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  1. The Future of Game of Thrones

    It was not an odd thing that HBO had a very late green light for season 7 , after all contracts were signed more than a year ago (we never really found out who signed beyond first trier). But the number of episodes , more than a week later, is still not announced. Thinking HBO and show runners are still having a negations about this and season 8. We shall see.
  2. The Future of Game of Thrones

    What I recollect is that GRRM has a climax and has not changed that. The books have set up a certain big event in the future , George could surprise me , but I don't think it's going to change, in fact the titles of novel 6 and 7 are shadows of what happens. I think GRRM had told them all the story in broad strokes (as he says) and seems the stroy will land in the same spot, but from here on out I think the show is going to tell a totally different story up until that final climatic event. I think George may change an event in the narrative , he has hinted at this, but no the biggest plot goal.
  3. The Future of Game of Thrones

    I would never in a million years have picked P K Dick's Man in a High Castle as a TV series , it is a rather difficult novel and all 'inner voice'. Yet Amazon has has done well by it , if uneven. They have actually 'action-o-fied' Man and made at least half of the story compelling. It has been renewed, where that goes , god knows, since Dick wrote no sequels to Man in a High Castle. I, Claudius sounds really intriguing , the BBC version was a masterpiece but very stage bound, with a good cast this could be dynamite. I love Asimov's Foundation, with a lot of imagination and I mean a lot of hard work the story could be also be action-o-fied. If it had the verisimilitude and production design of GoT it could be a winner, I think it could be done but would take top talent to keep the best parts and morph the rest. One thing series like GoT , Fargo, The Expanse , Man in a High Castle .... a few others... are Off-Center - Oddly Framed adult dramas not seen on TV (well not the movies either) today , I think that's their appeal. May be time to tap source materials that are not comic book cliches.
  4. The Future of Game of Thrones

    HBO has a problem. Vinyl , even tho renewed, looks like it will last only another season if ratings don't pick up and that looks bad. Westworld production went into limbo for much longer than was announced, they have picked up again, but the sense of it is that Westworld is not going to work, I for one am not really interested in more than one season of Westworld. GoT is a sensation in the Premium channel biz, I am pretty sure parent Time Warner is now involved and may try to influence any decision HBO makes. I think this show has made things complicated at the corporate level for Time Warner and HBO.
  5. By those definitions .... nobody.
  6. Why did the Others kill about 100.000 Wildlings? (On the show that is.) Anyway I think you are joshing with me.
  7. Er... do you read the books? The 'Others' are the chief antagonists , the show just got to them sooner than GRRM did. They really don't have a name for the Others on the show except white walkers and Night King, the collective 'Mafia' ring just show up visually.
  8. Will Simpson A season 9 and 10! Two movies?!
  9. Here is the last news item, Jan 17 2016 about season 8. Season 8 ? Actually even tho season 7 contracts have been signed season 7 has not been officially green lighted, but that seems to be just a formality. If there is a season 8 should be news about contracts sometime soon.. This may be a matter of a business decision. Time Warner who owns HBO was a bit off last year , so was HBO. GoT was a still a big hit. HBO is still trying to figure out how to capture revenue from it and stop leaking to piracy. Also HBO does not have a new Buzz Show right now, it looks as if Vinyl may crash and burn, Westworld seems to be in limbo , they suspended production and seemingly not started again. GoT is an anomaly for HBO it looks as if it may get even more popular this year, if they can make money from it Time Warner may be the one who wants more seasons. D&D had been saying at one time 7 seasons that's all, but last year changed to saying '7.5' and maybe 8. They did say they would under no circumstances 10. However they are open to a 'movie' , what ever that means. I think the whole situation is in flux.
  10. Things I forgot/remembered from previous seasons...

    While in the book, Dany's fire proof talent in season 1 may show up in season 6 again. GRRM has said she's only fire proof under 'magic' conditions, ..... maybe 'magic' conditions occur again.
  11. Update on the "Winds"

    Hey George, you told David that Shireen dies. What about that?
  12. Season 6 - what we know (MAJOR SPOILERS)

    We don't know they are replacement yet. On the show they reimagined the Brave Companions and Vargo Hoat becomes, kinda, Locke (funny Locke sort of looks like Hoat!) The Brave Companions become bandits in the books, so this could be an analog of them.
  13. The Original Daenerys

    Clarke was quite good in season 1, and really very good in season 3, in fact better than good in S3E4 the "Dracarys" episode speaking High Valyrian. As has been noted several times she has always been good, seemingly a different person when speaking Valyrian. She was very good in season 5 in the rather long dialog with Peter Dinklage. I still think she needs an 'actors' director. One thing about her , with that wig, she comes off as an ethereal Valyrian , an almost uncanny image.
  14. Season 8 Final Battle for Westeros

    There may be no Iron Throne by the end.
  15. Season 8 Final Battle for Westeros

    The battle with the Others, after all they are everybody's common enemy. The straightforward plot implication , right now, is that the forces of the living both Westeros and Essos will realize they need to cooperate ,or they will be bludgeoned into cooperation else everybody dies!