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  1. I am going to have see the DVD and track the dialog, because what I remember of the Freysa - K dialog was that she showed or someone showed the same photo he had found at Sapper's farm , there she was holding a baby, at that point , not sure she said anything about Sapper, but implicitly , since K had seen the photo before, and the photo shows Freysa at Sappaer's farm, she just flat says she was on Calantha, only implication I can take from that is she knew Sapper on Calantha . Anyway if she was at Sapper's farm and held Ana , she and Sapper had to be caring for Rachael. Which leads to the implication that they were in the 'plan' that Deckard mentions. Which brings up the question just how big was this 'replicant underground' ? when was it formed? It seemed to have arranged some pretty effective things, 2019 - 2022 ,plus lasted for 30 years and stuff! If the Nexus 8s were introduced in 2019 Freysa and Sapper had to go off-planet then , to , apparently, interstellar distance (FTL implied) and 'escaped' back in 2020? or early 2021? Whew at lot happens in a few years. Maybe Nexus 8s were going off world before 2019? So the short lived Nexus's had an underground going in 2019, before that? It could be humans were already helping or setting up the replicant underground , maybe years before 2019? The replicant underground seemed to have arranged some pretty effective things, 2019 - 2022 ,plus lasted for 30 years. Freysa and Sapper are still around in 2049 , how many other underground replicants were Nexus 8. Freysa and Sapper seemed to have aged*, sure seems implied. That seems to imply that Mariette is a Nexus 9 , she is much younger. That true of Freysa's other Doxies? I mean I was a bit startled when I realized in the Freysa - K scene late in the film that the early confrontation of Mariette and K was a replicant underground operation , seems to gain access to K so as to track him. There is a ton going on under the surface of the film narrative ! * Villeneuve states explicitly in the book The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 that Sapper is 60 years old. Found that odd. I guess at inception he was an effective 30 years old and aged 30 more years? Same would be true of Freysa.
  2. I didn't get the impression that Luv had gone 'replicant rogue' , she seemed to be obeying Wallace. I have seen the idea 'newer' replicants are going rouge because of the 'memories' , Ana (the daughter of Rachael and Deckard) is placing in them. We don't know how many 'memory' makers that the Wallace corp employs , rather has sub contracts with. I like the idea. Tho both Sapper and Freysa went 'rogue' way back , seemingly , before 2019....
  3. The whole front end of that film and it's detective story about 'Hobbs End' ... 'hob' being a name for the Devil , the anthropology .... Nigel Kneale's intelligent story telling in the screenplay is the best he ever did and he always wrote smart screenplays.
  4. There are not many historical novels that use the period of Hadrian and Trajan , the author Steven Saylor has a whole series about Rome from about 70 BCE to about 125 CE . I have not read his recent stuff so no sure how much he has covered now. The novels are only middling good. Colleen McCullough has a series 'Masters or Rome' that covers 110 BCE to 28 BCE , this series is mostly Julius Caesar it is good. There is justified fascination with Caesar , the Roman civil wars and the reigns from Tiberius to Nero , and for some reason the events around Marcus Aurelius "Fall of the Roman Empire" and "Gladiator" , but little interest in the rest of Roman Empire history.... except Rome in Britain. HBO still owns the option on I Claudius , but I don't know what will happen to that.
  5. If one got their Roman Empire history from the movies 1950 - 1960 one would think Rome fell in about 60 CE, or when Nero died! I watched all those films. It was noticeable that the first film I ever saw about Rome that did not mention Christians was Spartacus in 1960! Since that time there have been , it's not a lot, movies about ancient Rome that had nothing biblical about them. Actually HBO'S ROME is probably the best visual narrative I have ever seen about ancient Rome. Rome was a really full blown and on top until 300 CE , actually some time after that too, and it was really strong 70- - 200 CE. I don't think there is a visual drama about Hadrian or Trajan.
  6. Night of the Blood Beast was one of those artless programmers from American International. Funny thing about AI, they had great posters. Once when Reynold Brown , their great poster artist, was at an exhibitors convention in Las Vegas an exhibitor told him "Man!, if they could only put sprocket holes in your posters and project those AI would have something!"
  7. A Quatermass film shot down the LOOK OUT IT'S LOOSE cliche once. In Quatermass and the Pit after the discovery of the Martian ship the scientific team with great difficulty drill through a forward bulkhead to a crew compartment. Martians! Is it a mistake?. Will the Martians rampage? No! The dead Martians start rotting! The smell up the joint! They just dead! Going nowhere! When I saw this scene in 1968 I slapped my knee and laughed , had been waiting for to happen in a movie for years!
