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  1. [MOD] 3 posts have been deleted. 1 poster has been permanently banned from the forum for repeatedly disrespecting the forum rules. Please carry on. [/MOD]
  2. [MOD] In accordance with board policy, that's enough speculation about the release date for TWoW, please. As is always the case, this topic ends in tears, suspensions and or other sanctions. Further attempts to discuss this issue will be swiftly dealt with. [/MOD]
  3. This thread delivers on responding to vagueposting. Well done, board.
  4. The USA has historically won more than Europe. But there have been some memorably close matches. There was that time that the Euros accused the USA of running all over the green to celebrate their bloke's putt and trampling it with the European guy to still make his try. I think the next one will probably be the Europeans' to lose.
  5. I'll just leave this here. Oh, yeah, and the "Report a Hoon" form. Submitted for the collective enjoyment of the board's non West Aussies.
  6. In real life, you remind me of the energizer bunny.
  7. The Wheel of Time turns. Ages pass and ages begin. In an unobservable place somewhere, in an age yet to come, or an age long gone, a universe rose. It was neither the beginning or the ending, but it was a beginning.
  8. Yeah I'm a bit meh on the budget as well. Turnbull will likely put in place some measures as a sop to Abbott's fucknuts and tinker with everything else.
  9. Because Clive is not a pervert, obviously. /sarcasm
  10. It goes beyond rudeness, Scot. It is the believer justifying the belittling of the other and making themselves feel superior. The only thing that will change with the EO is that the bigots will feel emboldened. Sadly, I suspect (but hope otherwise) that it is going to become a more dangerous place for people who are not overtly Christian in the USA.
  11. Anything after version IV was pretty silly, IMO. I liked the gameplay of the earlier versions much better.
  12. Yeah you keep saying "can't be proven". I don't think you know what that term means. You really should be saying that your opinion can't be proven. Because the case against you was proven within minutes - which was the whole point of my first post in this thread. BTW - Speedo does not rhyme with Theda.
  13. I thought it was a reader expressing an opinion on the discussion.
  14. All that and nothing to indicate actual thought. Like I said - meaningless and insubstantial stuff. Because every comment you made here relied only on your beliefs of the state of things. As for the bold above, if you genuinely believe that you cannot prove your point then you should do the honourable thing and admit that you made a rash statement and could;t prove it and accept the criticism gracefully. Instead, you try and make it all about you being insulted I am sure that you base every opinion on your own beliefs because you have not shown me otherwise.