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  1. Yeah I've been bored. Season hasn't really gone very well, so at least I can shake things up a bit. Now looking to trade some of my excess 1B/OF for SP and/or speed.
  2. Also, next year's theme might be one of the dumbest they've ever had - Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers? I know its just an excuse to split people up, but at least with things like White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar there was some logic to it. How do categories like Heroes vs. Hustlers even fit together, outside of both starting with the letter "H"?
  3. Went into the night cheering for Cirie, and it sucked how she went out. That said, thought Sarah deserved to win - she played a good game. So no complaints I guess. Only thing is that, while she played well strategically, there's something about her that's kind of unlikable. For me, at least. Very happy that Culpepper didn't win. The way he treated Tai was bullshit.
  4. Yeah, I remember that from her season. But this season, feel like she has mostly followed other people - especially Cirie in the last few episodes. That might change next episode - I know they were hinting at something in the preview. But as of right now, don't feel like she has done much to deserve the win.
  5. I'd be okay if any of Andrea, Cirie, Sarah, Culpepper, or Sierra win. I think they've all played well enough to earn it. Aubry probably has too, based on how she played her first season, but we just haven't seen it for whatever reason. Feel like Michaela, Troyzan, and Tai are mainly just along for the ride in terms of strategy.
  6. Just saw this. Sorry man - as far as I can tell, won't let me go back and edit rosters for a previous day.
  7. Never fear. I'm here to claim my rightful place as champion of the Westeros NCAA tournament brackets. All that not watching college basketball certainly paid off this year.
  8. I'll actually be rooting for you though, ME. I did pretty much the same bracket in my wife's work pool, except she wanted Gonzaga winning it all. She wins if they win, and since it's for money it gets priority.
  9. And a second trade. Been a fun start to the season, even if they're just minor deals. I get Javier Baez Pyro gets Curtis Granderson Think it makes sense, even if I already addressed 2B/MI with Peraza. Feel way better about the position now that I've got Baez/Peraza/Walker/Miller for 2B and MI. Probably actually have one too many guys there now, and could use another OF to replace Granderson. But moving pieces around is fun, so probably a good thing. If anybody wants to deal, let me know.
  10. So we've got our first trade. I get Jose Peraza, Week gets Jharel Cotton. Gives me some speed and another option at 2B/MI to try to fix that situation. Gives him a high upside arm. Not the guy I wanted to trade, but didn't have much choice.
  11. I like your optimism in adding Arenado to your team without any trade talks, but you can't just leave Sano there too. You've got to at least give me him and an OF.
  12. Sort of happy with my team, but less than I would have hoped. Feel like I was a bit thrown off by getting Mookie at the start - great player, but didn't really fit with my strategy, and I ended up adjusting at a couple of other positions to compensate. Also probably spent too much on young upside OF instead of getting more reliable established players - feel like I had a lot of success doing that last year, and went away from it this year for some reason. C - W.Contreras 1B - E.Encarnacion 2B - N.Walker SS - T.Story 3B - N.Arenado CI - T.Joseph MI - B.Miller OF - M.Betts, G.Polanco, Y.Tomas, C.Granderson, N.Mazara UT - A.Benintendi, D.Dahl Bench - J.Bour, M.Semien, B.Buxton SP - J.Lester, J.deGrom, K.Hendricks, A.Nola, J.Ross, J.Cotton, D.Pomeranz, L.Lynn, A.Wood, T.Glasnow RP - S.Dyson, N.Feliz, B.Kintzler Feel like I'm very strong at C, 1B, SS, 3B, and a couple OF spots, and really like my pitching. But weak at 2B and CI, and the back half of my OF is a bunch of question marks that could either be awesome or could disappoint.
  13. I remember a long time ago when Bill Self left Illinois, and it became a fun thing to hate on him. I'm sure REG remembers too. But I'm old enough now to realize how stupid that was.
  14. That's awesome to hear. A few of my friends are saying similar things - there's definitely some excitement over the hire.