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  1. Ellaria had a perfect rejoinder and didn't say it. "Who is responsible for the Red Wedding and who killed your father?"
  2. It's a minor detail, but I was thinking that too. I mean it looks a little bigger than Drogon's head but not a lot. Seems Drogon should be that big this season and bigger next. We have not really gotten a 'scale' shot of Drogon yet. I seem to recall that Dragonstone is roomy enough to have a Large Dragon Pit? That where they stay during storms? Maybe Balerion's size was exaggerated?
  3. We don't really know if the Tyrell and Martel armies were on those ships, makes no sense to send them all that way and then just come back. I figured those ships were used to supplement the 'dragon-navy' for transport of the Dothraki and Unsullied. Until I know other wise I am also taking it that Yara only took her Ironborn squadron plus the Tyrell and Martel ships back in order to collect the armies. Else wise how is Dany gonna get 8000 Unsullied and 100,000 Dothraki to the mainland?
  4. The way I look at the shows Worldlining now is that it's Christopher Nolan style time-conducting , everything has the usual duration just not ordered in a linear sequence.
  5. Well now it is an alternate universe, different ancient history.
  6. So after having the Faith of the Seven intrude into the story for two seasons they are gone with the green wind! I mean supposedly KL lived fear of the Faith Militant's popularity because the possibility of wide spread engaging the Faith Passive ( a much larger number). Well the Faith of the Seven are still there but just noodling around ? This large number is not upset with their 'Saint Peters' vaporized? There should be more than the vassals of the crown upset. In fact seems like a power grab for the crown would be in the cards , and not by Danny. In fact if Dany was to proclaim for the Faith now she could waltz into KL to a cheering crowd!
  7. poll

    I am impressed with the early conversations this episode, a lot of dialog exchange that I had been waiting to hear. A good episode things have developed with the logic of the narrative as it has developed this season.
  8. Fire Wight, I like that, well he just avoided being a Snow Wight.
  9. Good observation. Also across 6 seasons , it's on the page too , team R'hllor has made a ruckus about The Great Other (a term I like, not used on the show) and a war against 'darkness'. Boy season 6 we not only have Melisandre talking about the 'real' war (she has expressed concern about this many times) , but also Kinvara explicitly , and some R'hllor clergy is season 5. So is all this Red God concern going to be a plot element or what?
  10. Not clear that the Hound wont eventually get back to KL even by season 8. There sure is a fixation about a Hound -ZomGreg dust up, yet even on the page or the show is it really clear that can or will happen.
  11. 8.8 at IMDB and a 95% for critics at Tomatoes. Even the NY Times covers season episodes these days , and they were initially hostile to the show.
  12. Implication seems to be that the Hound and BwB will not stop at Castle Black (don't think they will come close to Winterfell) , which seems odd.
  13. Man, what did Sauron want? If he had won middle earth it would have been Orcs and shambling hamburger. That's exciting.;(
  14. In season 2 besides Kovarro there was ('Dothraki Beard') Malakho (Robert Boroje) , non speaking part, but kind of an 'exotic' Dothraki. The director's must have liked his image because he appears several times, one source says 10, but it could only have been 8 episodes that I remember. I don't think he is in 1 and 2, just kind of pops up in 3. (Not listed on IMDB , but then IMDB misses a lot of non speaking roles.) There were scenes in the Meereen throne room where there is a Dothraki guard , if one did not look fast, would have missed it. In the books Dany sends her blood riders on a tour of the country side around Meereen , actually with a 'squadron' of Dothraki riders , was it 50? All in all there were apparently about 100 of her original 'Kalashar' staying somewhere in Meereen , her Dothraki handmadiens are still in the palace and here bloodriders are god knows where. I can't remember if they are mentioned in the excepts from WoW.
  15. Why do all these spoiler posts have so little about Dany's story line?