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  1. Thanks man, was a fun matchup. Good luck in Westeros B this week.
  2. Really surprised to end up winning this one. Kept expecting Lewis to get that final run or catch and take the win.
  3. Semi-finals Experts Jaime (1) - Mya (5) Whiskeyjack (2) - Bronn (6) Westeros A Jace (1) - Whiskeyjack (5) JJ Lannister (2) - POTN (3) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) - Ross (5) Tywin (2) - Dracarys (3) Westeros C Jace (1) - Brian (5) Mudguard (2) - Tywin (3) Kind of random and interesting that the 5 seed beat the 4 seed in all 4 leagues.
  4. Nah, its not close to 50-50. In the last 9 games, Lewis has scored more than the 8 points you need 7 times. The only exceptions are: 1) Week 5, when he only had 7 carries, so I'm not sure he was actually the starter at that point 2) Week 8 - had 15 carries, so that was his one bad game I'd say its closer to 25/75 or worse. I'm basically hoping he fumbles early and gets benched. Outside of that, there's really no question of his role or consistency. He's had 10-15 carries in 7 straight games.
  5. Yahoo counts any scoring adjustments made by the nfl up until Wednesday or Thursday, can't remember which. So no promises.
  6. Almost picked up Burton this morning to block Dracarys, since he has Ertz. Looked at the FA and saw Witten was also available, so figured there wasn't much point - he'd have a viable alternative either way. Going to cost me the game.
  7. Playoffs Experts Jaime (1) - bye Whiskeyjack (2) - bye Week (3) vs. Bronn (6) Mudguard (4) vs. Mya (5) Westeros A Jace (1) - bye JJ Lannister (2) - bye POTN (3) vs. Mexal (6) Dracarys (4) vs. Whiskeyjack (5) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) - bye Tywin (2) - bye Dracarys (3) vs. Michael Jordan (6) Jace (4) vs. Ross (5) Westeros C Jace (1) - bye Mudguard (2) - bye Tywin (3) vs. Pyro (6) Mcbigski (4) vs. Brian (5)
  8. Jaime processed the trade, so you can go ahead and make the change. Good luck!
  9. Accepted a trade from JJ. I get Watkins, he gets Rodgers. I'm guessing he wants to start Quiz, but not sure. ETA - looks like it was processed, so he should have plenty of time to set his lineup.
  10. DA:I was the last open world game I was able to finish. And I enjoyed it while I was playing, at least for a while. But by the end, I was sick of all the filler. And I don't have a ton of time to play, so it took me months. Was definitely ready to move on once I was done. When I tried to get into Witcher 3 a few months later, I couldn't do it. Gave it about 5 hours and gave up. I know everyone says its an awesome game, but pretty quickly I realized that I just wasn't very into it. The thought of crafting and fetch quests and hunting down monsters felt like a burden. Yeah, I'm definitely the opposite. I'd actually be willing to pay a lot more than that for the next Last of Us.
  11. I'll take a 10-20 hour game with a good, linear story over a 50-100 hour open world game any day. Even if the open world game has a solid main quest. Can understand if somebody else feels differently. But for me its not close.
  12. I don't even see what there is to rule on. At the time of the trade, he could still avoid being Jaxomed. Teams are allowed to make moves until they are mathematically eliminated. This has been the rule since the start of this league. And there is precedent for allowing the trade. Similar deals have been done in the past. The only question is if you think he should have recognized his odds were low and just given up. But thats a personal decision (and one that we probably disagree on), and it has nothing to do with what is or isn't allowed.
  13. But we do have a rule against your example - its collusion. POTN playing to not get Jaxomed is not.
  14. He had a chance, so it was legit. *shrug* I don't remember. But. I do think replacing all 3 players is for the best, in keeping with the spirit of the league. That said - there's a chance I drop out and not play next year, and if that happens, then whoever is 3rd in line for Jaxoming should probably get to stay. Just not something that I'll know or decide for a while.
  15. Yeah - but I wasn't really considering that after he fumbled the week before.