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  1. I'd give the spot to ME. He's good, he's active, he's responsive, he won a league.
  2. League Champions Experts - Mya Stone Westeros A - Whiskeyjack Westeros B - Dracarys Westeros C - Jace Well done, everyone.
  3. Yeah man, I thought I was doing well for a while. There was a point near the end of the early games when Yahoo had me projected to win by 25+, and it seemed like a pretty solid read on the situation. Also, even after you came back, thought I had a chance last night when Juju was putting up a 0 heading into the 4th quarter. Then he got like 70 yards + a TD all in one drive. Kind of glad he did though. If we had been tied heading into Monday night and then Alshon put up a zero, would have been really tough to watch. Anyway, congrats!
  4. Lost in Experts. Should win in Westeros A. Have a 9.42 point lead, Leveon, + Alshon vs. Jake Elliott. Would like to say I have a chance at a 2nd championship in W-B. But its pretty doubtful. I've got a 1.04 point lead + Alshon vs. Juju + Ertz. Probably need a miracle to win that, and think the 30% odds Yahoo is giving me are pretty generous.
  5. Congrats Mya!
  6. Championship Games Experts Whiskeyjack (2) - Mya (5) Westeros A POTN (3) - Whiskeyjack (5) Westeros B Whiskeyjack (1) - Dracarys (3) Westeros C Jace (1) - Tywin (3) This has been a really strange season. Haven't really enjoyed it much. But somehow in the finals in 3 of 4 leagues.
  7. Looks like this was the opposite of right. Good game Bronn.
  8. TD going to Rod Smith instead of Dak or Morris was pretty rough. Mya and I both getting killed by this game. Way too slow and low scoring.
  9. Just lost Experts and W-B because of that Ben to James TD.
  10. Should have accepted Gronk for Kelce. Fuck.
  11. I hate him so much. Wrecking me in both A and B.
  12. Biggest factor in both of our games this week - 2 overturned touchdowns for Drew Brees + Michael Thomas.
  13. Well that turned quickly. Had a nice lead that just disappeared in like 5 minutes to Cam, Agholor, etc. Think we're looking at a Bronn vs. Jaime final.
  14. Thanks man, was a fun matchup. Good luck in Westeros B this week.
  15. Really surprised to end up winning this one. Kept expecting Lewis to get that final run or catch and take the win.