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  1. Seeds planted tonight I must admit the thought never entered my mind when I was watching the episode but after reading the suggestion afterwards, I can't unthink it now. To be fair though, it's never going to happen. Sansa needs to untangle herself from two marriages and Littlefinger. Politically, either Jon or Sansa can secure the North without necessarily marrying the other. I'm just thankful we got a Stark reunion, I was certain we were going to have another near-miss.
  2. I'm the first to jump on D&D's throats but that scene made sense in that universe's logic. First, she was not in mortal danger as evidenced by Drogon not showing up. On the contrary, she planned this all along, how else can a short, skinny girl "more pale than milk" convince the whole of the Dothraki nation of her strength? Dragon deux machina was one way and the other was a completely premeditated coup using her fireproofness. Secondly, Dany being heat resistant/fireproof is a pretty consistent feature of GOT from the pilot episode, an impressive feat considering how much retconning/teleporting/nonsensical shit that happens elsewhere. And it's also smart of her to use her ability sparingly. Finally, Dany did it herself, without the dragons' help, a very important character turning point. In the books, her last chapter in ADWD has her reaching out for "fire and blood". It's a very important turning point for her after her struggles in Meereen - if you were to insert that in the show I suppose it would fit somewhere between S5 finale and S6 pilot or somewhere during her journey to Vaes Dothrak. I profess I don't know how she'd win them over in the books but if they won't respect her after finding her with Drogon, then burning down their temple would be a good guess.
  3. I think it'll be Dany. It won't be too spoilery and the tv show will tread the same ground in a slightly different way.
  4. I've stayed with the adaptation, criticising it where appropriate, praising it when I deemed they deserved it .... but that link was broken by the Sansa rape. There are so many ways to look at it, and all lead to one conclusion: D&D severely misunderstand the material or if they don't, they are remarkably disrespectful to it. What happens to Jeyne in the books is totally tragic and would have made a great storyline, not to mention its impact on the Reek-to-Theon arc, as well as Jon's. But equally it could also have happened offscreen. Sansa is a main character - not secondary, not tertiary. Don't you think GRRM has thought long and hard about his major characters (particularly the 6 main ones)? This little Winterfell diversion doesn't cause butterflies, it creates monstrous dragons. It's like saying 'Oh Bran didn't make it north to the Three Eyed Crow (or Raven, if you insist), he went to Castle Black or Braavos instead!' "Sansa will have to go to Winterfell anyway," was the riposte last year. Well, it's not the same Sansa. Does rape make that much of a difference? I wouldn't know, honestly - but putting Sansa at Winterfell prematurely when the last book was supposedly initially to be called A Time For Wolves? Well, that is akin, at the very least, to messing up a well choreographed Argentine Tango. And if you don't understand the choreography, why are you on the dancefloor? With seasons 1 and 2 the Ds made a successful takeoff, but they are now making a mess of cruise control so much I have little hope for them landing this thing safely. As a cultural phenomenon, I'm happy to ride along, but that immense emotional bond got torn up last year. Ok, enough with the similes.
  5. That picture gives me hope and the fact that Jon is one of the Big 3. But D&D's penchant desire to shock worries me.
  6. Maybe Jon really is dead. I mean, why would Maisie and Kit insist for this long, not to mention HBO execs and D&D? This is really the kind of thing D&D would do: assert their independence from the books and cause shockwaves, that's what they want, no? Could they really resist going there?
  7. Well, Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series was not finished ...
  8. I agree, that's why I'm also not worried about spoilers. Besides, the show is running out of space quicker than Martin is running out of time. They still make only 10 episodes but they keep adding new characters all the time, squeezing and botching current storylines as a result. By the time they reveal the ending, the show will be a vastly different creature. Only the Starks, Jon and Dany's endings will resemble spoilers but the logical sequence of beats that gets us there will be different.
  9. Disappointed but maybe this is a good thing. The show will spoil major plot points but not all. The majority of fans who only wanted to read the books in order to get spoilers will melt into the ether and when GRRM finally publishes his book, the noise will have died down. Maybe then we might really savour the books in their detailed glory, without the hordes to drown conversations.
  10. Jon Snow is not dead, he didn't get silent credits. Simples.
  11. You sound like a broken record. It's possible for D&D to make a mistake or lots of them. They work on this show none stop, 5 years into the job mistakes are bound to creep in.