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  1. She can hover. I thought the 'flying' sequence at the end was awkward wish would have thought of something more clever.
  2. I thought Robin Wright stole the whole sequence in Themyscira as was just terrific. She will be back in Justice League probably a flash back , but might be interesting. Actually I could do with a whole film about the Amazon 'world' that looked intriguing.
  3. When Diana left Themyscira her mother Hippolyta gives her the 'tiara' she wears saying (bloop, can't make it out) 'belonged to our greatest warrior' . I suddenly realize it is part of Antiope's helm (tiara seems a weak term for it). Did Hippolta say Antiope?
  4. Saw it again yesterday. Have not read all the replies here, so, am probably repeating. I find an odd thing, thought the production design is just over the top. But , I guess, 150 million does not buy as much 'vista' as it used too? Odd to say but as perfect as each sequence was, seemed the throne room at Themyscira , the streets of London, No Man's Land, a few other set ups seemed 'circumscribed' compared to some of the set pieces in big screen film nowadays. Not that it distracted , but kind of danced around the edges of my perception. Another take-away... it has been a topic all a-thrill in the fan mind.... is how good the whole sequence in Themyscira is! I kept thinking "is that all we get!" ... I know it's back in , well we know now, in Justice League , to come. I wonder now if there will be MORE of it back than was originally planned?! Of course the thought is out there to just do an Amazon story film ... Id love to see that!
  5. I prefer this revision, or rather up-scaling of the story .... William Moulton Marston was weird dude.
  6. Robin Wright is the real goddess! I could do with a WW prequel that is all about Themyscira and Amazons, bring Robin Wright back. That part of WW was sensational.
  7. Someone was thinking:
  8. Seems , I remember, in 'recent' DC cannon the 'Clay-Origin' thing is a actually moot, kind of a kids story (which I think it really was back a old old DC comics days). Ares' mother in Greek Myth is Hera, but I have no idea who it is in DC cannon. Would be awkward to say half-brother.
  9. I thought after she found , during the training with Antiope , that she had powers-that-no-other-Amazon-had, she would be curious about it. No discussion at all. Seemed like the time for her mom to reveal at least something. After she says "Good by Brother" does she then realize the goofy Starks-bring-badies story ,(clay you know) is not so? That she is a demigod made the usual way? So to speak. (By the by DC universe, as it always is, is murky about Zeus being killed, that seems a sophomoric deviation from Greek Mythology. But then it's not consistent in the various DC stories anyway.
  10. Not a comic book movie fan, but did like The Dark Knight , that's almost 10 years ago! Can't get into the Marvel stuff even tho it is well done. (Actually comic book movie fun fatigue has set in for me, they are running this stuff into the ground.)So glad to say Wonder Woman is the best of its kind since Dark Knight. I like the framing here better than even any big action film I have seen in recent times. (Not sure if The Martian was a 'action' film , if it was that's my last favorite action film).Yes as someone noticed James Cosmo had a character role so there is a GoT connection.Got to say liked the Amazon society story best , they could do a whole movie on that.
  11. I liked the Themiscyra story, wanted more. Understand there is more Amazon back story in Justice League , but doubt it is much. Would like to see just an Amazon movie now, especially one that told how Amazon society really works .
  12. It is a good question.
  13. The books are good. Tho for me it is deja vu. Robert Heinlein was writing kind of the same thing in the 1950s, a number of authors were. A little later Larry Niven had 'belters' in his stories 1960's. In fact story borrows from Niven for the ideas of asteroid mining. Would not necessary need robots , but yeah I could see more automated machinery , which is a kind of equivalent robot. Well it's dramatic license , the level of space flight technology in the story implies there would be even more high tech instrumentality than we see.
  14. Watching again I could not hear the first time: "Till the rains fall hard on Olympus Mon's who are we?"
  15. I am amazed they have 13 episodes , GoT has always gotten only 10 and now less. There was a time on TV when there would a season in the fall and one in the spring! It could be 30 or 40 episodes! I wonder if they will keep doing 13? Season 2 was better than season 1 which was good.