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  1. Avoiding potential book spoilers (and failing)

    [MOD] This thread exists on sufferance. Please give it a chance to persist just a little longer? Thanks. [/MOD]
  2. DM: "You break down the door and find a woman "consorting" with a growler demon... Fighter: Er.... Rogue: Um... Sorcerer:Hmm.... Bard: OK.... Cleric: Foul beast you shall be cast into a pit of doom! And the demon shall be banished as well!
  3. Catelyn, Walder, Maester Brenett and Myrish llooking glasses.

    [MOD] There is too much personal sniping in this thread. Please either take your discussion to PM or, better yet, keep the discussion on topic without making it personal. Thanks. [/MOD]
  4. [MOD] There is already a thread for this topic. [/MOD]
  5. Green or black? (POLL)

    [MOD] Polls are not permitted by the rules, sorry. [/MOD]
  6. [MOD] Polls are not permitted by the rules, sorry. [/MOD]
  7. [MOD] This thread has degenerated so fair into name-calling and childishness that it is beyond rescue. [/MOD]
  8. Marry, Shag, Kill. Who's yours? Femal or Male

    1. This is a game and should have been posted in the Forum Games section. 2 There is already a version of this game. So this one is closed.
  9. [MOD] Please don't make this thread another version of who is Jon's father. I'm sure the topic can be discussed as the hypothetical it was apparently intended to be. [/MOD]
  10. Best fanfiction?

    [MOD] Fan Fiction, or discussion thereof, is not permitted here. [/MOD]
  11. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition

    Yeah I figured that. I was responding largely to Nil.
  12. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition

    So here's the thing. If your client tells you a story that matches the facts as alleged, your ethical obligation is twofold: First you advise your client to plead guilty; or Second, you defend the claim (like Scot said) by making sure that your client is only convicted "in a properly constructed court by admissible evidence only". In these circumstances, you may NOT lead a 'positive' case, like saying "Bloggsy did it" or "my client wasn't there". If the evidence fits a statutory defence, like mistake, insanity, self-defence etc, then you can lead a positive case. And that's where it's at. Scot, we have the presumption of innocence as well.
  13. The North Storyline in S6

    [MOD] It seems this thread has run out of things to discuss about the storyline in the North in s 6, given the numbr of pointless posts debating the colour of someone's dress. As the topic has apparently played out, it is now closed. [/MOD]
  14. What's it like where you live?

    Milk in tea or coffee is all well and good I suppose. The better question is to ponder why heathens would spoil their bourbon or scotch with Cola.
  15. Lies your mother told you

    A practical lie. We all hated skim milk. Mum filled ordinary milk cartons with skim milk and none of us noticed for a month.