenly remembered it?
  9. Yeah, Lebron sounded pissed about the firing. And it seemed to have cooled Jimmy Butler's interest in Cleveland as things seem less settled now. That said, are the Lakers really that compelling? Even if they hit a grandslam and get Lebron and Paul George next offseason, it's (probably) Ball, Clarkson, George, Lebron and Ingram as a starting 5. I'd rather have Kyrie/Thompson over Ball/Ingram for Lebron's title window over the next 3 or so years. The only way that changes is if Ball and Ingram show some massive potential this year. I mean if Kyrie were terrible, there's no way Lebron would've returned to Cleveland to begin with. Lakers have everything riding on the young guys looking amazing. Not just DeAngelo Russell so-so but star-in-waiting.
  10. Was this the event that catalyzed his evolution into Metta World Peace?
  11. Bowen was more dominant defensively, no question, though the era probably played something into that. But they're just different guys IMO. Bowen's always been a pure role guy whereas Igoudala's a semi-star who subsumed his game in order to best help the Warriors. Like let me put it this way - if you put Bowen on that 2013 Nuggets team he's not going to be the difference maker who gets 'em to 57 wins. He just doesn't have that kind of ability. But if you don't like Ginobili as a comparison, just thought of a better one - Ron Artest.
  12. 5th best? He was the Warriors 4th best player in 2015. And of course the best player on the Finals in that critical first title. Keep in mind also, he's spent his whole Warriors tenure outside his prime. Comparing him to Bruce Bowen is a slap in the face. Igoudala's been a way better offensive player for his career. Bruce Bowen averaged 1 APG for his career. Igoudala is at 5. One was a pure defensive specialist. The other does a little bit of everything to help the Warriors. Look at Iggy's career numbers, they're basically right in line with Ginobili's. I'll grant you Ginobili was a bit more important to those Spurs titles teams, mostly because the Spurs were so offensively starved and the Warriors are so loaded. It's not a perfect analogue. But just thinking more of what level of player Iggy's been for his career. And if you look at advanced stats like VORP or win shares the two are pretty much right in line.
  13. Yep and he also led that Nuggets team to 57 wins. A shame he spent the first 9 years of his career miscast as a #1 on some awful 76ers teams. Course he's gotten all the winning a guy could want these last 5 years.
  14. If you look at Igoudala's stats and role, isn't he having a Ginobili like career? Both critical off-the bench cogs to multiple title teams. Ginobili scored more, but Igoudala's better defensively. If he has a few more productive years with Golden State, I'd look at him at that level legacy-wise.
  15. Even though I love Bojan's absurd game centered on an eternal heat check that precludes the possibility he'll ever play defense, I'd do it. Call us, Indiana, we're that serious. Hah, thanks Manhole. I'm biased but I think the Wizards are a fun team. Glad a non-Wizards fan agrees. One day they might actually even be a relevant team. Or would be if Ian Mahimni's contract didn't prevent all potential avenues for this team to improve which is such a fucking shame with all kinds of intriguing players available this summer and next. Because as we all know, if the prom queen (KD) and another hottie (Horford) turn you down, obviously the next best thing to do is knock up the lunch lady.