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  1. I came here with such hopes. Oh well have preorded the new new anthology.
  2. I hope the fifth season gets onto the Mexican cartels, since I don't know much about them. I find that historical dramas are a great jumping off point to historical research.
  3. Just finished. I am glad they are doing a third season with the Cali Cartel. I think looking at the big picture is much more interesting.
  4. Well Jon Bernthal is very hot. Which is a bonus. But would seriously prefer if he patrolled something other than Hell's Kitchen.
  5. I seriously hope they haven't depowered Juliet. Kind of resented how Adalind can only be good when she is powerless.
  6. Well I am really looking forward to it. I even watched Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman because they are in the same continuity.
  7. I don't understand Chabi. It would've been normal for her to blame Khutulun, not her own son.
  8. Don't be silly. Nudity is for the male gaze only. The ugly mess that is death in childbirth should never intersect with that.
  9. true. true. Also the idea that now that Sansa has been raped so she now hates men/is no longer a silly romatic... that is a really strange message for heterosexual men to promote. Just Saying.
  10. It's impossible for Sansa to be a lesbian because she is conventionally attractive. Just as it is impossible for Brienne to be straight because she is plain.
  11. Remember Voltaire's Candide? Which is an attack on Liebniz's "Best of all possible worlds" theory. Perhaps the author's really do believe that the notion that behaving honourably will work in the long term and that dishonourable people are deservedly punished as offensive as Voltaire hated Liebniz's "Best of All possible worlds". Perhaps the author's are saying that wicked people triumph and good people are unreasonably persecuted?? Which is why dishonourable and clever Baelish will be the hero and get rid of the big evil???
  12. Aquarius and Jingbirok: Memoir of the Imjin War.
  13. Hmn I read her book about how to write awhile ago, and some of the choices she made in her writing, she made for ideological reasons.
  14. It's like they lack the insight to imagine themselves in Sansa's situation. They've been in Tyrion's situation (every man has, even genuinely handsome ones), but failed to realise that it is Sansa's perspective that actually matters. It's a subtly done chapter. Easily one of Martin's best written.
  15. The series jumped the shark for me when Sansa knelt for Tyrion. Though I lost interest in season 5. Normally I am one of those people who just can't stop watching or reading something (even if it is awful) so for me to lose interest in something, it has to be pretty bad.