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  1. Sounds good. Will let you know if somebody doesn't sign up on yahoo.
  2. Of course I remember you man. Great to see you. Would love to invite you into a league, but they all filled up. I'm only running 3 this year - wanted to cut down a bit. I think Bronn might have some spots in Thunderdome - not really a standard league, but can still be fun.
  3. I think I skipped one season. But I only count the years I played.
  4. Nah - I knew my 5 year winning streak had to end eventually. And still got 2nd place.
  5. You and I have different definitions of 'active.' Made 12 moves all year. Which beat the 3 transactions he had last season. But still really bad. He also didn't sign in to check his team for all of July.
  6. Dunk is next in line if Groz doesn't show up.
  7. Draft time is set. Everyone who was in Westeros C last year should automatically be back in - brian, mudguard, mcbigski, bronn, and pyro. Let me know if you aren't. Also sent invites to jaxom, bluray, tywin, and week. Give me a heads up if you didn't get one. I used email addresses that you had used in other leagues we've been in together.
  8. Draft time is set. Everyone should be back in the league automatically. Let me know if you aren't.
  9. Draft time has been set. Everyone who was in the league last year should automatically be back in. Please check to make sure this is the case. Applies to Manhole, Tywin, Jace, Dunk, and I think Lyman. Invites sent to Ross, Dracarys, and Michael. Rocksniffer - I sent you a PM, need your email address to send an invite.
  10. Going to be setting up the leagues in the next day or so.
  11. I haven't sent them yet. Will be this week. Just been really busy.
  12. From what I can tell, looks like the best night for this is going to be Friday, August 25th. Going to set the start time as 10 pm eastern, 7 pm pacific.
  13. Okay, going to set the draft for Sunday, September 3rd. Start time will probably still be late, but the next day is Labor Day so hopefully not an issue for people. Thinking 9 p.m. eastern, 6 p.m. pacific right now.
  14. Okay looks like this draft with be on Sunday, August 27th. Setting the start time as 9 p.m. eastern, 6 p.m. pacific for now.
  15. I like it.