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  1. Why the word Obsolete ? Def: Obsolete - in or according to styles or types no longer current or common; not modern. Everything in 2001 is more than modern , all the technology exceeds anything had at present in this universe. I think the word you are looking for is 'transpire' or 'came to pass' , not obsolete. All the technological elements in 2001 are based on known physics and engineering physics that existed in 1968. This is the real triumph good prose science fiction. Take known facts and extrapolate them to a technology that can exist. Sometime I see SF used in the manner of "what was silly science fiction" has now become science fact. God I wish that kind of phrasing would go away!
  2. The time (in the movie story) was November 2019 (I still don't know why a month was specified). That world is about to pass into an alternate universe , soon. I tell ya 2049 will not look like Blade Runner 2049. I give 2001 a by the 'date deal'* , even tho Clarke and Kubrick seemed think it was plausible , I remember seeing the film in 1968 and saying to myself then 'aint gonna be like that in 2001' and it was not. But you said Obsolete , absolutely nothing about 2001 is obsolete! It makes the present look obsolete!! *Why a date? LIke 2019 or 2049? Prose science fiction writers back in the 1940s . in general (tho not absolutely) adopted two ploys for future fiction settings, especially for interstellar flight, one was to set it 200 to 300 years in the future, Roddenberry adopted this, the other give no date at all! Leave it open , what the hell is so damned important about a date? Story works just dandy for me if it is left up to my imagination.
  3. What about movies where the science fiction technology trumped the present? About any TV SF show that had Faster Than Light interstellar travel,.actually , Star Trek was about the only show that understood what this meant , or that interstellar distances were completely different from interplanetary. Lost in Space just had Irwin Allen nonsense. Of course 2001:A Space Odyssey totally outclassed what came to be. Manned space flight and Uber AI , that films milieu passed into another universe in 2001.
  4. What about Spirited Away?
  5. Boy just about any Ray Harryhausen film, some are not always so great but that's usually not his fault. Compare the perky Jason and the Argonauts with his last Clash of the Titans , VFX are great but the story is ponderous. Compare the first film's jaunty Olympus to the mechanical crawl of the 2nd film. The cast playing the gods was matchless , they deserved a much better staging , I don't know why the film made it as dull as dirt.
  6. Speaking of Cocteau , there is also , besides La Belle et la Bête ..... Orphée (1950) and Le testament d'Orphée (1960) ... reaching back the first in the trilogy Le sang d'un poète (1930).
  7. Cocteau's LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE is the best Beauty and the Beast, totally extraordinary and absolutely Non-Disney.
  8. Princes Bride is so unique, nothing else quite like it. I thought The Dark Crystal had some great imagery but was not taken by the story. Ladyhawke is a great story, but the movie is ruined by a godawful , insane, music sound track.
  9. That's right , tho he is one of the producers. All the more reason for not seeing it. Actually I have to say I only kind of liked Pacific Rim , some touches by del Toro made it more entertaining, would rather he had done something else. (Not Crimson Peak.)
  10. I love the two Hellboy films of del Toro. He has the best touch with fantasy these days. I like Mimic , tho I think there del Toro sort of was more 'family friendly' since this was his first 'Hollywood' film. Was only disappointed in the recent Crimson Peak. I like Pacific Rim but I am not interested in another rejiggered 'anime' story from him , don't plan to see Pacific Rim II. The Shape of Water looks good , I hope he comes through on this one. Maybe it should be noted that del Toro was set to direct the Hobbit movies (when there were two!) but had to leave when production was severely delayed. He did co-write all the films.
  11. Lord of the Rings is sort of unusual , it is sort of like epic fantasy , I think of Der Ring des Nibelungen , told in a 20th century prose voice (in a way ASoIaF is also that but even more of a contemporary prose style). I don't keep track of the prose form , since High Sword and Sorcery not interesting to me outside of Tolkien and Martian... and I know there is some good stuff. I have not kept up with movies that are Sword and Sorcery , I don't think any have been successful? I know the last Conan cratered. There is one novel I would love to see , The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson, a very adult Nordic Mythology story, most unusual novel. I would love to see Fritz Leiber's .Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories done but methinks those are too sophisticated. Sort of brainy version of Robert E Howard.
  12. I liked Fritz the Cat and Heavy Traffic , I thought as long as he stuck with 'comix' he was ok, even tho Vaughn Bodē was sort of comix, Wizards does not work for me. Then came the absolute disaster of the LToR - like movie. Bakshi just got in over his head and it all went to hell. Fire and Ice looked like a movie someone had given up on.
  13. Dragonslayer was a surprising film, more 'adult' than most of the 'dragon' films that followed. Some clever VFX work that was before CGI dragons. Some twists too , liked that.
  14. No body gonna mention Guillermo del Toro? These are some of my favorites , a couple are SERIOUS fantasy. Cronos The Devil's Backbone Hellboy Pan's Labyrinth