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  1. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

  2. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition

    There was another yesterday in pretty much the same place as the one that got close to us before xmas.  But this was only a little one - and was under control in about 5 hours.
  3. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition

    We had a close one just before xmas.  But the big bastard that erased a small town (Yarloop) was quite a way from us.  Season's not over yet though, and we haven't even got to the worst month for it yet.
  4. David Bowie... reported deceased.

    It was always disabled on the old forum, but we've had to make it a rule here because it can't be disabled.
  5. David Bowie... reported deceased.

    [MOD] Folks, As sad as this topic is for many of us (and I do mean "us") please don't put up any more pics or videos.  I'm letting those already posted stand, but further images will have to go. [/MOD]
  6. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition

    Did you know GM seeds require dihydrogen monoxide to germinate?  Sounds pretty scary.
  7. You did, before the data loss in the changeover of forums. I am looking into why I can't change your title atm, but will do so as soon as I can.
  8. will khal jaqho support dany ?

    [MOD] This is not the thread for discussion of Star Wars. Those who were doing so have had their posts deleted.  Further, those posts were in breach of the forum spoiler policy.  Further breaches will result in suspensions. Please show a little respect. [/MOD]
  9. Small Questions v. 10104

    [MOD] 1.  This thread is for "small questions".  Please leave general discussions on particular issues to the relevant threads. 2.  More seriously, posts have been deleted from this thread due to containing TWoW spoilers, from the sample chapters.  Do not do that, please. [/MOD]
  10. California kangaroo import ban

    Yeah possums are everywhere.
  11. [MOD] This topic will get more airtime in the US Politics thread in the General Chatter section, where it has been considered before, IIRC. [/MOD]
  12. California kangaroo import ban

    You have not experienced true terror until you have seen a mob of thousands of them crossing a road.
  13. Should refusing a breathalizer be a crime?

    Refusing a breathalyser is an offence here.  We even have random breath tests, where the police stop everyone on the road and test them all. No police do field tests any more as they are simply too subjective.
  14. Test...

    There is a testing thread in the help section.
  15. Perth BwB

    OK Flying Scotsman locked in at 7pm on Tuesday 29th.