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  1. Yeah, for as great as Wall has been all season he really doesn't have a ton of game-winners under his belt. It's the one big thing Isaiah has over him...at least until last night. Hopefully that's the final key that unlocks the best version of John Wall in game 7 - the kind of Lebron "FU - I'm the best player on the floor and you're not stopping me" mentality. That's a really good point. Celtics didn't wilt. Expected Isaiah's late 5 point flurry to be the dagger in a game where it was so tough to get buckets. And even after that Horford and Bradley both made clutch shots. And somehow the Wizards stole it anyway and I'm still not entirely sure how.
  2. I am and still in shock - that's the kind of game the Wizards never win. The whole last two minutes from when the Wizards were down 5 were incredibly improbable. Basically required Beal and Wall to both make 3's late when the former was 0/7 from distance up until that final one and Wall basically had no touch all night. Even more improbably Kelly Oubre made a smart play to neutralize what was very likely to have been a Brad Stevens game-winning out of bounds play. Wall gets to be the hero, but Bradley Beal won that game by providing scoring when no-one else could do shit - which was pretty much the whole game. Wall was awful in the first half. Still super satisfying to see the young backcourt put up a combined 43 points in the 2nd half to scratch and claw to extend the season at least a couple more days. Was pretty much the exact opposite of what Harden did. Always a safe bet. Man I hope so - I'm still nervous AF. I still think even with that Wall dagger, the Wizards are underdogs. I don't think this Celtics team will be fazed by that. The big issue is the Celtics have owned them at home. Wizards have only won one road game all playoffs and that required Wall and Beal combining for 73 points against Atlanta. I think they'll need to do the same to beat the Celtics in Boston. I'm traveling to the UK tomorrow and it just kills me that I'm gonna miss game 7. Also missed Warriors-Cavs Game 7 by being in the UK last year. I'm the fucking worst.
  3. Ahh, right. Misremembered some of the specifics. Just remember being blown away by Lebron's 4th quarter.
  4. The "Lebron is a choker" narrative was always weird because he carried a team with no other good NBA players to the NBA Finals in 2007. That included a Game 7 win over the Pistons (when they were the dominant team in the East), where he scored something like the final 24 points of the game. Pistons were an elite defensive team and he just fucking bludgeoned them to death with drive after drive to the hoop. Basically convinced me there was no actual way to stop the guy. And he's only become a better shooter since then. I don't think Harden is a choker though. Choking requires trying and he doesn't even do that.
  5. Lebron is still clearly the best player in the NBA and could win the MVP on those grounds every year if that's the criteria one wants to vote on. But MVP is a regular season award and he both missed some games and finished behind a clearly less talented Boston team which seems impossible in retrospect. Just feel like no-one cared more or did more in the regular season than Westbrook. ESPN also showed a number of clips of him "defending" Pau Gasol, barely trying to get him out of the paint...not even going for rebounds. He honestly looked like a guy who'd taken a payoff to throw this game. It's also a reminder that when the Rockets made that insane 20 point comeback in the 4th quarter of game 6 against the Clippers a couple years ago, Harden wasn't even on the floor for that. He was sulking on the bench as Josh freaking Smith and Corey Brewer made insane shot after insane shot as the Clipper folded. Dude is ridiculously talented but there's something really wrong with his competitive instinct in the playoffs.
  6. Wizards also won game 6 in Atlanta. That's 10.
  7. So I can't imagine any other superstar with the kind of zero intensity no-show in an elimination game like Harden tonight. But yeah it really drives home that for better or worse, Westbrook would rip his intestines out if that's what it took in a must win game 6. This does not seem to bode well for Friday.
  8. I know postseason doesn't matter in the voting, but it's made clear Kawhi should't be the MVP, right? Spurs destroyed the Rockets in a road game 6 without him...and were 7-0 without him this season. He's a fantastic player but the system is bigger than even him. I completely misjudged this series because I look at the Spurs roster and I just don't see the talent at all. But Pop is a goddamn genius. Give this roster to anyone but him and it wins like 40 games, right? Harden was a goddamn disaster in this one. Brought a Ben Stein level of intensity. Weird that he does battle with Kawhi over a 6 game series and it only seems to confirm to me that Westbrook is the MVP.
  9. Just pointing out there's pretty much only rough nights for DC sports fans. When I saw Joe House tweeting yesterday about the Wizards/Caps/Nats all winning parlay, I knew we were fucked...because the mere possibility of the most perfect, beautiful night invariably means the opposite will occur. I think Maith would agree...it happens every time.
  10. You're going to have to be more specific.
  11. Wizards finished second in the derby for Horford who does fucking everything on the court well except rebounding. Could only imagine how good this team would be with the spacing/passing he provides. They instead spent their cap space on Mahimni who struggles at things like picking the ball up off the ground.
  12. Insane first half for Avery Bradley. Celtics came out with all kinds of intensity that Wizards did nothing to match. Presumably the Celtics will slow down from shooting 57% from 3 but who knows with these kind of defensive lapses.
  13. If I cared about the result at all, I would've pulled my hair out at what both teams did at the end of regulation. Houston had the ball with 36 seconds left, tie game. Instead of going for the 2 for 1, Harden holds the ball for 20+ seconds 30 feet from the basket then picks up an offensive foul on a desperate last second drive to the hoop. Spurs get the ball back with 12 seconds left and Mills basically dribbles out the clock and shoots after the buzzer goes. It's telling they didn't even try to go to LaMarcus Aldridge in the big spot without Kawhi (and he proceeded to be awful in OT).
  14. Of all the ways the Spurs could beat the Rockets in game 5, Manu Ginobili blocking a James Harden game-tying 3 point attempt in OT would've been the 37,241st most likely.
  15. Yes, feel like this series will hinge on game 5. I think both teams probably know the Wizards are the higher upside team. Like that old Nike commercial, Their better is better than the Celtics' better. Wizards starters have run roughshod over the Celtics starters as 22-0 and 26-0 runs the last two games can attest. But that doesn't mean they'll win the series. The Wizards just aren't the same team on the road - that's been true all season. And the Celtics have been mentally tougher in big moments. Plus I think Isaiah Thomas gets some of the home-cooking he didn't get in DC and I feel confident will go for 30+, maybe even 40+, in Boston. I think Wall and Beal will need something like their combined 70 points in game 6 against Atlanta to break Boston. Wall can't have another 0-9 start. Bradley Beal needs to be as feisty as he was in game 4. Feels like a "get yo' popcorn ready" game.