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  1. US Elections 2016: Why we can't have nice things

    Also, this discussion needs to get back on topic.
  2. US Elections 2016: Why we can't have nice things

    [MOD] Time to refrain from the personal insults, folks. Remember, attacking someone's idea with supported critique is fine. Tossing observations about posters themselves is unacceptable. Suspensions will follow if it continues, and that goes for all participants in this thread. [/MOD]
  3. Sansa's Marital Status

    [MOD] No show stuff in the book threads, please. [/MOD]
  4. A Fitting Ending for the Starks

    [MOD] 1. Having to resort to a personal attack means there is little substance in your argument. 2. If you think someone is a troll, please use the report function. [/MOD]
  5. August 2016 Reads

    Currently reading The Martian. Best new book I've read in a couple of years, IMO.
  6. Edric Dayne, Why aren't we talking about him?

    [MOD] 1. An allegation of "cherrypicking" is NOT a personal attack - it is (if it can be supported) a valid criticism of an argument. 2. "...a lunatic like you", on the other hand, IS a personal attack. 3. If you think someone is breaking the rules of the forum, use the report function. 4. There is never a need to make a post that contains images of a series of posts. 5. On this forum someone's ideas are not proportional to their post count. Please get back on track. [/MOD]
  7. A guard on the Berlin Wall got shot by the other side some time in the 80's. As a youngun at the time it sounded important when I heard it on the wireless and I remember telling mum and she said "well, if it all happens it all happens".
  8. What do the Others want?

    [MOD] A number of posts have been deleted. Those posts were discussing the show, which is against the rules in the book threads. [/MOD]
  9. [MOD] This topic has run it's course and is now locked for length. Also, it does not get another edition. [/MOD]
  10. His name is.. (spoilers)

    [MOD] There is way too much name-calling and trolling going on in this thread. I have deleted a bunch of posts and edited others that quoted the deletions. In future, if you think someone is trolling, please use the report function. [/MOD]
  11. Sansa saving Winterfell, wildlings and the northerners

    [MOD] Folks, two things please: 1. Be more respectful to each other in your posts, please. 2. Do not post spoilers in this thread. Thanks. [/MOD]
  12. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    I hope the Greens are not "quashed". That would imply judicial action that would likely involve undue interference in our electoral system.
  13. But that's the mistake opponents of voluntary euthanasia want you to make. Insert the word "voluntary" in front of euthanasia and there should no longer be any suggestion of the death happening without consent. A large proportion of the arguments I have read opposing voluntary euthanasia simply omit the word "voluntary" and rail at the strawman.
  14. This from the article you linked: Also, Harvesting of organs was not mentioned at all in the example you cited. Never let a slippery slope misrepresentation get in the way of a factual debate, hey? Of course, the case you cited was about a patient who was an adult (24), with severe mental health issues, who has made her choice. She has had suicidal thoughts since she was a child. She has been a patient in a mental institution for 3 years. She tried treatments that have all failed. She has the support of the medical practitioners who have reviewed her case. But you just dismiss all of this as irrelevant I guess.
  15. I don't think natural selection amounts to a "protected religious ritual".