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  1. Case Keenum for Marlon Mack Get excited!
  2. Went 3-1 this week. So that's good. And didn't have Rodgers on any teams, so finally dodged a long-term injury to a star player. On the downside, the one loss was a brutal one in Experts that should have been a win, if not for the phantom ASJ fumble. Pretty unhappy about that - ruined my perfect record. Experts: 5-1 (1st place, 1st in points) Westeros B: 5-1 (1st place, 1st in points) Westeros A: 4-2 (2nd place, 1st in points) Westeros C: 2-4 (7th place, 7th in points)
  3. Super excited for Napoli - Manchester City today. Hoping for the best. The win over Roma this past weekend was huge. Wish I could have seen the whole thing, but for some reason they only showed a condensed 30 minute version of the match here, and the full game won't be on TV until this upcoming Saturday.
  4. You forgot Mahomes.
  5. Buster Skrine: "I don't how somebody can fumble the ball with the ball still in their hands." Me neither.
  6. This is probably one of the worst losses I've ever had. Its not just a close loss. Its a win that will somehow count as a loss. ASJ scored that touchdown. And he definitely didn't lose a fumble. Insane.
  7. Looks like this backfired completely. Should have just used Forte.
  8. Small trade. Week gets Zach Miller I get Elijah McGuire Not sure if Jaime will be on before the early games. I'm starting McGuire over Murray.
  9. In the past, we've had the 2 teams move on to a 1 vs. 1 competition the following week. So it works like this. 1) Team A and Team B tie for low score in week 5. 2) Team A and Team B compete head to head in week 6. Lowest score is the team eliminated week 5. 3) Also, whoever has the higher score out of Team and Team B is competing against the rest of the group in week 6. So they can be eliminated even if they beat the other team that had a low score in week 5. Or, if they have a good score in week 6, they could survive both weeks.
  10. Carson Wentz is your new Cody Bellinger. Which strangely makes Matt Ryan the football version of Gregory Polanco.
  11. Agree that this has been a pretty bad season. Still early - hoping it gets better.
  12. Went 2-2 again this week. Which is okay, as long as one of the losses is always in W-C. Experts: 5-0 (1st place and 1st in points) W-B: 4-1 (2nd place and 1st in points) W-A: 3-2 (2nd place and 1st in points) W-C: 1-4 (9th place and 8th in points)
  13. Looks like my season is over. Cook, Carson, and now OBJ. At least I had the best team for a little while.
  14. Went 2-2 last week. And still alive in Survivor. Currently sitting at 4-0 in Experts, and 3-1 in both Westeros A and Westeros B. Down to 1-3 in W-C. On the downside, lost Cook in 2 leagues and Carson in 3 leagues. So results are probably going to be a lot worse the rest of the way.
  15. Went 2-2 this week. Should have been 3-1, but lost a game by 0.2 points. 3-0 in Experts 3-0 in Westeros B 2-1 in Westeros A 1-2 in Westeros C