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  1. Well now I agree with that. I do like puzzle story back at Delos very much, not always taken with the narrative process they use to tell the story. I you want a mind bender of a story watch Mr. Robot, that is very dense show takes paying attention to. My best example would the TV show Fargo, that is tangled story telling at it's best.
  2. If you mean the viewer has standards of entertainment it is the ENTERTAINMENT which is held in judgement not the viewer. Dont have to analyze every detail to judge a visual narrative's story telling.
  3. And how to figure that out if you are not to have a critical eye?
  4. What if you turn off all critical facilities in your mind and you are still not entertained?
  5. I wonder if when they set out if Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had a whole story with an ending for Westworld? I envision, for season 2, tap dancing with the narrative. Others do this too, it does not always work for me. I liked season 1, but thought there was too much looping.In fact that ground-hog-day mode got on my nerves , wanted to see more economy.
  6. Rouge One was actually kinda more interesting that episode's 7 and 8, trouble was it was just a side spinner and I am not interested in seeing more of those. I have not been all that taken with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi , seem like retreads of episodes 4 and 5, but like them better than any episodes 1,2 and 3 (which I find painful to watch now). I will skip this Solo deal and go to 9, after that my fun fatigue threshold for more Star Wars has been exceeded.
  7. When they first cast Alden Ehrenreich as Solo they had some in-make-up-and-costume stills of him that made him look startlingly like a young Harrison Ford, in the recent previews he looks nothing like a young Han Solo.
  8. You know , I like Vikings I think it is well done, but it does not pull me in. I have watched season 1 of Man in a High Castle and Stranger Things, I thought they were great, I watched the first two episodes of season 2 or both of those , they are good, but don't pull me in. I have now watched a season of Black Mirror and the new Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams, really good, but I am not enthusiastic about seeing more. Have noticed some 'tap dancing' with those two and am afraid West World is going that way to. HBO's WestWorld team had Foundation for a while , I wanted to see what they would do with that, but looks like HBO let that go? Altered Carbon is pretty good but it's not pulling me in. Now I would watch more of HBO's ROME is they had made more, re watched that lately that pulls me in! Besides GoT the only show I turn to now and am looking forward to is The Expanse. (No one has ever done space opera like that before .and that includes Firefly.) So Conan better be something really out of the ordinary and I am dubious.
  9. The 1982 John Milius version is quite unique. Downright adult and not family friendly. More like what Howard wrote. There is no other 'adult' or good 'adult' sword and sorcery film story like it. If they keep that edgy R rated flavoring to it it would be a boon. i remember how disappointing the 1984 Conan the Destroyer , the sequel was, a wimpy Conan! Arnold was the very vision of the Frank Frazetta's ball peen brute , but even Howard's character could , at least , deliver his lines! I don't know who they could get?
  10. That score reminded me of the total mindless crapout of a score with Ladyhawke ! People who have not seen that film still complain about the godawful mismatch of music.... when they see it.
  11. I was totally underwhelmed. A very pedestrian telling of that story. Also off putting was that about 2/3 of that cast was not really very good or were they just uninspired? Watched parts of ROME recently , such an extraordinarily well done series. Britannia did not get very far towards that bar.
  12. I consider both Blade Runner (1982) and Blade Runner 2049 as very good adaptations of modern prose science fiction. (2001: A Space Odyssey is the best). Neither of the Blade Runner are exactly faithful to the original Philip K Dick novel. Lynch is a fine film maker, he showed he understood the Dune story , many directors , then, less so now, were downright hostile to science fiction. Villeneuve has a problem with Dune. Same he had with Blade Runner 2049. Dune is not a comic-book story, for all it's fantastic elements it has narrative finesse. It is a nuanced story. Well, Blade Runner 2049 had that and it did not do well at the box office. My sense is that Villeneuve wants to keep the sophistication of Dune's narrative. Will audiences , now a days, buy into that? I can't really figure it out. 2017 saw a non popcorn movie do well , Dunkirk. Dunkirk is told with savoir-faire , it is not avant garde but it also not a popcorn movie , so there is a puzzle , we see ... a good version of Dune may not do well at the box office.
  13. What exactly don't you like about Foundation? George Lucas borrowed the Galactic Empire bit from it , but not Asimov's more complex social and political frame work.
  14. Herbert was on-board with De Laurentiis before Lynch was there. Ridley Scott had Dune with Dino first. Wilipedia has quote from Scott about his leave taking from the film. It is probably true... however , also, according to the magazine Cinefantastique Scott turned in a screenplay that deviated so far from Herbert's Dune that producer Raffaella De Laurentis fired Scott.
  15. That is interesting, had not heard of that. Thought that HBO went with Westworld first and put Foundation on hold until Nolan and his wife were free. Man! that idiot Emmerich I heard of that shuddered to think of what he would do with it.