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  1. The dark underbelly of Facebook groups

    [MOD] This thread has been locked because it contravenes our rule about discussing other places on the net where trolling and being banned have happened. [/MOD]
  2. What separates Daenerys from people like Joffrey?

    [MOD] This topic is closed due to show content. Show content is now hidden by the spoiler tags. It seems it is necessary to post a reminder of the rules about show spoilers. Show discussions, comments and spoilers are not permitted here in the book forums. Please start threads that re going to discuss the show in the appropriate forum. [/MOD]
  3. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    One of these blokes is very lucky. Brown Snakes are about as 'Australian' as it gets when it comes to fauna.
  4. Post your most hated POV's

    [MOD] Two things. 1. If you think someone is trolling, please use the report function. 2. On reflection, given that hate threads are not permitted, this one is now closed. [/MOD]
  5. I'll just leave this here then. Extract from the (1991) article linked above: I think your whole complaint is artificial.
  6. "Manufactured"? "Artificial"? I am a straight middle aged man and even I can see that Trudeau doesn't need to manufacture anything in this field.
  7. Arya will become Queen

    [MOD] Under no circumstances are TWoW spoilers to be discussed in this part of the forum. 3 posts have been deleted for that reason. [/MOD]
  8. The End Game

    [MOD] Topics touching on the show are not permitted in this section of the forum. [/MOD]
  9. Preston Jacobs and the Purple Wedding

    [MOD] This topic seems to have run its course. [/MOD]
  10. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    [MOD] A reminder that the show is not the books and that this section of the forum is for the books only. The rules of the forum do not permit discussion of the show in this section. [/MOD]
  11. Ashara Dayne as Jon Snow's mother

    [MOD] If you think someone is trolling the forum, please use the report function. Do not personalise debate by threatening other users or posting intimidatory or sexist content. [/MOD]
  12. We don't say bleedin. The correct phrase is "bloody drongo". And if Trump spoke to Brady, Trump would have learned some humility.
  13. Kim Jong Un is happy that he's no longer the silly one.
  14. [MOD] Another mod has indicated that we are discussing a position on something. That means don't raise it. Again, the forum rules do not permit embedded videos. This warning was posted upthread and should have needed to be repeated. [/MOD]
  15. [MOD] Folks, please don't embed videos as they will only be deleted. This has always been the policy of this forum, and the only reason it is not disabled at present is because we don't get the option to disable it. [/MOD]