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  1. Yep. Brings to mind the recent adage that one is entitled to their own beliefs, but not their own facts. Finding out that he considers those things to be one and the same is not all that surprising.
  2. Seen his latest? Apparently he is "choosing to believe that he is not British" therefore he is not.
  3. [MOD] Again, this thread is not a debate forum. Rant as much as you want, but do not try and change people's minds or debate points. There are other threads for that. [/MOD]
  4. Thankfully that will never happen, as sugar does not exist for me.
  5. [MOD] A reminder to everyone in this thread. This thread is not about criticising someone's else's rants. The thread is not a debate thread. It is a place where people who feel the need to rant about something they didn't like about the show can do so without having to endure critiques about their rant. As the show is being aired, anyone who feels the need to debate issues can do so in an appropriate thread which has been set up for that purpose - there are hundreds of such threads so there is no need to interfered with this thread. If posters can respect that, it will make the running of the forum easier for everyone. Thanks. [/MOD]
  6. [MOD] Folks when someone asks that there be no spoilers, it will be strictly enforced. The spoiler-posting user who did not respect that will not be able to post again until this season is over. [/MOD]
  7. Why is that when I use the same coffee cup and the same spoon, the sound it makes when I stir my beverage is different depending on the beverage? Coffee is more of a "ding ding ding" sound but hot chocolate is more of a "clack clack clack" sound. Neither have milk in them at that stage. This is what keeps me up at night.
  8. I will give him credit if it is still due to him after he has given evidence.
  9. Heh. At least one, then.
  10. I wonder how many of the younguns will get that one.
  11. His employers have form for protecting his ilk.
  12. You beat me to it. I predict he will now become seriously ill and will not even try to come back to Australia.
  13. [MOD] Folks, please do not post TWoW spoilers in this thread. For the record, even posting the identity of a chapter POV is considered a spoiler when it comes to the books. Further posting of spoilers here, after this warning, will result in immediate suspension. [/MOD]
  14. Even this gets murky. If you unlawfully assault some here, intending to cause grievous bodily harm, and that person dies as a result of your assault, you are guilty of murder.