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  1. The Future of Game of Thrones

    That is interesting , well they never hit 540 minutes. , tho they came close with season 4. On the other hand they never came close to 600 minutes, and I don't know why.
  2. Blu-ray and DVD Details Released

    I don't know why HBO's biz model didn't take that into account, like 10 years ago.
  3. Is it profitable ?

    In six years the international figure for DVD sales has never been revealed , but then , as far as I know international viewing number is still unknown , except for a few UK and a few European ones, and those we have not seen since the early days. There is also merchandising , I don't remember seeing a number for that ever, and that's picked on in recent years.
  4. Is it profitable ?

    It is intriguing , HBO had a big bust with Vinyl , and Westworld has had a very bumpy ride , it should have aired around the end of 2015. If Westworld craters HBO is hurting.
  5. Game of Thrones Filming This Summer

    Will be interesting to see if HBO or the show runners mention something about the episode lengths.
  6. The Future of Game of Thrones

    I do wonder at the length of episodes for a shorter season. Benioff once said , long time back they had shoot for 540 min. as season, I think they always go over, but they also never hit 600 min. either. I don't really know why. HBO , after all, has variable time slots since they show movies of variable length. As things stand right now one would think money is no problem for the production since HBO may have no other big hit programming for next year!
  7. Can't Believe They Spoiled That! *SPOILERS*

    What if it doesn't happen until Dream of Spring?
  8. Can't Believe They Spoiled That! *SPOILERS*

    We only know, as of now, two things corroborated by George. From the books we know there are a lot of disjoint (from the page) stories , some of the show must 'shadow' the book story, but we do have the case of Sansa's story , show wise, is totally disjoint from the books. It is possible her story in the books will merge with the show but as of right now it is a totally different story.
  9. Is Jon + Dany Vs Whitewalkers too cliche to happen?

    Man I'm thinking this is as a major unspoiler , not from the books, and unless there is further development on the show kind of a shaggy dog story right now.
  10. So is Jon the Lord of Winterfell as well?

    Is there a Warden of the North now? After all Ramsay was not sanctioned by the crown after his father died. Or does it matter any more?
  11. I would like to see a logical development of things in Kings Landing. The Crown has usurped the succession without any input from it's vassals , totally broken with the either the most powerful house in Westeros or the 2nd most powerful house. House Arryn and House Tyrell should call the houses and their banners together talk to Jamie and say there will be no support for the Crown unless a proper succession is put in place. This could lead to a war but the Lannisters would be outnumbered , and logically unsupported by anyone. Of course none of this may happen when the invasion fleet arrives. It would be in everyone's interest then to just dispose Cersei , accept Dany , provisionally and avoid bloodshed. Of course if southern Westeros would come to their senses and start fearing an invasion from North of the Wall all would start to make sense. LF would just be moot at that point. Logic does not always prevail on the show.
  12. How important is little Sam?

    What's weird is that baby Sam was Mance's in the books which kind of had a significance but he's Craster's on the show , if he grew up to be like his biological father he wold be just a jerk.
  13. Is Jon + Dany Vs Whitewalkers too cliche to happen?

    I saw a recent article that said the White Walkers (Others) were boring. In a way that's true. But then so is Sauron. So , if Sauron had of won, then what? Sauron smooz with the Nazg├╗l forever? The Orc armies just kind of wander about Middle Earth aimlessly , forever? Westeros becomes the land of shambling frozen hamburger?
  14. Why I was thoroughly disappointed in season 6

    Agreed. I think the show runners have a tin ear in spots or seem to be distracted, too busy, neglectful of plot points , as if Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill didn't proof the teleplays well enough. But, as someone said long ago even when GoT is bad it is better than about 98% of all other stories on TV right now.
  15. That GRRM intended to mislead a reader is in the eye of the beholder.