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  1. Seems likely: Bobby Baratheon was such a nice guy tm.
  2. Star Wars Episode 8 - What comes next? (Episode 7 Spoilers)

    Well that's incredibly depressing. My 84 year old father and I went to see the movie and he was pleased that the romantic interest for the white heroine was a black dude. He said it was a sign of progress. He initially thought that Finn had died in order to prevent the fruition of romance, due to the obvious romance/chemistry between Finn and Rey (because racists hate that combination more than any other). Dad said the film was basically derivative: where it was ground breaking was the female hero and the black male romantic lead.
  3. Speculative fiction books/series that deserve more attention

    I can't believe that no one seems to have mentioned the Obernewtyn Chronicles yet. I just finished reading the final book this afternoon.  Started reading it last night and barely slept or ate till I finished. The journey that began before I was born, that I began in primary school, is finally over.
  4. surely they use multiple writers?
  5. Rant & Rave without repercussion S 5 continued [book spoilers]

    If only they had listened to him. If they had gone into banking, atleast we wouldn't have to put up with this travesty of a show spoiling our favourite book series.
  6. Rant & Rave without repercussion S 5 continued [book spoilers]

    I thought nerds were supposed to be intelligent. Apparently not.
  7. The supposed 'major female' death in the premiere.

    Keisha Catle Hughes was great in Whale Rider: regal and inspiring...Paikea aspired to be chief, and she was the daughter of a chief... she played that aristocratic/rangatira dignity really well. Obara is the daughter of a prostitute and lived in a brothel till she was 12. I suppose this dissonance between her best role and Obara's character, accounts for the strange warrior monk portrayal.
  8. Why Did LF marry sansa off to Ramsay?

    It's Meta: Because Sansa rejected St Tyrion and because that's the only part of ADWD that D&D liked.
  9. Rant & Rave without repercussion S 5 continued [book spoilers]

    paranoid theory of the day: Jaime is tall, good looking and fit/sporty type, just as Sansa reminds them of the pretty girl who rejected them in highschool, so Jaime reminds them of the jerk jock who girls actually liked (because he was likable, not because they felt sorry for him and put up with his 'friendship' out of pity).
  10. Boarders Writing A Novel: Part 13

    i agree, I would find it quite difficult to write from the perspective of a crystalline based starfish alien (anyone read the Eliezer Yudowsky??? story about the baby eating aliens and then these aliens come along who experience orgasms 24/7 and think humans are as badly off as the baby eaters). But Andalites, because they were mammals and herd animals are alot easier to write about. Of course, I lived on a farm at the time, so I had more opportunities to observe cattle (and our neighbours horses and sheep).
  11. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016

    so should I pay my membership now and that will include both nominations and voting?
  12. Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance #2

    similar to single target sexuality, as found in many a Korean serial.
  13. and really graphic threats of rape, often of a scatological character.
  14. Rant & Rave without repercussion S 5 continued [book spoilers]

    so a man who orders the rape of a teenaged girl and sexually abuses his disabled son by proxy is 'lawful neutral' but Jaime is a monster???