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  1. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    Jeff Fisher trolling : Belichick trolling :: Jeff Fisher coaching : Belichick coaching
  2. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I like that this matchup is between the team most elated to be in the wild card round and the one that couldn't be more pissed off to be in it. Is your "friend" a former Experts participant looking to return? I believe where we left it: W-B, W-C, W-D and the Open League are primary feeders. If the spots aren't filled from those we look to other leagues with some quirk: W-A, Outlaw, T-Dome, Dynasty Tiebreakers of course go to the most proven active owners.
  3. Fantasy Football 2016

    Agreed Bronn. Trying to keep the insane number of roster spots filled with respectable players, especially on byes, is a constant, weekly challenge. Hell, one spends the entire draft feeling nothing but anxiety about addressing all these needs. I like the role Experts has among the board leagues. It makes all the other ones a bit more meaningful and for those playing in it, as we saw this year, every week, every single last point you score matters. It's got a nice 10 year history and for the most part those in it this past year were really engaged with what had to be a record number of trades (only 85% of which involved Jace). Your appreciation for what Experts is matches my own and I hope you save yourself by winning another league because you're the kind of person I want sticking around.
  4. So glad the Wizards are at a point where John Wall can put up 52 points on 31 shots with 4 rebounds and 8 assists against a mediocre Orlando team and they still lose. Top notch team building there Ernie Grunfeld. What sucks is he's the only thing that makes the Wizards at all palatable but they probably need to start looking into blowing this whole thing up and looking at what they could get for him in trade. Not ideal when you just handed out $191m in guaranteed contracts to other people this offseason, but it's not clear how they get better from here. Unless they can get Vivek liquored up and convince him to take a package highlighted by the zombie for DeMarcus Cousins. At best this year they looked to be one of those middle of the pack low upside teams who maybe could make the 2nd round of the playoffs if things broke right...and now it doesn't look like they're even that. I'd consider quietly shopping Wall now and see who's willing to make a godfather offer for a really good PG who would be even better if he played with other elite talent.
  5. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    Between that and Jared Goff's lack of delay of games, they'll be back to 7-9 in no time at all.
  6. Westeros Experts League 2016

    You're right to go on a 3 AM Trump rant. The other thing about your big MNF performance is you actually make the playoffs if Mya started either Cobb or Bryant. Hindsight's 20/20..neither was necessarily an obvious play (assuming you didn't know it was snowing in Chicago... and certain people in this very league who live in Chicago didn't even know), but just goes to show how close you were to both the playoffs and Non-Jaxoming and yet here we are. If that had happened, you'd have made the playoffs, POTN would be safe based on power record and Mudguard would be Jaxomed. Of course the 800 lbs gorilla in the room is a certain someone made a pair of 5 for 5 trades in order to fulfill her deep-seated homeristic instincts and then in the moment of truth actually benched a critical Colt - Dwayne Allen. And in all reality it was the two Patriots she played (Marty B and D. Lewis) over Dwayne Allen and Terrance West that ultimately sent her packing. The Fantasy Gods believe deeply in team loyalty, it would seem.
  7. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Final Power Rankings: 1) Horn Hill Ser Piggies - 76-41 1) Brax Tantivy - 76-41 3) Riverrun Cobra Kai - 75-42 4) Coldwater Behemoths - 69-48 5) Greywater Greenseers - 56-61 6) Dreadfort Direwolves - 55-62 7) The Night's Ponies - 54-63 8) Eyrie Mavericks - 53-64 9) Harlaw Scythes - 50-67 10) Dreadfort TraderApes - 21-96 Wow, couldn't have finished any closer for power rankings. If Jace had finished one spot higher in the power rankings IIRC we'd look to total points which Jace actually won the year. As it is Mudguard does just enough to survive for a second Experts season. Jaxoming Order: 1) Hugorfonics 2) Bronn 3) Jace You three are dead, I'm afraid, but you still have the chance to regain life. If there's only two qualified Experts entrants, Jace is safe. Unless of course Bronn saves himself with a league win which is very possible. I believe Jace can do the same. Playoff Matchups: (1) Coldwater Behemoths - Bye (2) Eyrie Mavericks - Bye (3) Brax Tantivy vs. (6) Greywater Greenseers. Winner plays Mya. (4) Riverrun Cobra Kai vs. (5) Horn Hill Ser Piggies. Winner plays WJ.
  8. Westeros Experts League 2016

    I'd expect nothing less than a Jace team going down throwing haymakers. And regardless how this ends up don't think you didn't accomplish something this day. You knocked Groz to the 5th seed which while it doesn't change anything in terms of the playoffs it's quite the emotional blow.
  9. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    2015 was the macrocosm of every single Bortles start - look just good enough to get everyone's hopes up while never actually winning. 3:50
  10. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    Incredible. I need some Ringer writer to do a deep dive into all the amazing Blake Bortles stats. Questions I have: What's his first quarter QB rating? My guess: 9.6. Has Jacksonville ever had a lead at halftime? My guess: No. What's his 4th quarter QB rating when trailing by multiple scores? My guess: 130+ How many times has he actually completed the comeback? My guess: 10% of the time. Explain to me why he's listed as 24 years old everywhere, but looks 49? Blake Bortles: Not the QB Jacksonville needs but the one they deserve.
  11. Westeros Experts League 2016

    Yeah, looks like you're eliminated because POTN won and unless the Colts put up like 70 tonight, you're not catching Mudguard in power rankings. Best hope now is to win another league. The result ended up chalk - POTN got the playoff spot and Mudguard saved himself with power rankings as expected. But, man, didn't mean Sunday wasn't crazy tense for virtually everyone involved because it did look like POTN was going to lose for most of the day. And there were moments Bronn looked like he could leap 3 teams and make a darkhorse run at the playoff spot. Plus not sure how Week and WJ's matchup flipped on a dime in the late afternoon game but that was unexpected. So Week will finish with a monster point total for the season, but no bye to show for it. FFL remains the cruelest game.
  12. Westeros Football League C

    Good prediction. Though our battle for the #1 seed turned into a real dud. Both our teams were bad this week, though mine was a little less bad. Strange league. Looks like we'll finish with 4 8-5 teams though Bronn's big performance this week will get him the 2nd bye.
  13. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    Getting a defensive score on a 2 point conversion is a legit amazing way to flip a game. And we've now seen the AFC West do it to the NFC South twice.
  14. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    That's back from the time when Jeff Fisher used to believe in things.
  15. NFL 2016 Week 13: Bigger, Stronger, Faster to IR

    And now Jeff Fisher is unable to find his challenge flag in his giant hobo coat. What are the chances he's just actively trolling America at this point? Is he going to show up next week not wearing pants? It's on the table, right?