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  1. Hey @Tywin et al., happy 2018! Welcome to hell
  2. jackbauer (it was jackbauer, right?) called this 36 months ago. We all owe that guy an apology.
  3. Raptors probably didn't get enough credit all season for how good their offense is because it's so diffuse. A bunch of different guys can get hot any game and they do all the little things and ball movement that manufactures open shots for guys. Not sure the Wizards are a good enough or disciplined enough defensive team to make this a series. Pretty sure the Wizards will go even heavier small ball in game 3 because Gortat is done. The issue though is Beal hasn't been the same guy for the last 3 weeks (which I haven't heard any commentator talk about but it's pretty obvious watching him). Think he wore down from carrying the load all season. It'd be nice if Porter would step up instead of staying in role player mode. Can't recall one thing he's done in the two games. Jrue's been shockingly good. Not only great offensively but he's completely taken Lillard off his game defensively. Didn't see a top 5 MVP candidate getting owned by Jrue Holiday but that's why they play the game I suppose. Playoff Rondo is also a thing. That said, not like New Orleans has some overwhelming home court advantage so still time to make this a series.
  4. Not sure why so many people are complaining about this. Last I checked there's only one guy on the T'wolves roster with an MVP and he's gotta eat.
  5. He's an awesome rebounder for a 6'3" guy but he gets a few rebounds each game because Steven Adams doesn't care about stats at all and blocks out his guy to the third row letting Westbrook swoop in and get it. He gets 10 assists a game but he's not a great or eager passer...he just always has the ball in his hands. The triple-double thing does at least call attention to the force of nature he is on the court but everyone recognizes there's some artificial bloat in his stats. Lot of things ancillary to helping his team win.
  6. Murray seems like the guy to trust in big moments.
  7. OT. Nuggets-T'Wolves is lit AF. Gibson making the play of the T'Wolves season to strip Jokic before the potential game-winner.
  8. I was going to ask how much you were freaking out after last night. Although in fairness KAT fouled out on a pretty bullshit call IMO. I think the next Nuggets-T'Wolves game is basically a sudden elimination game.
  9. When he made a game-tying 3 in game 6 against the Celtics last year which ultimately got 'em to a game 7. And he's been good in the playoffs generally. But I'm not saying he's some phenomenally clutch player or anything. I'm saying he's decent. Usually he's way more decisive than what I saw in the fourth quarter of this one. He put up nice numbers in this one but I'm not convinced his feel is all the way back yet. And if he and Brooks aren't smarter about how they approach the fourth quarter, they'll be out of the playoffs pretty quick.
  10. Eh, that was just rust from being out so long. He's generally fine in clutch moments. The bigger issue was the garbage prevent defense shell they went into. Let Lebron bullyball his way to the hoop every possession and then slowly walk the ball up on every offensive possession and run 20 seconds off as everyone stands around. As though the clock will save you against Lebron. Just fucking idiotic.
  11. His wasn't overtly the easiest path like Durant but it was, in 2010, and then again in 2014, the most sustainably easy path. If he joined the Celtics (or Lakers) in 2010...he'd be joining an aging team on its last legs. He'd get a quick first title but he wouldn't get.....not 3, not 4, not 5. Not to mention he couldn't join either one if he still wanted to earn a max salary as they were both capped out from their 2008-2010 contention. Instead he joined with Dwyane Wade who was probably the 2nd best player in basketball in 2010 and Chris Bosh a top 10 guy. He probably had no idea how quickly Wade would decline from that point on. But the goal was to build the best team he could for the next 5 years if not longer. When it was clear that wasn't sustainable past 2014 he jumped to the next best option for the next 5 years, a team that had improbably won the lottery 3 of the prior 4 years....and restored his damaged image all in one fell swoop because it was Cleveland. He could rebuild in an instant with a younger, hungrier big 3 and be seen as a hero for doing so. Maybe no one decision was quite as outrageous and self-serving as Durant...but think he's taken the easiest road that's presented itself each time. I don't blame him for the choices he made, he more than did his time playing on a talentless Cleveland team from 2003-2010, but honestly I don't see him as somehow nobler in his decisions than Durant. To me, the one character move he could make at this point is staying with Cleveland through the adversity. But if he jumps to Houston or Philly it only proves my point.
  12. The race for the 7th seed between Miami, Washington and Milwaukee would go nuclear except it's just about impossible to engineer because there's 3 teams virtually tied and you gotta end up in the middle. So not killing it but not tanking either. Looking at remaining schedule, guessing it'll be Milwaukee, Miami and Washington in that order but who the fuck knows.
  13. Common courtesy dictates "take a knee, leave a knee". Ravens got themselves a guy who gets it.
  14. I had that game on the background. Was rooting for the Bucks because I want the Wizards to fall to the 7 seed. Someone was getting their doors blown off all game but it kept flipping every time I looked up. Excruciating is a good word for the Bucks in that game. Blowing an 8 point lead with a minute to go remains unreal. Still don't entirely get how that happened. The Bucks have a transcendent talent in Giannis but not sure the rest of the pieces make sense around him. John Henson in particular. If he continues to be start games in the playoffs, nuke this coaching staff into orbit.
  15. Dude! At one point I legit had a post about Portland all written up because they'd really been impressing me but didn't post it because I figured no-one cared. There's been no evidence Frisky still posted in the NBA thread. But I've been pretty entertained watching Dame do his Steph Curry impression. Nurkic wrecks fools whenver I see him. And the rookie Collins looks like an overgrown 12 year old but I think he's going to be a player. Not sure how the Blazers D is so good with Lillard/McCollum out there but it's all kinda working. Right now it'd be Blazers/Jazz in round 1 which would be really interesting. And I'm rooting for a Warriors/Blazers round two matchup.