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  1. I thought this episode didn't make a lick of sense, but I loved it!
  2. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,just mentioned that season 8 production begins in October. I guess?
  3. Seems to be, here is the odd thing, if you look at the HBO site they also have it listed as Death is the Enemy in one place tho the 'official' title on the preview page is Beyond the Wall (kind of a bland title). At SXSW (2017) David Benioff and D.B. Weiss mention that Bryan Cogman and Dave Hill wrote two episodes and they wrote the rest, so they should be the writers of episodes 6 and 7?
  4. Wikipedia lists episode 6 as Death is the Enemy, yet IMDB has no title , at this late date there is on name?
  5. One hundred per cent correct. The argument for two seasons was that the crown could not move against the Faith Militant because the masses would go Able Sugar if such was done. Cersei did more than that and the anger of the masses just disappeared! Destruction of The Sept should have brought non Faith Militant , yet followers of the Faith of the Seven , down on KL like a whirl wind. All the crown's vassals would have rioted , even the Tarlys. More imagination in the telling of that story would have made a much more interesting narrative.
  6. Has that navy , right, the writers of the show never do the logical thing, Dany could eliminate Euron pronto, after all he has caused her enough grief.
  7. Seems at the moment KL has zero allies while Dany still has two armies.
  8. The only real way to break the wheel is to get rid of Feudalism. Institute a parliamentary democracy . But that's in another , more interesting universe.
  9. So is E6 called Winter is Here?
  10. At least we know who wrote E6 and E7. Why keep Dave Hill's name off until this episode?
  11. I am a bit irritated that character deaths have become the 'tomato surprises' of the show. I don't know if the show runners are thinking that too. They don't seem to inclined towards an adolescent !!SQUIRREL!! of the week but I am not sure.
  12. So as far as we know Aegon the Conqueror was never un-dragon-ed*. does Dany know this? What tactics did Aegon use? After all they had ballistas then too. So Dany needs a lesson in history. Aegon wore armor when in battle, Dany needs to learn that too. *as far as we know neither were Visenya and Rhaenys
  13. Agree. Will Arya ever ask ? Maybe Jon will tell her when he gets back? Like the Dragons, took forever to give their names on screen. Only one season left.
  14. Not entirely fond of Dany's 'military' gown this season, by the by she has worn that thing too much. Should of had her Dothraki 'Leathers' on when going to battle. Even the blues and whites are subdued. I like the moderated colors and especially the leather, the whole effect to give a 'Rembrant' look, nobody else on TV has that kind of atmosphere.