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  1. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    Actually what I see happening is that since Walder Frey has a certain weakness towards marrying very young ladies, that Arya will use her FM skills to appear as a beautiful woman that he doesn't know. And she will pretend that she is interested in Lord Walder Frey, and when he tries to lure her into his bed chamber she will enter and kill him there.
  2. I seriously doubt that Stannis will ever come close to the Iron Throne, because of the vision in the house of the undying where she sees, A blue-eyed king who casts no shadow raises a red sword in his hand. Contrast this with the Jon chapter where he sees Tyrion's shadow and notes that at the time he stood taller than a king. In my opinion this foreshadowed Tyrion becoming the hand of the king. So for Stannis to have no shadow might foreshadow that he will never attain any real power.
  3. [ADwD Spoilers]The Mummers dragon

    Lets not forget that the dragon MUST have three heads. So if Aegon isnt the real deal then who is the third head of the dragon?