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  1. I am glad I know someone who watches the SyFy channel (I don't like the name SyFy nor Sci Fi) because even tho they had done some ok stuff , long ago, and did a respectful rendition of Childhood's End (tho I don't know why!) , I had gotten to think of this as the Sharknado Channel. At an urging I watched the first season of The Expanse , it drew me in. Second season is better than the first, but this Episode 5 season 2, is a home run, man!
  2. If not watching The Expanse you a missing one of the best series on TV right now.Second season of The Expanse:I have been watching this , on Amazon (so I don’t have to put up with the ads) , this solar system space opera, it is better than Star Trek ever was (and I love Star Trek). The influences here are really John W. Campbell and verisimilitude of SF prose as it developed in the 40s and 50s. Season 2 is better than season 1. Can’s say it is perfect , some tap dancing going on, but this stuff is very familiar to old time readers , like me. Been waiting a long time to TV space opera done this well.
  3. Questions you'd ask D&D

    Going into season 5 all hands were seasoned, so why such a bungle with Dorne? Why the failure of imagination when it came to regiggering the Dorne story? Why the Bums Rush in getting rid of Doran? A short piece of awkward visual narrative not a signature of the show.
  4. Questions you'd ask D&D

    If Westworld can have all episodes that are 59 to 60 min. long why hasn't that been true for GoT all along?
  5. Questions you'd ask D&D

    Why was it in season 6 that Art Parkinson had not one single word of dialog?
  6. Questions you'd ask D&D

    To me there is more Jamie and Cersei in the books than the show.
  7. Season 7&8 theory *Spoilers from TV&books*

    That seems true. Of the two we got this season the first was tacit since GRRM has implied it was true, D&D have only given two explicit ones. (That is ones due to GRRM.) I don't know if Jon Snow's parentage is also consider another tacit reveal ... since that still has some mystery around it. That there is a showdown with the Others is more kind of a deduction from a ton of foreboding book evidence , if George has something else happen I will be cow kicked. (There might , in fact, be many spoilers that D&D know that will never be used on the show.)
  8. Season 7&8 theory *Spoilers from TV&books*

    Not sure how any of this meshes with the books going forward. , I think we have only THREE verified spoilers from the books by way of the show one from season 5 and two from season 6. The broad strokes may be being followed but the show is now an alternate universe based on the book's 'alternate universe'. Only thing we know is that S8 will land on a big show down with the White(Others)Walkers-whatever.
  9. At this late date there is still no real answer to this mystery. Sibel Kekilli did give an interview , in the last few months, I can't find it again, her answer seems to be that she was just visiting the set. Unless some one knows different.
  10. HBO Confirms Eighth Season as Last

    As an aside, seems , years ago now, there were some posters here who denied , vehemently, there would never be an 8th season, but I don't know if they are still posting on the forums any more.
  11. HBO Confirms Eighth Season as Last

    If I remember correctly GRRM signed a contract with HBO(?) to develop 'something' for them, but he seems to have mentioned it was not ASOIAF related. Have heard nothing (no surprise) about this for a long long time now.
  12. HBO Confirms Eighth Season as Last

    HBO still has not confirmed how many episodes in season 8. (It is known what D&D say, but that's not from HBO, yet.)
  13. HBO Confirms Eighth Season as Last

    I don't think Westworld is going to take up the slack in HBO's schedule , I know for one I don't watch Leftovers even tho it is ok. I think the idea of keeping a share , if not most of the GoT viewers would be a spin off. I don't really see D&D doing it , tho maybe as executive producers , pass show running to Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill?
  14. It is a good question about who is the Lannister's allies now? With Highgarten and Vale, whoever is left in the North against them, Dorne about to invade , not to mention an overwhelming force from Essos, logically, their goose is cooked. In fact Jamie should independently sue for peace and declare the Crown mood. At this point even the Stormlands should be in revolt.
  15. In six seasons very little has been said , in Westeros, about big events in Essos, now a massive invasion is bearing down and few if any seem to know about it. This needs development and elaboration.