  8. Boy . been a lot of historical film about Rome and Britain , going back to an old Hammer movie The Viking Queen 1967 .also ..Boudica (2003; Warrior Queen in the US)... The Warrior Queen 1978..(different film) Roman Britain , The Eagle, The Last Legion .... Fixation on Rome in Britain I guess no one will ever make a film about Trajan and Hadrian ... tho Hadrian's wall has been in a movie/
  9. You know I should have said the BLIVIT problem was a 100 hour rough cut pounded into a 2 hour film! I did not keep up much with Justice League but it seems like that were filming it for a year and a half! I know there were reshoots. It was funny , I remember when Wonder Woman came out there was a big positive response to the Amazons of Themyscira (some even said they wished the film story was all Amazons!). So a week or two later Robin Wright said yes she would be in Justice League, It had been known that Connie Nielsen was already there. So were most of those scenes shot before Wonder Woman was in production? I say that because Themyscira looked different from the WW movie. Tell ya, if someone had not put two frame captures from Justice League of Robin Wright I would of sworn she was not in the film! It seems like Robin was part of the reshoots. Have also seen that apparently she and Connie had a small amount of dialog that was cut.
  10. Just saw Justice League. I have a question in my mind. I have heard that WB, I guess it's some nameless somebody at WB, could be Synder?, has taken the rough cuts of BvS , Suicide Squad and Justice League and brutishly edited them. It sure looked that way especially for Suicide Squad and yesterday when I saw Justice League. They are jumble. There also is a BLIVIT problem, like they had 1000 pages of screenplay that they pounded into a 5 pound visual narrative bag. After the excellent Wonder Woman ,not long ago, this is a real disappointment .
  11. For some reason many don't know the connection of It the Terror from Beyond Space and Alien.... now there is a connection between It the Terror from Beyond Space and the 1951 Thing from Another World. They are all Look-out-it's-loose! movies. (This may have started with the 1933 King Kong, by the by , could be counted as a science fiction fantasy story, what a gem that movie is!)
  12. That one was ok because Price was such a good actor. The Vern I like best is the Disney 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Sharp version of that novel with quite a cast, Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Paul Lukas, and Peter Lorre. Around the World in Eighty Days ( 1956) is also a good movie, but the whole deal does not at feel 'science fictional' actually seems kind of pedestrian. The 1958 From Earth to the Moon is also fairly good tho I like Wells take better* Mysterious Island (1961) is really a showcase for Ray Harryhausen , found the film narrative a bit ragged. After that seemed film makers were a bit indifferent to Verne , at lot done , but all were kind of lack luster. *Always thought Well's trumped Verne with his What-If science fiction , I don't think Verne could have written The Time Machine. I know it was a product of the time when he wrote , and him being a pioneer, still it mostly seemed like Popular Mechanics science fiction.
  13. Yeah I like his score for Gladiator in particular the battle that was quite innovative. Man Zimmer has done a ton of stuff, most of which I think is ok, but seems way over used with much of his work sounding , in the last 10 years, quite recycled. Tho this year I did like the score for Dunkirk , not a score for the popcorn audience! I am giving the nod to Nolan for demanding that. For Blade Runner 2049 , I wonder how much was by Wallfisch ? with Zimmer just 'shading'. I was ok with about 1/2 of that score. The score for that movie is just flat hurt by Vangelis's out-of-park score for Blade Runner. I thought they could have just recycled one half to one third of that score by Vangelis. The did use Vangelis's Tears in the Rain exactly but with a different performance by someone. There was enough borrowed from the Vangelis , even if rejiggered , such that I wonder if they paid Vangelis? Vangelis had said in an interview , when the production was announced, that he would not do the score, which is reasonable , but did they even ask him? I wish they had asked someone else besides Jóhann Jóhannsson , tiny pieces I have heard by him for the movie did not sound good, or Zimmer and Wallfisch , surely there must have been somebody else? Wish Basil Poledouris had not died like to see what he would have done.
  14. All three Back to the Future films were crisp and smart movies, tho the third one was off a little. I particularity like that the 2nd film tried to explain the time paradox problem by using a somewhat simplified approximation of Many Universe (parallel universes) cosmology. I had never seen that before, I suppose the idea has been used again , can't recall?
  15. One thing about Lynch's Dune, the cast, sets and costumes were just out of sight, no so much the VFX , tho the worms looked good as long as they were seen from a distance. David Lynch has been quite wistful about that film, in recent interviews says he should not have signed on to make it. Guess everyone has noticed that Denis Villeneuve wants to make Dune , not so sure he will be given a chance.. Seems his next film will be Cleopatra .