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  1. There is a 'reddit' for The Expanse
  2. I have not kept up with it , I suppose HBO has solved the international problem of distribution of GoT? SyFy does not even market the show well. I watch the show on Amazon, can't abide commercials. Like I said above Amazon ought to buy this show from SyFy since they are looking for something like GoT.
  3. Just looking at it each novel runs approximately 600 pages and shades towards Song of Ice and Fire elaboration (tho not quite that much), sure makes the adaptation work hard. The show has had to do what Dave and Dan have done with GoT , kinda (rejiggering) . So far it's been fine with me. One thing about it , like GoT , the show frames the story with a level of sophistication such that one needs to pay attention. I like that they have kept the not-so-typical-characters from the books. I see some people complain about that, I wonder if those people are fans of GoT?
  4. Noticing a little more Buzz about this show , I hope it's enough to keep it going. Bezos said he wanted a 'Game of Thrones' show for Amazon. I don't think spending 250 million dollars for Tolkien is going to do it , even if it's well done. Amazon should buy this show or maybe just buy SyFy! Chump change to them!
  5. Most amused when Cotyar refers to Bobbie as “our Martian tank”!
  6. The Expanse started it's 3rd season. Started with a bang. I am impressed with the adaptation. The novels in The Expanse are as good as the space opera Robert Heinlein and Poul Anderson wrote back in the 1950s (well a lot of other authors also) and that kind of science fiction was already more sophisticated than Star Trek. But Star Trek borrowed heavily from the prose form up to that time. I think The Expanse is better than Star Trek, and I have always loved Star Trek. I puzzle over the lack of predominance of this show , it is the best space opera on TV right now. Maybe it's because it is done by SyFy ? Which has a bad reputation for schlock. This SF show has a level of sophistication and verisimilitude I have not seen in space opera TV soap opera before. Season 2 was not nominated for a Hugo ... Episode 5 season 2 was the best science fiction TV I have seen in a long long time.
  7. The Oscars are no measure of a film's lasting merit. The 1956 Western The Searchers got zero nominations in any category for any academy award. Now that film is considered either one of the best if not the best Western ever made.
  8. Got 2. There were 9 best picture nominees this time, 2 of them got zero Oscars, so the 10th empty slot for best picture Oscar should of had Blade Runner 2049 in it (I don't think it would have won, but should have been there).
  9. Well now I agree with that. I do like puzzle story back at Delos very much, not always taken with the narrative process they use to tell the story. I you want a mind bender of a story watch Mr. Robot, that is very dense show takes paying attention to. My best example would the TV show Fargo, that is tangled story telling at it's best.
  10. If you mean the viewer has standards of entertainment it is the ENTERTAINMENT which is held in judgement not the viewer. Dont have to analyze every detail to judge a visual narrative's story telling.
  11. And how to figure that out if you are not to have a critical eye?
  12. What if you turn off all critical facilities in your mind and you are still not entertained?
  13. I wonder if when they set out if Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had a whole story with an ending for Westworld? I envision, for season 2, tap dancing with the narrative. Others do this too, it does not always work for me. I liked season 1, but thought there was too much looping.In fact that ground-hog-day mode got on my nerves , wanted to see more economy.
  14. Rouge One was actually kinda more interesting that episode's 7 and 8, trouble was it was just a side spinner and I am not interested in seeing more of those. I have not been all that taken with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi , seem like retreads of episodes 4 and 5, but like them better than any episodes 1,2 and 3 (which I find painful to watch now). I will skip this Solo deal and go to 9, after that my fun fatigue threshold for more Star Wars has been exceeded.
  15. When they first cast Alden Ehrenreich as Solo they had some in-make-up-and-costume stills of him that made him look startlingly like a young Harrison Ford, in the recent previews he looks nothing like a young Han Solo.