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  1. Bladerunner 2

    Following up: Edward James Olmos returns as Gaff.An odd thing, Olmos says he signed a non-disclosure agreement, so we are actually not supposed to know that Gaff is back as a character in the film? I guess? (I would guess Olmo does not expect to appear in a third sequel to Blade Runner, if there is one.)Could be Sean Young has also signed and only given out negative info about even a cameo in the film?What I wonder , in the Hampton Fancher and Michael Green story/screenplay how do they handle Rachel ? If the character does not appear is anything explained about her? Not very satisfying if the character is totally ignored.
  2. The numbers have been better lately, so hope that helped. Goodness there is enough source material , just now, for 20 seasons!
  3. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    Of note, this is General Antiope, Diana’s aunt and commander of the Amazon forces. Guess who plays Antiope? Are you a fan of The Princess Bride? That is Buttercup! Robin Wright … Robin has gone on to ever bigger things and is now an A list actress. A Golden Globe for House of Cards. She is a knock out at 50 years old! She is gonna be stealing her scenes in the movie!
  4. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    Patty Jenkins wanted the Amazons to have an exotic accent, so, they are using Gal Gadot's Israeli English , have to say it's a clever idea. Also Gal , at times, has a bit of a wooden delivery , this is a bit of a cover for that. On the other hand Gal's slightly detached demeanor fits with playing a demigod.
  5. Bladerunner 2

    Daryl Hannah was so young , her first big movie. Interesting interview with her on You Tube, actually more than one, but it's a Blade Runner special edition spot that's more interesting. Ridley Scott is an odd bird. Blade Runner is , maybe, his best film, (and he has done some good ones), and after it became a cult classic he took forever to ok sequel. Some are against that but if it works , it ok with me. Maybe just as well he is not directing it. On the other hand , lord!, Scott makes these Alien prequels and sequels and what the hell ever, and does not seem to notice that they are doggedly pedestrian. Seeing that mediocre Prometheus has put me totally off Alien: Covenant , I will stream it off Amazon some day, but am not going to a theater to watch. Scott you are goofy!
  6. Bladerunner 2

    Some odd things, apparently it was not revealed until just recently that Edward James Olmos was in the film, so does that mean, maybe, ... that ...?
  7. Bladerunner 2

    Then, kinda sad Sean Young is not back , never said she would not age , even if she didn't die, one wonders if or how Rachel will be mentioned?
  8. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    I hope not the old one is wacky but inelegant.
  9. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    Can't take my eyes of a gorgeous 51 year old Connie Nielson and a stunning 50 year old Robin Wright. Wow! Buttercup as an action figure. She is just great. An exotic thing. Notice that Connie and Robin have adopted Gal’s Israeli accent. That was done on purpose.
  10. Looking at that art reminds me of what a paradigm shift (in film making) 2001: A Space Odyssey was 49 years ago!
  11. A very Clarke-ian 'alien', not indistinguishable from magic, just indistinguishable! I like that.
  12. In episode 5 Miller notes that gravity is all wrong on Eros and is told that some kind of super manipulation is going on. Field effect modification of gravitation is an old staple of science fiction so my thought was that the protomolecule , doing Julie's bidding, was doing something to space time. I thought if Miller could convince Julie to go to Venus , which is not really going home, why not have her just take off for the stars? This whole idea that the protomolecule can be coaxed into cooperation is intriguing , it could be used as an agent of benevolence rather than malevolence. Have not read the books so I don't know.
  13. Kind of cute. They missed Apollo 13 , tho there it was a bit sloppy ... when the POV was outside one supposedly is hearing sounds from the crew POV inside, but it is edited so that there is confusion.
  14. I am old enough to have sat through, in a theater, Plan Nine from Outer Space, Queen of Outer Space, Fire Maidens from Outer Space ..... and many many more that only members of the steel eyeball school of movie going could survive. You are right but to me this stuff is a god send.