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  1. It will be interesting if Ghost's scene is in the 'extras' for the DVD. That has happened. Tho there are scenes that Kate Dickey shot for S3 that we have never seen, as far as I know.
  2. Seems there is a missing line, or really rather a Raven-note. We see it implicitly, Both the Unsullied and Dothraki armies are at the gates and observed. Danny arrives on a weapon of mass destruction. So it's all understood. Team Dany , still, are in a dangerous place, expected to see a written note saying like "We will flatten and burn KL if any harm presents itself."
  3. Does it not seem that even if Robert knew the marriage was legitimate that he would have gone to war anyway?
  4. I think it was calculated , on Jan and Dany's part, to really grab Cersei , really grab! In fact , odd that it didn't really work, meaning Cersei is seriously out of touch with reality. Dany and Jon ought to devise some way to channel the NK and his army to KL!
  5. It happens really fast but one does see Zom-Greg move and does have his sword out. Does seem like the sequence was staged to have the wight charge with hound letting the restraint go a bit loose before stopping it, I thought that was clever. They sure got a perky wright! Most time they just do the zombie-shuffle.
  6. That's a cool theory I have never heard before.
  7. Seems Cogman said Ghost was supposed to be in episode 1, don't know if they shot it and cut it or what? Update: looked it up, Ghost was supposed to be in Cogman's episode, he says they shot it but cut it. With only 7 episodes, they could have made all 70 min. long but didn't. Have seen this all along , it must be D&D they seem to have an aversion to even small amounts of elaboration. Westworld's last episode was 90 min.
  8. As far as I can neither Arya or Bran have any interest in what happened to Rickon. I guess Bran could see it but would be easier to ask.
  9. I am wondering if Dany's vision in season 2 of a trashed wintery KL will now play out?
  10. I only picked up on a few of the spoilers for S7, most were really that, but one that I knew of , that Beric died in E6 did not happen. Funny since that one seemed very likely , but it was wrong.
  11. We have known that GRRM and D&D (and D&D and Bryan) conferenced several times, twice in Santa Fe about the whole story. D&D have stated several times that they know , in broad strokes, and seemingly with many particulars, the progress and end of the story. From the published books and from excerpts from Winds of Winter several major departures are known, one BIG one in particular. In the books as well as the show there is the implication that the biggest show down (probably a moot point now) is with THEWHITEOTHERSWALKERS.(Have to say the show has placed THE DEAD for THE OTHERS which is ok, but sound a little edgeless to me.) After that supposedly the story ends at the same place or some good approximation there of? (I don't know if anyone has asked George about show involvement as of right now, he has made his standard 'the show is the show and the books are the books' several times. I can't tell if he even looked at the teleplays for season 6, much less season 7. Seems he recently said he has not looked at season 7 yet? He has stated no dissatisfaction and I don’t think he has any.)
  12. For Nikolaj here: Sophie Turner mentioned it here:
  13. I did think something else about dragon riding. I had moment there after Uncle Benji saved Jon that they were gonna extend the action. That a White Walker or bunch of dead would catch up with Jon and that Rhaegal was rescue him. Looking after Targ blood you know. What happened to Rhaegal ? He just seemed to take off out of sight, was that him there at the end forlornly flying about Eastwatch? (Indications are the show is so off-book now that the only thing one has to go on is that Benioff said a long time ago that he show will wind up at the same spot the prose story does. I am beginning to wonder that now.)
  14. I thought this episode didn't make a lick of sense, but I loved it!
  15. One of the best they have ever done.