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  1. true. true. Also the idea that now that Sansa has been raped so she now hates men/is no longer a silly romatic... that is a really strange message for heterosexual men to promote. Just Saying.
  2. It's impossible for Sansa to be a lesbian because she is conventionally attractive. Just as it is impossible for Brienne to be straight because she is plain.
  3. Remember Voltaire's Candide? Which is an attack on Liebniz's "Best of all possible worlds" theory. Perhaps the author's really do believe that the notion that behaving honourably will work in the long term and that dishonourable people are deservedly punished as offensive as Voltaire hated Liebniz's "Best of All possible worlds". Perhaps the author's are saying that wicked people triumph and good people are unreasonably persecuted?? Which is why dishonourable and clever Baelish will be the hero and get rid of the big evil???
  4. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Theatrical Release

    Aquarius and Jingbirok: Memoir of the Imjin War.
  5. Ayn Rand: Author, Philosopher, Scourge of Phalluses?

    Hmn I read her book about how to write awhile ago, and some of the choices she made in her writing, she made for ideological reasons.
  6. It's like they lack the insight to imagine themselves in Sansa's situation. They've been in Tyrion's situation (every man has, even genuinely handsome ones), but failed to realise that it is Sansa's perspective that actually matters. It's a subtly done chapter. Easily one of Martin's best written.
  7. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    in a recent episode of Agents of Shield, someone is watching television and the bar of script that runs beneath the news reader says something along the lines of "ongoing crime wave in New York" which is a subtle nod to Daredevil. I think crossovers don't have to be big: just a shot of Sky/Daisy Johnson at a computer screen while Captain America does something heroic in the foreground.
  8. The series jumped the shark for me when Sansa knelt for Tyrion. Though I lost interest in season 5. Normally I am one of those people who just can't stop watching or reading something (even if it is awful) so for me to lose interest in something, it has to be pretty bad.
  9. It's the subversion of the female gaze yo: women are only worthy of desire if they are conventionally beautiful and men are entitled to have them. But if a woman desires a beautiful man, she better watch out, because good looking men are always evil. A woman better love a man for himself and feel grateful that he doesn't rape her. Yo.
  10. Rant and Rave Without Repercussions - Includes Season 6 Spoilers

    A very curious and strange choice if you think about it?
  11. Rant and Rave Without Repercussions - Includes Season 6 Spoilers

    I was reading a facebook discussion about the USA election (the beginning was how stupid it was too focus on sex scandals about Cruz and whether Hilary used the wrong email server) and someone was discussing Sanders "Sanders seems to be a personally honorable man, but his plan for interests rates would ruin our whole economy" someone else went on to say that a leader who can conceal sex scandals etc is more competent and better able to handle congress etc (I am really paraphrasing). So it's possible from the ultra cynical school of thought, an intelligent and ruthless leader like Littlefinger, Roose, and Tywin would be better than an honorable leader. Sadly these ultra clever cynics are foolish. In the long term dishonourable/antisocial men harm their societies more than goodness ever did. So I think D&D share the same cynical worldview. This in turn influences the younger actors and that's why statements like "Littlefinger should sit the iron throne" could be serious. Or Sophie could be trolling. She does seem to have that sort of personality.
  12. Rant and Rave Without Repercussions - Includes Season 6 Spoilers

    It's ridiculous because Tyrion, unlike Danny, grew up enormously privileged. He would have even less clue what to do with a hostile, impoverished populace than Danny. Hell that's more or less what happened when Tyrion was the hand during ACOK: the populace of KL hated him just as much as they did Joffrey.
  13. Rant and Rave Without Repercussions - Includes Season 6 Spoilers

    She's a kid, who wouldn't have her dream career if it weren't for the show. I imagine she has to justify her participation in this vile show to herself somehow. So let's cut Sophie Turner some slack. Perhaps she can criticise the show when she is more well established in the film and television industry, but right now, at this point in her career she would get blacklisted if she criticised the show in public.
  14. Rant and Rave Without Repercussions - Includes Season 6 Spoilers

    It could be that television viewers are much more 'judgy' then book readers. Most of Sansa's Book 1 flaws were removed from season 1, yet people still hated her.
  15. Rant and Rave Without Repercussions - Includes Season 6 Spoilers

    It's so bizarre. If Cersei had chosen a dark haired, blue eyed Maester to be her children's baby daddy because she didn't want to bear her rapists children I would've found that sympathetic. Yet she chose her brother... and the show runners think that is love?